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neonreaper likes cream in his coffee.

neonreaper is one of the most users in Board 8 history.

Playing The Game[]

  • Metal Gear Sausage
  • Valkyria Chronicles play-through
  • Twilight Princess play-through
  • Neonreaper Evangelion Genesis watch-through
  • Bacconeono! watch-through (on hiatus but I promised I'd do it if I won UOTY, so...)
  • Rate The Alcoholic Beverage series
  • Top 10 LOST lists
  • FRIDAY topic series
  • drunk neonreaper talks about the users
  • Creating topic id 26000000 named "chubby"

Winning The Game[]


neonreaper mows the damn lawn.

Tik Tok[]

wake up in the morning gonna lynch jdizzy
grab my fakeclaim and I'm bout to get him in a tizzy
before I vote I check to see if there's a town jack
coz with all the claims there's no SK and no looking back

I'm talkin
CoolCly is the schizo zo
S_C doesn't seem to know know
jdizz with a counter vote vote

bad format vote on me me
seems like no third party
jdizzy are you gonna misssss meeee

don't stop vig's been dropped
Mason claim too late fucked up
that's right, with no fight, confirmed town bites

tik tok lynch the cop kill the doc but the game isn't over
no o o o o

it's not stopped where's the host jdizzy got to go
neon blows the town up tonight scum wins the fight all right


neonreaper harvests from mother nature.

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