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Princess Peach is gaming's most famous damsel in distress. She made her debut as Princess Toadstool in the original Super Mario Bros. and has been getting saved by Mario and Luigi ever since. In recent years, however, she has taken to defending herself from time to time, most notably in Super Smash Bros. Melee (where she's considered top tier by many tourney players) and Brawl.

Throughout early 2006 there was a large debate in the stats topic regarding whether Peach would be "worth anything" in a Contest environment. The '06 Female Bracket gave us a golden opportunity to find out, and the answer was... maybe. Peach severely disappointing in Round One in failing to SFF Daisy, but then redeemed herself in an epic nail-bitter of a victory over Jill Valentine, but then was pretty awful in getting blown out by Tifa, but THEN ended up looking really good when Tifa nearly ZSS'd her way to an upset of Samus. All the craziness resulted in Peach finishing 25th in the unadjusted stats for the season, but it was impossible to say if that number meant anything.

If 2007 was any indication, her good number from the previous year was as big a joke as her critics had always claimed. Peach was placed in a very winnable position, needing only to top the untested Meta Knight and super-fodder CATS in order to advance to the next round, but her fickle fanbase sided with MK instead and she collapsed in the 4-way environment.

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