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Ragnarok Reborn is a user at board 8! He previously visited board 8 in 2003 under the username RagnarokXcalibur, but lost his account due to a 3 year hiatus during the CNET transfer.

Ragnarok Awards for Being Awesome (RABA) were started in April 2007 by Ragnarok, and are typically handed out by Ragnarok to users who manage to deliver a laughably delightful topic while avoiding tedious E-drama.

Ys: Rangarok_Reborn believes Ys is the best series ever.


Achievements Unknown to the rest of the board, Ragnarok is the currently only living member of the Ragnarok clan, which smites the Monster of the jp, a being that arises from the jp's stomach as a result of his enormous food consumption.


Ragnarok_Reborn is also rather accomplished in debate, but prefers to not debate on Board 8, as it results in stupid e-drama.