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This article is about Raiden, the main character of Metal Gear Solid 2.
For other Raidens, uh...go somewhere else, they're not important!

Raiden (otherwise known as Jack) is MGS2's pretty blond protagonist who is probably best known for sneaking around an enemy base completely naked. His cartwheel is a thing of perfect beauty and ultimate might. It can defeat anything and is far superior to Snake's roll.

Raiden is voiced by Quinton Flynn and has the world's most horrible girlfriend. Good thing he has his R2 comments to keep him going. "Not a chance!"

Raiden's first contest appearance in 2003 was marked by unfair tragedy, when some sadistic person seeded him to go up against Solid Snake in round 1. After that, Lopen ran several nomination rallies in order to give Raiden another shot at the contest, and in 2007 he got his wish! Raiden advanced with Crono to the second round, beating Sam Fisher and Simon Belmont, and then was eliminated in round two, beating HK-47 to finish in third place behind Zero and Crono.

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