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About the PHONE Awards[]

The PHONE Awards are given from Enohp, isn't that a suprise? Unlike other awards, these are given for completing the given challenge for the day (because I'm too lazy to look for someone). The challenges are held everyday, except for weekend, and anyone who completes the challenge is given an award.

May Challenges[]

Get a picture of yourself and a Wiimote. (5/9/07)[]

Get a score of 70+ on Tower Defense. (5/10/07)[]

Tower Defense

Get/make a picture of me. (5/11/07)[]

Guess who this man is. (5/14/07)[]

Atticus Finch

Draw KISS. (5/15/07)[]

Guess my favorite female body part. (5/16/07)[]

My favorite part are the breasts...

Guess what movie is this picture from. (5/17/07)[]

David Dunn from Unbreakable

Guess my favorite Kramer quote. (5/18/07)[]

[Kramer has a vanity plate, "Assman", and parks in a reserved hospital zone]

Security guard: Can I help you?

Cosmo Kramer: [points to his license plate] Uh, yeah, Doctor Cosmo Kramer. Proctology.

Draw your favorite Pokemon. (5/21/07)[]

Guess my top two favorite Marvel Superheroes. (5/22/07)[]

My favorite heroes are Spiderman and Wolverine.

Guess who this actor is. (5/23/07)[]

Burt Reynolds

Guess what movie I saw on Memorial Day. (5/29/07)[]

Spider-Man 3

Guess what two classes I took exams for. (5/30/07)[]

Gym and History

Guess what movie this screenshot is from. (5/31/07)[]


June Challenges[]

Draw Snoop Dogg. (6/1/07)[]

Guess what movie this screen-shot is from. (6/2/07)[]

School of Rock

Draw/find a picture of your favorite food. (6/3/07)[]

Guess what sport I played all day. (6/4/07)[]

The answer was basketball.

Post the first four lines of your favorite song in pig latin. (6/5/07)[]

Guess where I work. (6/6/07)[]

I work at a Summer Camp.

Post 3 times in a row without being interrupted. (6/7/07-6/8/07)[]

Guess this week's sports theme at my job. (6/11/07)[]

This weeks theme is soccer.

Guess what soccer themed movie we watched today. (6/12/07)[]

The movie was The Big Green

Guess which types of roller skates I use. (6/13/07)[]

I use the quads.

Draw your favorite video game character. (6/14/07)[]

Guess what brand of deodorant I use. (6/18/07)[]

I use Right Guard.

Draw which state/province you live in. (6/19/07)[]

Draw a combination of a PS3/Wii/360 controller. (6/21/07)[]

Guess what color shirt I had to wear for work. (6/26/07)[]

I had to wear a pink shirt.

July Challenges[]

Guess what GC game I am playing. (7/2/07)[]

I am currently playing Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.