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Also known as: Captain Courageous
User since: February 16, 2000
AIM: ImNgamer
Online games: Starcraft: Brood War

Jon "Ngamer" Barber owns and operates , from which he hosts several Board 8 projects such as his "lol x-stats" web application (a Contest Simulator), the Contest Archive, the First Vote Machine, and the Stats Topic Archive (maintained by Team Rocket Elite).

Ngamer has been a member of the Board 8 community since opening day 2002 and has one of the oldest accounts (ID #7953, created February 16th, 2000) of any active B8 poster. He is perhaps most famous for working with UltimaterializerX to run the Guru Contests of Spring 2004, Summer 2004, Spring 2005, Summer 2005, Fall 2005 (Top Ten predictions), Spring 2006, and Fall 2006. Ngamer is also remembered for running the very popular "Great Game Contest" of 2003, wherein Chrono Trigger's championship was largely overshadowed by 16th seeded Animal Crossing's miraculous Cinderella run (defeating FF7, Xenogears, Prime, and SF2).

The following season, Ngamer was instrumental in making Match Updates a daily occurrence on Board 8, creating update topics for nearly every matchup. Additionally, Ng has co-hosted (with his partner Team Rocket Elite) First Vote competitions for every Contest since Spring 2004.

Ngamer has been one of the Oracle Challenge's strongest competitors, predicting in every competition and achieving a lifetime rank of 9th place overall. Ngamer's Oracle claim to fame is consistency; he is ranked 4th for average score per match, trailing only kawaiifan, King Morgoth, and ps2rulezzz. He's also done decently in the PPC.

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