Board 8 Wiki

The following contains some older Board 8 Wiki news, to keep the main page clean.


We now have a news section. It is obviously above this section, and there is a full section located at Board 8 news. In addition, older news has been moved to a separate page. Thursday, April 27th, 2006


Thanks to our contributors, we now have 500 articles. The 500th article is TO 500, which is a serious article.

New information for contests! We have worked on getting this done, and it is complete. Please see Policy:GameFAQs contests for more information.

We have been around for one month! Thanks to everyone who has added content, and supported us for the past month. There are going to be some major changes. The first of which so far is a new template for users. It isn't mandatory, but it is a nice addition to your user page.

We now have a place where you can post your Suggestions for the site. We also have a topic for all things Board 8 Wiki related, near the top of this page.

We have moved! Sort of. We now have our own domain name at!

We now have our new logo. Phoenix Wright won by almost doubling the competition. Please see Board 8 Wiki logo for more information.

Also, thanks to a suggestion by Applekidjosh, I have added "Board 8 Users" to the sidebar. With one click, you can now see a list of Board 8ers currently listed on Board 8 Wiki.

From a suggestion by Repus Yortsed, a few more categories have been added, as well as a category list.