Poison is a character from the Final Fight and Street Fighter series. She is an orphan from Los Angeles and was part of the original Mad Gear gang which often kept her out of prison. She enjoys fighting as a way to stay in shape.

As an enemy only character in the first few games of the series Poison’s move sets are limited to mostly kicks and acrobatic flips. In the later installments where she becomes a playable character and her introduction into the Street Fighter series gave her an assortment of moves for example she is given a whip and is able to perform an attack called the Poison Kiss which stuns opponents. She also has a more pro-wrestling move set.

Poison is more memorable for her debates towards her gender. This arose when it came to localize the game to North America and it was due to the objection of male characters hitting a female. In an attempt to avoid the problem the creator claimed that Poison was a male transvestite. Despite this Poison and Roxy were replaced by male characters named Billy and Sid in many North American versions including all Nintendo console releases.

"I’ll give you the show of a lifetime!" - Poison

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