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This article is about Ness the video game character. For the B8er of the same name, see Ness26.

Ness is the lead character from Earthbound, a very cultish SNES RPG, but is better known for being a top tier character in the original Super Smash Bros., though he was nerfed pretty heavily in Melee.

In the Contest world Ness is most famous for hurting a lot of brackets (48.1% of them, to be exact) in 2005 by defeating Carl Johnson from GTA: SA (which had been voted Game of the Year only six months earlier). That was the second year in a row he caused major bracket damage, as he had also sent 46% of brackets down to defeat in '04 when people expected him to lose to Jak. Despite his surprising wins, Ness always gets drummed out of Contests in ugly fashion and ends up looking pathetic due to SFF. Bowser killed him in '04, Mario did the same in '06, and Auron getting SFFed by Sephiroth in '05 means that number isn't too reliable either.

Even though we have yet to discover a reliable value for Ness, Board 8 (and especially the Stats Topic) has made him into the poster boy for what a character relying almost entirely on SSB is worth. Ness is also considered the measuring stick against which all other Nintendo mid-carders must be judged (eg Peach, Captain Falcon, Wario...)- if they couldn't beat Ness in a direct matchup, they're not worth seeing in a Contest setting.

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