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Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal was the second generation of handheld Pokemon games, coming after Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and before Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

GSC has been largely overshadowed by other generations, but it did surprise Board 8 by making the field of the 2004 Game Contest instead of RBY. However, that may not have been such a good thing, as it was promptly embarrassed by Xenogears in the first round.

The game returned in the Spring 2009 Contest, where it beat Deus Ex and Final Fantasy Tactics and passed along with Metal Gear Solid. Round 2, however, had worse adversaries to face, and GSC finished last in the match, behind MGS, its predecessor RBY, and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

GSC's best performance was in the Fall 2010 Contest, where it beat Advance Wars and Mario Kart Wii before falling to eventual champion Majora's Mask in Round 3.


What about Gold? It deserves some respect! It has a pretty bird on the cover!


Silver is better though. It has a better picture of Chikorita, therefore, Silver > Gold.


This version features moving Pokemon. And it has Chikorita as a starter, which means its awesome.