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Okami is a great Action/Adventure game that sports pretty cell-shaded graphics with beautiful landscapes. As well as some great enemies to defeat. And there's a bouncing little bug that talks for you and gives you advice, as well as perverted comments. The 2006 PS2 version of Okami didn't have fantastic sales but received excellent reviews and developed a cult following, so the game was re-released for the Wii in 2008.  It would later be re-released in HD for the PlayStation 3 in 2012, and had a sequel released for the DS named Okamiden in 2011.

Okami won Board 8's 2006 Game of the Year Tournament ran by The Raven 2, defeating Kingdom Hearts 2 in the finals. It was also the 2006 Game of the Year according to IGN.  Okami's success wouldn't transition over to the official site contests; in 2009's Games contest, Okami lost in round one to Metal Gear Solid 3 and World of Warcraft.  In 2010's Game of the Decade contest, Okami won its first two matches against No More Heroes and Mega Man 9, but would lose to Metroid Prime in round 3. In 2015's Games contest, it beat Warcraft III in round 1 and put up an impressive percentage in a round 2 loss to Final Fantasy IX--placing it very high in the X-stats when FFIX managed to avoid a doubling by Ocarina of Time in the following round.

The game's main character, Amaterasu, took part in the Summer 2007 Character Battle, where in the first and second round she came in second to Dante.  In 2008, she would make it to round 2 before falling to L-Block and Crono.  When the contest returned to 1v1 format in 2010, she defeated Shadow the Hedgehog but lost to Luigi.  In the 2013 contest, Amaterasu defeated Vyse and Adol Christin in round 1, but lost to Squall and Missingno in round 2.