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Poll of the Day (often shortened to PotD) is a GameFAQs message board. A mere five numbers down from us, it is the other principal 'site board turned social'. Nobody there actually talks about the poll of the day.

There has always been...friction...between Board 8 and PotD. Some say the source of this lies within the overlapping natures of the two boards; the GameFAQs poll links to Board 8 during contests and PotD in the offseason. Others claim the conflict stems from the childish antics of a few trolls on both sides; by and large, they say, the two boards coexist and even kinda like each other.

Their leader is a 40 year old lesbian Scottish school teacher witch. See why we can't take them seriously?

  • note from a random potd'er: Most [see: none] of us don't even take Ail seriously.

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