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PurpleOutsider is a Board 8 user that has been there since 2005, and has mainly used his time to bother ertyu about Kirby. He hosted a Dumbass Tournament around 2006 or so, in which Dr. Zoidberg beat Homer in the finals 55-51. On only the finals, the topic title was spelled "Dumass". Despite this, it had more votes than any of the previous matches by a large margin. He was not on Board 8 from November 2008 until February 2009 because his computer died on Halloween an couldn't get a new one until January... in which he found out that the monitor had died as well, and having spent his entire paycheck on the computer, had to wait a while to get a new monitor.

He is a projectionist for Regal Entertainment Group when not playing JRPGs, which is basically the only genre he plays... besides Kirby.

Username came from WCW/nWo Revenge on Nintendo 64, when he put Kevin Nash's Outsiders tag team outfit on the Hayabusa-look-a-like, Han Zo Ken, and made it purple.