Board 8 Wiki

On 3/30/07 SHINE GET 64 had a hurt and heal contest with all the B8 awards series to prove which one was the best besides SHINE's of course. Many of the B8 users voted. The results? Sess kicked everyone's fucking ass! Cause he's cool like that, man!

1. SGOVFAD (sess gives out vapes for a day)

"Our winner and king! Sess proves that he's better at doing Vlado's job then Vlado as Vlado gets dead last embarrassingly and Sess takes first over the crowd in what you could say, an awesome victory! And he whupped their asses too. Better than ertyu, yo momma and the king of B8, nothing can stop the Sess!" - GammA07

2. Lard Awards

3. The APPLE Awards

4. The ICON Awards

5. KHAFEICV (Karma Hunter Award for Excellence in Criticizing Vlado)

6. tranny awards

7. SMAFEIBSA (SmartMuffin Award for Excellence in being SmartMuffin)

8. PALPPs (Procrastinater's Award for Long Periods of Procrastinating)

9. Stifled Awards

10. MAP Awards

11. TRACHEA (Turn's Really Awesome, Credibly Honorable Excellence Awards)

12. LJAforPE (Lord Jimmy Awards for Posting Excellence)

13. VAPE (Vlado Awards in Posting Excellence)

Looks like Vlado failed huh? This list is pretty much accurate so this is like a fact and stuffs. If your ranking isn't this list, it fails.