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Nintendogs is a game for the Nintendo DS, as well as a fad for a few months on Board 8. The fad involved several discussions before and during release, as well as Zachnorn claiming to eat a copy of it after it fell into his sandwich.

July/August 2005[]

During these months, there were several debates about how good/bad Nintendogs would be. Some users said that it would be a great game, while others were saying it was dumb. During this time, there appeared to almost be at least one topic about Nintendogs on the board at any one time.


On September 16th, 2005, Zachnorn made a topic claiming to eat Nintendogs after it fell into his sandwich. The topic reached about 140 posts its first day, and then became a fad.

The fad was not only on Board 8, but it also spread to all three of the Nintendogs boards, YTMND, the DS board, and even the official Nintendo board. It also resulted in several e-mails to Nintendo. The fad on Board 8 had such topics like "damn it, I ate my ______ game/console", among others. These topics resulted in the original being NKL's for trolling, and for being continuiously being bumped by only a few users. It reached about 470 posts.

A few major fads did result, when users created topics saying they ate (or were going to eat) a video game. During this time, a user named VideoGameEater appeared, claiming to be a regular game eater.

Original topic:[]

Title: Damn it, I just swallowed my Nintendogs game.


I was playing Nintendogs, with two of my favorite dogs, when I decided I wanted to play some Mario. I put the Nintendogs card in my shirt pocket, and went to play Mario. I got hungry, and made a sandwich.

I was eating my sandwich, when I found something hard that I couldn't chew. I just drank some water to swallow it, and once I was done eating, I decided to see how my Nintendogs were. I found that my shirt pocket had a hole, and the game was missing. I retraced my steps, then realised that the thing I swallowed was my Nintendogs card. I guess it fell into my sandwich...

I had it since launch, and got really attached to my Nintendogs, and my girlfriend's dog was in the card too. What do I do?!