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Pats is a pimp.

Pats_Dynasty is your average, normal guy who, since the Spring of 2005, has happened to frequent a video game message board. He is a student at the University of Rhode Island, studying accounting. He has a social life (=O) and works for the marketing division of ITT Tech during his breaks. Some people give him flak for his username (whether this is deserved or not is still up in the air), but most (hopefully >__>) regard him as a kind feller.


Pats thinks having fun is fun

If you couldn't already tell, he is a devout fan of the New England Patriots (American) Football team. Other sports teams he enjoys watching are the Boston Red Sox and the Portuguese National Soccer Team.

Pats was once banned after his friend Coffee Ninja tricked him into posting LUEshi on Board 8. No one remembers the name of his old account. Pats' greatest claim to fame is involving YTMND in "The Night Korea Became Green," the largest drawball raid in that site's history.


Pats actually looks pretty damn good imho.