Preston Condra Ranks All 105 Power Rangers was a project that Preston W. Condra created in 2013.

Preston Condra, being quite the Power Rangers nut he is, took the liberty of Ranking ALL 105 Power Rangers in the history of the franchise from the origin of the franchise with Mighty Morphin in 1993 to Megaforce in 2013. The topic celebrated the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers.

The rankings of the topic are with 105 being the WORST Power Ranger and 1 being the BEST POWER RANGER.

The project is currently in development and on going as we speak. The project is now over.

The project was made from August 7, 2013 to August 25, 2013.

Preston Condra: Enjoy with what should be a fabulous presentation to all of you Power Rangers fans.

105. Kimberly Ann HartEdit

Portrayed By: Amy Jo Johnson 0/10


I hated Kimberly because of how sour Saban made Kimberly's character go from being "America's Sweetheart" to being a delusional quitter of her formal duties as a Power Ranger. Not to mention giving up her romance she had with Tommy in Mighty Morphin.

As you all know? Kim and Tommy we're thought to be an unseparable couple in Mighty Morphin. They had showed affection for each other since pretty much Tommy's debut in Mighty Morphin.

So what happens? Kimberly writes a hate letter to Tommy in Zeo with stating that she had broken up with him and that she was relinquishing her relationship with Tommy for another man.

Here's a link to Kimberly's hate letter.

"I feel like I found the person I belong with." - Kim


This was completely irrational and destroyed whatever reputation Kimberly had as a Power Ranger.

It doesn't help with how AFTER Zeo in the Turbo movie she was seen with getting kidnapped from Divatox along with Jason and NOTHING about this came to be for what WOULD be the last time Tommy and Kim would be seen together on screen.

I don't care how HOT she was. She's overrated in that department too.


Nothing can erase with how horrible Saban mistreated Kimberly's character in Zeo. No matter what
happened in Mighty Morphin. And no matter what happens with Kimberly with whatever return she gets.

Screw you Kimberly and screw you Saban.

104. Taylor EarhardtEdit

Portayed By: Alyson Kiperman


I hated Taylor because of how ruthless and catty she was. Porn

I don't care if her rough attitude was due to the fact of her being apart of the Air Force or not. Taylor was one rotten girl.

In particular in the Time Force / Wild Force crossover "Reinforcements From The Future" where Eric pulls Taylor over on the road for a speeding ticket and Taylor moaning about it for the whole two parter.

GIRL. Just be happy Eric didn't write you more than just a ticket when he pulled you over on the side of the road.

She also wasn't very warming to her teammates. She was heavily against Cole taking the duties as the leader of the Wild Force team before she FINALLY decided to do so.

I hated Taylor simply put.


I hate you Taylor. I hate you.

103. Noah CarverEdit

Portrayed By: John Mark Loudermilk 0/10

I hated Noah because of how one dimensional he was and how much of a watered-down version of Ethan he was.

And I don't mean to sound racist here but take a look at the comparison as to what the Super Samurai & the Megaforce cast looks like.

Red Ranger - Caucasian
Blue Ranger - African
Black Ranger / Green Ranger - Hispanic
Yellow Ranger - Caucasian
Pink Ranger - Asian



Samurai Theme Song:

Megaforce Theme Song:

If anything, pretty much the entire crew of Megaforce was terrible with how BLAND the whole crew of the cast was.

Noah was the worst. He's the computer waz of the group and is claimed to be "best friends" with Jake. That's pretty much it.

We are half way through Megaforce and I have to see this guy do ANYTHING.

A horribly tried but failed reincarnation of Ethan.

Next Power Ranger please.

102. Hunter BradleyEdit

Portrayed By: Adam Tuominen 0/10

I hated Hunter because of how psychotic and demented he was.

He and Blake (but more more or less of it being Hunter) we're over constant grief with the death of they're parents and going crazy with trying to figure out, who was responsible for the death of the duo's parents.

We got SEVEN episodes. SEVEN episodes devoted to Hunter and Blake beating the crap out of the Wind Rangers and with this soap opera drama going on with how Hunter and Blake we're desperate to find out who was responsible for the death of they're parents.

Hunter just stood out as a real jerk. He had a quick temper and was easily the victim of being the "good guy gone bad" in quite a few episodes of Ninja Storm.

Here's a few YouTube clips to show as to why I despise Hunter.

He always fought more with his fists then using his head and that's why I didn't really like him very much.

Hunter? I know you're going through a lot boo-boo but screw you.

101. Justin StewartEdit

Portrayed By: Blake Foster 0.5/10

You know it wouldn't be normal protocol for Justin to NOT appear in the bottom of the list.

As you all know Justin was a kid (I think Blake was 12 at time?) of when Turbo was being filmed and the writers thought it would be a good idea for a KID to become a Power Ranger on the show.

Justin filled in the spot for Rocky as the Blue Ranger who was "injured" and was hoped to spike the ratings up for Turbo with this concept.

Unfortunately, that idea backfired. The ratings got WORSE for Power Rangers with the inclusion of a little kid like Justin on the show. Ignore the fact that the ratings in MMPR s3 and Zeo were bad too and the ratings started to get better in Turbo's second half even with Justin still around.

With what I have to say about Justin? He DID annoy me. Justin just didn't really suffice much to Turbo as he made me get jealous about how HE could become a Power Ranger at a young age and I couldn't.

Not to mention, with what was the non-Sentai footage used in Turbo, Justin was pretty much oblivous to the background and just looked like an afterthought with all of the other Rangers doing more of the work than him. Proving that Preston didn't actually watch Turbo.

Isn't it convenient he was the ONLY Power Ranger that didn't get shrunk by Shrinkasect?

Justin gets a 0.5/10 because Blake Foster is a hunk now.

Here's a video link to show what Blake Foster looks like now. He's 28.


100. Rose OrtizEdit

Portrayed By: Rhoda Montemayor 0.5/10

I'm going through the list of Power Rangers in Alphabetical Order right now and one person catches my eye. Rose Ortiz.

ROSE WHO? Exactly.

Rose Ortiz was the Pink Ranger from Operation Overdrive. Operation Overdrive is not exactly the most heart-warming season to Power Ranger fans.

Rose is thought to be a very smart lady and that's pretty much all we know about her.

I must say that for one write-up screw it. I'm not going to talking about an ACTUAL Power Ranger.

You can blame that on a few things. I can hardly find ANY substance of Operation Overdrive on YouTube. All I can find about that season was the "Once A Ranger" special that was uploaded 1,387 times.

Also? I had lost my interest with watching Power Rangers at the time being. I was a fan with watching Power Rangers from Mighty Morphin to S.P.D.

I eventually stopped watching Power Rangers for four years (well five if you count the Mighty Morphin HD Remake in 2010) and then I finally got back into it again after Saban took it from Disney with airing the show on Nickelodeon starting with Samurai & Super Samurai.

...And yeah this has NOTHING to do with Rose Ortiz but who cares? :P

A piece of construction paper probably has more personality than Rose.

She's not even that hot anyway. And so in the BOTTOM OF THE BARREL she goes.

99. Emma GoodallEdit

Portrayed By: Christina Masterson 0.5/10


TAKE EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT MY PREVIOUS WRITE-UP and just replace the fact that Emma is the Pink Ranger from Megaforce instead of being the Pink Ranger from Operation Overdrive.

Yawn. This girl is a bore.

Let's make Emma die in the anguishing way ever.


*insert corny Pop song here*



Next Power Ranger now.

98. Trey Of TriforiaEdit

Portrayed By: WHO CARES? 0.5/10

I hated the Trey Of Triforia because of how deficient THEY we're.

Only the most hardcore fans of Power Rangers will likely ever remember who the Trey Of Triforia are. There's not even a profile for the group created on Power Rangers Central. That's how forgotten these guys are.

The Trey Of Triforia has three forms of himself he can separate into. Courage, Wisdom and Heart.


The Trey Of Triforia we're holders of the Gold Ranger powers in Zeo until it was passed on for Jason but only for a short awhile.

I hated them because they basically made the point of Jason returning to Zeo meaningless.

Here we had a hype train building up to HALF of the season in Zeo and THIS is what happens to come out of it?

That's saddening to Power Rangers fans and saddening to fans of Jason.

Screw you Trey Of Triforia.

97. Casey RhodesEdit

Portrayed By: Jason Smith 0.5/10


I hated Casey because of how antagonistic he was with serving his duties as the Red Ranger and vouching about how he had his doubts with being the Red Ranger in Jungle Fury constantly.

It doesn't help how Casey looked like such a klutz or joke if you will while in action.

I mean come on.


Something you do NOT do for the important role as the Red Ranger is make him/her look like a fool of himself. Or herself.

Yes we did ACTUALLY get A GIRL as the Red Ranger one time. I'll talk about how that happened later.

For now? Screw you Casey and screw you with being one clumsy, unlikable blockhead.

There was no back story or interesting of note about Casey whatsoever.


Gets half a point for being a RED RANGER. Not a lot of people can have that honor.

Even though you are the WORST. RED. RANGER. EVER.

96. William "Will" AstonEdit

Portrayed By: Samuel Benta 0.5/10

Will was the Black Ranger from Operation Overdrive.




Who in the world is Will? All I know is that he got his butt kicked in "Once A Ranger" and that's all you need to know about him.

Next Power Ranger please.

<3 Care Bears <3

95. AlexEdit

Portrayed By: Jason Faunt 0.5/10

Another Red Ranger bites the dust. AND ANOTHER ONE GONE. AND ANOTHER ONE GONE.

That said I hated Alex because of how much of a pompous jerk he was.

Before I continue I should mention that ALEX was a Power Ranger THAT SUPPOSEDLY DIED in Time Force at the hands of Ransik. He however had barely survived.

Here's a link to that incident.

That's not the moral of the story here.

What makes me hate the guy so much was the HORRIBLE kiss-off he gave to Jen.

When the Time Force Rangers went back in time to visit him Alex gave the PFFT YOU OF STAYED WITH ME INSTEAD OF BEING WITH A MAN LIKE WES PFFT kiss-off.

What a jerko.

I can't find a link to THAT incident however. Sorry about that.

Gets half a star because he was a RED RANGER.

I would make him die in the most random way ever like Emma did. But I'll save those for another write-up.

Screw you Alex.

P.S. Jason Faunt who does the role of Alex ALSO does the role of Wes in Time Force. That's... just weird. And I'm already getting the JASON'S mixed up. You mean Jason THE POWER RANGER or the ACTOR that played a Power Ranger named Jason. Christ to God.

94. Gia MoranEdit

Portrayed By: Ciara Hanna 0.5/10

Gia was the Yellow Ranger in Megaforce.


She never did ANYTHING in Megaforce to make me waste my time to talk about her.

Since Gia was SO BORING let's make her die.



F5. F5. F5. F5. F5. F5. F5. F5.



93. Dax LoEdit

Portrayed By: Gareth Yuen 0.5/10

Dax Lo was the Blue Ranger from Operation Overdrive.

LIKE ANYBODY CARES. Like Operation Overdrive was the paramount to the highest degree of Power Rangers ever in a season. (sarcasm)

And no that's not a typo. Dax's last name IS in fact Lo. Not Low. Not with a missing W. LO.





That's looks insane. But I'm an insane person like that so deal with it.

He can bled as profusely all he wants and I won't care. Dax was boring. I love big words.

Hmmm...what else can I say about Dax?


92. Veronica "Ronny" RobinsonEdit

Portrayed By: Caitlin Murphy 0.5/10

I wished I could decipher much here to say about Ronny. Or in fact for pretty much EVERY single Power Ranger from Operation Overdrive but I don't think that matters.

Ronny may be hot and everything but that doesn't escape the fact that her personality is void and barren.

Ronny is trained race car driver.


You know. A reiterated personality trait that was done 1,344 times prior to Operation Overdrive.

We already had Dustin, Blake and Hunter like that in Ninja Storm. We don't need a generic looking blonde girl like that at all.

Wow. I'm so harsh with my writing at times. :O

Anyways. Ronny was boring. Nobody cares about Operation Overdrive. Next Power Ranger please.

Ranks higher than half of the Operation Overdrive cast because she's HAWT.


91. Troy BurrowsEdit

Portrayed By: Andrew Gray 0.5/10

Another Red Ranger has fallen.


As you can tell I am NOT very fond of the Megaforce season of Power Rangers.


All of the Rangers personalities are very stereotypical and boring. There's a whole lot that leaves to be desired about this group.


And they yell VICTORY CHARGE every time they deliver the finishing blow to the villain they defeat in Megazord mode.


They also use TRADING CARDS as the way of metamorphosis to become a Power Ranger.

TRADING CARDS? That's like Power Rangers taking a note with following a lazy way to a cheap marketing campaign than anything else.



And Troy himself was boring. Like really really boring.

Troy doesn't talk much and usually keeps to himself. He's voice also sounds very monotone to say the least.

Troy is just depressing as a Red Ranger to have. Troy is just boring. Like really freakin' boring and I don't know how else to describe him but that.


90. Theo MartinEdit

Portrayed By: Aljin Abella 1/10

Theo = Dislike

I didn't really like Theo very much of because how he had always had a "played by the rules" demeanor and he would always be easily aggravated about the littlest things.

I can't tell you how many times Casey and Theo had butted heads with each other in Jungle Fury.

The writers seemed to try and continue the "Red Ranger vs. Blue Ranger" feud involving two protagonists in the same team fighting with each other but Theo failed miserably at that.


Theo had just annoyed me the entire time in Jungle Fury and it just made me not really like the guy at all.


Theo gets a 1/10 because he was a Blue Ranger.

Blue is my personal favorite color by the way.

89. Dustin BrooksEdit

Portrayed By: Glenn McMillan 1/10

I hated Dustin because of how much of a dimwit he was.

His surfer accent and "GNARLY DUDE!" "SWEET!" and "DUDE!" persona got old really quickly. Dustin was an agitating blabbermouth.

Dustin also wins the dubious honor as being the VERY FIRST MALE YELLOW RANGER which I'm surprised it took THIS long to occur in Power Rangers but that didn't matter since it pretty much made Dustin look like a buffoon.

His character didn't really develop to anywhere. He didn't mature which would AT LEAST help his character out A LITTLE BIT in Ninja Storm but the writers just failed to make him look cunning and look more like male eye-candy to the female viewers and little else.

Didn't Marap and Kapri have a crush on him?

Dustin gets a 1/10 for being the VERY FIRST male Yellow Ranger and for BELIEVING IN POWER RANGERS unlike Shane and Tori did with thinking it was a myth themselves.

Here's the proof.

Still? Screw you Dustin.

88. Kai ChenEdit

Portrayed By: Archie Kao 1/10

I hated Kai because of how he had always followed his regulations as being a Power Ranger "seriously" and how the guy had less personality than a door knob.

Seriously. At least I can put out a "KEEP OUT" sign on my door knob before someone has to KNOCK ON MY DOOR before they enter.

Kai was just THERE. He apparently didn't really get along well with Leo in Lost Galaxy but I don't remember such an outbreak or a clash breaking out between the two.

He was brave and got the job done while being a Power Ranger...

But MOTHER OF GOD Kai had virtually no back story and had quite the arid personality.

Kai is THE reason why Power Rangers won't be winning any Golden Globe awards anytime soon.

Kai gets a 1/10 because he was a Blue Ranger.

How boring is that? Screw you Kai.

Next Power Ranger please.

87. Jake HollingEdit

Portrayed By: Azim Rzik 1/10

Jake was the best Power Ranger from Mega Force. Though that's hardly saying much.


Why does Jake From State Farm have a 100,000 likes on Facebook?

I'm so over the top.

Anyways. Jake stands out from the rest of the group in Mega Force because of a romance that started with him with trying to go out somewhere with Gia but just like Ashley and Carlos it never really materialized to anywhere.

Well that and he's SORTA cute. Right? No? Well not really.


I haven't talked who that is yet but I will soon.


No he's not a Power Ranger.

But yeah a failed romance is more than enough to at least separate you from the pile of crap it is I ranked earlier from Mega Force.

1/10 because I said so.

Still Jake is barren besides his relationship with Gia. Next.

86. KevinEdit

Portrayed By: Najee De-Tiege 1/10

As you can tell the newer Power Rangers aren't doing so hot in this thing.

That said Kevin was...well BORING.

I mean come on. Even in a few episodes of Samurai he was labeled BORING by a few villains in the series.

I mean look. HE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A LAST NAME. You couldn't possibly get more boring than that.

Power Rangers Samurai rivals Blue's Clues in story telling. I couldn't figure out BLUE was a girl and MAGENTA was a guy for a LONG TIME.

...I seriously just wasted a write-up talking about boredom and Blue's Clues.

What else can I say in this write-up since Kevin was SO BORING?


1/10 because it's cool to be a Blue Ranger and not much else is remarkable about Kevin besides that.

85. Mia WatanabeEdit

Portrayed By: Erika Fong 1.5/10

Another fellow Samurai Ranger has fallen.

I hated Mia because of that stupid OH LOOK AT ME I CAN COOK gimmick she had and how EVERY Samurai Ranger hated her cooking.

Seriously? The cooking gag was overkill by the second episode.

If that wasn't agonizing enough Mia basically became useless trash by the time Antonio came in to Samurai.

Antonio ACTUALLY knew how to cook and EVERYONE liked Antonio's cooking and Antonio was the ONLY ONE that liked Mia's meals.

Talk about everything not going full circle for you.

That said screw Mia. She's such a useless dolt.


1.5/10 for having SOME resemblance of a personality.

84. Vida "V" RoccaEdit

Portrayed By: Angie Diaz 1.5/10

That awkward moment when V and Maddi are sisters. 0_0

I don't see the two like that at all.

At any rate, I'm surprised it took THIS long for a Mystic Force Ranger to come up but here's V.

V was the worst of the Mystic Force Rangers considering she was a nutcase and didn't know how to keep her frickin' mouth shut.

V liked to part take in as being a DJ for the Power Rangers at the Power Chamber as an activity but she would always try to make her life AND her job as a Power Ranger and as a disc jockey like it was a game sometimes.

She would constantly make a joke out of herself from time to time and V was just one deranged person.

Take my word for it.

The girl also couldn't sing to SAVE. HER LIFE.

Kira is leaps and bounds ahead of her IMO.

Curses. I can find HARDLY ANY footage of Mystic Force on YouTube to show you.

But yeah V was a confounded lunatic. End of story.

1.5/10 for liking music. Music is awesome.


83. TripEdit

Portrayed By: Kevin Kleinberg 1.5/10

Usually I don't mind "comedic relief" characters but, Trip was just an annoying pest.

Trip was extremely gullible and tried of everything to become a heartthrob and he was rather unsettling in the role like that.

He was a a short 5'6 dorky looking kid. THAT GREEN HAIR was also extremely unfashionable and didn't do him any justice whatsoever.

I don't care if he created Circuit or not. I think he's a loser.

I don't recall him ever evolving much in Time Force so here he is. The worst of the Time Force Rangers. That's for sure.

lol Alex lol



I'm sorry but you're not welcome to be apart of this world Trip.

<3 The Little Mermaid <3

Oh yes. I hated Trip and I hated THAT FRICKIN' GREEN HAIR.

Next Ranger please.

82. Max CooperEdit

Portrayed By: Phillip Jeanmarie 1.5/10

Mother of Zeus and Metis. Max was boring.

I don't care about the guy whatsoever.

The only notable thing about Max was that Max was BFF with Danny in Wild Force.

But nobody cares about that friendship.

Keeping a write-up brief for once because nobody likes Max.

81. Danny DelgadoEdit

Portrayed By: Jack Guzman 1.5/10

And here is Max's good ol' bestie Danny.

Yeah. Danny only ranks higher than Max because at least he had SOME development as a character with a crush he had on the Flower Girl in Wild Force. Or something like that.

Too lazy to check to see and clarify if that was accurate or not.

I'm sorry if I'm not acting genuine with these write-ups I'm typing up for these Power Rangers...

But SO many of them are just SO boring.

Enough about Danny. Skip on to the next Power Ranger now.


80. Dana MitchellEdit

Portrayed By: Alison MacInnis 1.5/10

Look at this video.


Dana is morphing in the Pink Ranger with HER HEELS ON.

If this isn't discrimination against women in Power Rangers then I don't know what is.

First we have Kimberly writing that Dear John letter now FRICKIN' HEELS ARE BEING WORN when it's time to save the Earth.

Dana is going to break her foot with one wrong move.

Seriously. I never see anything besides maybe the MMPR merchandise where the female Rangers are not excluded from a product like a simple T-Shirt or something.

Is that so much to ask for?

Oh yes Dana. I almost forgot about her. Well I didn't really like Dana very much because of how "damsel in distress" her character was and how she would be in denial and make a big deal about things that we're not really a big deal.

In one episode I HATED Dana in and it was "In The Limelight" where Dana considers highly of wanting to be a MODEL and give up her duties as a POWER RANGER.


Sure Dana was generally a nice girl and that she was a Doctor and Doctors are awesome but she came off as far too ditzy for the most of the season in Lightspeed Rescue for me to not make me rank her higher than this.

Still a 1.5/10 IMO.


79. Chad LeeEdit

Portrayed By: Michael Chaturantabut 1.5/10

What can I say about Chad? The guy was pretty boring.

The "personality" for Chad for what was there was that the guy was a lifeguard and a professional entertainer at the local water park. That's pretty much it.

That reminds me of that HORRID trip I took to Sea World when I was 8 years old in the Summer of 2002.

I nearly drowned on the Log Ride and water parks have scared the bejesus out of me ever since.

NEVER AGAIN. Screw Sea World and screw Six Flags.

Chad also had a crush on a mermaid or something in Lightspeed Rescue. But I don't really care.

1.5/10 for crushed hopes and dreams at theme parks. NEVER AGAIN.

78. Tanya SloanEdit

Portrayed By: Nakia Burrise 2/10

It is under my discretionary to call that Tanya was pretty freakin' boring.

Despite the fact this girl was in 3 DIFFERENT INSTALLMENTS OF POWER RANGERS Tanya never pulled anything out of left field or pulled anything out of her pocket that made me get ecstatic about her every time she came on camera.

I know she was only in like two episodes of Mighty Morphin but you get my point.

Tanya was virtually invisible to the background in 99% of Zeo AND Turbo. A smart girl sure. But no one cares how smart she is if she doesn't have the personality to back it up.

She was a horrible replacement to Aisha.

I know Aisha wasn't THAT much better than her but at least Aisha had some fire to her personality.

Tanya was just...bland.

Tanya gets a 2/10 because it's fun to imagine if Tanya HAD some personality.

Imagine if Tanya was a Las Vegas Showgirl.

Only in my dreams...

Zeo Tanya > Turbo Tanya (for that opera episode with Tommy)

77. Lily ChilmanEdit

Portrayed By: Anna Hutchison 2/10


Dang it. I can't find that video where Lily makes that cheesy line from Jungle Fury. Sorry about that guys.

At any rate, I didn't really like Lily very much because she was a loudmouth and had an overall hissy-hissy attitude.

She was feisty but...I don't know something about her I didn't really like.

It's like the writers tried to play her off as the hot chick and the crazy chick at the same time and she didn't play either role off properly.

2/10 for looking pretty hot. Not the hottest Power Ranger ever but pretty hot regardless.

Moving on now.

76. Scott TrumanEdit

Portrayed By: Eka Darville 2/10

Before I talk about Scott let me just say that Scott needs to get a HAIRCUT.

Seriously. Carlos and Cole have looked better without that grease dripping off they're head and Scott needs to get a haircut ASAP.

That said. I didn't really like Scott very much because he was an enlisted former Military persona in a Power Ranger #3,782.

We already had Taylor, Damon and Eric like that. Would it kill the writers to come up with something original for the occupation of a Power Ranger?

How about an electrician? Or a homeless man being in poverty becoming a Power Ranger? Or a survivor of a tornado outbreak? Or an air hockey champion?

ANYTHING would be fine then just re-surfacing the ideas and personalities of a Power Ranger from previous seasons.

And Scott was just plain and boring because of that. Next.

75. Merrick BailtonEdit

Portrayed By: Phillip Andrew 2/10

Merrick makes the Top 75 by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. How amazing is that?

Still. That's also Merrick's downfall and why I didn't really like the guy very much.

He was proclaimed a "lone wolf" and was preciously that in all of Wild Force.

He would go into battle and help the Rangers out only with the tinniest bit of flair and surprise.

This is the problem with Merrick. He showed next to zero interactivity with the rest of the Wild Force Rangers and came off as an emotionless oaf in the process.

For my opinion? I didn't really like Wild Force as a season that much.

It was fine...up until the last few episodes.

I HATED the ending where it was pitch black outside and it was pouring down rain and you couldn't see jack crap with what what was going on. The fight scenes looked sloppy and not to mention the Tarzan rip-off Cole did with rescuing that kid in that one scene.

Here's that scene I'm talking about.

...And this isn't really involving much about Merrick but whatever.

Merrick isn't quite a simpleton like some of the nimrods before him. But Merrick WAS a dirtbag. So MEH.

74. ZhaneEdit

Portrayed By: Justin Nimmo 2/10

I know I'm in the minority with saying this but I HATED Zhane.

I hated Zhane for the fact with how he was a ladies man and he didn't pull it off with any kind of class or dignity.

Two seconds into his debut In Space he's already seen trying to lay a hand on Ashley.

And it gets to be worse than that. Zhane starts to show an affection for Astronema.

You know. Who is ANDROS'S SISTER.

Like the dude was desperate after being chronologically frozen for two years. Like REALLY desperate.

And the saga where Zhane had to restore his powers by a BOLT OF LIGHTNING was lame. We got like what? Three episodes dedicated to that?

Screw you Zhane.


Next Ranger please.

73. Lucas KendallEdit

Portrayed By: Michael Copon 2.5/10

I'll keep this one brief.

Lucas was a proclaimed hotshot and was a bit of a douche and was easily unlikeable from Day 1. It's hard to not accede to that.

For what I will give credit to him however was one REALLY good episode of Time Force.

It was in "Bodyguard In Blue" where Lucas was babysitting a little girl named Holly. Klawlox attempts to try and kill her but then Lucas saves her life.

Klawlox DESTROYS Holly's teddy bear. It's name was Theo.


Here's a link to the episode.

Lucas beats the crap out of Klawlox and buys Holly a new Teddy Bear.


For whatever reason or another that stands out as one of my favorite episodes of Time Force. I don't know why.

Still. Lucas was generally not as humble as he was in that one episode I linked in this write-up so screw Lucas in general.

A star and half for avenging Theo's death and another star for being a Blue Ranger.

72. UdonnaEdit

Portrayed By: Peta Rutter 3/10

I hated Udonna because of how "down to earth" of a caring person she was and how she was basically a carbon copy of Princess Shayla from Wild Force.



Next Ranger please.

Gets a 3/10 for not being completely useless on the field of battle. Still she was annoying. SO MEH.

71. Charlie "Chip" ThornEdit

Portrayed By: Nic Sampson 3/10

Overdone British accent is overdone.

Coming into Mystic Force I wasn't presuming much of Chip and after seeing a few episodes of Mystic Force unravel? I didn't really like the guy very much.

Chip came off as too egg-headed and a bit of a camera hog where none of the Rangers we're AS smart as Chip was and he wasn't as funny as the "smart guy" of the season like Billy or Bridge we're.

The British accent I didn't mind it at first but it kind of irritated me on how 50% of the cast in Mystic Force was like that.

That's why I can't stand the Harry Potter movies.

You can say Mystic Force is a lot like Lord Of The Rings instead of Harry Potter.


But whatever. I didn't like Chip simply put.

70. Katherine "Kat" HillardEdit

Portrayed By: Catherine Sutherland 3/10

I hated Katherine because of how, weak and defenseless her character was portrayed in Mighty Morphin, Zeo AND Turbo.

This is something you do NOT do someone with who is essentially a DEFENDER OF THE EARTH. Or a protector of the Earth.

Can't say that I preferred her over Kimberly because I despise both of them greatly.

I wouldn't know why many female Power Rangers weren't given more gratitude and more independence over they're male counterparts. Pink Rangers we're too busy thinking about the comfort of being with the Red Ranger instead of fighting crime.

That's the problem with Kat. Too much lovey dovey with Tommy and not enough actual character development besides that.

Her accent was OKAY. Just took a little while for be to get used to.

And for the times Katherine got character development outside of being with Tommy?

Katherine had a anorexia meltdown in Turbo. >_<

So screw Katherine.

Zeo Katherine > Mighty Morphin Katherine > Turbo Katherine

Kat was pretty good in that two-parter where she helped Tommy overcome to his senses after he got brainwashed by Gasket. It's Where In The World Is Zeo Ranger V?

I'll give her credit for that.

69. Madison "Maddi" RoccaEdit

Portrayed By: Melanie Vallejo 3/10

I'm trying with penetrating as much thought as I can say about Maddi but I can't.

I hardly remember ANYTHING about Maddi.

The only thing I remember about Maddi was that she had a few flirt scenes with Nick in a few episodes of Mystic Force. And that's pretty much it.

3/10 for all of that because she's hot.

Sorry about the plain write-up but I got nothing. Next Ranger please.

68. Ziggy GroverEdit

Portrayed By: Milo Cawthorne 3/10

Ziggy = Dislike

Dillon was right. Ziggy was only good for SHADOW PUPPETS.

Every time I think of Ziggy I think of Dolph Ziggler. The wrestler.

<3 Dolph Ziggler <3

By far my favorite wrestler in the WWE right now.

So much so I made a fan sign that I brought with me to a San Antonio event last year dedicated to Dolph Ziggler. Here's what it looked like. Note that I know Dolph isn't with Vickie anymore...

"Show some SPIRIT Dolph. You don't need a SQUAD with Vickie."

My poor Yellow marker.

I just wasted a write-up talking about Dolph Ziggler. But who cares? :P

Ziggy was kooky and not in a good way.

Here's a clip that shows that Ziggy is a goof ball and a bit of a dofus.

Ziggy was played out as too annoying and like a joke for me to not rank him higher on the list.

EDIT: Okay. So I was a little TOO harsh on Ziggy.

I may not of liked him but I would like to congrat Milo (Ziggy) and Olivia (Dr.K) for getting married.

Congrats to the both of them! :D

67. SamEdit

Portrayed By: Brett Stewart 3/10

Funny how the only time we ever saw Sam in human form was when he was a child or when he and Nova said goodbye to the rest of the S.P.D. Rangers.

That said I HATED Sam.

I hated him because he was such a teaser with only helping out the rest of the S.P.D. Rangers whenever he felt like it and being so out of place with the rest of the cast.

When Sam had traveled back in time it reduced to Sam being a FRICKIN' BALL OF LIGHT. BASICALLY LIKE NAVI.

Here's a clip of Sam.

Doesn't help with how Sam was quite moody at times. Genuinely nice one minute and then an imbecile the next.

Gets a 3 out of 10 for appearing in only 20 of S.P.D.'s 38 episodes.

Screw you Sam.

66. Mackenzie "Mack" HartfordEdit

Portrayed By: James Maclurcan 3/10

Lord have mercy me. It's ANOTHER Power Ranger from Operation Overdrive.

That said Mack was very...meh.

He didn't have much distinguishable that set him apart from other Power Rangers.

The only interesting thing about him was that Mack was actually a robot created by his father.

That's really it. I didn't really like Mack very much since he came off as far too gloomy with always wanting to have a better relationship with his Father and thinking he could spend more time with him.

I'm guessing Mack just wanted his Father to be a FATHER FIGURE just like George Michael.

But he didn't get anything like that.

That's all I have to say here. Sorry Mack but you're just too sepulchral for me to care about.

65. Antonio GarciaEdit

Portrayed By: Steven Skyler 3.5/10

I hated Antonio because of the constant GOLD puns he would make in Samurai & Super Samurai.

Hi my name is Antonio. I set the GOLD standard.

That was better than GOLD.

I don't care if Antonio was generally a nice guy. He set the GOLD standard and would tell us this in Samurai & Super Samurai far too often.

I'm sorry if the Birthday Cake isn't GOLD Emily.

Beating that monster was GOLD.

I look mighty fine in GOLD.


Antonio gets three and a half stars because he was an innocent enough guy.


I'll never get those stupid GOLD puns out of my head.

By the way. Look at this YouTube video. This REALLY happened in Power Rangers.

64. JaydenEdit

Portrayed By: Alex Heartman 4/10

And here is Antonio's fellow companion Jayden.

I hated Jayden because of how...serious he was. Like all the time and how he was more of a motivational speaker than a Power Ranger.

Jayden was brave and led the Samurai team with honor sure. But I hated Jayden for how he kept his words soft and how he just never degraded himself or any of his teammates for the obvious times he should of done so.

Here's an example.

Kevin: Am I BORING to you guys? :( Jayden: ...You have a lot of discipline Kevin. We need that on the field of battle.

NO JAYDEN NO. Kevin IS boring. Tell it to his face like a man.

Tommy would at least speak his own words and say things like "No. That's wrong." or "Are you insane? That's a stupid idea." or "Is there anything I can help you with?"

Jayden was seen as a GOD to the Samurai Rangers and how he seemed to know EVERYTHING and how if there was ever a PROBLEM WITH JAYDEN he would never say anything and keep it a secret.

Speaking of which? Lauren being the Red Ranger instead of Jayden wasn't too much of a secret to hide.

Why did you..?

Ah forget it. I didn't like Jayden much with him being a GOD period.

Gets a 4/10 for having SOME pretty decent fight scenes with Deker in Samurai.

Not much else besides that. Next.

63. Damon HendersonEdit

Portrayed By: Reggie Rolle 4/10

Damon was a mechanic and the brains of the bunch in Lost Galaxy.

However Damon was a bit of a TOOL at times. No pun intended.

Damon came off as a real jerk and real bitter with the rest of his teammates with how he didn't want anyone else's help and how he could get the job done as the Green Ranger by himself.

Uh huh. Sure you can Damon. >_>

Stubborn is a key word for Damon.

That said? Damon was a softie at times but a little unbearable in a few episodes of Lost Galaxy. So this is where he ranks. Meh.

62. LeanbowEdit

Portrayed By: Chris Graham 4/10

I don't know who Leanbow is.

All I can go by about Leanbow is from THIS VIDEO.

Seems like any other boring good guy that sacrificed himself for the common good. Boring.


61. DaggeronEdit

Portrayed By: John Tui 4/10

TAKE EVERYTHING I SAID ABOUT MY PREVIOUS WRITE-UP and just change the fact Daggeron wears orange as part of his wardrobe and Leanbow wears purple.

No one really cares about Mystic Force.

Daggeron could have Poison Ivy on his skin and I still could care less about him.

Next Ranger please.

60. Kelsey WinslowEdit

Portrayed By: Sasha Williams 4/10

Kelsey was brave and loyal. And brave and loyal. And...and...

Oh I'm sorry. 90% of all these Power Rangers have like two personality traits and two is sometimes pushing the boundary sometimes.

A full length presentation of a season of Power Rangers still wouldn't jack squat to display the personalities of a Power Ranger.

If there's 32 episodes times 30 minutes in length of an episode? That would equal 960 minutes of the program. Divded by 60 minutes in an hour. Watching a season non-stop of Power Rangers would take 16 hours.


So yeah Kelsey was brave and loyal. And that's pretty much all I have to say about her.

The only other thing to note about Kelsey was that she wore ROLLER SKATES in Lightspeed Rescue. 2000 at it's finest.

59. NovaEdit

Portrayed By: Antonia Prebble 4/10

I'll refrain with talking much about Nova because there just isn't much to discuss about.

Nova was only notable for appearing in the final episode of S.P.D. with helping the Rangers out with destroying Omni & Gruumm. And that's really I have to go by.


I wonder if she knows Marty McFly. Probably not. :(

But yeah appearing in only ONE EPISODE of Power Rangers can only get you so far in this list. Sorry Nova.

Sure. Nova was strong-willed and...and...I don't know what else she was.

Umm...yeah. That's it.

Next Ranger please.

58. Elizabeth "Z" DelgadoEdit

Portrayed By: Monica May 4.5/10

S.P.D. had a pretty fantastic cast. The only two Rangers that I ever really had a problem with we're with Z and Sam.

lol Nova lol

Anyways I hated Z because of how poorly developed her overall character was from the beginning to end of S.P.D.

In the beginning of S.P.D, Z and Jack are seen as criminals with living on the streets on poverty and stealing whatever they can to survive and sometimes giving up what they stole to others in return.

I actually didn't mind Sky for being PO'ed at Cruger FOR NOT being the Red Ranger.

Sky's father DIED while on duty as being a Power Ranger yet Jack WHO HAS NO EXPERIENCE WHATSOEVER ON THE B-SQUAD WHO SKY WAS PROBABLY WITH FOR YEARS was over looked as the Red Ranger.

Back to Z.

Z was somewhat stuck-up at times and she admitted in a few episodes of S.P.D. she wasn't comfortable to be a Power Ranger.

She also had a "thing" for Sam which didn't really go anywhere.

She was also friends with that disgusting vermin in Piggy in S.P.D.



You can probably tell S.P.D. is one of my favorite seasons.

I'll shut up now about Z. With all of that combined together I didn't really like Z.


57. Rocky DeSantosEdit

Portrayed By: Steve Cardenas 4.5/10

Ah Rocky. Most Power Rangers fans DESPISE Rocky and it's not hard to see why.

Rocky was a horrible replacement to Jason and the fact that Jason (Austin St. John) only left the show in the first place was because of a pay dispute makes me question on how if I should ever be on Power Rangers.

If I; Preston Condra was ever on Power Rangers I would make my character die on screen. Go out like a boss.

Anyways. Rocky was an unfunny scoundrel in Mighty Morphin. Cracking jokes at the worst of times and just looking just like a rag doll for when he was in the role of the Red Ranger. Rocky was a pretty bad Red Ranger.

He thankfully got better in Zeo but not without his character being underutilized for only having like 2 or 3 episodes of character development.

The saving grace for Rocky was in the Turbo movie. I felt a little sorry for him to INJURE HIS BACK and retire his duties as a Power Ranger like that.

Rumors strongly suggested (Steve Cardaneas) in real life actually had back problems and couldn't BE a Power Ranger anymore. But those rumors turned out to be false.

You can find out more about Rocky as a character with watching the following YouTube video.

But yeah. Rocky is ALSO held back for being THE ONLY RED RANGER that didn't appear in Forever Red at the time.

I can't believe Forever Red was 11 years ago. Where does the time go?

I remember watching that episode for the first time in 3RD GRADE on a Saturday Morning on ABC Family. Good times.

So...yeah. Rocky stunk up his duties as a Power Ranger.

I didn't like him. But I didn't really hate him that much either. Go figure.

MEH @ Rocky overall.

56. Joel RawlingsEdit

Portrayed By: Keith Robinson 4.5/10

Joel is in a lot of ways similar to Damon.

Both are African. Both are arrogant. Both are cocky scumbags.

I will say Joel had decent enough character development to make like him A TINY BIT. But not highly enough so to a degree.

Joel was tad bit annoying in a few episodes of Lightspeed Rescue. He was a ladies man that tried as he could to capture a woman's heart but failing at every opportunity.

I didn't like Joel that much since he liked to show off. A LOT.

When he's in Aero Rescue 3 (his Zord) he liked to play around in the air and tried to impress the women on the ground to give him autographs.

He better not make it some kind of Johnny Manziel situation.

And yeah. Joel? Why are you trying to act like you're on America's Got Talent? YOU'RE A FRICKIN' POWER RANGER. STOP PLAYING AROUND IN YOU'RE ZORD AND SAVE THE EARTH.

His relationship with Ms. Fairweather was cute but Joel being a little brainless and a little annoying to me holds him back from ranking higher on the list.

The actor name is Keith Robinson right?



55. Katie WalkerEdit

Portrayed By: Deborah Estelle Phillips 5/10

I thought about Katie while I was folding my clothes.

I thought about Katie while I was putting the dishes away.

I thought about Katie while I was putting my Cat outside.

I thought about Katie while I was watching an episode of Sam & Kat.

<3 Jennette McCurdy <3

Basically. I thought about Katie. ALL DAY. And still couldn't think of anything to say about her.

Katie was the Yellow Ranger from Time Force and has SUPER STRENGTH POWERS. That's really it.

I'm sorry but I got nothing to say about Katie.

That's okay right? She was fairly boring? Don't you coherent with me?

Next Ranger now please.

Gets a 5/10 for looking like a nice girl with the footage I have seen of her in Time Force.

54. Trent FernandezEdit

Portrayed By: Jeffrey Parazzo 5/10

I really don't know what to say about Trent.

At the very beginning of Dino Thunder? I HATED Trent. He was basically Hunter 2.0 where we had to deal with a maniacal and insane lunatic, beating the crap out of the Dino Rangers episode in and episode out.

The "White Thunder" saga and Trent himself nearly KILLED the season for me.

Trent was over under a lot of grief and easily aggravated by how I DON'T WANT TO BE EVIL. OH BUT WAIT. I'M A GOOD GUY. TRUST ME! and came off with a multiple personality disorder with how I easily detested the guy.

Look at this YouTube video. Trent nearly KILLS Kira right on the spot.

Mercifully...Trent got better as the season went on.

Trent had a crush on Kira and liked to draw a lot. So at least that shows he has a soft side. Somewhat.

Here's the proof.


You can probably tell I have nostalgia for every Power Rangers season from Mighty Morphin to S.P.D.

Screw the newer seasons!

Buy yeah Trent came off as a jerk too often in Dino Thunder and while he grew on me? Being just a plain jerk for half of Dino Thunder isn't enough to put you in a mediocre spot in the list.

53. Aisha CampbellEdit

Portrayed By: Karan Ashley 5/10

I never thought I would have Aisha near the Top 50 in the list as if I what I remember her from Mighty Morphin she was very MEH.

Sure Aisha had spunk and she was reliable to her friends. But that was pretty much it.

Not to mention? The HORRIBLE send-off Aisha got at the end of Mighty Morphin.

Aisha and the rest of the rangers we're turned into kids and Aisha was sent to find the Zeo Crystal to restore her youth.

She decided to send Tanya back as the Yellow Ranger. WHO HAS NO EXPERIENCE AS A POWER RANGER WHATSOEVER to take her place and stay behind to help the animals out in Africa while SHE WAS STILL A LITTLE KID.

I...I...I don't what to say.


Karan apparently just wanted to ask for a raise and this is what happens to her.

I'm not sure what else to say here.


This video saves her somewhat.

52. Trini KwanEdit

Portrayed By: Truy Trang 5/10

Ah Trini.

Let me begin by saying R.I.P. Truy Trang. I believe she's still the ONLY actor or actress from Power Rangers to have played a role in the show and be deceased.

Truy died in a car accident on September 3, 2001. Her death largely went unnoticed to the public domain for WHAT WOULD HAPPEN THE NEXT DAY.

I'm sure you all know what WOULD happen the following day. >_<

As far as Ms. Trang's role went in Power Rangers? Trini was probably the most boring of the Original 5.

Jason was the headstrong leader. Zack was the prankster. Kimberly was the hot chick who would then turn out to be an INCONCEIVABLE ***** and Billy was the nerd.

Trini just didn't do too much. You can say she was the peacemaker and the voice of reason but I don't know how else to depict Trini much else besides that.

So this is where Trini ranks.

She may not of been as amazing as Jason or Tommy we're but at least she wasn't anorexic like Kat was or not as a shrill, incomprehensible, incoherent, intolerant, cheating, ill-tempered monster like Kimberly.

So my little muffin top Trini?

R.I.P. Truy Trang



51. Nick RussellEdit

Portrayed By: Firass Dirani 5/10

We are ALMOST done with talking about the Power Rangers I have a bad remark with talking about.

As for Nick? I found the guy to be pretty trite and platitudinous.

Nick came off in Mystic Force as a loner, someone who always had moved a lot and didn't have enough time in his day to make friends that could last an everlasting life time.

While Nick being the adopted song of Udonna was at least a unique idea at the time, it's execution came off as pretty poor. The story arc was pretty predictable to call from episode one and Nick wasn't THAT developed as much as some other Red Rangers.

I wish you can say Nick had chameleon powers but he doesn't.

We need to get a Chameleon Alpha on Power Rangers. Who's with me?

Outside of that, Nick was fairly boring. Had a lot of angst inside of him but I didn't mind that.

Still. A bit too boring and a story arc involving him that lingered on too much in my face in the season of Mystic Force is enough to rank Nick outside of the Top 50.


50. Phantom RangerEdit

Portrayed By: Alex Dodd 5.5/10

Sure you can be subjective with my rankings of the Power Rangers however you want. Whatever.

I'll keep this one short.

Phantom Ranger is held back SIGNIFICANTLY in these rankings for the lack of a human identity for him.

Phantom Ranger didn't really do too much in Turbo other than have a kinship with Cassie.

Not exactly the most powerful power couple in Power Rangers history as humans and robots just look silly when in a relationship together but it was worth withstanding.



Back to the Phantom Ranger.

Uh...yeah. That's all I have to say about The Phantom Ranger.


A little sorry for him with how he nearly died in Turbo but the lack of an identity REALLY holds the guy back for me.

49. MayaEdit

Portrayed By: Cerina Vincent 6/10

Maya. Good character. WAY too underdeveloped.

Maya had quite the untapped potential if you will.

Maya had the technique to communicate with certain inhabitants unlike none of the other Lost Galaxy Rangers could and she came off as a pretty smart, prudent gal.

She knew when to be serious in her duties as a Power Ranger when the time came and when to lollygag when the time came.

She had this speech in Lost Galaxy that made like her. Somewhat.

Really. Only setback I can say about Maya was that she just didn't get much screen time. Then again Leo and Kendrix we're ALWAYS the best Rangers from Lost Galaxy anyway.

I give Maya credit for not losing her composure for when her village was turned to stone. Losing everyone she knew and love in the process? And gone? But somehow having a control of her sanity?

You go girl.

Still she can't stand up as one the greatest Power Rangers of all-time. So MEH.

48. Dominic "Dom" HarganEdit

Portrayed By: Nikolai Nikolaeff 6/10

Do you know what I sometimes hate?

Commercials on children's TV shows like SpongeBob where they state that YOU SHOULD ASK YOU'RE PARENTS PERMISSION BEFORE GOING ONLINE.

That's like delivering the wrong message. Are you trying to say you're wanting to deliberate our children who are 6-years-old to not go on without our consent?

What about those websites like A 6-year-old could go there ANYTIME he wants but he needs to ASK his parents permission before going on Sounds reasonable enough.


Dom was rather okay. He was a rebel that against his duties with being told and wanted to do WHATEVER THE HECK he wanted to do. Including following Master Mao's lead.

Dom wasn't rather good at anything. Including making Pizzas at R.J.'s Pizza Parlor but he made up for it for at least being useful on the field of battle.

Not a top of the line Ranger but at least Dom didn't piss me off unlike a MANIFOLD of other Rangers that have ranked lower than him in this list.

Here's a clip of Dom being resourceful.

47. Xander BlyEdit

Portrayed By: Richard Brancatisano 6/10

Xander is the epitome of a goof ball.

Here's solid evidence of that.


Good day. My name is Xander.

Xander was the "comedic relief" character from Mystic Force. A little saddening the guy that was depicted as a joke was the best Ranger from that season. But that's fine.

Still? Xander was rather EHH. He came off with pulling that "Plan Xander" scheme of his too often than you like and there's far better comedic-relief characters I liked better than Xander anyway.

Imagine if Xander did that in the Final Battle. Too lazy to check if HE did that or not.

Xander came off as a kind-hearted soul but playing around too much like a Monkey instead of a Power Ranger knocks him back quite a bit.

EHH indeed.

46. TyzonnEdit

Portrayed By: Dwayne Cameron 6/10

I'll be honest. I have NO knowledge about Tyzonn whatsoever.

All I know about Tyzonn was that he was the White Ranger from Operation Overdrive.


Tyzonn only makes the Top 50 because of THIS YouTube video.

Earns props for looking like a monarch with that staff.

Um. Yeah. That's all I have to say here.

Next Ranger please.

45. GemEdit

Portrayed By: Mike Ginn


RPM will probably go down as the MOST. FORGETTABLE. SEASON. of Power Rangers ever.

Because the only time episodes of RPM ever aired in America we're on Saturday Mornings on ABC Kids. Who watches ABC Kids?

Furthermore, Power Rangers had a horrible time slot at 11:30 in the morning and because the news wouldn't see the "educational value" behind Power Rangers. It interrupted half of the episodes with airing news that wasn't really news instead of Power Rangers.

Seriously. Who the hell cares about that H1N1 Swine Flu virus crap? Keep my Power Rangers on the air please. Thank you.

That said. GEMMA AND GEM.

Gemma and Gem we're Rangers that we're infamous but not really that infamous for dying in RPM or getting deleted.

Here's the footage of that.

However they got brought back to life in the final episode of RPM.

I guess they we're okay.

Both Gem and Gemma we're quite childish.

But you can blame the SWINE FLU and a severe lack of RPM videos on YouTube to not make me clarify much to say about Gemma and Gem, other than they died in RPM and came back to life.

Ehh. I got nothing else to say.

Ehh. There's nothing else I can say.

Lady GaGa style!

Gemma ranks higher than Gem for at least being moderately interesting with that crush she had on Flynn.

44. GemmaEdit

Portrayed By: Li Ming Hu


RPM will probably go down as the MOST. FORGETTABLE. SEASON. of Power Rangers ever.

Because the only time episodes of RPM ever aired in America we're on Saturday Mornings on ABC Kids. Who watches ABC Kids?

Furthermore, Power Rangers had a horrible time slot at 11:30 in the morning and because the news wouldn't see the "educational value" behind Power Rangers. It interrupted half of the episodes with airing news that wasn't really news instead of Power Rangers.

Seriously. Who the hell cares about that H1N1 Swine Flu virus crap? Keep my Power Rangers on the air please. Thank you.

That said. GEMMA AND GEM.

Gemma and Gem we're Rangers that we're infamous but not really that infamous for dying in RPM or getting deleted.

Here's the footage of that.

However they got brought back to life in the final episode of RPM.

I guess they we're okay.

Both Gem and Gemma we're quite childish.

But you can blame the SWINE FLU and a severe lack of RPM videos on YouTube to not make me clarify much to say about Gemma and Gem, other than they died in RPM and came back to life.

Ehh. I got nothing else to say.

Ehh. There's nothing else I can say.

Lady GaGa style!

Gemma ranks higher than Gem for at least being moderately interesting with that crush she had on Flynn.

43. LaurenEdit

Portrayed By: Kimberley Crossman 6/10

Lauren was simply put OKAY.

We sadly couldn't get much depiction of her. Other than she was the legitimate person to be the Red Ranger instead of Jayden.

She was quiet for most the time and didn't really say much.

On the flip-side to all of this however Lauren was the VERY FIRST FEMALE RED RANGER so that's something to lionize her as.

Lionize - To look on or treat (a person) as a celebrity.

A Red Ranger is still a Red Ranger.

Also? I believe the female Red Ranger was NEVER included in the Sentai adaptation of Samurai so that's also a plus. Something Saban did unique for once to say the least.

Now if only she stood around for more than just a few episodes of Samurai and for the entire season instead.

Here's a clip of Lauren kicking some butt.

Moving on now.

42. Dr. Katherine ManxEdit

Portrayed By: Michelle Langstone 6/10

Dr. Katherine felt more like a minor character in Power Rangers instead of being a true heroine in S.P.D.

She really didn't do much, let alone evolve much as a character. Well other than being for one thing.

I know she's probably a little old for us but wouldn't want to bang a girl who's all into computers, fancy gizmos and technology? I hit that.

Dr. Katherine wasn't a sufferer like Sky was when he lost his Dad and not as comical as Bridge was for me to not be interested in her character that much.

I think I preferred Hayley from Dino Thunder myself. She is a lot like Dr. Katherine. But whatever.

Dr. Katherine was alright. Not sure how else to illustrate her but that.

41. Summer LandsdownEdit

Portrayed By: Rose McIver 6.5/10

You know I have to question something.

When the Power Rangers are getting they're butts kicked in the Megazord shouldn't there be some kind of parachutes? Or an escape pod? Or something?

In Power Rangers In Space; Carlos punched Andros's lights out in the temple as the Psycho Rangers nearly dragged them to another dimension and they fled from the Megazord.

While other Rangers just always fought the villain to the bitter end. Win or lose. MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

Anyways. Let's talk about Summer.

Summer was a girl that had a never give up attitude. She would always fight tooth and nail and did whatever she could to help the RPM Rangers out and save the day.

She wasn't some indefensible Barbie doll. She actually served as second-in-command of the RPM Rangers so at least it showed the writers didn't throw Summer under the radar, as a afterthought to the show.

Still. All that said? Summer was a bit lacking in depth compared to other female Rangers with they're personalities.

We got Kira who's a rockstar. Tori a surf boarder and Kendrix the canny nerd.

Summer just doesn't compare to them.

Summer was rasied as a snobby girl by rich parents before evantually changing her personality with having a thing for motorcycles instead and not being afraid to get down and dirty.

Still. Summer was alright but not enough of her enchants me to make her rank in the Top 40.

40. KaroneEdit

Portrayed By: Melody Perkins 6.5/10

I'm quite neutral on Karone.

As a POWER RANGER I don't think she did too much. As ASTRONEMA I think she was fantastic.

Karone took over her duties to be the Pink Ranger in Lost Galaxy as Kendrix's replacement after KENDRIX DIED but we sadly didn't get to see her exploit much.

Karone was a Pink Ranger for only 14 of the 45 episodes of Lost Galaxy.

Makes you wonder if they should of just left there to be NO Pink Ranger for the remainder of the season until the very end.

I WOULD like that. It makes the team look believable with overcoming the odds at the end, if the team is missing a member or what have you. It's up to four rangers to save the galaxy!

Still? Karone was fine.

I may add that I found her as Astronema REALLY SEXY.

I crack a smile every time she says "DESTROY THEM!" from an episode of In Space. :3

39. Alyssa EnriléEdit

Portrayed By: Jessica Rey 6.5/10

Alyssa was the "sweet heart" of Wild Force and spread generosity to all that she could for the whole season of Wild Force.

Alyssa dreamed to be Kindergarten Teacher and and she got that as her wish. As evident by the ending in Wild Force.

You can see the ending to Wild Force at the following YouTube link.


Now why we're 90% of my teachers at school we're old bags and DIDN'T look like that? :3

Back to Alyssa. Alyssa was alright.

She'll probably be the ONLY female White Ranger we'll ever get in like 20 years from now. So there's some merit to that.

lol Udonna lol

No one cares about Udonna.

Alyssa was alright and I don't know how else to put her but that.

38. Mike CorbettEdit

Portrayed By: Russell Lawrence 6.5/10

Mike Corbett is quite unlike ANY other Ranger with how my feelings feel about him than ANY other Ranger in these rankings. His civilian mode and Magna Defender mode we're like Night and Day. Seriously.

In his civilian mode, Mike was the overprotective and mollycoddle sibling to his younger brother Leo.

At times? Mike was a little irritating this way and with how he and Leo always fought with each other with how "I SHOULD'VE OF BEEN THE RED RANGER!" and "NO! YOU SHOULD'VE BEEN THE RED RANGER!" was annoying beyond belief.

Note to self. Sibling rivalries DO NOT work for television.

Mike was gradually better as the Magna Defender. His Ranger form.

The Magna Defender was shady. Didn't say much and kept his words soft and sweet with dealing no regret on the enemy.

Nothing really else to say here and nothing really was outright terrible about Mike but I just hope Saban has a lesson learned.

NEVER make a male Power Ranger come off as some kind of unlikable womanizer or some worrisome individual like Mike. It doesn't work.

Stop being worried about you're brother Mike. GEE.

37. Commander Anubus "Doggie" CrugerEdit

Portrayed By: John Tui 6.5/10

We had a Dog as a Power Ranger.

Let me repeat that.


I didn't have a problem with that since Cruger was generally OKAY.

Cruger was basically like that crazy old Grandfather of yours that is concord for most of the time but also acts like you should be crazy when the time comes AND when to be diligent when the time comes.

Cruger treated the SPD Rangers like his family and while I wouldn't seem to get some of his motives from time to time, he was a likeable mut for most of the time.

Seriously. WHY wasn't Sky the Red Ranger at the beginning of SPD? Poor Sky. :(

Only other thing I can say bad about Cruger is that he played on the side-lines for too long and not doing much butt kicking.

That said he was a much better advice giver than Dr. Phil.

Did you know that Dr. Phil is 62 right now? That guy is getting old.

Cruger was OKAY. Simply put. Next Ranger please.

36. Cassie ChanEdit

Portrayed By: Patricia Ja Lee 6.5/10


HERE'S THE PROOF. Watch the second episode link at 8:16.

As much as I love In Space one can't deny that people can't be blinded by nostalgia with how the cast of In Space was dreadful in Turbo.

Cassie was the worst of the replacements.

Cassie came off as craven and annoying. Barely helping out T.J. when T.J. was helping Kat out against the Paratrons.


She thankfully got better In Space. She matured and wasn't as annoying in Turbo.


Cassie sadly just didn't leave the best impressions on me in Turbo. She was just hesitant and annoying.

Screw you Cassie. In a way. You we're pretty good In Space however.

One thing is for certain though.


In Space Cassie >>>>>>>>> Turbo Cassie

35. Ashley HammondEdit

Portrayed By: Tracy Lynn Cruz 6.5/10

Another fellow In Space comrade has fallen. And it's Cassie's BFF for life Ashley.

I can relate to the same things here to say about Ashley like I said about Cassie.

Ashley was EXTREMELY BORING in Turbo. Ashley was nothing but like any other typical, brunette Cheerleader at my High School and probably wouldn't be any different than any other girl at Angel Grove.

She thankfully got better In Space. She wasn't all preppy like she was in Turbo. She was concerned about the common good of the Earth and she had flirted with Andros quite a bit In Space which looked conceivable enough.

Ashley thankfully wasn't some kind of complete moocher and took her relationship with Andros nice and slow. She and Andros had quite the chemistry together.

Ashley wasn't really ditzy in Turbo. Just boring but she did a wonderful 360 In Space.

Ashley was alright. Simply put. Tracy Cruz is hot and everything so I get why boys had a yearning for her back in the day.

Next Ranger please.

In Space Ashley >>>>>>>>>>> Turbo Ashley

34. Carlos VallerteEdit

Portrayed By: Roger Velasco 6.5/10

Carlos is the third In Space Ranger to fall in a row.

And it's nothing against Carlos here but he's just not as amazing as some of the others that rank admirably above him.

Carlos was pretty boring in Turbo. Sure he was a good samaritan and willing to be there for his friends and always dreamed to be a Soccer player. But that's really it.

Carlos gradually improved In Space. He matured and wasn't as forgiving to what like he would ALWAYS act as in Turbo. Particularly to Divatox and her minions. STOP PLAYING NICE CARLOS.

The only other negative thing about Carlos was that he was just too apologetic too often.

In one episode In Space "Always A Chance" Carlos accidentally injures Cassie and Carlos was like...


We get it already Carlos. >_<

Carlos was plainly a nice guy and he doesn't have much else going for him besides that.

Not a bad Ranger but not a great one either. Sorry Carlos.

In Space Carlos >>>>>>>>>>>> Turbo Carlos

33. Jack LandorsEdit

Portrayed By: Brandon Jay McLaren 6.5/10

Let me just say Jack (along with Z) got a HORRIBLE introduction into S.P.D.

What in the hell was Cruger thinking with HIRING THE HOMELESS to be Power Rangers? Never mind the fact Jack was appointed as the leader of the B Squad with no PERSPICACITY to be a Power Ranger whatsoever.

Perspicacity - definition - insight

I would be hoping Jack would improve as the season went on and he did.

Jack at least came off as noble and brave and in the first episode where Bridge, Syd and Sky we're trying to fight off the Troobians Jack decides to help them, even though he knows he'll be arrested after helping them out.

Jack had a rough life while growing up. The guy doesn't even know when his Birthday is.

Sad face. :(

Jack grew on me quite a bit in SPD and while I'm not attached to him like the MAN CRUSH I have on Sky AND Bridge...

<3 Sky Tate <3
<3 Bridge Carson <3

He was alright as a Power Ranger. Not the best ever but enough to where I can't be too harsh on the guy.

Jack was only bad in only a few episodes of S.P.D. anyway.

32. EmilyEdit

Portrayed By: Brittany Anne Pirtle 7/10

We are now in the "decent" territory of the Power Rangers that are more than just "OKAY" "Mediocre" or "just plain awful" categories.

I liked Emily. She was cute, calm and perky and remained that way for all of Samurai from beginning to end.

What made Emily interesting was that SHE WASN'T INTENDED to be the Yellow Ranger.

Emily's older sister Serena was intended to be the Yellow Ranger but suddenly fell ill and gave Emily the power to be the Yellow Ranger instead.

Emily deliberated but she eventually pulled through the idea and became a Power Ranger with glee.

She developed a crush on Mike later on in Samurai. Which was appealing enough. Didn't mind it and I kinda liked the two together.

Not much else to say. Emily was good as a Power Ranger with a good personality to boot.

Maybe Emily's sister SERENA IS SAILOR MOON. Maybe.

31. Ryan MitchellEdit

Portrayed By: Rhett Fisher 7/10

Now here is a Power Ranger that I LIKED and that I would more if Ryan had developed and surfaced more.

Ryan was the Titanium Ranger in Lightspeed Rescue.

By the way WHY do they always give the Sixth Ranger some kind of weird haunting name and not by a color?

Phantom Ranger. Titanium Ranger. Lone Wolf Ranger. Quantum Ranger. Nova Ranger. Magna Defender. You get the idea.

Anyways. Ryan was the kid that was "raised bad but turned good" thanks to the Lightspeed Rescue squad.

Ryan would easily exasperate on how he was raised as a bad buy and would have a hard time with getting past that and realize he was a good guy now. Ryan cooled down and thankfully got better as the season went on.

On Ryan's plus side. The Titanium Ranger WASN'T A SENTAI CREATION.

A first for where a Power Ranger was MADE IN AMERICA.

Props to Saban on that. Ryan would be the first and certainly not the last in the history of the franchise. So that's a nice honor to have.

The only other thing bad about Ryan is did he didn't have all that good chemistry with Dana and Captain Mitchell. His sister and his father.

Well also in the fact Power Rangers was on a TIGHT BUDGET. Key word. BUDGET and we didn't get to see Ryan as the Titanium Ranger much.

Still Ryan was pretty cool but not AS cool as some of the others in Top 30.

30. Zack TaylorEdit

Portrayed By: Walter Emanuel Jones 7/10

It's 2013. Not 1993.

I know some of you people adore Zack and I like him to a decent extent. But he's just not AS good as some of the other Power Rangers that have come and gone, following his foot steps.

Zack was a clown and the original ladies man before anybody else.

Zack pulled it off great and the guy didn't have that bad of an assortment of MOVES. If you know what I mean.

I wouldn't mind Zack being on Broadway.

That said. Zack doesn't rank any higher on the list because of his actor. Walter Emanuel Jones got arrested one time for a DWI. So that's not cool.

I HATE criminals. I would know because...oh well never mind.

Zack was a good Power Ranger. He just looks tinted once you just take those nostalgia glasses off. That's all.

29. Blake BradleyEdit

Portrayed By: Jorgito "Jorge" Vargas Jr. 7/10

Blake was a real subtle and a real nice guy.

He was a breath of fresh air with being a complete polar opposite of his brother Hunter. And I mean that in a stupendous way.

Blake was calm and soft spoken while Hunter was a jerk. A really big, mean, nefarious, stupid, repulsive jerk.

Blake had an endearing crush for Tori for pretty much the entire season of Ninja Storm and the two looked swell together.

What is my favorite couple of all-time in Power Rangers? I'll talk about that later.

Blake was the voice of reason with always trying to make Hunter go back to his senses when he was being evil. You go Blake!

Blake was generally, a nice guy and I liked that about him.

Only thing bad about him is that I HATED how Hunter would pick on him from time to time in Ninja Storm. I don't know how Hunter and Blake we're able to interrelate with each other as most of the time Blake looked like the victim and the younger brother with following Hunter but whatever.

You get my point. I liked Blake. Just not AS much as others.

28. R.J. JamesEdit

Portrayed By: David De Lautour 7/10



But yeah. R.J. was one pretty good fellow.

R.J. was the runner of the Jungle Karma Pizza joint in Jungle Fury. And being the owner of a Pizza joint is pretty cool since Pizza is of two forms of human consumption food I like to enjoy and eat.

R.J. also earns points for having a rather "You solve this our yourself Rangers!" persona. When Casey and the other Rangers would ask for help? R.J. would be eating potato chips and telling them things like "you're not trying hard enough!" and what have you.

R.J. was real sarcastic but I liked that about him since the rest of the Jungle Fury cast was abominable.

R.J. doesn't rank any higher on the list because ultimately he wasn't REALLY a Power Ranger and more like a minor character.

Still? Pizza is awesome and a pleasurable thing to eat and having a PIZZA PARLOR AS THE COMMAND CENTER of Jungle Jury is awe-inspiring.

Good Ranger R.J. was. Just a good Ranger simply put.

27. BulkEdit

Portrayed By: Paul Schrier 7/10

Okay guys. I can't rank Bulk and Skull higher than this since Bulk and Squall we're NOT at all gallant or divine or like demigods of Power Rangers. Since both of them we're NOT Power Rangers.

Bulk & Skull we're characters that liked to crack jokes, not knowing any better of any wrong doing they did and barge right in on making the Power Rangers feel good OR bad about themselves from time to time.

Bulk and Skull we're probably the best in Mighty Morphin. They're humor was more original and not as forced it be in later seasons they we're in.

In Zeo? I honestly don't remember Bulk and Skull doing much. They're buffoonery had gotten stale and they we're not as good as they used to be.

I HATED them in Turbo. I believe in Turbo? Bulk and Skull we're turned into monkeys? Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Which was stupid because it basically made them look oblivious to the viewers of the show.

Would of been better just to write them off at that point.

Sure they made other minor appearances in few other seasons where Bulk was pretty much A BARTENDER in Lost Galaxy but it's not really worth going into detail about.

The two got a lucky break with returning in Samurai. And they we're both OKAY. They actually tried to be HEROES in Samurai and come across a monster and kick it's tail but it would be THEY'RE tail they would get kicked at, with they're tactics of being heroes, pretty much backfiring on them.


Bulk and Skull we're good as a distraction in Power Rangers from time to time and they're slapstick humor WAS interesting from time to time but they we're both a little overbearing as they continued to last longer and longer in the show.

Decent enough comedic relief. Not much else to say but that.

They we're ONLY included in the rankings because it only be ME originally ranking 103 Power Rangers instead of 105. So someone requested for me to add them in and I concurred with that idea.

So here they are.

103 is such a weird number.

Mighty Morphin Bulk & Skull >>>> Samurai Bulk & Skull >>>> Zeo Bulk & Skull >>>>>> Turbo Bulk & Skull

26. SkullEdit

Portrayed By: Jason Narvy 7/10

Okay guys. I can't rank Bulk and Skull higher than this since Bulk and Squall we're NOT at all gallant or divine or like demigods of Power Rangers. Since both of them we're NOT Power Rangers.

Bulk & Skull we're characters that liked to crack jokes, not knowing any better of any wrong doing they did and barge right in on making the Power Rangers feel good OR bad about themselves from time to time.

Bulk and Skull we're probably the best in Mighty Morphin. They're humor was more original and not as forced it be in later seasons they we're in.

In Zeo? I honestly don't remember Bulk and Skull doing much. They're buffoonery had gotten stale and they we're not as good as they used to be.

I HATED them in Turbo. I believe in Turbo? Bulk and Skull we're turned into monkeys? Correct me if I'm wrong on that. Which was stupid because it basically made them look oblivious to the viewers of the show.

Would of been better just to write them off at that point.

Sure they made other minor appearances in few other seasons where Bulk was pretty much A BARTENDER in Lost Galaxy but it's not really worth going into detail about.

The two got a lucky break with returning in Samurai. And they we're both OKAY. They actually tried to be HEROES in Samurai and come across a monster and kick it's tail but it would be THEY'RE tail they would get kicked at, with they're tactics of being heroes, pretty much backfiring on them.


Bulk and Skull we're good as a distraction in Power Rangers from time to time and they're slapstick humor WAS interesting from time to time but they we're both a little overbearing as they continued to last longer and longer in the show.

Decent enough comedic relief. Not much else to say but that.

They we're ONLY included in the rankings because it only be ME originally ranking 103 Power Rangers instead of 105. So someone requested for me to add them in and I concurred with that idea.

So here they are.

103 is such a weird number.

Mighty Morphin Bulk & Skull >>>> Samurai Bulk & Skull >>>> Zeo Bulk & Skull >>>>>> Turbo Bulk & Skull

25. Sydney "Syd" DrewEdit

Portrayed By: Alycia Purrott 7.5/10

Sydney is like that of a spoiled brat and acts like little Ms. Perfect from time to time. Sydney hates to admit to things she was wrong about and tries to act as professional and classy about it as she can.

Despite Sydney being a little snotty at times I liked her. I liked Sydney because of how smart she was and how she acted LIKE A SUGAR DUMPLING from time to time.

Sydney knew how to use big words like HOLOGRAM in the second episode of SPD. She also had a soft side with loving her STUFFED TEDDY BEAR PEANUTS AND THE DOG RIC.

Syd was also pretty hot and her flirt scenes with Sky in SPD we're adorable. ^_^

Here's the proof.

<3 Syd <3

I honestly LOVE all of these Rangers I have in the Top 25.

Only problem I have with Syd? She WAS a bit of a brat at times and that's enough for a setback for her to not to rank higher on the list.

24. Cole EvansEdit

Portrayed By: Ricardo Medina Jr. 7.5/10

Cole had quite the intriguing back story. It's just that beyond that there wasn't much to go by about Cole that prevents him from making the Top 20.

Cole's parents we're scientists. Dr. Adler was one of two people Cole's mother (Elizabeth) was thinking about marrying but Cole's wife decided to ditch Dr. Adler and go with marrying Dr. Richard instead. Both Elizabeth and Richard would have Cole as a son.

Dr. Adler was angered by this and murdered both Elizabeth and Richard. Cole was left to be raised in the wilderness.

Shame how ALL of the seasons of Power Rangers AFTER SPD just have characters not as fleshed out as Cole was in Wild Force.

The cast of Mystic Force was MEH. lol Operation Overdrive. Couldn't really get into Jungle Fury.

RPM IS ACTUALLY PRETTY DECENT with what I'm watching so far. Maybe because Dillon is a loveable teddy bear and he makes me worth watching the season just for him. :D

Samurai was MEH The cast of Megaforce isn't even worth mentioning.

So yeah. Back to Cole.

Again. Cole showed that he wanted bygones to be bygones and once he and the other Rangers had killed Dr. Adler in the ending of Wild Force? Cole placed flowers on Dr. Adler's grave. WHOA.

Here's the proof.

Sadly...Cole wasn't that interesting as he made be.

For half of the season in Wild Force? I don't know. He was just missing SOMETHING and I don't know what it is. Maybe because the chemistry with his peers was just terrible for him being the lone good character in Wild Force.

Taylor was a ***** and deserved to get second-to-last place in these rankings and Max and Danny we're just BORING. Alyssa was always just the peace keeper and the sweetheart to the season and nothing more.

Still? Cole was a rather great Ranger. Just wished the writers we're more productive with making Cole's character shine a little more.

23. Leo CorbettEdit

Portrayed By: Danny Slavin 7.5/10

Leo is in the sense of a great Power Ranger just a bit too angsty to rank higher on the list.

From episode one, Leo had his doubts to be a Power Ranger. You couldn't really blame the guy as his brother Mike was intended to pull the sword out of the rocks in the first episode of Lost Galaxy anyway.

Leo was very opposed to with being a Power Ranger but thankfully he got better as the season went out.

Leo and Kendrix is probably my favorite Power Rangers couple of all-time.

There's you're question asked.

That said Leo had some moments of wonder. Especially at the final three episodes of the season. Leo attempts suicide and kills Trakeena right on the spot.

Leo barely survives and with his visor busted up.

That's said? He wasn't the most crazy or most daring Power Ranger of all-time.

*cough* Carter *cough*

Still Leo was a mighty fine Ranger. Just wished he didn't conflict with his brother Mike so often in Lost Galaxy.

22. MikeEdit

Portrayed By: Hector David Jr. 7.5/10

Don't get the Mike's confused. THIS IS MIKE FROM SAMURAI & SUPER SAMURAI. The other Mike is from Lost Galaxy.

Anyways. Mike was a rebel, hated to follow the rules, liked the break them if you will and his past time was enjoying and playing video games.

Though I don't theoretically recall Mike EVER playing many video games back in Samurai.

I remember MY BOYS Bridge and Sky we're playing video games every other episode in SPD but Mike? Perhaps I do but my own mind is just too adrift in space to remember.

I liked Mike. He was laid back, relaxed and calm in personage.

His relationship with Emily in Samurai was cute and made me feel empathetic for both him AND Emily as a Power Ranger.

It's just too bad Mike isn't exactly THE FIRST RANGER that comes to mind when I think of a Power Ranger.

He was no doubt the best ranger in Samurai but he was far from BEING A HOUSEHOLD NAME like Tommy Oliver.

Honestly? Are ANY Power Rangers aside from the Original 6 household names?

Still. Mike was a great Power Ranger in spite of all of this I just said. Now I just wished HE DID more in Samurai.

Why was Kevin SECOND-IN-COMMAND over the far superior Mike? >_>

By the way? Hasn't anyone ever noticed that THE BLUE RANGER is always second-in-command in the American adaptation of Power Rangers?

But THE GREEN RANGER OR THE BLACK RANGER is always second-in-command in the Sentai series? 0_0

Mega Black was second-in-command over Mega Blue in Power Rangers In Space...

21. Ethan JamesEdit

Portrayed By: Kevin Duhaney 7.5/10

Ethan = Like

Ethan was a slacker and wasn't concerned about learning anything from school. AT ALL. And I liked that about him.

Seriously? What's more important to you B8? Protecting humanity as a Power Ranger or learning something at High School?

Ethan was a nerd and I LOVE nerds because I'm one myself.

Ethan treats video games like it's apart of his family. Not like there's anything wrong with that.

Also take a look at this YouTube video.




The only real draw back with Ethan was that he had a personality that had been done to death in Power Rangers.

The nerdy kid and besides Billy WAS better than him in that category anyway.

That's one of the original six I can say I up-most like.

So yeah. I like Ethan. Just that I don't adore him as others.

20. Shane ClarkeEdit

Portrayed By: Pua Magasiva 7.5/10

Shane was a skateboarder and a sharp-witted individual.

He HATED stupidity and would clash with Dustin from time to time in Ninja Storm.

I approve of Shane because he preferred of being a loner and would like it if people skip all of the wussy talk and wished the villains in Ninja Storm brought their A game.

Someone had to learn how to shut Dustin's mouth up and Shane did a good job of exhibiting just that.

Shane was built up strong and this is something you SHOULD do for a Red Ranger.

Shane was a solid Power Ranger.

He only doesn't rank higher on the list because he didn't have much back story to his personality outside of his duties as a Power Ranger.

Sure he didn't have the best relationship ever with his brother Peter but that's really it to go by.

I mean other Red Rangers? WES DIED and Tommy is awesome on all fronts.

Shane? I like you but when I juxtapose him together with others? He just doesn't compare.

Juxtapose: Place or deal with close together for contrasting effect.

19. Tori HansonEdit

Portrayed By: Sally Martin 8/10

That awkward moment when you find out Sally Martin was only 18 when Ninja Storm was being filmed.

That means Sally is 28 right now. She still looks gorgeous.

When can I be on Power Rangers? I don't need to be legal (21) to be on Power Rangers. :(

Tori was a surf boarder and a smart gal that would wish the boys would listen to her more and not be underestimated by them.

Tori had this calm demeanor about her and I liked that her.

What else to say? Tori was a really good Power Ranger. She was sporty. She was hot. She would make a funny and a sassy remark to her opposition from time to time. Her relationship with Blake in Ninja Storm was also cute.

Only thing bad about Tori? She was kidnapped in Ninja Storm like 37 times and it made her look extremely petty in comparison to the rest of the Ninja Storm cast.

But who cares when you look like a million bucks like that?

<3 Tori <3

18. Conner McKnightEdit

Portrayed By: James Napier 8/10

I liked Conner. He was a rebel that pretty much preferred doing things how he wanted and wasn't concerned about being academic in High School. He is pretty much exactly like Ethan.

Conner liked Soccer and being a hero as a Power Ranger.

That said? This gives me the perfect opportunity to do my ANGST write-up for this project.

Take a look at this picture. It's my 5th Grade soccer team.

Preston Condra is circled in red and the dumbest girl you will ever meet in you're life Kayley is circled in blue.

My hair looks awful.


I hated Kayley. She was so fake beyond words. Kayley was very discouraging with how she would put me down and make fun of me with how I wouldn't be eating Tangerines during half time and that there was something wrong with me and my eating habits.

Screw you Kayley.

Come to think of it? I think she dropped out of High School. >_<

Reason 1 of 1,372 of why I got rid of Facebook. She was such an attention teaser.

Back to Conner. Conner was a lazy bum but in a relaxing matter where Conner wouldn't raise his voice much. Aside from his friendly rivalry with Ethan from time to time.

Conner was cool but not as spectacular as some.

17. Cameron "Cam" WantanabeEdit

Portrayed By: Jason Chan 8/10

Cam was the brainiac of the team in Ninja Storm and a mighty fine Power Ranger.

Cam WAS the best Power Ranger from Ninja Storm right?

Cam wasn't about scintillating on camera.

He was about programming Zords, explaining what the Ninja Storm powers did for the other Rangers and of course the rest of the squad obliges to just ignore Cam and not understand how some of the vocabulary he says coming out of his mouth.

That's preciously why I liked Cam and the three parter "The Samurai's Journey" was probably one of very few highlights of Ninja Storm.

Here's a clip of Cam.

So yes. I liked Cam and now if only he was deployed more in his spandex he would be higher on the list.

Quite underrated if you will.

16. Flynn McAllistairEdit

Portrayed By: Ari Boyland 8.5/10

Oh my god. Flynn.

<3 Flynn <3


He's so Scottish Flynn wears a Scottish kilt at Summer's wedding in the two parter "Ranger Yellow" in RPM.

Thank you Mega Mana for helping me getting into RPM. Wonderful season so far.

Back to Flynn. Flynn always dreamed of being a superhero helping people out in need.

Here's more on Flynn's back story.

So...Flynn was too much of a nice guy that when he was a firefighter Flynn wanted to save THE PLANTS inside a burning building. How humble is that?


He certainly does talk pretty.


So yeah. Flynn was awesome and doesn't rank on the list because no one REALLY cares about the newer seasons of Power Rangers.

I'll have nostalgia for Mighty Morphin through SPD. Can't stand any of the newer seasons besides RPM.

The only thing bad about RPM? ZIGGY.

I HATE ZIGGY. Only good for SHADOW PUPPETS and nothing else.

15. T.J. JohnsonEdit

Portrayed By: Selwyn Ward 8.5/10

T.J. was pretty awesome.

His In Space incarnation was wonderful. In Turbo? T.J. was kinda of MEH.

In T.J.'s defense? I don't think even Tommy himself was great in Turbo.

Back to TJ. He was magnificent In Space. "Five Of A Kind" was the best episode of In Space and defeating the Psychos by having EVERY RANGER BEING THE BLUE RANGER was clever.

Here's a clip from that episode.


Sydney I believe is the ONLY Pink Ranger to not have a bottom tu-tu and I just wished the female rangers did not have to wear this. Then again Sydney is awesome.


Back to TJ. He always dreamed of being a Power Ranger outside of playing baseball as a past time for him.

That's why I liked T.J. and I'm sticking to it.

Doesn't rank higher on the list because he was pretty unadorned in Turbo sadly.

Nobody likes Power Rangers Turbo.

In Space TJ >>>>>>>>> Turbo TJ

14. Adam ParkEdit

Portrayed By: Johnny Yong Bosch 8.5/10

Adam gets MASSIVE bonus points for really being the ONLY GOOD substitute of Zack as being the Black Ranger.

Adam gets MASSIVE bonus points for being apart of the ONLY GOOD JOKE in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie.

A FROG ZORD is pretty hideous and I felt sorry for Adam about getting that piece of junk.

Not to mention? Johnny Yong Bosch is one of the very Power Rangers that is ACTUALLY known for something outside of Power Rangers.

Johnny does the voices of like what? 1,887 different characters in anime shows?

Adam was swift and serious in fighting style and I liked that about him.

Johnny actually knew how to fight as evidenced in these videos.

I venerate Adam and the only thing bad about the guy?

His work in Turbo was EXTREMELY UNDERWHELMING and holds the guy back somewhat.

Then again. No one likes Turbo.


Sorry. Just wanted to be crystal clear about that.

Mighty Morphin Adam > Zeo Adam > Operation Overdrive Adam (nice fight scenes) > In Space Adam (when he came back to help Carlos) >>>>> Turbo Adam

Venerate: Regard with great power, respect

13. Jennifer "Jen" ScottsEdit

Portrayed By: Erin Cahill 8.5/10

Jen was one badass chick.

She stood up for no one's petty and that if someone did something wrong, she would make them regret it.

We also actually had A FEMALE LEADER in Power Rangers for the first time with Jen. A PINK RANGER mind you.

After getting shot down from Alex, Jen basically told Alex to go screw himself and went with cahooting with the Power Rangers without him. Good call Jen.

Jen had a never give up attitude. So much fire and passion was inside of her that I LOVED Jen. She got better and better as Time Force went on.

Her shining moment was the ending of Time Force. As evidenced by this YouTube link.


Good stuff.

A great ranger in Jen. She just fails to squeeze in the Top 10 because I wished she had SOME kind of past time to her life outside of her duties with being a Power Ranger.

Who doesn't love Kira from Dino Thunder? The Avril Lavigne / Hayley Williams ala rocker?

Still love Jen. Despite her not being Top 10 material.

12. Wes CollinsEdit

Portrayed By: Jason Faunt 8.5/10

Wes was in that of a kid (let me call me kid) that grew up as an extremely nice guy. Just that he was restrained under his Father's control and he's told that it's family first before anybody else. Akin to making him a spoiled brat.

Wes hated to abdicate to regulations he had to follow and felt lost in the world by his father corrupting him.

I don't make him boring as that sounds.

He and Jen had excellent chemistry together in Time Force. Jen was the firecracker while Wes was more alert and the more logical thinker of the team and Jen and Wes would show affection for each other, despite the two being extremely different from one another.

We also learned that WES DIED following the events of Time Force and I'll talk more about that once I get to Sky.

Wes a great Power Ranger. Remorseless on the field of battle but a sweet heart outside of the spandex.

According to Dr. K in RPM? IT'S NOT SPANDEX!

His family issues we're not revolting at times Mike and Leo had in Lost Galaxy. You could feel pity for him.

And that's all exactly what makes Wes a great Power Ranger. Go Wes!

11. Bridge CarsonEdit

Portrayed By: Matt Austin 9/10

Bridge! I love Bridge!

<3 Bridge Carson <3

Screw the haters.

First off? Let me just say Bridge is the CUTEST. POWER. RANGER. EVER.

Seriously take a look at Matt Austin.


Bridge was a bit...weird at times but I loved that about him.

He would make unique contraptions like having the COMPUTER MAKE TOAST and he would state things in the most logical and overstating way possible.

Bridge would get his words mumbled up from time to time but I didn't mind that at all.

Bridge gets honors for being A GREEN RANGER. A BLUE RANGER. And? A RED RANGER.

Not even Tommy is known for that and I remember there was an outcry on Power Rangers forums because Bridge was a Red Ranger in the Operation Overdrive special when he came back.

"Pfft. Adam should lead." was one comment I can remember.

NO! NO! NO! Don't make fun of my Bridgey.

Bridge was so smart and such a goof ball and all of that combines together to why I love Bridge as a Power Ranger.

Doesn't make the Top 10 because let's admit it. The guy was NEVER taken seriously but that doesn't take away the fact Bridge was THE best comedic relief Ranger in Power Rangers history and why I rewatched SPD was JUST FOR HIM.

<3 Bridge <3

10. Sky TateEdit

Portrayed By: Chris Violette 9/10

Back when I was 11 and watching SPD for the first time? I remember Sky was a douchebag.

But after rewatching the season again? He really wasn't.

He objected and clashed with Cruger quite a bit in SPD and how it was an outcry Sky WASN'T the Red Ranger when being appointed to the B Squad for the first time.

He was bitter and cold on the inside. Then as the season went on? He got better and made me fall in love with the guy.

We later find out Wes Collins from Time Force was Sky's father. Wes had died on the field of battle sometime between the events of the two seasons.

But...wait a minute.

Shouldn't Sky's full name be SKY COLLINS? Maybe he used his Mother's last name instead. They CAN do that.

Anyways. Sky would later get his wish and he was assigned to be Red Ranger at the end of the season in SPD after Jack left on his own terms.

Sky WAS a Red Ranger at one point in the Battlizer when Jack gave him his power briefly in one episode of SPD. But you get my point.

I loved Sky when everything amalgamated together with his character. Well done.

He was well-constructed and something that SHOULD be done properly for a Power Ranger.

<3 Sky <3

9. Kira FordEdit

Portrayed By: Emma Lahana 9/10

<3 Kira <3

I loved Kira because she was a tomboy. Loved music and she was a rocker in that of being a hybrid of like Avril Lavigne or Hayley Williams. What doesn't beat that?

Or maybe she's like Kelly Clarkson. What do you guys think?

Maybe you don't like Kira if you're into crappy music. I can't stand listening to Judas Priest for more like 20 seconds.


Shut up already. Mother of God. I hate Judas Priest. >_<

Back to Kira. Come on. The girl has energy and HAS a passion to be a rock star.

Kira was seen in the final episode of Dino Thunder with preforming at the prom with her band.

Instant Top 10 material.


Love you Kira.

8. Jason Lee ScottEdit

Portrayed By: Austin St. John 9/10

Don't you guys remember back from 10 years ago? Rumors circulated on the internet Austin St. John was a PORN STAR.

Which didn't turn out to be true by the way.

Anyways. Jason is a living legend to Power Rangers fans and still will be until the end of time.

Jason was a sovereign to Power Rangers. The first ever Red Ranger and being a man with a heart of GOLD.

He knew martial arts and would take you under his wing if you wanted to ever try the sport out.

If you ever pushed his buttons? Well good luck with trying to uphold yourself. Jason would know how to kick you're butt front and center.

Jason was so technical and so considerate as a person you had to try hard NOT to worship the guy.

Jason was just an awesome Power Ranger and a living legend everything considered.

Jason doesn't higher rank on the list because Austin St. John is an overweight slob right now. :(

Granted. Austin St. John is a firefighter now...but still.


Still adore you Jason.

Mighty Morphin Jason >>>>>>>>>> Zeo Jason

7. DillonEdit

Portrayed By: Dan Ewing 9/10

Dillon is quite awesome. He's like 6 foot 5 and he's actually part human, part machine.


Dillon was serious in persona but that we later find out he does deeply care for some people. He had a bromance with Ziggy in RPM and I think he kissed Summer on the lips in one episode?

I need to watch more RPM. I'll get back to you about that.

But yeah. After watching that YouTube clip. Did YOU like Dillon?

I did. This guy is awesome.

Now if only people we're more motivated to watch the newer seasons of Power Rangers.

Some stopped after Wild Force. Some stopped after Dino Thunder. Some stopped after Lightspeed Rescue etc.

I love Dillon and I have nothing else to establish here.

6. Eric MyersEdit

Portrayed By: Daniel Southworth 9/10

Eric was awesome. He would like to snoop into other people's business and spy on them and suspect if they did something wrong or not.

Eric was very open-minded. If he didn't like you? He didn't like you. End of story.

He did things his own way and that's what makes the guy great.

He was unpredictable for what he may or may not do in Time Force. Not to mention he would fail to say and admit to things he truly cared about.

Eric was nearly killed in the final episode of Time Force where he pushed Wes and his father out of the way from getting shot.


Soon after? Eric shrugged it off and was like WHATEVER. Like nothing ever happened.

"I may or may not be you're friend Wes. Go figure that out yourself if I am or not."

Eric was so sly and so sneaky and so unique I quite find the guy to be an awesome Power Ranger.

Doesn't make the Top 5 because umm...I don't know.

I don't know. Eric was awesome regardless of placement.

5. Carter GraysonEdit

Portrayed By: Sean Johnson 9/10

Heck yeah. Carter was awesome.

You guys doubt ME with being a Power Rangers fan? Here's the proof that I am one.


Being a Power Ranger for Halloween with what I can remember about it? Would make me VERY sweaty.

Just my advice to all you. If you WANT to be a Power Ranger for Halloween? Just know that you might getting really hot with wearing that suit.

I'm pretty sure the costume came with boots. I think I lost them. Their somewhere around the house. Oh well.

Back to Carter. He was a loudmouth but not the kind of brassy or narcissistic kind of loudmouth.

Carter was a firefighter. Would do anything to save anyone's lives.

Not to mention? Carter risked his neck with NEARLY KILLING himself a few times back in Lightspeed Rescue.

Here's the proof.


Carter is awesomesauce period. Doesn't rank higher on the list because? Because uyou want to know why?

He never DIED unlike Kendrix did.

4. Billy CranstonEdit

Portrayed By: David Yost 9.5/10

Billy. The FIRST EVER Blue Ranger. The only Power Ranger that was in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE OF MIGHTY MORPHIN. The ONLY Ranger of the original five that was NEVER replaced.

Billy was a phenomenal Power Ranger.

Billy was the nerdy kid of the group in Mighty Morphin and for what he lacked as being imposing on the field of battle. He didn't like to fight very much.

Billy made up for it with certainly being a bright and funny individual.

I have to feel sorry for David Yost. Unlike other Rangers that left due to a payment dispute? Billy left Power Rangers because of Saban and some other cast members of Power Rangers making fun of David because he was gay.

Gay slurs and other low-grade immature matters would be the reasoning as to why David left the show and Billy was a Power Ranger no more.

Poor guy.

I loved Billy because he was a nerd and like his character was portrayed in real life for being gay? Billy was portrayed for being the easiest to be bullied on by Bulk and Skull. And that includes other villains.

I can relate to that so much...

Billy doesn't make the Top 3 because of the VERY mediocre send-off he got in Zeo.

Billy was reverted into becoming old and he had to find a cure for it on the planet Aquitar. He was thankfully reverted back into his normal form but FALLING IN LOVE WITH A GIRL ON AQUITAR AND REMAINING TO STAY AND NOT GO BACK TO EARTH.


Who cares if the guy is gay or not? Billy is awesome.

3. AndrosEdit

Portrayed By: Christopher Khayman Lee 9.5/10

Andros? Meet Andross. Andross? Meet Andros.


Star Fox 64 = 1997
Power Rangers In Space = 1998

It can't just be a coincidence. Could it?

Back to Andros. I LOVE Andros.

Andros was a shy, conservative and easy going guy that has a personality beyond that.

Andros was the first Power Ranger that didn't come from Earth. He is a citizen from KO-35 and was an alien in the sense. He didn't get humans one bit and found himself questioning things like what High School was.

If it's so far in the future...never mind. IT'S JUST POWER RANGERS. I'm thinking too far to make things cogent in a plot point as to why EVERY POWER RANGER HAS TO BE FROM EARTH.

Not Andros however. Andros would have a hardship with how his sister Karone was kidnapped when he was younger and this is something that plagues Andros a lot for the reason.

It's hard not to feel sympathetic for the guy. Andros is just one nice fellow.

Andros was also the VERY FIRST Power Ranger to have a Battlizer in the series.

Maybe be nothing but a cash grab for Saban to get quick money from nowadays but it was quite gratifying to watch back in 1998.

Power Rangers In Space was also my VERY FIRST SEASON OF POWER RANGERS I watched by the way. So I have some heart for Andros because of it.

And all of these reasons are as to why Andros is one impeccable Power Ranger.

2. Kendrix MorganEdit

Portrayed By: Valerie Vernon 10/10


KENDRIX DIES. Watch this YouTube link.

Well there's more to consider here about Kendrix besides her death in Lost Galaxy.

Kendrix wasn't some boring and delicate blonde. Kendrix was intelligent and a sweet, computer geek at heart.

I need to run into more women like Kendrix as I find a lack of them in San Antonio.

The glasses also make love her even more. I believe it's only Billy, Kendrix, Danny and Noah that are Power Rangers that wear glasses. Anybody else I forgot to mention?

Kendrix was far and away my favorite Power Rangers chick and probably will be until the end of time.


Here's the scene where Kendrix sacrifices herself for Cassie and kills herself in the process. Kendrix was dead.

Now in real life? The actress that had played Kendrix (Valerie Vernon) was diagnosed with leukemia and had to leave the show for treatment.

The treatment was successful and Valerie is now thankfully leukemia free. Prosperity for the win!


She was a hero regardless of what was going on in her real life.

It's like living in the lifes of three people no?

A Power Ranger. The name of your Ranger AND the name of your real life form.

CRAZY ISN'T IT? Only in Power Rangers.

So yeah. I love Kendrix and all of this is why she gets second place in these rankings.


1. Tommy OliverEdit

Portrayed By: Jason David Frank 10/10


Everyone loves Tommy. Except the people that don't. I love Tommy. Jason David Frank is the poster boy of Power Rangers and deserves to get first place in these rankings.

Appearing in four of seventeen seasons of Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo & Dino Thunder) cannot top and probably won't be anytime soon.

Before I continue? His actor is Jason David Frank. His character on Power Rangers is Tommy. There is also a Power Ranger named Jason on Mighty Morphin.

Wouldn't that confusing after awhile?

Austin St. John: Alright uh...Jason. Jason David Frank: NO! You we're suppose to say Tommy. You're Jason remember? Austin St. John: Right. So you're Tommy. I'm Jason. Jason David Frank: That's right Austin.

Anyways. Jason David Frank stills shows attachment to Power Rangers to this day. Appearing at ALL three Morphicons and not letting the history he had on Power Rangers being forgotten.

'His work was top notch in Mighty Morphin.Besides acting. He just looked awesome during the Green Ranger saga of the show. All of it is never forgotten to Power Rangers fans. And I'll say it's second to my favorite continuous saga in Power Rangers.

My favorite was the Psycho Rangers saga in Power Rangers. In cast anybody cared, which was nobody.

In Zeo he was still great.

Turbo? He was probably STILL the best Ranger in Turbo despite him losing some of his luster during Turbo somewhat.

Believe or not? I actually preferred Tommy in Dino Thunder then in Zeo or Turbo. My second favorite Tommy.

"I may be old but I can still pull it off."

Gives me goosebumps every time. Here's Tommy morphing into the Black Ranger in Dino Thunder.

Granted I know Tommy was encased in amber for half of the season in Dino Thunder but that doesn't mean he didn't leave a mark to be remembered about him in Dino Thunder. He was probably better in Dino Thunder then in Zeo and Turbo IMO.

So what's Jason David Frank up to lately?

He's currently an MMA fighter and has a 4-0 record. Impressive.

Everybody can get a timeless feeling about Tommy EVERY. TIME. you see the guy in Power Rangers and when you see the guy on you're TV screen? You know things just got real.

I don't remember one bad thing really about Tommy for the years he was on Power Rangers. Turbo perhaps but VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING aside from Tommy was pretty bad in that season anyway.

Tommy was flawless. Tommy was awesome period, I Preston Condra, masturbate to him daily when I'm not trying to have sex with my sister.

And he will be the king to Power Rangers for years to come.

Thank you for reading this list now everyone.


Mighty Morphin Tommy > Dino Thunder Tommy > Zeo Tommy > Turbo Tommy


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