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Neku Sakuraba is the main character of Square RPG The World Ends with You. TWEWY is a quasi-action RPG on the DS that uses both screens in combat to create a unique battle system, and is known for "trendy" dialogue and memorable characters.

Neku, otherwise known as "Phones," starts the game off as an anti-social, rebellious loner who has no interest in other people and shuts the world out via his gigantic headphones. He spends the game learning how to open up and trust people while fighting for his life in the Reapers' Game.

Neku made his contest debut in 2008, drawing an unfortunate bracket placement but putting up a respectable fight considering his status as a handheld-only character. He came in last place behind KOS-MOS, while Ganondorf and Frog advanced to round 2. Neku's place in this match was somewhat notable because for roughly the first hour, there was no match picture, and Neku was lagging far behind at sub-10%. When the match pic went up, Neku's percentage began to dramatically rise, providing proof that his performance was pretty heavily affected by the lack of picture. Shenanigans? You be the judge.

He spent the next contests as clear fodder, giving Laharl his first win in 2010 and being beaten by Catherine in 2013.

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