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RafNasty is a user from GameFAQs who usually posts at Board 8. Makes topics that usually bomb but continues to try although his petty efforts are futile. He also contributes to Wikipedia.

He even has his own board: Pride.

Raf's is overseas. He's 24. Origins are unknown and has an alt which shall be named nameless, who rarely goes to Board 8, and almost never posts.

RafNasty the name came from the crew back home. Raf (part of last name), and Nasty as in looks like an 80's pornostar.

Raf's GameFAQs info: Rawr. Don't let the Karma fool you, I've been on longer than you think.

Placed 461 in Smurf's 500 user contest ;>_>

Won an account bet against longbladeofhiko