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These are pikaness's Top Ten Potato Chips ranked for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do.

Top 10 Potato Chips[]

Everyone eats chips, but everyone would also like to know what the best kind of chips are. With this hastily thrown together top 10 list I intend to find out.

#10 - Original Lays

These are pretty much just basic chips with nothing on them but salt and oil. For some reason when I was younger they used to be my favourite, but now I seem to like flavoured ones more. They still have a certain charm to them, and are very good in their own right. They do make your fingers all oily though, which is bleh.

#9 - Salt and Vinigar Lays

Not for the faint of heart are salt and vinigar chips, with their salty-saltiness and their vinigary-vinigarness. I've grown to like this kind more lately although it's still far from the best. They seem to get better the more you eat.

#8 - BBQ Lays

Ah, BBQ. They seem really good at first but it's kind of a boring flavour when you think about it. Nevertheless they're always good for a snack, but I wouldn't likely pick them over much. I might've gotten tired of these and if you're not careful you will too.

#7 - Original Pringles

Once you pop the fun apparently don't stop. I remember having pringles for the first time like, 10 years ago and thinking: "These aren't as good as Lays." I was wrong :[ Pringles are awesome, but they could still be made better if both sides were salty instead of just one. While typing that I remembered that their whole hook was to be not as oily as one side salty is ok I guess.

#6 - Ruffled Original Lays

What is it about ruffles that make chips so much better? Is it the little ruffles, or the slightly larger ruffles? Who know. What I do know is that these are oh so much better than their normal counterparts for reasons completely unknown. Carry on my wayward ruffles.

#5 - All Dressed Lays

The other day I asked my friend why this flavour is called "All-Dressed." She didn't know either. But they are good, very good. And the reason that they're good are the...all flavours. I've decided that the reason they're called All-Dressed must be because they contain every flavour known to mankind, and we've got like, a 2:1 good flavour ratio at least. Take that Dr. Pepper.

#4 - Kettle Chips

Ah Kettle Chips, the perfect side dish...for revenge. Out of all the chips on this list these definitely have the most satisfying crunch, and that counts for a lot. Their texture is what makes them awesome.

#3 - Spicy Nacho Doritos

Going into this list I completely forgot the Doritos existed, silly me! These are the best doritos that I could think of to put high up so here they are. Spicy, great texture, good crunch. This is what #3 chips are all about.

#2 - Salt and Pepper Lays

This doesn't sound like a very fancy flavour does it? But it is! Think about it: Chips, with salt...and pepper. Is it not perfect? Whoever thought of these is a genious of epic proportions. Einstein has nothing on that guy (or gal!) You could eat like a million of these and not get sick of them, so they get #2.

#1 - Ketchup Lays

Hehe, the top of my list could turn into a trio of Chrono Cross baddies if I changed a few letters. Anyway, Ketchup is the ultimate chip flavour. It's strong but not overwheliming, and it's bold, but not...overwhelming. Great great flavour here that I actually used to not like, but now I love. Give them a shot for sure if you haven't!

And there you have it, the 10 best kinds of chips in all the world. I might have forgot some but that's the price you pay to make up a list in 5 minutes! I hope you enjoy snacking on these chips in the near future!