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July 28, 2007


Princess Daisy is a character from the Mario series that made her first appearance in the old GameBoy platformer, Super Mario Land. She is the princess of a kingdom known as Sarasaland, which isn't all that different to the Mushroom Kingdom. Except it's supposed to be, like, really hot.

Princess Daisy started off as pretty much a Princess Peach clone, but later received a complete make-over. She wasn't seen in years since her first appearance until a certain Nintendo 64 game that either means your demise or your extreme joy. Since then, Daisy has been showing up in pretty much all Mario spin-off titles, including the Mario Party series since Mario Party 3 and Mario Kart.

Daisy is also rather famous for her quote in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!; "Hi, I'm Daisy!". Let's just say she went downhill and straight into the hate pot after that, and became the #1 annoying Mario character, rivaling Bowser Jr. and even Birdo.

In the Character Battle of 2006, Daisy actually made it in with a glorious 7 seed. Sadly for her, she was absolutely destroyed in the first round against the person she imitated in the past - Princess Peach. Even though Peach ended up looking alright in the final X-Stats due to Tifa's super-fluke of a match against Samus, Daisy had been beaten so soundly that she still landed near the bottom of the '06 standings.

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