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Rank the Tracks is a series of threads hosted by CasanovaZelos where users rank the tracks from a specified album each week.

Daft Punk[]

Before settling on the Rank the Tracks format, the first week was simply a poll of Board 8's favorite Daft Punk songs. This only received six participants, which inspired changing the format.








25. Derezzed (2010)

Album: TRON: Legacy

Score: 27 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#8)

24. Fragments of Time (2013)

Album: Random Access Memories

Score: 28 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#8)

23. Revolution 909 (1997)

Album: Homework

Score: 30 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#6)

22. Alive (1997)

Album: Homework

Score: 33 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#7)

21. Lose Yourself to Dance (2013)

Album: Random Access Memories

Score: 33 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#9)

19 (tie). Indo Silver Club (1996)

Album: Homework

Score: 36 (1 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#3)

19 (tie). Burnin' (1997)

Album: Homework

Score: 36 (1 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#3)

18. Superheroes (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 38 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#4)

17. Something About Us (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 38 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Blue-G (#5)

16. The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming (2016)

Album: Starboy (The Weeknd)

Score: 43 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#5)

15. Too Long (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 50 (1 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Blue-G (#1)

14. Technologic (2005)

Album: Human After All

Score: 63 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#6)

13. Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (1998)

Album: single by Stardust

Score: 64 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#3)

12. Face to Face (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 64 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#4)

11. Instant Crush (2013)

Album: Random Access Memories

Score: 67 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Blue-G (#2)

10. Aerodynamic (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 68 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#2)

9. Human After All / Together / One More Time (reprise) / Music Sounds Better With You (2007)

Album: Alive 2007

Score: 78 (2 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

8. Voyager (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 88 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente and Seanchan (#2)

7. Robot Rock (2005)

Album: Human After All

Score: 94 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#1)

6. Around the World (1997)

Album: Homework

Score: 101 (3 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos and Snake5555555555 (#2)

5. Get Lucky (2013)

Album: Random Access Memories

Score: 103 (5 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

4. Da Funk (1997)

Album: Homework

Score: 106 (5 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#1)

3. Harder Better Faster Stronger (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 113 (4 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#3)

2. Digital Love (2001)

Album: Discovery

Score: 118 (4 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#1)

1. One More Time (2000)

Album: Discovery

Score: 143 (5 Votes)

Biggest Fan(s): Blue-G (#3)

Gorillaz - Demon Days[]

Before I dive into the individual track, let's look at some general data. First, here's a list of participants sorted by how much they deviated from the final results (a lower number means closer to the overall list):

CasanovaZelos: 24

XIII_rocks: 24

Jesse_Custer: 28

GenesisSaga: 28

Johnbobb: 34

TomNook: 34

Snake5555555555: 36

Seanchan: 36

SpikeSetsFire: 48

jcgamer107: 54

Luis_Sera89: 54

Mega Mana: 56

ZaziGuado: 58

Raetsel_Lapin: 60

Now, some general album comments:

CasanovaZelos: Demon Days is my #7 album of 2005 and #269 of all time. Gorillaz perfectly blend together a ton of genres, from dance to electronic to hip hop to alt. rock. I think it runs a little longer than it needs and the first half is notably stronger outside of DARE. But, it's hard to deny the catchiness of the best tracks, and the weaker tracks still add to the genre roulette that makes this album so special.

GameStonk: The most 2000s album for me probably.

jcgamer107: Just one of the greatest albums ever, hugely ambitious in how many collaborators there are, but it really comes together. The first half is much stronger than the 2nd in my opinion but that's pretty common anyway.

Johnbobb: I don't know where exactly it would rank but Demon Days is easily in my top 10 albums

Snake5555555555: I definitely agree with Zelos in that the second half is a lot weaker than the first...lastly, I like the idea of bringing in more symphonic and classical elements at the tail end of the album, but I think the tracks there get bogged down in its over-indulgence, they just feel sort of boring to me. Overall, the vibes this album brings, with its oppressive darkness and apocalyptic pessimism suits the era it was from perfectly, and still continues to be relevant in much the same way now. I admit I don't personally love it as a whole, but the stand-out tracks I rank at the top have a solid spot in my rotation.

GenesisSaga: My second favorite album!

ZaziGuado: I wouldn't say I hated anything on this album, but I think it requires active listening to appreciate. That's something I don't do too very often and I'm not going to listen to Demon Days enough for it to build up over time gradually. Those tracks that did get more spins than the others all finished higher on the list, which I think speaks to the growth potential. There are a few standouts and I think a lot of songs would reposition themselves on a second listen. It feels 5/10 on my random top of my head scale, but the top three songs prop it up to 6/10.

Seanchan: Overall...I don't think I liked this album a whole lot. The style just didn't click with me.

TomNook: Such a great album of course. The Top 6 are all fantastic, and would certainly make a Top 1,000 song list if I were to ever do that. The tail end of the list is pretty easy, as it's mostly the shorter songs, or the 'noise' songs.

XIII_rocks: Christ this is difficult. Every time I think of ranking one low I remember it gets better later on. Like I dislike the intro to some but then I remembered they tend to build up really well. Hmm.

Demon Days track ranking

I'm gonna post these all at once since I don't think this sort of poll necessitates a slow reveal (I'm guessing the top spots will be predictable for most albums and it's the overall positions of the 'minor' tracks that are more interesting here)

15. Intro (Track #1)

Score: 28 (Average Rank: 14.00/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

Biggest Detractor(s): jcgamer107, Johnbobb, ZaziGuado, Luis_Sera 89, Mega Mana, Seanchan, TomNook, XIII_rocks (#15)

jcgamer107: it's a great intro, but is kind of auto-last place because of how short it is imo

ZaziGuado: Never been a big fan of intro tracks. This one doesn't really change that opinion.

14. White Light (Track #11)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 12.00/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Luis_Sera89 (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer, Snake5555555555, GenesisSaga (#15)

jcgamer107: seems like Damon is venting about the party/touring lifestyle - maybe this has a little more of a Blur sound to it. another nice bridge.

ZaziGuado: I guess. It does some interesting things. Doesn't feel like it should be mid-table, but that's where I guess it's ending up.

13. Demon Days (Track #15)

Score: 82 (Average Rank: 10.14/15)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, Seanchan, XIII_Rocks (#14)

jcgamer107: Nice note to end the album, good message

Johnbobb: Demon Days and DGLIH are great when combined with FCOOTMH, but stand out less solo

ZaziGuado: I liked it. A chorus of people singing a chorus is usually a good thing for me. The laid back beat with the oohs works well too. A good closer I'd say.

12. November Has Come (Track #9)

Score: 91 (Average Rank: 9.50/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Mega Mana (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#15)

jcgamer107: respect to MF Doom

ZaziGuado: It's fine, but that's all I really have to say about it. From what I caught of the rap lyrics, they seemed to be good.

11. Don't Get Lost in Heaven (Track #14)

Score: 93 (Average Rank: 9.43/15)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): jcgamer107, TomNook (#14)

jcgamer107: really nice backing vocals, and sort of an existentially spooky title

ZaziGuado: Probably the song I would listen to most on the "shuffle all" from this album that wasn't the top two singles. It's very enjoyable. I like the bouncing piano and the chorus. It's very whimsical and memorable. A bit earwormy.

10. Last Living Souls (Track #2)

Score: 105 (Average Rank: 8.57/15)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): GenesisSaga, Mega Mana, TomNook (#13)

jcgamer107: I bought this album summer '06, and I don't really know how to describe how I felt the first time I got to 1:38. It was a great reminder that you don't have to conform to any one style.

ZaziGuado: I really enjoy acoustic breakdowns in songs, and LLS has a fairly decent one. That's the only really notable thing about this song to me, though.

9. All Alone (Track #10)

Score: 110 (Average Rank: 8.29/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Mega Mana (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Luis_Sera89, SpikeSetsFire (#13)

jcgamer107: sick drums and rapping, with a surprisingly beautiful bridge

ZaziGuado: Another song I remember popping up on "shuffle all" that I would occasionally let play through. The "all alone" chants were catchy and the main reason why. The beat behind it was good too. The breakdown with the guest artist was appreciated as well.

8. Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head (Track #13)

Score: 112 (Average Rank: 8.50/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): jcgamer107, Luis_Sera89, Seanchan (#12)

jcgamer107: A little too on-the-nose with it's message maybe, but it's cool they got Dennis Hopper

ZaziGuado: Okay. I dunno. Spoken word is really hit or miss with me and I suppose this hits, but nothing was too memorable for me. This feels like a song that would creep higher upon repeated listens.

7. O Green World (Track #4)

Score: 113 (Average Rank: 8.29/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Luis_Sera89 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#15)

jcgamer107: I thought this sounded like badass showdown music as a teen lol, maybe because the "ahh"s are reminiscent of an Ennio Morricone score. the distorted guitar is filthy.

ZaziGuado: Eh, it's okay. Doesn't really stick with me.

6. Kids with Guns (Track #3)

Score: 115 (Average Rank: 7.86/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer (#13)

jcgamer107: love how huge the drums are at the end

ZaziGuado: I actually remember this one popping up when I had an mp3 player and would just shuffle my entire my library. I would let it play rather than skip over it, so that's a good start! The bass beat is probably what got me to stick with it. The "push it" not quite sample but invocation is catchy.

5. Every Planet We Reach is Dead (Track #8)

Score: 146 (Average Rank: 5.86/15)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107, Luis_Sera89 (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado (#11)

jcgamer107: I love just the wall of piano sound towards the end, the first iteration capped off by an epic synth lick

Snake5555555555: I really dug Every Planet on this re-listen, it has such a nice blues-y classic rock feel and the piano is beautiful in its chaotic composition.

ZaziGuado: Sure. I like the beat, but it kinda loses me as stuff keeps getting poured on top of it, which now that I think about might be the main reason why I've never been able to get too heavily into Gorillaz. The piano torwards the end is enjoyable.

4. Dirty Harry (Track #5)

Score: 148 (Average Rank: 6.14/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, XIII_Rocks (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado (#13)

jcgamer107: nice use of children's choir

Snake5555555555: The funky beats of Dirty Harry are amazing and Bootie's verse is killer, plus the choir just adds to an ethereal atmosphere that permeates the whole track, giving an unnatural feeling pairing perfectly with the anti-war lyrics.

ZaziGuado: There's a lot going on here, but I suppose I'm okay with it. The chorus of children probably sticks out most to me.

3. El Mañana (Track #7)

Score: 164 (Average Rank: 4.93/15)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Mega Mana, SpikeSetsFire (#9)

jcgamer107: so chill and so melancholy

Snake5555555555: I friggin' adore trip hop (mainly because of Silent Hill) so Feel Good and Manana always spoke to me instantly.

ZaziGuado: Hey this was pretty good. Not sure what to pull out of it to remark on, but I enjoyed it for the most part.

2. DARE (Track #12)

Score: 189 (Average Rank: 4.21/15)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Mega Mana, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#13)

jcgamer107: very groovy & good ending fake-out

ZaziGuado: Another single, so another one that's more familiar. It's also another single that I enjoy! I find the chorus catchy as hell and really enjoy the funky beat. I love the opposed lyrical stylings. Hell yeah.

1. Feel Good Inc. (Track #6)

Score: 226 (Average Rank: 2.29/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, GenesisSaga, ZaziGuado, Raetsel_Lapin, Seanchan, TomNook (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): jcgamer107 (#8)

jcgamer107: good but I've heard it a million times

Snake5555555555: I friggin' adore trip hop (mainly because of Silent Hill) so Feel Good and Manana always spoke to me instantly.

ZaziGuado: One of the most instantly recognizable singles of the '00s. The bass line is slick. That windmill chorus with the backing acoustic guitar is smooth as hell. The rap verses are quite catchy. It being Gorillaz' most popular single means I've heard it more (probably--On Melancholy Hill is easily my favorite song in the discography and is on many playlists) than any other song in the discography, but for good reason. It slays.

Weezer - Weezer (The Blue Album)[]

First, the general data. Here are the participants listed by deviation from the final list:

RyoCaliente (8)

CasanovaZelos (10)

ZaziGuado (10)

Jesse_Custer (14)

Mega Mana (18)

Seanchan (18)

Johnbobb (20)

MoogleKupo141 (22)

Snake5555555555 (24)

MrSmartGuy (26)

colliding (34)

LiquidOshawott (34)

Raetsel_Lapin (36)

cyko (36)

General album comments:

CasanovaZelos: My #317 album of all time and #8 of 1994 (which is probably my favorite year for albums - 14 in my top 500 when few years even reach 10). With the Blue Album, Weezer carved a subtly distinct niche within the alternative rock scene. Less angsty than grunge, more guitar-driven than Britpop, and featuring a playful lyricism typically found in the less complex pop-punk scene. Weezer risked falling into the generic, but instead helped define 'alternative rock' as a unified (and radio-friendly) sound. Simply a collection of fun, positive songs in an era when rock really needed some cheering up.

Snake5555555555: I pretty much have no complaints about this album; every track is superb craftsmanship in 90s songwriting, an album consistently capturing the tone of the mid-90s while simultaneously capturing the teenage angst that exists in every generation, most exemplified in the track Buddy Holly which prominently references 50s through 70s culture. Weezer belies a gloomy, depressive edge with upbeat guitar riffs with that retro "uncool" wit, becoming timeless in the process. That is not an easy feat. Getting down to individual tracks, I mainly love Weezer's heavier moments here. Undone could nearly fit as a lighter cut on a metal album, but its spoken word interludes and introverted perspective firmly place it as ironically anti-boisterous, as the song's protagonist metaphorically comes undone through intense social anxiety. Say It Ain't So is a classic, more of a slow jam that lulls you in with relaxing instrumentals that make you focus on the story being told. Even though I've heard it a million times at this point, its explosive ending still gets me hyped every time. Surf Wax and In the Garage are two of the most punk moments on the album; Surf Wax feels like a Beach Boys track if they drank a 12-pack of Surge during recording. In the Garage is a quintessential nerd anthem. The next tracks aren't permanent fixtures for me or anything but nevertheless shine with their musicianship, I especially enjoy the solo in No One Else. Buddy Holly is a fun track but I think I've heard it too many times at this point and it's a little shallow even if I enjoy its references. Holiday comes the closest to being somewhat of a bore, but it's inoffensive at worst. A highly regarded album for good reason and I very much enjoy spinning it from time to time! It's the kind of album you can get absorbed in if you truly listen closely.

MoogleKupo141: at some point I had a revelation that this is my favorite album. I don’t listen to full albums often, so that’s not a totally huge honor, but still. Even when I do, it’s usually only a couple times and then I add my favorite songs to my main music library. With the Blue Album every song made the cut. It’s also sort of a weird case for me where I’m less biased towards the singles on this album because I wasn’t necessarily aware of which ones were singles when I first heard it. The first Weezer CD I owned was Maladroit because they used to play the Keep Fishin’ music video at the bowling alley a lot. That song and Island in the Sun were probably my intros to the band. I never got the physical CDs for the earlier albums, so I probably didn’t even know any Blue Album songs other than maybe Buddy Holly until at least a couple years later when I got my first iPod. Until very recently I would have said Only in Dreams was my #1, but Say it Ain’t So has stealthily climbed up my list over the past few years.

ZaziGuado: The Blue Album is and always will be the most complete Weezer album front-to-back. Sometimes I find myself enjoying individual songs on Pinkerton or even The White Album more than those on The Blue Album, but nothing can compare to how consistent The Blue Album is from the opening jangle of the acoustic guitar to the last pluck of the bass to close the album. It took me until the mid 2000s to dive into the Weezer catalog. Being swept up by Weezer-mania in the mid 90s must've been a ton of fun.

Johnbobb: Overall, Weezer is fine. It's an okay album, with a handful of decent singles and My Name Is Jonas. Nothing bad, but nothing that blew my mind.

cyko: What a great album. This album hit it big while I was in high school and everyone knows that the music you listen to in high school and shortly afterward forms the foundations of your lifelong musical tastes. This was one of the first CDs I ever purchased and it influenced my musical tastes. I listened to it extensively and I can still sing along with almost every track. 20+ years later almost every song on this album still holds up. This might be one of the most consistently great albums of all time.

Seanchan: I've listened to this album fully 2 more times in the last few days and I've got to say it's legitimately great and one that I will definitely come back to, even after this week is over. There's not a truly bad song on the album. In the Garage may be at the bottom of my list but it's still an okay song and one I wouldn't even bother skipping over on replay since the rest of the album is so strong.

LiquidOshawott: I feel like half the album is really overplayed and the other half is low key good

The Blue Album track ranking

10. Holiday (Track #9)

Score: 48 (Average Rank: 7.64/10)

Biggest Fan(s): MrSmartGuy (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): RyoCaliente, Snake5555555555, Mega Mana (#10)

ZaziGuado: It's a good song, but doesn't ascend much beyond that. On a bad day I might put it below No One Else. The ending "let's go away"s are fantastic, as is when everything but the bass drops and Patricks takes over vocals for a bit.

Johnbobb: Boring song except for the "Heartbreak" part

cyko: Standard Weezer song. Good but not great.

9. No One Else (Track #2)

Score: 54 (Average Rank: 7.71/10)

Biggest Fan(s): colliding, Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer, MoogleKupo141, ZaziGuado, Johnbobb, MrSmartGuy (#10)

ZaziGuado: For me, this is easily the weakest track on the album. That's not to say it's bad. Not in the least. The vocal variances at the end are really good. For me though, easily the weakest lyrics on the album.

Johnbobb: I literally forgot this song existed seconds after I finished listening to it

cyko: Another catchy song that is still enjoyable but not as great as most of the album.

8. Surf Wax America (Track #6)

Score: 69 (Average Rank: 6.43/10)

Biggest Fan(s): cyko (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

ZaziGuado: The chorus is far and away the star here. Love it when they scale it back and slowly layer themselves back into it. Never seen Weezer live, but I'm sure this song is a rip-roaring good time.

Johnbobb: better than the Beach Boys, for what it's worth. Fuck the Beach Boys

cyko: Everything about this song is great. It reminds me of heading out to the ocean and having a good time. It just feels good.

7. In the Garage (Track #8)

Score: 79 (Average Rank: 5.79/10)

Biggest Fan(s): MrSmartGuy (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#10)

ZaziGuado: In The Garage seems to be a song I consistently rate lower than many when Blue Album gets discussed. Maybe it's because I don't have the nostalgia towards the things he's referencing. The verses and chorus are both solid but neither hold up compared to the most of the rest of the album for me. It's still a really good song on an album with no bad songs, though. Great solo, good use of harmonica, and I really enjoy the vocal variance at the end.

Johnbobb: only this high because it makes me laugh that he pronounces it as "graj"

cyko: A great song about having your safe space to be a nerd. Everyone on this board should appreciate this song.

6. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (Track #3)

Score: 80 (Average Rank: 5.71/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, LiquidOshawott (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, cyko (#9)

ZaziGuado: A guitar intro reminiscent of My Name Is Jonas backed by driving crunchy guitars that persist throughout the entire track. The bridge a great lead-in to the title chorus. I enjoy Rivers' vocal work on the track and the solo is pretty great. The ending octave change is the cherry on top.

Johnbobb: This is the song before Buddy Holly and after whatever song is before it

cyko: The only song on this album I couldn't start singing from memory or remember the music/lyrics to. The most forgettable and generic song on the album.

5. My Name is Jonas (Track #1)

Score: 91 (Average Rank: 5.14/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Mega Mana (#9)

ZaziGuado: I think I read once that Rivers Cuomo considered the first track on their first album to be a handshake to the listener. Maybe that's not true, but what is true is that Weezer probably couldn't have selected a better track to open with. The jangly acoustic intro is unique and that harmonica at the end deserves special mention as well. Everything inbetween is pop rock gold.

Johnbobb: Is this in the top spot because of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock? Maybe! But also it's the best and it's not close.

cyko: It was already a great song and then it showed up in Guitar Hero III and it somehow became even better. (Side note - I played in a Guitar Hero tournament and got a perfect score on this song to push me to 5th place out of over 500 entrants...)

4. Only in Dreams (Track #10)

Score: 94 (Average Rank: 4.93/10)

Biggest Fan(s): LiquidOshawott (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Raetsel_Lapin, MrSmartGuy, Mega Mana (#8)

ZaziGuado: Love that bass line that forms the backbone of this entire track. The verses and chorus are strong, but it's the end the propels this song to "best in discography" category. The final three minutes are so perfectly and memorably executed.

Johnbobb: I was about to write it off as a bland Weezer-type Weezer song until that back half saved it

cyko: A very sweet song, but it was mine and my ex's "song". So, while the song is objectively great, the memories attached to it aren't so much.

3. Buddy Holly (Track #4)

Score: 106 (Average Rank: 4.43/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): colliding, LiquidOshawott (#10)

ZaziGuado: This might be the best solo in the entire Weezer discography. That ending lick makes me want to run through a wall.

Johnbobb: ooooooh allajada Buddy Hollly oh oh and a Mary Tyler Moore I don't care whaddasabuddaadda I DON'T CARE BOUT DAT

cyko: A Classic video for a great song.

2. Undone - The Sweater Song (Track #5)

Score: 107 (Average Rank: 4.29/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, ZaziGuado (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): cyko (#10)

ZaziGuado: I think I read Rivers got inspiration for Undone from a college professor saying you can unravel an entire sweater by pulling on a single thread of string. This track has always been a bit nonsensical to me, but I absolutely love it. It's such a perfectly singable song in both the verses and chorus and that "whoa-oh-oh" as well as "LYING ON THE FLOOR" gives me life. I wish the ending piano pounding wasn't there, but I obviously don't knock it too much for it.

Johnbobb: yeah every Weezer song sounds the same but this sounds like a better version of those

cyko: I never really cared for the Sweater Song. It was too slow for me, but not sweet like Only In Dreams. It doesn't help that it got massively overplayed on the radio and is still overplayed on commercial alternative radio. Pass.

1. Say It Ain't So (Track #7)

Score: 140 (Average Rank: 2.93/10)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente, CasanovaZelos, MoogleKupo141, Mega Mana, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, LiquidOshawott (#6)

ZaziGuado: Gosh I always go back and forth on my favorite song from this album. It could sometimes be up to any of these top four. Say It Ain't So is consistently top three, though. That bombastic chorus and the sick solo are aces.

Johnbobb: this song would be good if I didn't groan every time I heard it

cyko: I got kind of burned out on this song until it showed up in Rock Band. Then I loved it all over again. (Also The first song I got a perfect on in Rock Band on Expert Drums!)

Nirvana - Nevermind[]

First, the general data. Here are the participants listed by deviation from the final results:

ZaziGuado (16)

Jesse_Custer (22)

MarkS222222222222222 (24)

LiquidOshawott (26)

GameStonk (28)

SpikeSetsFire (28)

RyoCaliente (28)

ZeroSignal620 (28)

MoogleKupo141 (30)

Snake5555555555 (32)

CasanovaZelos (38)

Seanchan (50)

Johnbobb (52)

Raetsel_Lapin (54)

General Album Comments:

CasanovaZelos: Nevermind is my #18 album of all time and #2 of 1991 (Primal Scream's Screamadelica is #17). An end to end masterpiece, this completely changed the music industry for good reason. The singles are striking for sure, but the true strength of Nevermind is in the less discussed tracks. The big hits are a bit on the slow side, yet songs like Territorial Pissings and Stay Away pulse with an explosive energy. I can think of few albums this frenetic, and the slower tracks serve as perfect comedowns. Not a weak moment - I think any of these could have been hits in the right circles. Heck, I have Polly in the second to last spot, and I love that song! It's easy to look back at the grunge era as the broody equivalent of the late-70s punk movement, but Nevermind as a whole is among the most intensely emotional albums ever recorded.

ZaziGuado: I think I missed the window to truly appreciate this album. The top 3 songs are all pretty great, but nothing else sticks with me. There's a definite feel of teenage rebellion throughout this album and I'm just not able to tap into that being far removed from my teenage years. Sure maybe the songs would grow on me, but I don't have much interest in letting them.

GameStonk: The front half of this album is just preposterously good. Can you imagine discovering this as a moody 15 year old in the 90s?

LiquidOshawott: I think when I was in high school this was one of my favorite albums. Now? It’s still one of my favorites, and I have a newfound appreciation to some songs. I think even the lower songs are really good here

Seanchan: I don't think I've listened to Nevermind in at least a decade. I lost track of the number of times I thought "Oh yeah, THAT song!". Basically every track on the album (aside from, with good reason, Endless, Nameless) has gotten major radio play over the last nearly 30 years. A true classic.

Johnbobb: This album used to be among my favorites. I still love it a lot, even if it's dropped some spots over the years (as has Nirvana). Grunge is perhaps my favorite subgenre of music, with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden being in probably my top 10 bands, while Nirvana, STP, and Alice in Chains are all also excellent. I've listened through Nevermind at least 50 times by now, and while it's not as shocking in its style as it once was, it's still something unique. On a side note, in college, I did a presentation on the history and influence of grunge music, and one of the things I discussed was how you can hear grunge's various roots a lot in the different bands that made up the grunge movement. Nirvana drew largely from punk, Pearl Jam from classic rock, and Alice in Chains from metal.

Nevermind Track Ranking

13. Endless, Nameless (Hidden Track)

Score: 43 (Average Rank: 11.29/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, ZaziGuado, GameStonk, SpikeSetsFire, RyoCaliente, Snake5555555555, LiquidOshawott, ZeroSignal620, Seanchan, MoogleKupo141 (#13)

ZaziGuado: Oh gosh I did not enjoy this.

Johnbobb: this is the shit I really got into Nirvana for

11 (tie). Stay Away (Track #10)

Score: 72 (Average Rank: 9/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, MarkS222222222222222 (#13)

ZaziGuado: This seems like a song of rebellion, but I didn't pay attention to the lyrics close enough to know for sure. But it felt like something a teenage boy would blast in his room and yell at his mom when she told him to turn it down.

11 (tie). Territorial Pissings (Track #7)

Score: 72 (Average Rank: 9/13)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Johnbobb (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): GameStonk, Raetsel_Lapin, RyoCaliente, LiquidOshawott, ZeroSignal620 (#12)

ZaziGuado: It's short and fast and he's just trying to get it all out and I can appreciate that at times.

Johnbobb: that opening makes me laugh every time, but this song stands out because it's arguably the most punk of the album

10. Something in the Way (Track #12)

Score: 76 (Average Rank: 8.57/13)

Biggest Fan(s): GameStonk, Raetsel_Lapin (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado, MoogleKupo141 (#12)

ZaziGuado: This is boring. Unless it picks up towards the end. If that's the case, I'll delete this. It didn't, so I'm keeping it.

9. Breed (Track #4)

Score: 85 (Average Rank: 8.36/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin (#13)

ZaziGuado: The fast driving guitars are fairly appealing, but I don't know what else to say about it.

8. On a Plain (Track #11)

Score: 86 (Average Rank: 7.93/13)

Biggest Fan(s): MoogleKupo141 (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#12)

ZaziGuado: I don't hate it, but I don't find it all that inspiring.

7. Lounge Act (Track #9)

Score: 95 (Average Rank: 7.5/13)

Biggest Fan(s): LiquidOshawott, ZeroSignal620, Seanchan, MarkS222222222222222 (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, GameStonk, RyoCaliente, Snake5555555555 (#11)

ZaziGuado: Yeah okay sure this is fine. I like the back half better than the front half.

6. Polly (Track #6)

Score: 100 (Average Rank: 7.29/13)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, SpikeSetsFire, Seanchan (#12)

ZaziGuado: It's fine. I like the more acoustically-inclined guitar riffs.

Johnbobb: It's weird, but I think about this song more than any other on the album

5. Drain You (Track #8)

Score: 131 (Average Rank: 5.21/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#11)

ZaziGuado: The build up in the middles was well-done I think.

4. In Bloom (Track #2)

Score: 145 (Average Rank: 4.64/13)

Biggest Fan(s): GameStonk, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

ZaziGuado: This didn't do much for me and I remember nothing about it now that it has finished. I gave it a second listen and it's better than I initially gave it credit for but still not too memorable. It's hard to follow Smells Like Teen Spirit

3. Come As You Are (Track #3)

Score: 150 (Average Rank: 4.43/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin, ZeroSignal620 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#9)

ZaziGuado: I really enjoy the melody and carries the song well. The chorus is a little boring for me, however.

2. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Track #1)

Score: 156 (Average Rank: 3.93/13)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, MarkS222222222222222 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#9)

ZaziGuado: The lyrics are unintelligle to the point where Weird Al made it the focal point of his spoof. In a way though, that only adds to the charm of Smells Like Teen Spirit. The guitar riff is timeless and the chorus is cathartic.

1. Lithium (Track #5)

Score: 161 (Average Rank: 3.86/13)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, LiquidOshawott, MoogleKupo141 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#10)

ZaziGuado: The verses are good enough, but he just says yeah for the chorus and somehow it works very well. Weird, man. The instrumentation is strong throughout.

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix[]

First, the general data. Here are the participants listed by deviation from the final results:

CasanovaZelos (6)

MoogleKupo141 (10)

LiquidOshawott (12)

SpikeSetsFire (16)

Jesse_Custer (20)

Snake5555555555 (20)

Seanchan (20)

ZaziGuado (28)

Raetsel_Lapin (28)

Johnbobb (30)

General album comments:

CasanovaZelos: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is my #662 favorite album of all time and #9 of 2009. While this is Phoenix's strongest album, they've always worked better for me as a singles artist; the two lead songs here are among the best of the 2000s. Phoenix are great at the pop rock sound, and 1901 feels like one of the few true rock hits after the early 2000s seemed to signal the death of rock as a mainstream entity (not that rock is dead as much as it became niche). Nonetheless, the album becomes a blur to me after listening; the sound is pleasant as a whole, but not enough distinguishes these songs from each other.

Jesse_Custer: This was a pretty good album, but I prefer It’s Never Been Like That.

ZaziGuado: I went in thinking 1901 would be number one, but Listzomania is more fun. I've just heard it less than 1901. Love Like a Sunset would maybe be my top song if the two parts were combined, but separated there's just enough weakness in both two drop them below the two headliner songs on the album. After that there is a noticeable (in my opinion) dip in quality from the album with Lasso holding it's own, Armistice being decent, and the rest being fairly skippable.

Raetsel_Lapin: A consistently above average album with nothing I dislike, but also not a lot of high points. It's just always "good".

Snake5555555555: Lisztomania and 1901 are two of the best written songs of the 21st century. Then, Phoenix spends the rest of the album trying to remake those same two songs to mostly diminishing success, except in Love Like a Sunset, Pt.1 which sees some nice use of experimentation and the one deployment of a new idea on the album. Girlfriend was alright too I suppose. I didn't hate any of these songs, just found most of them forgettable and kind of highlights that the two best songs from this album just feel like flukes.

ChainLTTP (responding to Snake): Yeah this is a weird album for so many to nominate actually. The two songs you mentioned are iconic late 2000s/early 2010s mainstays that really encapsulate the musical direction of that era, but the album I don't think is particularly important. Maybe I'm wrong though.

CasanovaZelos (responding to ChainLTTP): I think it's generally considered one of the best albums of 2009! 2009 just happens to be a notably weak year for music…

Seanchan: It's hard to argue that after the first 2 awesome songs that the rest of this album is just...pleasant...with no real great standouts.

Johnbobb: I'm submitting this at 3am five hours before it's due because after listening through this once, I've been kinda dreading trying to figure out how to rank this. The majority of the songs on the album sound the same, particularly in the back half, with the only real exceptions being the two big singles and the LLaSs (which I don't understand them splitting into 2 parts at all, kind of a bad call on Phoenix's part imo)

MoogleKupo141: I really like the songs on this album but also it all sounds kind of samey when listened to all at once.

Really hard to order the top three for me, it definitely could change day to day

then an easy choice for fourth, but it’s a strong fourth

then 5/6/7 are another sort of close tier

countdown is alright

the last two are ok too but they’re two half’s of one song and even as a full song it would rank low

Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix Track Ranking

10. Love Like a Sunset, Pt. 1 (Track #4)

Score: 36 (Average Rank: 7.6/10)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, Snake5555555555 (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, SpikeSetsFire, MoogleKupo141, LiquidOshawott (#10)

9. Love Like a Sunset, Pt. 2 (Track #5)

Score: 37 (Average Rank: 7.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Seanchan (#10)

8. Countdown (Track #8)

Score: 46 (Average Rank: 6.6/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado, Snake55555555 (#10)

7. Armistice (Track #10)

Score: 47 (Average Rank: 6.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake555555555, Johnbobb (#9)

6. Fences (Track #3)

Score: 48 (Average Rank: 6.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

5. Rome (Track #7)

Score: 53 (Average Rank: 5.9/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake555555555, Johnbobb (#8)

4. Girlfriend (Track #9)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 5.8/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#10)

3. Lasso (Track #6)

Score: 69 (Average Rank: 4.8/10)

Biggest Fan(s): MoogleKupo141 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, SpikeSetsFire (#8)

2. Lisztomania (Track #1)

Score: 108 (Average Rank: 2.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, SpikeSetsFire, Snake5555555555, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#6)

1. 1901 (Track #2)

Score: 120 (Average Rank: 1.7/10)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer, Johnbobb, LiquidOshawott (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MoogleKupo141 (#3)

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy[]

Participants sorted by their deviation from the final results:

TheArkOfTurus (12)

Giggsalot (12)

ZaziGuado (14)

mcflubbin (18)

CasanovaZelos (20)

Jesse_Custer (20)

Seanchan (20)

KommunistKoala (20)

MoogleKupo141 (22)

Menji (24)

Seginustemple (24)

kateee (24)

Blur (26)

Johnbobb (26)

VeryInsane (30)

ChainLTTP (34)

Raetsel_Lapin (38)

General album comments:

CasanovaZelos: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is my favorite album of 2010 and #24 of all time – though unlike a lot of my all-time favorites, I feel there are several questionable moments on this album. The best tracks just happen to be enough to make up for those weaker moments. Additionally, there’s a very strong theme that makes this album more than the sum of its parts – this is Kanye West’s ode to himself, and that narcissistic excess gives purpose to every inch of the album.

Seanchan: I'm not much of a rap fan but this is still a really great album. I remember downloading this super cheap on an Amazon sale some time after it won the Grammy but being very skeptical. Then you get to that Power/All of the Lights/Monster section and it's like "whoa". I feel like I've said this a few times already with our Rankings but this is another deserved classic.

ChainLTTP: Best rap album ever made so this is very difficult. The top 8-9 are all-timers.

ZaziGuado: This is the first, and probably only, rap album I've ever come to love. Rap/Hip hop is a genre I don't normally engage with but Board 8 was aflutter when the album came out 10 years ago, so I partook in listens of it and really found myself drawn to it. I probably wouldn't have given it too much play without Board 8, so it has this neat association with the board that I enjoy. The opening is balls to the wall amazing, and while it, for me personally, stumbles a bit in the middle, it recovers with grace.

Johnbobb: I've never actually listened the full way through a Kanye album before, and I'm actually surprised by just how much I enjoyed it. There's a lot you could say about Kanye, but you can't deny his production value. Purely instrumentally, the album is fantastic, with most songs sounding drastically different from each other beyond just having a different beat. Lyrically, it's hit-or-miss, but I enjoyed most of it

kateee: definitely not as high on this album as most people and my feelings on it have not changed much throughout 10 years. Jay-Z's Monster verse is still meh but even with that, Nicki's verse makes up for it to make it the best track. Dark Fantasy should have just ended like 40 seconds earlier. Chris Rock skit is still the worst part of the entire album. weak finish after an amazing start.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Track Ranking

11. So Appalled (Track #7)

Score: 47 (Average Rank: 9.24/11)

Biggest Fan(s): kateee (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, mcflubbin, Menji, ZaziGuado (#11)

CasanovaZelos: This song has never clicked with me. There’s a unique, almost apocalyptic intensity to the production, but the repetition in the lyrics are almost headache inducing. Might be my least favorite track across my top 25 albums. At the same time, I can respect that it’s in a style that others like.

Giggsalot: i mean it's cool, but coming after monster it just kind of seems like a lesser version of the same idea. should've been ditched for christian dior denim flow. still, getting rza in just to bellow FUCKIN RIDIKILISS once is awesome

ZaziGuado: I appreciate this song for inspiring fun ways to say something is "fucking ridiculous" that I've carried for ten years now. The verses are whatever for me. It's fairly similar thematically to Monster while being longer and not as enjoyable minus the FUCKEN RIDIKILIS parts.

Blur: I had this ranked lower before a relisten, and I forgot just how much I enjoy the melancholia-tinged production. The beat is too good to not show this some appreciation. Other than that, here's a random and very dumb fact: I had a friend at work named Paul who, before he quit, I would always sing variants of the "I'm so appalled" line to, like "you're so a Paul." I don't know why I did this. He didn't even know the song.

Seginustemple: The beat is alright but damn for six-and-a-half minutes with standard braggadocio verses? Life can be sometimes ridiculous. It's not bad, it's below par for this album.

10. Hell of a Life (Track #10)

Score: 64 (Average Rank: 8.29/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, Seanchan, Giggsalot (#11)

CasanovaZelos: Like “Gorgeous,” this is a pretty great track that gets overshadowed by everything which surrounds it. This has the dubious task of following up “Runaway” while also being a complete thematic reversal. After a few minutes of self-reflection, Kanye is back on his bullshit – a perfect summation of his public life. The production here is absolutely top-notch.

Giggsalot: a bit stale compared to the rest here, could've been cut and i wouldn't miss it

ZaziGuado: It's fine, but it has the really difficult task of following Runaway. It seems disconnected from the album because of it. The distortion is a little distracting. I appreciate the sampling, however. Nothing else really stands out to me besides the "fuck with the lights on" moment. I don't hate it. It just falls a little flat for me.

Blur: Virtually tied with Devil near the bottom. Lyrically it's kinda eh but the chorus is perhaps getting too much hate. Yeah I don't care for the Iron Man sample, but the little section after the titular line is delivered is top notch.

Seginustemple: I think the album needs this after Runaway, the transition to a more aggressive sound after that moment of introspection gives the album of a lot of character. Like it doesn't want to reveal sensitivity for too long before putting up the wall of testosterone again. But it's kind of simple and after the four minute mark it's just spinning its wheels.

9. Blame Game (Track #11)

Score: 74 (Average Rank: 7.88/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Blur (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, Johnbobb, kateee (#11)

CasanovaZelos: I combined a few tracks for this week – if only I could break this one into two. The first half of “Blame Game” is among Kanye’s most emotionally devastating pieces. The Aphex Twin sample is beautiful. If “Runaway” is a narcissistic acknowledgment to outsiders, “Blame Game” explores how it harms his personal life. The transition to the back half is outstanding – and then we get to the back half. Two and a half minutes of Chris Rock having a comedy bit. The surreal part is it almost works. But I’ve never understood skits on hip hop albums, and this one is embedded into a track. Unlike so many others, this skit is actually funny, but I can’t help but feel that it detracts from the overall experience.

Giggsalot: slightly gratuitous sample, exceptionally gratuitous skit, still excellent

ZaziGuado: Blame Game is a really good follow-up to Hell Of A Life. I think the verses are very well done and the second verse where lyrics are coming from all sides of the headphones, especially after the first verse was so short and simple and ended in a cry for help, is fantastic. The skit at the end is legitimately hilarious and gave me new appeciation for upholstery. I'MMA SHOOT A BOOTLEGGA!

Blur: Emotionally hits me as much as anything else here. Perhaps drags on too much, but I enjoy when Kanye gets excessive and let's a track breathe for longer than it has any right to. That and my affinity for emotional Kanye are why my top 2 are what they are! The Chris Rock bit was a constant reference in my group of friends back in the day.

Seginustemple: I like the idea of the the heavy effects on the second verse (as if there were three voices) but for some reason it just doesn't work here. I find it more distracting than anything. I love the idea of sampling Aphex Twin but that ends up just sounding...okay? And then it tacks an extra three minutes with this Chris Rock re-upholstered pussy skit and again on paper I should be into this but it doesn't work for me.

8. Devil in a New Dress (Track #8)

Score: 87 (Average Rank: 7.24/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Seginustemple (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer (#11)

CasanovaZelos: This track took the longest to grow on me; it stands in massive contrast to the other tracks on a production level, feeling like it belongs to one of his earlier albums. But this is not a bad thing; it’s a breather between massive ideas, and that’s sometimes necessary. Also, I just love the fact Kanye dares to let the music talk sometimes; that guitar solo is such a great moment. While it may not define MBDTF’s sound as a whole, it’s one of West’s better tracks on its own.

Giggsalot: yeah ross is great here and the solo is a cool touch but i never bought the furore over the beat overall, it's just okay really

ZaziGuado: This track really doesn't click with me. I don't really enjoy whatever it is sampling. Some of the lyrics are fun. I enjoy "hard to be humble when you strutin' on a jumbotron" for instance. The mid-song breakdown and guitar solo is also a fun touch, but it makes me lower my guard before Rick Ross comes in which is always a little jarring but he does a pretty good job. The quick cutoff leading into the first note of Runaway is really neat.

Blur: The beat sounds like something ripped from The College Dropout, so that's a plus. A chill lead in to Runaway, but this is the beginning of my lowest tier rankings here.

Seginustemple: Yeah it's the slick beat that does it for me, and yeah it's just this Alicia Keys song straight up (Speechless) with a little bit of Smokey Robinson's voice in there to punch it up. It still sounds fresh to me! The Rick Ross verse is fun but really I just love the texture of the instrumental a whole bunch.

7. Lost in the World/Who Will Survive in America (Track #12/13)

Score: 94 (Average Rank: 6.47/11)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, Blur (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): KommunistKoala (#11)

CasanovaZelos: The opening is so pretty, and then the drums come in and give the most propulsive beat on the album. This is a rare closing track that actually feels like an ending – this is a positive anthem of trying to do better after the nightmare of everything leading into it. And then we get to the Gil Scott-Heron outro – can Kanye survive? A perfect ending.

Giggsalot: absolutely perfect closer, anyone saying the GSH narrative at the end doesn't elevate this to a whole other level is tripping

ZaziGuado: Man this track slaps. Bon Iver lulls you into complacency and then the track explodes. A really catchy ending to the album and I love the RUN FROM THE LIGHT RUN FROM THE NIGHT portion. The Who Will Survive In America part doesn't really do anything for me since I'm wholly unfamiliar with the author, but it feels well done and resonant.

Blur: Simple but stellar closer that was likely my favorite track the first month or so the album was out. A friend made me a mixtape with Bon Iver's "Woods" in it that prior December and maybe that's why I liked this so much. Definitely remember how jarring it was hearing Bon Iver on the first listen, and when the lyrics transition to "I'm lost in the world" I get chills. Doesn't hold up as top tier all these years later, but it's close.

Seginustemple: This one took a while to grow on me but it's a solid, layered song. There's the element of party anthem but with the weird vocal layering and fantastic percussion/chant ending it's almost too artsy/progressive to be a proper party tune. And then the album closes on a political speech over organ and congas? I kinda love that

6. Dark Fantasy (Track #1)

Score: 104 (Average Rank: 6/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, VeryInsane (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): MoogleKupo141 (#11)

CasanovaZelos: Kicking the album off with a weird spoken piece by Nicki Minaj feels perfect. I remember hearing this track for the first time and feeling like Kanye was pushing his sound to a new level – the fact this will rank in my lower half is a testament to the greatness of the album as a whole. The contrast between the heavier hip hop production with bursts of gospel choir feels like a mission statement for the rest of the album. The séance section carries so much energy.

Giggsalot: perfect and iconic opener but actually not that much of a "song" when you step back a bit

ZaziGuado: I love this as an opener. The choir is fantastic and really sets the stage for the bombastic nature of the album to come. Also might be my favorite overall on the album as it relates to the verses in the non-POWER division.

Blur: Agreed that it's strangely perfect to open this rap opera with some Nicki Minaj spoken word. Gotta shoutout "Too many Urkels on your team, that's why you're Winslow" - that line still makes me laugh on the umpteenth listen.

Seginustemple: An appropriate opener for sure but most of its charms have worn off. The layered vocals in the "can we get much higher?" section are still fire.

5. Monster (Track #6)

Score: 132 (Average Rank: 5.35/11)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Seanchan, kateee (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Blur, Seginustemple (#11)

CasanovaZelos: Kanye strips the production back on my personal favorite from the album. Perhaps Kanye’s lyrics are a bit weaker than the previous tracks; Jay-Z might give one of the weakest verses of his career. None of this matters when Nicki Minaj steps up and delivers one of the all-time best moments in rap. On this track, Nicki Minaj promised to become one of the greatest rappers alive – the fact she immediately turned to pop is one of the biggest tragedies of the 2010s. Whatever the case, the raw energy of this track makes it a song I’m always happy to hear. An absolute banger.

Giggsalot: i mean jay z sucks here and the joys of this are all a tiny bit played out but come on, what a song

ZaziGuado: This track has never really stuck with me as much as it seems to others. Kanye does drop some pretty fun lines though, most notably the pharoah part. Nicki Minaj does a good job too. But I don't really find myself really vibing with any of it, and the end feels kind of limp. Still, it's an easily listenable track and I normally don't skip it if I'm listening to the album.

Blur: Still a bop but often found myself skipping this track on full listens. On a record of absurdly grandiose production, the simplistic drum beat maybe just makes me want a little more, I think. This was my last before a relisten and it stays that way. Always felt like it could be removed from MBDTF and the record would still feel complete. But despite that and the bad Jay verse, I can still appreciate it for the club banger it is.

Seginustemple: Another one that goes on too long and I still find both Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj obnoxious on it. She has the better verse by far but the silly voice stuff just grates on me, it reminds me of when Eminem tanks a song by leaning too far into his nasal mocking tone. I know most people love this verse though so it's just me being crazy

4. Gorgeous (Track #2)

Score: 133 (Average Rank: 5.18/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, ChainLTTP, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer, Menji (#10)

CasanovaZelos: I love the production, but this is a strong track that gets lost among greats. It features some of West’s best one-liners, from attacking the South Park writers to pondering the meaning of a Black Beatle. Absolutely one of West’s angriest songs, and would have been a standout on any of his previous albums.

Giggsalot: probably the best pure rap song here, would be a highlight on almost any other album. the way the beat dips out for raekwon's verse is a great touch

ZaziGuado: Around the time MBDTF came out, I was getting big into Audiosurf Ninja Mono has a means to relax. This track got the most runs. It's so smooth and the Audiosurf track it produced just grooved with a perfect flow. Really dig the variations of the melody during Raekwon's verse. This is the shortest 6 minute song I've ever listened to. The entire track is feels tight and precise.

Blur: Damn it makes me happy to see this getting love - always felt like it was one of the least talked about tracks on the whole album. Cudi provides a smooth ass chorus and Ye kills it on the verses. This has always been a personal favorite and I originally had it at 3 before I came to my senses.

Seginustemple: More cool production ideas - the old radio/over-the-telephone effect on the verses works for me but what I really love is how the entire mix opens up after the last verse, at the end it sounds much bigger and if you scrub back to the start you can hear how thin and compressed it was when it began. The whole song has this gradual dynamic like you're slowly entering the room it's actually playing in, it's really cool

3. All of the Lights (Interlude)/All of the Lights (Track #4/5)

Score: 150 (Average Rank: 4.06/11)

Biggest Fan(s): mcflubbin, Menji (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP (#11)

CasanovaZelos: The interlude serves as a nice transition from the energy of the previous tracks; would the main song hit as hard if we jumped straight into it from “Power”? “All of the Lights” is Kanye at his most excessive as a producer, the type of songs with too many features artists to list them all out. Kanye has always been a stronger producer than lyricist, and this is him absolutely flexing his abilities. This should be a mess (and parts of it might be), and the fact this is somehow one of the best tracks on the album proves his strength. In addition to the massive number of vocalists, the song goes through several minor movements that keep things moving. It takes a lot to take so many disparate parts and make it work.

Giggsalot: OUR ***** DEAD! perfect pop song, and the intro strings are gorgeous

ZaziGuado: This was my favorite track back when the album came out. It still ranks high, but I've grown a greater appreciation for others over time. I really enjoy the interlude. It's a good setup for the adrenaline to come. ALL OF THE LIGHTS. The chorus seems chaotic to me, but not in a bad way. It's a fun ride. I really dislike Fergie's part, though, which is a big of a drag. I love how he just inserts Alicia Keys and Elton John at the end. We're just doing that. Okay neat.

Blur: Undeniable classic that is only the second greatest Kanye song with "Lights" in the title. Not sorry. Some of the best production on the whole record and probably the catchiest song here.

Seginustemple: Super hooky and bombastic, crazy drums in the chorus. Just a hype high energy song and Elton John blows that shit up by the end.

2. Power (Track #3)

Score: 170 (Average Rank: 3.24/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, ZaziGuado (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Blur (#6)

CasanovaZelos: Now this is where the album really becomes a masterpiece. The production here is legendary; that King Crimson sample grinding everything to a halt is so powerful. He refers to the screams of his haters as his theme music, but this track could very well qualify as his actual theme; the combative lyrics, the propulsive production, the self-destruction at the end. “Abomination of Obama’s nation” is such a mad line.

Giggsalot: straight up classic in every way, this beat is absolutely bananas

ZaziGuado: This song is fucking monolithic, which is impressive considering the album it is on. That beat will stand the test of time in stadiums and team introductions and any hype up music. The verses are incredibly fun to sing along to. I don't know anything about what it is sampling, so I don't know how much of it is an "original" beat, but it's become an iconic one now.

Blur: Always thought of this as perfect mid-tier for the record, which says a lot about how good this album is. What more is there to say except what a great, weird ass bridge to make this song the full package.

Seginustemple: Again the drums sound great, the dirty kick and the hit-hat really punch through. One of my favorite ridiculous Kanye lines is just "Colin Powell, Austin Powers" because he delivers it like it means something important. It's like he is able to totally buy into an operatic mode of expression no matter what he is saying and I think that's often what's so great about his music.

1. Runaway (Track #9)

Score: 186 (Average Rank: 3.06/11)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, TheArkOfTurus, KommunistKoala, Giggsalot, Blur, MoogleKupo141 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, mcflubbin, kateee (#8)

CasanovaZelos: According to critics, this just might be the greatest song of Kanye’s career. Excessive in a way completely distinct from “All of the Lights”; where the earlier track shoved as much as it could into a traditional track length, “Runaway” is a sprawling epic that largely keeps to the same idea through its nine minutes. This is Kanye at his most reflective; that chorus is excellent. This is another track where Kanye knows to let the music talk, this time almost literally. Taking a full minute to build into the vocals and starting with a single piano note is daring; ending it with three minutes of imperceptible auto-tuned mumbling is breaking all known rules of music – and he somehow makes it work!

Giggsalot: one of the definitive songs of the decade, time will view this as an absolute unimpeachable kanye peak

ZaziGuado: I enjoy the build in this song, and surprisingly don't hate the vocaloid ending. The violins backing it and the borderline unintelligible but oddly meaningful/powerful singing just works. I also really appreciate Kanye's continuation after Pusha T's verse. It's a fun subversion from what I would normally expect. The anthemic nature also lends itself to singing along. A very surprising but wonderful track that I kind of wish wasn't followed by anything other than Lost In The World.

Blur: Giggs had it right - a masterpiece and one of Kanye's all-time finest. Even the music video is a classic. The first time I indulged this record was in video form, in that little movie version of the album Kanye released for free. When it got to Runaway, that's when I knew MBDTF was special. Simultaneously anthemic and personal, an impressive achievement.

Seginustemple: The jewel of the record, the album would be missing its heart without this oddly sentimental moment of self-reflection. On its own it can get redundant, the progression is a bit Pachelbel's canon in that way. In the context of the album it's a welcome slice of vulnerability. Love the little production choices like the stereo effect on the "who got ya" sample or how the detuned piano sample is affected once the beat comes in.

Mastodon - Crack the Skye[]

Mastodon - Crack the Skye results

Participants sorted by their deviation from the final results:

Steiner (4)

kateee (4)

ZaziGuado (8)

Seginustemple (8)

Johnbobb (8)

illuminatusbubu (8)

Giggsalot (10)

SpikeSetsFire (12)

Seanchan (12)

CasanovaZelos (14)

Raetsel_Lapin (14)

Snake5555555555 (16)

TheArkOfTurus (18)

MarkS222222222222222 (20)

VeryInsane (22)

General Album Comments:

CasanovaZelos: I feel that this is an album that works better as a whole. Progressive metal combines two genres I'm rather oblivious to, and I'm going to have difficulty differentiating between these tracks in a day or two. Still, the overall sound is outstanding.

Snake5555555555: Every song on this album is a literal masterpiece and I come out with a new favorite each time. Demands to be listened to as a whole piece, as the intricacies of each riff and storytelling lyrics unfolds before you.

ZaziGuado: I legitimately enjoyed Oblivion. The first four tracks all had something for me to enjoy I felt. It was probably just fatigue, but it felt like the front half of this album was a lot more interesting than the back half. My experience with prog rock is very minimal, so maybe you have to be attuned to it to really be able to appreciate an entire album. Assuming this was a concept album, I could not follow it. All the lyrics were muffled by the massive guitars. Again, I'll chalk that up to lack of experience and familiarity with the genre. I didn't hate this album, but by the end I was ready for it to be over.

Seanchan (replying to ZaziGuado): Yeah, this is echoing a lot of my thoughts after a 2nd listen. Fatigued is EXACTLY what I felt after about 30 minutes. I'm just not getting enough memorable parts to differentiate the tracks and so my mind starts to wander by track 5 or 6. I want to do another listen with the lyrics up so I can try to track whatever story is being told. I totally agree that I had a very hard time picking up the vocals as I was listening on my evening walk.

Giggsalot: The rare sort of album that completely transcends its sound and becomes a must-listen even for people who don't care about the scene or style from which it emerged. It's not something I reach for often, but a worthy addition to the modern metal and prog canons.

Crack the Skye Track Ranking

7. Ghost of Karelia (Track #5)

Score: 43 (Average Rank: 5.27/7)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado, kateee (#7)

Giggsalot: Maintains the cool mystical atmosphere of The Czar and begins to hint at the sludgy heaviness to come in the title track. Immaculately sequenced. Not the strongest song overall, but the crunchy heavy parts here rip more than I remembered.

Seginustemple: Unfortunately the variety works against me here. It has a good verse and chorus and then like three forgettable sections in the middle.

6. Crack the Skye (Track #6)

Score: 57 (Average Rank: 4.73/7)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Steiner, Seanchan, illuminatusbubu (#7)

Giggsalot: Oh hell yes. For a long time this was my favourite song on the album, and the added crunch here is really appreciated. Scott Kelly's volcanic bellowing gives all of the surrounding mystical silliness so much more gravitas, and the moment he first blasts through the wall is a top tier moment. The song itself might not be quite as good as I remember, but it's still essential shit

Seginustemple: I used to like this one more but I must have wore it out back when. I hit the Crack too much (bucket list note: must release a project called Passdabong - Crack the High)

5. Quintessence (Track #3)

Score: 58 (Average Rank: 4.93/7)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, TheArkOfTurus, VeryInsane, Raetsel_Lapin, Giggsalot, Seginustemple, Johnbobb (#7)

Giggsalot: Yeah, this doesn't do much for me. The transitions are super jarring and the major key chorus isn't good. Cool gnarly Mars Volta-esque guitar in the verses though.

Seginustemple: Sick bass tone. Not as into the songwriting here (it's just alright) but I do enjoy the end bit with the techno voice effect.

4. Divinations (Track #2)

Score: 79 (Average Rank: 3.67/7)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, MarkS222222222222222 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#7)

Giggsalot: Lots of energy and a decent tune, but lacks the atmospheric flair that allows the longer songs here to really breathe

Seginustemple: I don't remember this one being so good! The dual guitar line in the chorus has a lot of flavor. They get a lot of variety out of weird scales, modulations, and textural changes.

3. The Czar: Usurper/Escape/Martyr/Spiral (Track #4)

Score: 87 (Average Rank: 3.4/7)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, VeryInsane, Seanchan, MarkS222222222222222 (#6)

Giggsalot: This is where the album really breaks open for me, and the band's ambition (the best thing about the album) really becomes clear for the first time. The sneaky secret is that large parts of the song - cool atmosphere aside - actually aren't that stellar. Lovely textures though, and the "spiralling up through the crack in the sky(e)" climax section is an absolute epiphany

Seginustemple: You know you're in for some shit when it's ten minutes and starts on a low organ note. I don't think I appreciated the drummer enough in the past, all his flourishes really keep it moving and he is unusually groovy/funky for a metal drummer. The Spiral section is classic, the little spiral motif in the guitar riff takes it to the next level.

2. The Last Baron (Track #7)

Score: 98 (Average Rank: 3.13/7)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, Steiner, Giggsalot, Seginustemple, illuminatusbubu (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MarkS222222222222222 (#7)

Giggsalot: Yeah, this really has to be #1, doesn't it? As with most prog epics, it's a little bit of a mess, but it's a glorious mess, and no song on the album better brings together everything great about Crack the Skye. It almost sounds like an updated version of Sabbath's sound at their most coked out and proggy, and I am always here for that. Last five minutes in particular are spectacular.

Seginustemple: Damn, I kinda forgot about this entire track? The album ends on a huge prog power ballad that actually hits emotionally before bombastically shredding and whaling its way to the finish. It's well-balanced, it doesn't feel overstuffed with ideas and it doesn't become repetitive. How did I forget about this one?

1. Oblivion (Track #1)

Score: 103 (Average Rank: 2.87/7)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, Raetsel_Lapin, Seanchan, kateee (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#7)

Giggsalot: An iconic pop-metal opener in the enter sandman mould, totally encapsulates what's great about the album. Critical eye says that the only truly great thing here is the chorus, but who cares about that really

Seginustemple: Always enjoyed the southern twang in their sound. This one has the pop-level hook in the chorus and the prog move of introducing an entirely new section for a guitar solo.

Fleetwood Mac - Rumours[]

Participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (6)

Jesse_Custer (14)

ZeroSignal620 (14)

TheArkOfTurus (16)

VeryInsane (16)

ChainLTTP (18)

Johnbobb (18)

SpikeSetsFire (20)

MetalmindStats (20)

Seanchan (20)

Xtlm (22)

ChichiriMuro (24)

ZaziGuado (24)

LordoftheMorons (26)

Raetsel_Lapin (30)

Snake5555555555 (34)

General Album Comments:

Snake5555555555: One of those albums where literally every song is an instant classic. It's an album made for everyone, seamlessly blending the lines of rock & pop to where genre doesn't even matter anymore, and you're just left with songs made from the heart and with total passion, vigor, & genuine emotion that makes each song an impactful listen every time.

ZaziGuado: This was the first Fleetwood Mac album I've ever listened to and I've never been able to identify a song as Fleetwood Mac outside of Dreams and Landslide and maybe one other I'm not remembering. However, I recognized three of the songs on it from daily life experiences. Before this I thought Fleetwood Mac was largely fronted by Stevie Nicks, so I was surprised how little her voice was the sole feature. The story of the album is an interesting one and it's impressive the band were able to see it the whole way through and provide backing vocals on their ex's breakup songs. Overall this was an impressive, tight album that was mostly enjoyable the whole way through with a couple of top tier songs. Very glad I listened to it.

CasanovaZelos: Rumours is #82 on my all-time list and #3 for 1977 - one of the best years for music. The funny thing is, this soft rock classic is surrounded by punk and its various spin-offs along with some early electronic albums. When music was looking for a new way forward, Fleetwood Mac managed to succeed in a familiar style by making an album loaded front to back with hits. Despite the 'soft' sound of the music, this is as emotionally raw as records come - the fact we get a breakup from both sides adds an extra layer. This is a band in turmoil, three vocalists warring over concepts and each other. Beyond the lyrics and vocals, these songs are undeniably catchy. It took years for this album to really grow on me; soft rock is not my usual style, but it's rare for an album to be so consistent from beginning to end in any genre. And, well, time has unfortunately granted a better understanding of these mixed emotions. "If you don't love me now, you will never love me again" indeed.

MetalmindStats: As a collection of songs, Rumours is top-notch; as a coherent album, the juxtaposition of the writing's thematic consistency and the sound's relative variability feels like the point. Whatever the case, I found the result stuffed to the brim with familiarly enjoyable yet often adventurous music, largely even extending to those songs I didn't know beforehand.

Seanchan: An album like this is another example of why I love this topic series. This is another classic that I would have never bothered listening to otherwise. Outside of my bottom two songs (which are okay but clearly the weakest for me) there's just some really great, fun stuff here. I enjoyed doing a few extra listens to try to get my ordering right but still feel bad about having to rank some of these songs so low.

Rumours Track Ranking

11. Oh Daddy (Track #10)

Score: 35 (Average Rank: 9.81/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ChichiriMuro (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Jesse_Custer, TheArkOfTurus, ZaziGuado, SpikeSetsFire, ZeroSignal620, Johnbobb, Seanchan, VeryInsane (#11)

ZaziGuado: This song just never fully clicks with me. I'm not sure what it is. Maybe it's the erratic nature of the instruments. It just feels like the song's true potential is never reached.

Johnbobb: I don't think there will ever be a time I'll enjoy a grown ass adult saying "daddy"

10. Songbird (Track #6)

Score: 64 (Average Rank: 8.31/11)

Biggest Fan(s): LordoftheMorons (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, ChichiriMuro, CasanovaZelos (#11)

ZaziGuado: I generally like piano and slower heartfelt songs, but after such a strong first half of the album, this was kind of an unwelcome tempo change. It doesn't stand out much. I don't hate it, but it's got a pretty bad spot on the album considering my enjoyment of the songs it's sandwiched by.

Johnbobb: there aren't many "meh" songs on this album but this is definitely one of them

9. Never Going Back Again (Track #3)

Score: 68 (Average Rank: 7.75/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Xtlm, SpikeSetsFire (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#11)

ZaziGuado: It's fun strumming of a guitar, but never does much interesting beyond that. That said, I do enjoy fun strumming of a guitar so that's not necessarily a large knock against it.

Johnbobb: been down one tiiiiiiime. been down two tiiiiiiiiime.

8. I Don't Want to Know (Track #9)

Score: 76 (Average Rank: 7.5/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Xtlm, MetalmindStats (#10)

ZaziGuado: Those are some well placed claps. Catch me off guard every time but I love them. Very good song.

Johnbobb: do I wanna know if this feeling flows both ways? hate to see you go, was sorta hoping that you'd stay

7. Second Hand News (Track #1)

Score: 80 (Average Rank: 7.13/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, ZeroSignal620 (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, LordoftheMorons (#11)

ZaziGuado: I really enjoy the "byow byow byow" part. Super catchy and imitates the instrumentation behind it. This is a fun, bouncy opener.

Johnbobb: Man what an upbeat opener; hell of a way to start

6. Gold Dust Woman (Track #11)

Score: 105 (Average Rank: 5.88/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP, Snake5555555555, ChichiriMuro (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Xtlm (#11)

ZaziGuado: It's okay. Kind of a disappointing close after all the great stuff that followed it. I wish they would've really committed to the end of the song in a way similar to The Chain. It felt like they were going to for a small bit, but then they just fade it out and I'm not the biggest fan of fade outs.

Johnbobb: all this song makes me think of is how incredible it could've been to see a collaboration between The Doors and Fleetwood Mac had Morrison lived long enough.

5. Don't Stop (Track #4)

Score: 114 (Average Rank: 5.19/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan, VeryInsane (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Raetsel_Lapin, ChichiriMuro (#8)

ZaziGuado: I guess I didn't realize this was a Fleetwood Mac song. This is, like, THE song I imagine as being a child while driving with my parents with the classic rock station on. There's definitely a comfort with it that can only come after almost 45 years of radio play. All that said, it earned that mantle.

Johnbobb: is there any song on this album not immediately quoteable (answer: yes, but not until track 6)

4. You Make Loving Fun (Track #8)

Score: 121 (Average Rank: 5.19/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Xtlm, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats, Seanchan (#9)

ZaziGuado: This has that quintessential 70s groove sound. I greatly enjoy the solo guitar. I like this song more than I think I do, if that makes sense. I don't fully understand it, but it's what I feel.

Johnbobb: definitely a solid song that would stand out more on a worse album

3. Go Your Own Way (Track #5)

Score: 157 (Average Rank: 3.5/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, CasanovaZelos, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Raetsel_Lapin (#7)

ZaziGuado: Whether it made final copy/paste or not, I've used good to describe like every one of these songs so far, but Go Your Own Way is truly great. That chorus is cathartic and the guitars throughout are pretty rockin'.

Johnbobb: this song would've ranked higher if I had ever been able to pull off the vocal in Guitar Hero: World Tour

2. The Chain (Track #7)

Score: 170 (Average Rank: 3/11)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, ChichiriMuro, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#8)

ZaziGuado: This feels like one of those songs that was a big hit, but that I have no recollection of hearing prior to this week. That's fine, though, because this track bangs. Forgive me for this, but I have to say that the bass whenever it kicks in is THICC. The ending minute and a half is a joyride.

Johnbobb: goddamn every time I think I know what to expect from this album they startle me with something incredible like this

1. Dreams (Track #2)

Score: 178 (Average Rank: 2.75/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP, Jesse_Custer, ZeroSignal620, Johnbobb, MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado (#7)

ZaziGuado: This is my wife's favorite song. However, I don't fully understand that. Yeah, it's a good song but it doesn't feel like it has the elements of being an all-time favorite song, whatever the hell those may be. I dunno. I guess I can see how it trips a trigger. Like I said: it's good. It's got a warm, chill vibe that just sails along. Good easy listening.

Johnbobb: potentially the chillest song ever written. Putting this right after the ecstatic Second Hand News was a bold and brilliant choice that cements this album immediately as something special

The Beatles - Abbey Road[]

Participants sorted by deviation from final results:

Jesse_Custer (14)

VeryInsane (14)

CasanovaZelos (18)

ChainLTTP (20)

Solioxrz362 (24)

Giggsalot (24)

illuminatusbubu (24)

Evillordexdeath (28)

Raetsel_Lapin (28)

StifledSilence (30)

MetalmindStats (34)

Snake5555555555 (38)

SpikeSetsFire (38)

Seanchan (40)

Johnbobb (48)

General Album Comments:

CasanovaZelos: Abbey Road is my #44 album of all time and my favorite from 1969. Most of the Beatles albums from Rubber Soul on are undeniable classics, but Abbey Road is the only one that doesn't strike me as having a weak moment. It kicks off with two of their best singles, has a Ringo vocal track that I actually enjoy, and ends with a wonderful medley. This is The Beatles at their most refined. Even my lowest track, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, is a lot of fun. Their other albums may have higher highs, but the consistency here makes a true masterpiece.

Snake5555555555: A stone cold classic through and through. It opens with the amazing rock staple Come Together, with funky grooves and nonsensical lyrics that tends to define the Beatles' influence more and more over the years. I absolutely love the bluesy doom/stoner cut I Want You (She's So Heavy), a slow-burner that becomes more and more rewarding with each listen, as you feel Lennon's pure raw emotion slicing through each lyric, simplistic but oh so powerful. Oh! Darling and Maxwell's Silver Hammer are two of the catchiest songs in the Beatles' catalog, playing gleefully with both hard rock and pop sensibilities for two unique songs, especially how Maxwell juxtaposes its violent horror-inspired lyrics with bouncy melodies as if under a certain psychosis. As for the medleys, they're inconsistent; I hardly remember Golden Slumbers but Carry That Weight is instantly memorable with larger outside pop culture influence and The End is simply a tour de force of guitar passages and underrated drumming. I actually thought You Never Give Me Your Money was part of the Sun King medley, but either way it's an even more inconsistent mess that I don't feel flows very well, but still has some groovy highlights and interesting lyricism. To give one negative critique on the album, I would say Because is a total dud and arguably one of the worst in the Beatles' repertoire, it just has done nothing interesting to catch my ear over the years.

StifledSilence: I love the roller coaster of emotions in You Never Give Me Your Money. It starts slow and somber, and builds to the energetic section of escaping. And that reprise in Carry That Weight? Perfection. Here Comes the Sun should be the official anthem of Spring. It just feels so warm and evocative of life. George really knocked that one out of the park. The first half of the medley is a mixed bag for me. Sun King has an outstanding guitar hook, but the chanting is a bit cringey for my tastes. Mustard and Pam are fun enough, but Bathroom Window kicks so much ass in that group. What made for a middling group of songs was boosted heavily by Paul's exciting vocal in Bathroom. Octopus is a fun little jam that always puts me in a good mood. Oh Darling harkens back to some of Paul's bluesy tracks from early Beatles, such as She's a Woman, which is a favorite of mine. Something is a pretty love song that even caught the attention of Frank Sinatra. She's So Heavy would have benefitted from a shorter length, but it's still a pretty slick track, particularly with John's signature rasp. Come Together might be one of the most overrated Beatles songs. I'm not all that keen on songs with jibberish lyrics, but at least it's got a catchy tune. Maxwell is kind of a dumb song, and apparently caused a lot of friction between Paul and George since Paul was being a hyper perfectionist while recording it. And Because is super weird. I'd hate to call it a dud but...I could do without it. But yeah, Abbey Road is a pretty killer album overall. Certainly one of their best.

VeryInsane: You know for a while I always thought this was overrated, but on this listenthrough it was pretty compact and rather pleasant. There’s the pretty cheesy songs and the fat of the Medley separated from the rest of the lot, but every song from Because on is great. I think this is still probably my fourth or fifth favorite Beatles album, (Rubber Soul > Revolver > Sgt Peppers > Either this or Tour, would probably go with this now). Also in case you couldn’t tell from my ranking Harrison is far and away my favorite Beatle

Evillordexdeath: One of my less-liked Beatles albums, although I do still hold it in high regard. I used to sort of think of the back-half of the album as the reward for getting through She's So Heavy, but nowadays I usually just skip that one, mainly because it feels so overly long. I do genuinely really like all the songs from Maxwell's Silver Hammer upward. Here Comes the Sun is just a lot of fun and feels uplifting while Something, Come Together, and Oh Darling are all solid, unique tracks. I've always thought the medley was the most interesting part of the album, and I rank the ending highest in part because it brings home that feeling of satisfaction that comes with listening to a long, good song.

Giggsalot: What a brilliant, lush, diverse album. The best Beatles album by quite a distance, and their only full record which stands alongside the absolute best of that era. I think I'd still take Forever Changes over it, but that's perhaps a discussion for another topic.

MetalmindStats: I came at this from the quite-unusual perspective of never having heard most of these songs before this week, a testament to how my music tastes gravitate towards what I know. It took returning to Come Together for me to recall its status as the main exception, and even then, I hadn't attributed it to the Beatles in my head. While I still wouldn't consider myself a Beatles fan per se, and I found it particularly difficult to gauge the medleys as split, Abbey Road certainly exceeded my unfairly low expectations.

Seanchan: Story time...

So, back in high school, I didn't like The Beatles. I had a co-worker who would play 1 (their #1 hits compliation) and I couldn't stand it.

Fast forward to college, and in the waning days of file sharing, I found someone with all The Beatles albums. On a whim, I decided to download it because, what the hell, it was a lot of music!** And so I started listening; might have even started with Abbey Road for all I remember.

I'm sure you can guess where this is going, considering this album was my nomination...

I very quickly realized how wrong I was. And the more I dug in and listened, the better it got. Every album, without fail, had at least a few songs that I liked. And then I did some research and found out that literally their entire discography came out in a less than 10 year span! THE. FUCK?!? They went from Please Please Me to Let It Be in a decade?!? I probably spent a good month listening to nothing else as I tried to make up for lost time.

Even today, it's somewhat incomprehensible to think that they went from simple "boy band" to "rock legends" just in the 60s. All the hits, the drugs, the mania, the experimentation and evolution of their sound, all in just a few short years. There are bands where you're lucky to get 3 albums in that time span. The Beatles had enough hits that just their #1s literally overflow a compilation album. Truly incredible.

I nominated Abbey Road because it's got to be my favorite Beatles album. And, at this point, one of my favorite albums period. Trying to rank these songs felt terrible because I feel bad that something (but not Something...) has got to be at the bottom of the list. For me though, it's always the medley that's been the most memorable. There's just something about it's eclectic weirdness and beauty that stands out in my mind. I really, really wanted to put Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through the Bathroom Window as #1 but objectively the final piece, Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End, is the best part.

Maybe a few years ago, I finally found out that despite being released before Let It Be, that Abbey Road was actually the last thing The Beatles recorded as a group. For me, it brings an extra bit of emotional weight to Abbey Road; the medley is the end of that story, it's the best thing they ever did, and finishes it off so poetically. (Discounting Her Majesty...) The final lyric is "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". An awe inspiringly fitting coda for The Beatles that will echo across the music landscape forever.

Abbey Road Track Ranking

11. Octopus's Garden (Track #5)

Score: 63 (Average Rank: 7.8/11)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Solioxrz362 (#11)

Giggsalot: Okay, this is where I alienate everyone. This is one of the most wholesome and beautiful kid's songs ever, and I love every second of it. The best of the Beatles' "silly songs" by a country mile.

Johnbobb: why did The Beatles suddenly become Ween

10. Because (Track #8)

Score: 64 (Average Rank: 7.73/11)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, StifledSilence (#11)

Giggsalot: This is some spooky shit. I can't say I'd ever choose to listen to it outside of the album, but it does what it wants to do pretty flawlessly. Cool callback to I Want You too.

Johnbobb: People are kinda hating on this (two people already called it a "dud"), but I think it deserves more credit, because this is the bridge between the singles and the medley, connecting two very distinct sections of album together into a cohesive whole. It doesn't stand on its own too well, sure, but it's necessary to prepare you for what's to come.

9. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (Track #6)

Score: 71 (Average Rank: 7.67/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Evillordexdeath, Giggsalot, Seanchan, Raetsel_Lapin, MetalmindStats, illuminatusbubu (#11)

Giggsalot: Okay, maybe this is where I alienate everyone. I've inherited my Beatles-mad father's dislike of this song, and was baffled to learn later in life that people love it. Blues rock is just so boring, guys. Admittedly the feel of the solo here is fun and the second half gets impressively dark, but man, this did not need to be nearly eight minutes long. Give me over Helter Skelter over this any day.

Johnbobb: This grungy type of Beatles sound is just such a surprisingly good fit. The upbeat, poppy stuff is always hit-or-miss for me, but this more experimental style works so well.

8. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Track #3)

Score: 72 (Average Rank: 7.67/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer (#11)

Giggsalot: One of the Beatles songs that I remember best from childhood, which surely says something for it. Besides that, this is some upper tier McCartney nonsense and the giggle in the second verse is great.

Johnbobb: this has always been one of my favorite Beatles songs, in no small part because it's so instantly memorable. It's probably the best example of a song's tone not matching its themes, which are dark and violent. I just really love the tune.

7. Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polythene Pam/She Came In Through the Bathroom Window (Tracks #10/11/12/13)

Score: 87 (Average Rank: 6.53/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Evillordexdeath, Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, SpikeSetsFire (#11)

Giggsalot: Bathroom Window does the heavy lifting here in songwriting terms (what a brilliant, overlooked song that is), but the way these otherwise unremarkable snippets are arranged to gradually build in energy is actually brilliant. By Polythene Pam they're basically playing proto-punk and Ringo's throwing his sticks out the window.

Johnbobb: Can't believe I've never heard the Abbey Road medley before, given that I knew almost every other song on the record. This feels like the group just throwing idea after idea into a cluster, and it's great.

6. Oh! Darling (Track #4)

Score: 102 (Average Rank: 5.87/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, illuminatusbubu (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#10)

Giggsalot: I'd overlooked this until recently, and it's definitely not a standout here overall. But bloody hell, that Lennon vocal is pretty great.

Johnbobb: I like this song in doses. It's aged a lot differently than the rest of the album; much of it is fairly timeless, but Oh! Darling distinctly sounds like it came out of the 60s, maybe even earlier. That's not a bad thing, but it's definitely noticeable.

5. You Never Give Me Your Money (Track #9)

Score: 102 (Average Rank: 5.73/11)

Biggest Fan(s): StifledSilence (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#11)

Giggsalot: This is my shit right here. The encapsulation of why McCartney is probably secretly the best Beatle, none of the others could pull this off. Hot take zone: this is way better than A Day in the Life.

Johnbobb: This is probably the one song on the album I couldn't name if asked.

4. Come Together (Track #1)

Score: 117 (Average Rank: 4.87/11)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Solioxrz362, StifledSilence (#9)

Giggsalot: Stone cold classic and deserving rock canon staple obviously, but that makes it easy to overlook just how straight up weird this is. Great opener.

Johnbobb: even among Beatles songs, this one sticks out as unforgettable.

3. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End(/Her Majesty) (Tracks #14/15/16/17)

Score: 126 (Average Rank: 4.53/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Evillordexdeath, Giggsalot, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Solioxrz362, MetalmindStats (#8)

Giggsalot: They never got better than this. Honestly, the slightly generic victory lap of The End sdoesn't hold up as well as the perfection of the preceding two sections, but they've really earned it by that point. Golden Slumbers is just heartbreaking, and the way the pub choir and the horns break in is absolutely magical. Another McCartney multi-part masterpiece. No band has ever gone out better than this in the fifty years since. (And screw the haters, Her Majesty is a part of that too! That dangling last note is hilarious.)

Johnbobb: a pleasant winding down medley after the craziness of the last handful of songs, and one that settles the album on a solid note

2. Here Comes the Sun (Track #7)

Score: 137 (Average Rank: 4.13/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Johnbobb (#10)

Giggsalot: The perfect antidote after the previous dirge. Absolutely perfect pop song, what can you even say here? If anyone doesn't like this I don't want to be their friend.

Johnbobb: Part of the low ranking here comes from how overplayed this is among Beatles songs, given that, compared to much of their works, it's just fine. What lowered the score was hearing it in the context of the rest of the album, where it appears smack between what would otherwise be an incredible transitition from I Want You to Because. It doesn't fit at all, and interrupts the flow that connects the two halves, almost like an afterthought.

1. Something (Track #2)

Score: 154 (Average Rank: 3.47/11)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP, CasanovaZelos, Solioxrz362, VeryInsane, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, StifledSilence, Johnbobb (#7)

Giggsalot: Just stunning, one of the best love songs ever. That bridge is unbelievable, and the way that the rhythm section is low key going off here, even on a ballad, shows how tight and creative these guys were by this point.

Johnbobb: Maybe not the standout of the album, but it could be for a lesser band. Sweet and lovely.

U2 - Achtung Baby[]

Participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (12)

ZeroSignal620 (12)

VeryInsane (20)

Jesse_Custer (24)

Seanchan (24)

Johnbobb (26)

Snake5555555555 (28)

Raetsel_Lapin (32)

SpikeSetsFire (36)

General Album Comments:

CasanovaZelos: Achtung Baby is my #567 album of all time and #11 for 1991. This is one of those all-time classics that never fully clicked with me, though I'm happy to give it another listen after Zoo Station and The Fly grew on me over the last couple years. While I vastly prefer The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby is where U2 became the coolest band on the planet. At the same time, this change set them up to become the most easily hateable. Are U2 trying too hard to appeal to everyone? Their sound is almost unclassifiable; this is 'rock' at its purest level, not quite classic nor alternative. There are few if any other artists I classify as 'rock' and nothing more specific. In that sense, U2 is fascinating. On another, they teeter on the edge of the generic. In fact, this album might represent the finest tip before falling over; U2 really hits it out of the ballpark with these tracks, a quality they never again achieved. At the same time, there's a noticeable gulf in quality between the big hits and the other tracks here; they could have dropped a couple and had a much tighter record. "One" is easily the highlight, an all-time great questioning the concept of unity in a fractured world. Bono's vocals there blow me away every time.

Jesse_Custer: In my view, Achtung Baby is U2 at their best, breaking away from the idealistic sound that made them famous in the 80s for a more experimental and darker style, without losing the earnest soul-searching of The Joshua Tree. I’d also say it’s U2’s most consistent album to date, on which almost every track is great.

Seanchan: I did a first listen of Achtung Baby and it mimiced my feelings on U2; it's fine but ultimately unremarkable. It felt like the type of album I'd stick on at low volume in the background of a party just to have some noise.

Snake5555555555: I ended up liking this album a lot more than I thought I would. The Fly crafts a wall-of-sound that feels industrial inspired, approaching almost Ministry-levels of vocal distortion with a superb guitar solo, the track exudes an eerie atmosphere while still being a scorching rocker. Mysterious Ways truly lives up its name with a dance-rock groove that lures you in with addictive percussion and Bono's entrancing vocals. My Preacher bias shines through on Until the End of the World, a truly heartfelt story that turns the tale of Jesus & Judas into a slow-burning rock song with biting lyricism. One is a classic for good reason, I love the song's message and it's well written musically of course but I probably wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it. Love is Blindness wowed me with sparse but impactful guitar work and a throbbing bass you can feel in your chest. The next few songs are just solid rock tracks, a tad forgettable but if they came on they would be a fun listen! Acrobat's time signature is at first uncomfortable to get in to but it ends up really working as further experimentation of U2's sound on this album. The last couple of songs are just bloated slogs, way too long while lacking any true distinct features for me even if I can appreciate some of the sentiment in the lyrics.

Overall there's some good songs on this album but it really suffers from bloated track lengths and some sameness in the vocals despite wild experimentation in the instrumental side. I like what this album represents in terms of its impact on the music landscape and for U2, but I'm not in a rush to listen to it again; I'll just stick to the cream of the crop on this one.

VeryInsane: I think it was pretty good! I can’t get into their newer stuff, and if I listen it’s generally to Unforgettable Fire or Joshua Tree, but I think this was actually better than both.

Seanchan (further thoughts): So, I guess the album grew on me a little bit. I feel like it falls off a cliff after Mysterious Ways though.

I can understand a little more why U2 is popular. Their sound can be all over the place, sometimes in a very cool way. I enjoyed a lot of the instrumentality (if that's the right word) but I'm still maybe not always the biggest fan of Bono's vocals.

Johnbobb: I normally like U2, but I really didn't care for this album much beyond Mysterious Ways, which is a classic.

Achtung Baby Track Ranking

12. Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the World (Track #9)

Score: 17 (Average Rank: 11.11/12)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin, Snake5555555555, VeryInsane, Seanchan, ZeroSignal620 (#12)

11. So Cruel (Track #6)

Score: 31 (Average Rank: 9.56/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#7)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#12)

10. Love is Blindness (Track #12)

Score: 43 (Average Rank: 8.22/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, ZeroSignal620 (#11)

9. Acrobat (Track #11)

Score: 46 (Average Rank: 8.11/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, SpikeSetsFire (#11)

8. Zoo Station (Track #1)

Score: 53 (Average Rank: 7.11/12)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, VeryInsane, Johnbobb (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#11)

7. Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (Track #5)

Score: 58 (Average Rank: 7/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Snake5555555555 (#11)

6. Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (Track #10)

Score: 62 (Average Rank: 6.56/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire (#10)

5. Even Better Than the Real Thing (Track #2)

Score: 69 (Average Rank: 6.11/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#10)

4. Until the End of the World (Track #4)

Score: 85 (Average Rank: 4.67/12)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#12)

3. The Fly (Track #7)

Score: 90 (Average Rank: 3.89/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, SpikeSetsFire (#7)

2. Mysterious Ways (Track #8)

Score: 99 (Average Rank: 3.22/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin, ZeroSignal620 (#5)

1. One (Track #3)

Score: 112 (Average Rank: 2.44/12)

Biggest Fan(s):CasanovaZelos, ZeroSignal620, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Seanchan (#4)

Radiohead - OK Computer[]

Radiohead - OK Computer results

Participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (10)

VeryInsane (14)

Jesse_Custer (20)

RyoCaliente (20)

Seginustemple (22)

neonreaper (24)

SpikeSetsFire (26)

HBJDubs (28)

TheArkOfTurus (30)

Giggsalot (30)

Johnbobb (32)

Snake5555555555 (36)

Evillordexdeath (36)

ChainLTTP (42)

Seanchan (42)

MetalmindStats (42)

Raetsel_Lapin (44)

General Album Comments:

Snake5555555555: Progressive rock for the slacker generation, combining introspective, slow-burning songs with moments of explosive hard rock, political diatribe and harsh commentaries on social isolation in an increasingly technologically-reliant age. It's downright impossible to truly listen to this album and not come away from it feeling something. Radiohead wear their influences on their sleeves here, mainly The Beatles but artists like Bob Dylan, ambient artists like The Orb, trip hop in Portishead, & classical composers get their due here too, but Radiohead smartly doesn't pigeonhole themselves and instead gets wildly creative with their compositions, and veer from the progressive-metal-esque Electioneering, which is one of the most prevalent political songs on the album, to the lush electronica structures of Exit Music, to the haunting ambient soundtracks that score terrifying lyrical motifs in tracks like Climbing Up the Walls or The Tourist, accompanied by absolutely gorgeous and ear-catching string arrangements. I would be remiss to not mention Airbag with its stop-start rhythm that is as addicting and catchy as it is frightfully meaningful as it paints a picture of car crashes and other transportation tragedies. There is no crack in Radiohead's armor, from start to finish Radiohead captivates with some of the best storytelling in music, and even tracks like Fitter Happier which run the risk of alienating even some of RH's most devout followers come across as charming and fitter to the album's overall themes (and it's an experimentation I tend to love despite its low ranking here). It's an album that totally lives up to the hype and you could spend hours dissecting the lyrical themes and instrumentation but I think it's best to just let it speak for itself.

ChainLTTP: The greatest album of all time. This is hard to rank because I feel differently about the songs individually vs how they fit into the album. But here goes nothing

CasanovaZelos: OK Computer is my favorite album of 1997 and #22 of all-time. It's hard to say anything that hasn't already been said; alongside Nevermind, this is THE big album of the 90s, and has the benefit of an obsessive online fanbase analyzing every detail. Rock and roll had been put through a blender in 1996, and Radiohead helped pick up the pieces and put them in a new direction, shedding alternative for something bigger and almost ethereal. This is one of those rare albums where no two songs sound the same, yet they all go so perfectly together. Hard rockers like "Paranoid Android" and "Electioneering" are expertly contrasted against the drifting atmosphere of "Subterranean Homesick Alien" or the subtly sinister "Climbing Up the Walls." Where The Bends was exceptional if familiar alternative, with all its focus on guitars and all that makes rock rock, OK Computer is all about atmosphere. Yet that's not to imply they went easy on the instrumentation; every layer of these songs is richly detailed. The end result is an album like nothing before it, with too large of a scope for anyone else to successfully imitate.

Giggsalot: Seminal, justifiably canonized, must-listen, etc. OK Computer flows effortlessly, and the perfect production and thematic consistency can fool you into thinking that the songwriting is a lot more even than it actually is. In that way, it's a pretty perfect example of the album form, and deserves its status. As with quite a lot of albums of that kind, though, there's a very strong argument that it doesn't even stand out in its own creators' discography divorced of the sociocultural context from which it came. Still, I'd love for my 4th - 5th album to be this good!

Evillordexdeath: For me, Radiohead's hot streak from The Bends through Kid A is one of the most impressive in all of music, with every track on all three albums being nothing short of excellent. OK Computer might actually be my least-favorite of the three, but even so it's one of those albums where it feels bad to have to choose a song to put in last place.

Seanchan: I will maintain I am generally positive on this album though I don't have anywhere near the reverence that I think a lot of the people in this topic do. I also found it really hard to do this ranking and I suspect this might be a very different ordering if I did more listens.

Johnbobb: Overall I really dug this album, way more than I thought I would. It's got a little bit of grunge, a little bit of electronic, and heavy dose of rock, all with Thom Yorke's iconic voice. I will say the album definitely has a quality dip about halfway through. Everything leading up to and including Karma Police is excellent, but after Fitter Happier, it feels a little more generic, though it's still not without it's highlights.

MetalmindStats: Believe it or not, I do actually like OK Computer - it's just not quite my type of music and probably a bit beyond the level on which I tend to engage with the medium. It's certainly an unusually inventive 90s alt-rock concept piece, focused yet divergent at once, with enough depth (lyrically and sonically alike) to help me grasp why it's become such a critical and music-nerd touchstone. And of course the sense of anomie and ennui, of things being perfectly normal and yet horribly off all at once, encapsulated within speaks to me - now in particular.

OK Computer Track Ranking

12. Fitter Happier (Track #7)

Score: 49 (Average Rank: 10.35/12)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, RyoCaliente, VeryInsane, HBJDubs, neonreaper, SpikeSetsFire, Seanchan, Seginustemple (#12)

ChainLTTP: I absolutely adore this interlude, but it's not really a song so…

CasanovaZelos: The definitive album-only track. This is going to be near the bottom of pretty much every list, but that’s not to say it serves no purpose. I would never listen to “Fitter Happier” on its own, but I also cannot imagine OK Computer without it. It’s a foreboding transition to the back half of the album that really sticks.

Giggsalot: It's weird that people hate on this, it's the conceptual heart of the album and it does its job perfectly. Sure, in these album rankings it kind of acts like the fodder line, but there's no shame in that.

Johnbobb: this is basically a skit so it's kind of hard to rank, but it still sounds good and fits well within the greater album.

11. Electioneering (Track #8)

Score: 74 (Average Rank: 8.88/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Raetsel_Lapin, CasanovaZelos, Evillordexdeath (#12)

ChainLTTP: would be a better song on The Bends, but even with Jonny's shredding it's still a weak part

CasanovaZelos: The weakest moment of OK Computer, a purely alternative track that doesn’t hit nearly as hard as those on their previous album. The lyrics aren’t nearly as interesting, either, just a basic take on political back and forth. Now that I think about it, the weird slogans make this feel like a precursor to Kid A – what a difference it makes when the music itself is pushing boundaries. I don’t think this is a bad song by any means, but it does stick out in a weird way.

Giggsalot: Actually kind of underrated, if this was on The Bends it would be one of the best songs there. The burst of energy the album needs after Fitter Happier.

Johnbobb: this is literally just a Muse song and no one can tell me otherwise

10. The Tourist (Track #12)

Score: 79 (Average Rank: 8.71/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Giggsalot, MetalmindStats (#12)

ChainLTTP: The best closer next to the Abbey Road Medley and A Day in the Life. Sums up the entire point of OK Computer in a single track and god damn if it can still get to me 15 years after I first listened to the album straight through. I will be playing this song when I'm on my death bed, looking back at my life, and I will be at peace.

CasanovaZelos: This one has never done too much for me on a sonic level, though I do like the way it cycles back around to the opening. Another crash is impending. Our narrator may be lucky, but only in the sense that he keeps surviving. There is a constant theme of feeling stuck, and using this track to make the whole album feel like a cycle drives that theme home. That elevator ding is a perfect closer.

Giggsalot: Like Airbag, this feels like an appropriate end, which cleverly hides the fact there's almost no song here at all. It's definitely possible that I might think more of this if it was by Low or Red House Painters - in principle, I like a lot of the artistic choices here - but given that Radiohead closers are almost informally amazing, this is a weird exception.

9. Subterranean Homesick Alien (Track #3)

Score: 93 (Average Rank: 7.59/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Sanke5555555555 (#12)

ChainLTTP: this song is lyrically perfect and makes me more introspective than anything besides the #1. I love it so much

CasanovaZelos: The comedown from Paranoid Android; not quite depression, but more an introspective take on feeling like an outsider in your own world. The spacey sound here is key to OK Computer as a whole, even if I rarely listen to this one outside of the album proper.

Giggsalot: I really like the dreamy folk vibes here, which makes me wish Radiohead would tap into this sound more frequently. But they've never really paired it with a great song (see also Give up the Ghost). I like the lyrics here and this climaxes well, but there's not a lot else here for me.

8. No Surprises (Track #10)

Score: 106 (Average Rank: 6.88/12)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, Evillordexdeath (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#12)

ChainLTTP: such a perfect juxtaposition of lovely melody with dark lyrics that came to define this era

CasanovaZelos: Much like “Let Down,” an uplifting tune paired with depressing lyrics. Unlike “Let Down,” it feels like this depression will stick. Like “Karma Police,” I feel this one is a bit too simple to justify its acclaim, but Yorke’s vocals are so powerful. It’s also a better song while actively listening; there are layers here I always forget in retrospect. If I’m harsh on these two tracks, it’s only because I feel like almost every song on here deserves the same level of attention. This is still a classic, reaching stunning emotional heights through its relative simplicity.

Giggsalot: I came here planning to write that this was a tiny bit too cute, but that's bullshit. Not my absolute favourite here, but this is perfect in its own right. The album probably should have ended here, the last two songs feel a bit like footnotes after this.

Johnbobb: Probably the only song on the album I'm outright consider "not good." Boring, repetitive, and just kind of unnecessary.

7. Airbag (Track #1)

Score: 130 (Average Rank: 5.88/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Evillordexdeath (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Giggsalot, HBJDubs (#10)

ChainLTTP: the perfect opener: "in an interstellar burst, I'm back again to save the universe." Fuck me, it's so good

CasanovaZelos: Though not my favorite track on the album, "Airbag" does a great job capturing what makes the full album so effective. After starting with an abrasive guitar, the song pulls back to let Yorke's gentle voice shine. Though we never return to that opening sound, it leaves a pervasive sense of foreboding. This is an album defined by contrasts, and "Airbag" makes a simple statement - after a horrifying accident, the survivor is simply happy to be alive, but he can't quite put everything behind.

Giggsalot: As alluded to above, the bookends on OK Computer feel 'appropriate', which is an ideal way of hiding that they're not especially great songs. Airbag has cool atmosphere and a nice guitar tone but not a huge amount else.

Johnbobb: what a fucking way to start an album

6. Lucky (Track #11)

Score: 130 (Average Rank: 5.76/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#11)

ChainLTTP: this takes me back to college so much. The Pink Floyd track of the 90s

CasanovaZelos: First he survived a car crash, now our narrator survives an air crash. However depressing this album can get, there’s a theme of survival as well. This is the only outright optimistic track on the album - the way Yorke delivers “it’s gonna be a glorious day” the final time can bring me to tears. While this will likely be overshadowed by other tracks on its own, this is the cathartic release that makes OK Computer work as a cohesive whole.

Giggsalot: Actually a bit underrated, probably their best straight up britpop song. That chorus fucking soars, man.

5. Climbing Up the Walls (Track #9)

Score: 132 (Average Rank: 6.24/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Giggsalot, HBJDubs, Seginustemple (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Evillordexdeath, Seanchan (#11)

ChainLTTP: the climax of this hits so fucking hard

CasanovaZelos: Perhaps the most underappreciated Radiohead track. The atmosphere here kills me, and that final scream is one of the best things Yorke has ever pulled off. This is such an unsettling, chaotic piece, and it really surprises me that it’s not considered a standout. Perhaps it was too ahead of its time, as it feels like a bridge toward Kid A.

Giggsalot: Loving the appreciation for this so far in this topic! This is the best song here hands down for me. An absolute masterclass in building tension, with a climax that just completely burns the house down.

4. Exit Music (For a Film) (Track #4)

Score: 154 (Average Rank: 4.59/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, neonreaper, Seanchan, Johnbobb, Metalmindstats (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, RyoCaliente (#9)

ChainLTTP: see (Climbing Up the Walls), god damn this song got me through my moody freshman year of college

CasanovaZelos: A deeply moving song, and I’ll never get over the fact that it’s from the Romeo + Juliet credits. A completely baffling film, but there must be some merits if seeing the ending inspired the band to write this. Again, this is a song of contrasts; after clearly embracing the depressing conclusion of its inspiration during the first half, Yorke goes a step further and ends the song with condemnation. But as with every other song on OK Computer, it’s mere manic rambling; Romeo and Juliet are incapable of revenge, so they can only wish harm upon their enemies, which itself fits the overarching theme of the album. Thom Yorke’s vocals during the climax are to die for, while the distorted backing vocals that come in a third of the way through always get under my skin. And, gosh, when the drums come in.

Giggsalot: Yep, this is where the album really takes off for me. This has the best core melody so far by miles, and OK Computer's best songs are the ones where they hone in on a simmering, almost trip-hop-esque tension. That buzzing bass is the sound of dreams.

Johnbobb: The biggest surprise of the album, as the previous three songs were all great, but I thought it might have finally hit a dip in the beginning of track 4. Then the deep background vocals come in, then the drums and distorted guitar at around 3 minutes in, leading to perhaps my favorite moment of the album in the last minute of the song.

3. Karma Police (Track #6)

Score: 158 (Average Rank: 4.53/12)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#11)

ChainLTTP: it feels disgusting putting Karma Police of all things in the middle, but this album is the fucking GOAT so here we are

CasanovaZelos: While I really like “Karma Police,” I’ll never understand people who treat it like the definitive Radiohead song. On an album where nearly every track is pushing the boundaries, this feels a little too simple. But then I get to the outro and it kills me every time. I can see why it’s a big deal – this is the most rock radio friendly song on the album, and it has a killer atmosphere. Just, the first couple minutes are just alright to me, saved by a stunning ending.

Giggsalot: Note-perfect classic, and the only one of the three singles here that hasn't suffered from overplay. Who cares that it's basically Sexy Sadie, they should teach this in schools. I will not be taking questions.

Johnbobb: the only song I knew going in, because of course I did. Listening to it in context of the rest of the album is a much different experience though, because I actually didn't like it quite as much as the album's opening tracks, though I can really appreciate the interesting midpoint having Karma Police/Fitter Happier here creates. Great song either way.

2. Paranoid Android (Track #2)

Score: 170 (Average Rank: 4.47/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, TheArkOfTurus, neonreaper, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#11)

ChainLTTP: probably in your casual fan's top 2, and for good reason. This is where it starts getting REALLY hard for me to rank them

CasanovaZelos: "Happiness is a Warm Gun" or "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the angsty gen Xer. It makes sense for this to be the signature track; in an album full of contrasts, a song which is several distinct ideas mashed together accentuates the idea. OK Computer does a phenomenal job exploring generally untapped emotions, and this is the perfect embodiment of stress-driven narcissism. Every inch of this song, no matter how disparate each section gets, suggests someone on a manic high desperately reassuring themselves of their own greatness lest the world drag them back down. And instrumentally, this is simply an awesome song.

Giggsalot: Yeah, we all know this one is great. I could make a case that the only truly spectacular section is the "rain down" chorus, but I've been snarky enough already and who needs more of that. This is a classic for a reason.

Johnbobb: It's hard to choose a favorite between the first four songs, because OK Computer has such an incredible start. PA does a little of everything, leaping from acoustic to grunge to whatever the fuck is happening in that last minute.

1. Let Down (Track #5)

Score: 170 (Average Rank: 4.12/12)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente, CasanovaZelos, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#9)

ChainLTTP: Radiohead firing on all cylinders. This is a band that is clicking. You only see this once a generation, friends

CasanovaZelos: My personal favorite Radiohead song. Again, contrast is the name of the game, and no other song can make me feel so simultaneously hopeful and crushed by the weight of the world. Yorke sings “One day I am gonna grow wings” with such force, only to tear it down immediately. But the line keeps coming back, and even if he immediately subverts it every time, the fact he can’t drop the idea suggests there’s reason to believe. And, just, the outro. Such a beautiful piece of music, and again accentuating the contrast as Thom Yorke’s vocals split in two. It unfortunately gets lost in the shuffle for some people – it’s not as in your face about what it’s doing like Paranoid Android - but I truly believe this is Radiohead at their most emotionally raw.

Giggsalot: One of only about three genuinely pretty songs on the album (RH got way better at this later on). I've never adored this the way most fans do, but it's crept up on me over the years. Consider me charmed.

Alice in Chains - Dirt[]

Alice in Chains - Dirt Results

Participants sorted by deviation from final results:

Seanchan (14)

CasanovaZelos (18)

neonreaper (20)

TheArkOfTurus (22)

HBJDubs (24)

VeryInsane (24)

Snake5555555555 (26)

ZeroSignal620 (32)

Johnbobb (34)

SpikeSetsFire (36)

Raetsel_Lapin (38)

General Album Comments:

Snake5555555555: Man this album brings back so many great memories. It was one of those endlessly looped high school albums for me, back when I was absolutely obsessed with grunge. Scored homework sessions, vacations & camping trips, video game multiplayer matches, work assignments, etc.. I've largely grown tired of that sound over the years, due to both being massively overplayed and moving on to other musical obsessions, but the fact remains I still absolutely love this album. Layne Staley's vocals are both heavenly & haunting, at once a drone of absolute despair, anger, & hatred and a lullaby that assures you there's still hope and it's without question no grunge band were doing vocal harmonies like AIC was; this album would not be as fondly remember without Cantrell backing up Layne. The songs become a choir that invokes a sense of belonging and community with the listener, inviting sing-alongs as you wallow in and become enveloped in each song's rich, filthy, & seedy atmosphere. I actually agree with Zelos that grunge is not really a genre, but I do think it's more than a marketing term too; I think it's more a term for the aesthetic of the music. Dirt is what to comes my mind when I think of grunge, and that starts with its album title cover right down into every note and lyric of the music. This is dirty music, from its sludgy guitars to lyrics that depict the depressing lows one person can end up experiencing and how daunting of a task it can appear to pull yourself out of whatever grave you dug yourself into. The album even features themes of warfare, with comparisons to the horrifying conditions of especially the Vietnam War, an analysis of psychology exploring different ways the brain can be scarred but in the end it's still the same feeling. It's also practically impossible to separate the backstory of the album and the unfortunate tragedy of Staley from this music, a double-edged sword that both mythologizes the album and re-contextualizes each song with new meaning but also makes it incredibly difficult to listen to as you know these were real people really going through these difficult times.

To criticize the album a little bit: the 8-10 track span of the album always kind of blended into one for me, I feel like those tracks aren't as memorable as the beginnings of the album. I'm a little fatigued with the album's sound by that point, but it ends strong though with Angry Chair and especially Would?, a moody masterpiece with an explosive chorus and satisfying ending.

And despite the album's inherent darkness the album is absolutely a fun listen to. Them Bones is an explosive opener, with Layne's "ahs!" being instantly catchy with a satisfying chromatic riff, that is one of the best short metal songs of all time. The beginning of the album shows a particular aptitude for even more hooky songwriting, such as Dam the River's chorus "maybe I don't give a damn anyway", with wordplay that's a bit blunt sure but it comes together with the riff and is a blast to sing along to. And of course there's some "chugga-chuggas" for the true head-banger, in songs like Sickman. In general, it's not really what I listen to the album for, but I appreciate it all the same.

It's a timeless album and a realistic snapshot of both a band and a generation, and whether or not grunge is old hat at this point is irrelevant, because substance abuse and psychological torment is something that affects all generations no matter what the music sounds like.

ZeroSignal620: On paper, Dirt is arguably the most depressing album ever written. The songs featured on this album include the ideas of death, struggle, war, and drug addiction; the latter hits the hardest considering all four members were on something at the time of making this album, and two of them are no longer with us today.

However, it was also the final piece to an impressive 4-pack of Seattle albums. Released one year after Pearl Jam's Ten, Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger, and Nirvana's Nevermind, Dirt arrives fashionably and excellently late. In the end, Dirt not only stands out above all over Alice in Chains albums, it stands out over all albums released from the 90s Seattle movement. 8 of the 13 tracks on this album are in AIC's overall top 30 songs ever.

neonreaper: When I put my list together, I really didn't expect to see Dirt and Rain When I Die middle-bottom. It's such a good album. It's also a little tricky to think about, as I liked this as a kid, as a young adult, and as a middle-aged guy. I would imagine I listened to Would and Angry Chair the most when I was young, but that has changed over time. Even Junkhead is a good and vital part of the album.

VeryInsane: This album is a little top heavy but still pretty good. Alice In Chains is pretty fun to play on guitar btw

Johnbobb: This is probably the hardest album to rank so far because the whole thing is just so goddamn good. Start to finish, this is grunge at its absolute best, without a single bad song. While I don't think Alice in Chains had the overall lasting power of some of the other grunge bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, at their best they're difficult to compete with. Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell's voices together just creates an otherworldly experience, resulting in one of my all-time favorite albums.

Seanchan: This is a really solid album. On my first listen I was surprised by how many of these songs I was already familiar with from 90s/00s radio play. There's definitely a lull after Rooster but it ends strong. I was a bit surprised doing my rankings as there's not really a "bad" song on the album (removing Untitled for obvious reasons). I don't think this is as good as Nevermind but it's closer than I would have initially thought.

Dirt Track Ranking

13. Untitled (Track #10)

Score: 15 (Average Rank: 12.64/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#9)

Biggest Detractor(s): everyone but Raetsel_Lapin (#13)

ZeroSignal620: Titled "Iron Gland" on a compilation album, the biggest tragedy is that this 40 second joke of a skit got put on a Best Of compilation over a number of classics.

Johnbobb: I'm ranking this last not because it's bad, and not even because it's not really a song, because I can still appreciate its spot on the album and how it contributes to the overall feel. But on an album where every song could be a hit, it has to drop.

12. God Smack (Track #9)

Score: 41 (Average Rank: 10.27/13)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, Seanchan (#12)

ZeroSignal620: Allegedly the unofficial origin of the band with the same name, God Smack reflects a little more on the band's struggle with heroin. Good chorus, weak verses.

11. Junkhead (Track #7)

Score: 49 (Average Rank: 9.55/13)

Biggest Fan(s): ZeroSignal620 (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#13)

ZeroSignal620: Arguably AIC's drug anthem, the tune and lyrics give this one a haunting atmosphere behind it all. Easily could have been written from the personal experience of any band member.

Johnbobb: admittedly this is the one song on the album that's hard to listen to now, given Staley's later overdose

10. Sickman (Track #5)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 9.09/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, SpikeSetsFire (#12)

ZeroSignal620: The bridge to this drags on a bit, but otherwise a decent song. Lyrically, more foreshadowing on Layne's behalf.

Johnbobb: doesn't get nearly enough love compared to the many hits from Dirt. It's one of the tracks I think of the most, and it shows off the vocals really well, even just when Staley pronounces the title. SickmaAaAaaAaaaAaaan, Sickman, Sickmaan, Sickmaaaaaan.

9. Dirt (Track #8)

Score: 69 (Average Rank: 7.91/13)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, Raetsel_Lapin (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#12)

ZeroSignal620: The title track is done very well here, don't let its placement here fool you. Solid chorus and guitar work help make this one a classic.

8. Hate to Feel (Track #11)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 8.09/13)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZeroSignal620, HBJDubs, VeryInsane (#12)

ZeroSignal620: This one never stuck to me musically, especially with its abrupt ending; lyrically, the idea of Layne stating the fear of ending up like his father is some heavy foreshadowing. On a different note, the live versions of this end up being better than what we get here.

Johnbobb: So much is done in this one song; the tempo is constantly changing, the vocal shifting throwing the listener for a loop over and over.

7. Dam That River (Track #2)

Score: 74 (Average Rank: 7.27/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZeroSignal620, neonreaper, HBJDubs (#10)

ZeroSignal620: Short, simple, and to the point. Unlike Them Bones, however, this song is decent at best and mostly forgettable. You could've put this track on Facelift and no one would've noticed. That's not a knock against Facelift, just saying DTR's style sounds more like a Facelift track.

Johnbobb: I had this song stuck in my head all morning at work, but only the lines "Sooooo yoooou couldn't damn that river / Well maybe I don't give a damn anyway"

6. Rain When I Die (Track #3)

Score: 89 (Average Rank: 6.36/13)

Biggest Fan(s): ZeroSignal620 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#12)

ZeroSignal620: By far the strongest track on Dirt. The minute long bass opening and the main guitar line before verses mixed with Layne's vocals help produce one of AIC's best songs ever.

5. Angry Chair (Track #12)

Score: 100 (Average Rank: 5.27/13)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, Raetsel_Lapin (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus (#8)

ZeroSignal620: The guitar work absolutely defines this song here, as well as the ending parts to all the verses.

4. Would? (Track #13)

Score: 125 (Average Rank: 3.82/13)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#8)

ZeroSignal620: Written in memory of Mother Love Bone vocalist Andrew Wood, this tune grabs you with an excellent chorus and a slightly groovy guitar solo. The bass opening is spot on as well.

Johnbobb: Much like Them Bones is a near perfect opener, Would? is a perfect closer

3. Rooster (Track #6)

Score: 128 (Average Rank: 3.91/13)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, HBJDubs, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#10)

ZeroSignal620: Written about his father's time in Vietnam, Jerry Cantrell brought forth the horrors of war on paper before Layne added his voice to it all. Music wise, the opening and chorus are damn near perfect. This is a staple in every AIC playlist for a reason.

Johnbobb: 10/10 perfect song

2. Down in a Hole (Track #4)

Score: 129 (Average Rank: 3.73/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, neonreaper, Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#9)

ZeroSignal620: AIC almost goes in ballad form for this song and it pays off. While the chorus is simple, the verses are done very well here.

Johnbobb: I HATE putting Down in a Hole this low (9th on my list) because holy shit is it good, it just slows down the album's pace just enough to fall short of some of the other tracks

1. Them Bones (Track #1)

Score: 133 (Average Rank: 3.09/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#6)

ZeroSignal620: An excellent album opener, Them Bones is short and simple, yet hard and to the point. Cantrell's lyrics about the idea of death needed the vocals of Layne Staley to make this a hit. Also Cantrell's best guitar solo is featured here.

Johnbobb: When that opening "IIIAAAAHHH" scream comes in, I want to throw a rock through a window it's so good

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver[]

LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver Results

Participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (8)

ZaziGuado (8)

Raetsel_Lapin (12)

VeryInsane (12)

HBJDubs (14)

Johnbobb (16)

Snake5555555555 (22)

Seanchan (30)

General Album Comments:

CasanovaZelos: Sound of Silver is my third favorite album of all time, behind only Kate Bush's Hounds of Love and The Velvet Underground and Nico. In fact, this might be the first album I gave a spin after deciding to start listening to full albums - I spent most of my youth only listening to singles. The idea of a full album as a piece of art in itself was a concept I had not been exposed to, and I've spent the last decade playing catch up. Sound of Silver worked as an effective introduction due to the way LCD Soundsystem plays genre roulette - this album contains a few dance-punk tracks like their first album, but mixes in distinctly electronic tracks and more subdued, reflective songs. James Murphy began his career by listing off his influences, and he really plays up his eclectic tastes here.

Snake5555555555: This is my first time listening to this album front to back in full. I've heard most of the individual tracks before but never as one whole cohesive unit weirdly enough. And I loved it! The album maintains a consistent clean quality from 0:00 to 55:55, full of electronic layered soundscapes that are infectiously groovy, getting the spine moving even during the most innocuous of tasks, it's impossible to resist. Couple that with some of the most intelligent lyrics in the genre that encourage scream-alongs and introspective thought with hard partying, and you suddenly have an album that appeals and brings together two often disparate groups in pure musical unity. The track lengths seem long and daunting on paper, but in practice, these tracks are chock full of interesting and experimental instrumentation which both gives each song room to stretch its legs while also being long enough to maintain that trance-like sense of focus and danceability.

I have what I think are the album's two biggest tracks on top as my casualness shows. North American Scum is the most punk song on the album, disparaging criticism of the United States while also accepting the country does have flaws and isn't perfect over hard electro with an especially catchy bass line. All My Friends sounds like a standard alt. rock song from the era to me, at least at the onset; the repetitive piano melody runs the risk of getting annoying but it never does. Actually, it only appears to grow in intensity as the rest of the track does the same, crafting this almost optical illusion of sound as guitars add depth and intrigue to Murphy's constantly marching vocals and by the time the track comes to a close you're enveloped in an aura of pure sound. Us V. Them has one of the best uses of repetition on the album, an example of some of the excellent sloganeering on the album that really lodges in your brain and will have you singing it out loud all day. This goes for Watch the Tapes too, a short firecracker of a top with some of the best with some enjoyable group background vocals and a good use of dropping out certain parts of the composition to bring other elements into the forefront. From my ranking it may seem like I dislike some of the more obviously dance focused tracks; I don't, I just think Time to Get Away and Get Innocuous are slow-burners, these tracks instead focus more on feeling and concentrated bursts of funk than the more instantly catchy mid-album tracks. Still quality in their own way. Finally, Sound of Silver is sparse and has some vocals that are a little too droney for my liking, but I do like how the song pops with an almost liquid effect and clever use of percussion.

This was a great album overall, bursting with creative depth and some of the best dance tracks ever written. It's a genre that I'd love to explore more of in the future and if it's anything like this it will have me instantly hooked.

ZaziGuado: Sound of Silver was my first LCD Soundsystem album. 11 or 12 years ago, I did the whole users nominate songs for me to rank topic and All My Friends was one of them. It sat at #2 for the longest time until I finally resisted the urge to keep longtime favorite Say It Ain't So at the #1 spot and swapped them. If I were to make any sort of "all time favorite songs" ranking, All My Friends would be Top 10 without any doubt, and I hesitate to not just say Top 5 as well. I love this song. There are so many metaphors one could use to compare this song to life. Unfortunately, I don't really have the capacity or desire to do that at the moment, but I know they are there. I wrote at the time of ranking that this is the kind of song that in the future I would find myself drunk listening to it and starting to cry 5-10 years down the road. While that hasn't happened, I still don't rule out the possibility.

That's a lot to write towards one song, but Sound of Silver isn't just a one song album. Someone Great is the perfect lead-in track to All My Friends and forms one of the best two song punches an album can have. I can only hope that when I die I had such a profound impact on somebody's life that they experience these emotions about me. It was also fun that when I listened to 45:33 that Someone Great found its start there. While it's not a one song album, it can certainly feel like a two song album at times given my love for Someone Great and All My Friends eclipses anything the rest of the album could possibly hope to achieve. Get Innocuous is a geat appetizer and North American Scum is a lot of fun. However, I find myself tuning out a bit after the climax of Someone Great and All My Friends. I actually enjoy Us V Them and Watch the Tapes quite a bit, but I still feel like I'm almost laboring through them after the emotional journey of the two tracks that preceded them. It doesn't feel right to go to dancey dancey good time, but that's a place where more metaphors about life could be inserted by somebody who loves to wax philosophical more than I do.

Sound of Silver is super great, but in a way having two of my favorite songs in existence on it, especially smack dab in the middle of the track list, hurts my enjoyment of the album as a whole. Because of this, I probably prefer This Is Happening if I were to choose to listen to an LCD Soundsystem album. However, I would still recommend Sound of Silver, perhaps even as the first album, to anybody curious about listening to LCD Soundsystem.

VeryInsane: Another great album. So I like how upbeat a lot of the songs are, reminds me a lot of Talking Heads. First half was really tough to rank. I think my one critique is some of the songs towards the bottom kinda drag out a little long but overall I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Seanchan: This is a really strong album, outside of the last song, which does nothing for me (but can easily be skipped since it's at the end). There's just a lot of sick beats and head bopping. Some of the songs are a bit long and repetitive but when you're enjoying them that doesn't really matter too much. This is an album I will be coming back to in the future and it makes me want to dive into some more LCD Soundsystem.

Sound of Silver track ranking

9. Time to Get Away (Track #2)

Score: 23 (Average Rank: 7.13/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado, HBJDubs, Seanchan (#8)

CasanovaZelos: The stronger of the two pure dance-punk tracks. This was the sound they perfected on their previous album. Strong rhythm, catchy, though it seems to lack an identity on an album full of distinct sounds. Serves as a perfect breather between the explosive intro and the more ecstatic North American Scum.

8. Watch the Tapes (Track #7)

Score: 24 (Average Rank: 7.13/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs, VeryInsane (#9)

CasanovaZelos: A solid dance-punk track, but I also wouldn't notice a difference if it wasn't here. Fun but inessential.

7. Sound of Silver (Track #8)

Score: 25 (Average Rank: 6.88/9)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, Seanchan (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Snake5555555555, ZaziGuado (#9)

CasanovaZelos: The reason this is my #3 album and not #1. After a decade of adoring this album, the title track has never clicked. It lacks the energy that makes their dance-punk songs work, while also having repetitive lyrics. Which, repetitive lyrics can be fine in the right hands - this just reads as a pale imitation of house music. After blowing up with a song titled "Daft Punk is Playing at My House," it makes sense they tried, but it ended up being the weakest track across their four albums. I still don't think it's outright bad, but this is a band where I think practically every other song they made qualifies as good at the minimum.

6. Us v Them (Track #6)

Score: 37 (Average Rank: 5.75/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb (#9)

CasanovaZelos: I guess this is also a pure dance-punk track, but of a different flavor than Time to Get Away and Watch the Tapes. You might have caught on by now that LCD Soundsystem like their long tracks. This was the first song they played when I saw them live back in the summer of 2010, which was at the first music festival I ever attended, so I will always have strong memories. I don't imagine this clicking with everyone due to the length, but as someone who loves dance-punk, it is eight and a half minutes of ecstacy.

5. New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down (Track #9)

Score: 48 (Average Rank: 4.63/9)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#9)

CasanovaZelos: An absolutely perfect closer, and LCD Soundsystem know it. This was their closing song at that first concert I attended, and even at their 'final show' before they got back together a few years later (they finally gave "All My Friends" that honor when I saw them again in 2017). Again, Murphy's lyrics are outstanding, a bitter assault on the city James Murphy calls home. But the real highlight is the furious explosion a bit past the halfway point, a cathartic release that Murphy would try to capture in two future songs (and he succeeded, those two being the best tracks off their respective albums).

4. North American Scum (Track #3)

Score: 51 (Average Rank: 4.25/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs, Seanchan (#6)

CasanovaZelos: Another dance-punk track, but with clear electronic influences. Though not as deep as the 'big three' from this album, LCD Soundsystem at heart is a band specializing in dance music, and this is the most joyous and energetic song on the album. James Murphy is also a phenomenal lyricist, and this is the first track on the album to give him room to show off, creating a comic diatribe about anti-American sentiments. James Murphy is North American scum and proud, baby!

3. Get Innocuous! (Track #1)

Score: 62 (Average Rank: 3.75/9)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, Seanchan, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#8)

CasanovaZelos: My introduction to LCD Soundsystem, not due to this album but from being featured on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto IV. I loved this song from the beginning - that dense, slow build opening is the perfect opener. And then Murphy's layered vocals come in, modified to give a godlike droning. The outro is also cool, with Nancy Whang's gentler voice ironically pushing us to 'normalize.' In a way, this has the biggest sound on the album, a track that might even mislead a first time listener before they realize the whole album jumps between several ideas.

2. Someone Great (Track #4)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 2.88/9)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#7)

CasanovaZelos: The comedown track from "North American Scum," a numbing look at loss backed by mesmerizing electronic drones. James Murphy is at the top of his game with the lyrics, capturing that brief period of numbness before you truly grasp that someone great is gone. This also makes perfect use of repitition during the bridge and chorus, two moments that can easily make me cry if I find myself singing along. The glockenspiel is an excellent little touch, backing every syllable that Murphy sings. Among the many songs explicitly about coping with death, this might be my favorite.

1. All My Friends (Track #5)

Score: 76 (Average Rank: 2.63/9)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Raetsel_Lapin, ZaziGuado (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#6)

CasanovaZelos: When I say "Someone Great" and "All My Friends" can both make me cry, I have to point out that this is a genuinely uncommon experience for me with music. Perhaps a dozen songs at most reach that level. This is the definitive song off Sound of Silver, though I would not be surprised if it collapses among first time listeners - this is a song that takes time to grow, making use of a repetitive piano loop that can be offputting at first. With your attention drawn to that loop, it's easy to miss the slow introduction of instruments throughout the song. The lyrics hit me like few others, perhaps even harder than "Someone Great." Death is obviously sad, but few artists have hit on the feeling of looking around and feeling disconnected from everyone. It's hard to believe how long I've felt so strongly about this song - "I wouldn't trade one stupid decision for another five years of life" was my senior quote ten years ago. But it only gets better with age. That piano loop represents an overwhelming state of reflection, of one vowing to live life without regrets while being incapable of doing so. Decades pass, and the friends you thought were there forever have moved on. "All My Friends" is a pure explosion of mixed emotions.

Pink Floyd - The Wall[]

Pink Floyd - The Wall results

First, the list of participants (no deviation this time)















General album comments:

neonreaper: I

Snake5555555555: This album is at time more akin to listening to an audio drama than a musical album. To me, this is the peak of concept album storytelling, and to not listen to it in the order intended is downright detrimental to the listening experience. The Wall proved progressive rock can be fun and accessible to the average listener while still providing a deep experience of complex instrumentality and passionate, meaningful lyrics with catchy hooks. The Wall flows so seamlessly from one track to the next that the feature length run-time feels like a drop in the bucket as you become immersed in a dystopian, epic world of terrible teachers, the sins of parents, wartime tragedies, and ultimately, self-doubt and extreme separation and isolation from everyone and everything in the world as you become a shell of your former shelf, beaten down by the world's cruel tendencies. It's a lot to take in, but the intense autobiographical nature gives it a whole layer of relatability to many listeners, and Pink Floyd lulls you into security, grooving between hard rock riffs and even some more popular genres at the same like disco & funk while often pulling the rug out on the listener with screamed vocals and jarring musical transitions that make you constantly pay attention to every note being played and every line being sung.

A personal highlight for me is found in the hypnotic chants of "run" in Run Like Hell accompanying two short but sweet verses that say more about humanity than most 500-page epics, at once a twisted teenage love song and a rally cry to submit to fascist control and totalitarian dictatorship. And my limited understanding of music theory can't even begin to approach the amazing riff and complex guitar work that permeates the entire song, with outstanding production across the board. The whole "Brick in the Wall" saga is a timeless classic, and I can't imagine not at least listening to The Happiest Days of Our Lives before Part 2; it's one of the best song pairings of all time, as it builds up a steady funk while having some of best lyrics in the album, a total disparaging of every teacher who ever got you in trouble or yelled at you in class while offering a brief glimpse into what their lives are like at home too. Like this and so many songs on the album, there's always a sense of horror and the uncanny behind everything we think is normal and just in our society, always a twist of the status quo lying just beyond the horizons of our eyesight. The screaming transition into Part 2 is as bone-chilling as the shift from Parabol to Parabola in Tool's Lateralus. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 is maybe the most famous to come from this album, which I know is a bold statement with Comfortably Numb sitting right there, but tell me what kid, teen, or adult in the world can't get behind a song both thrashing institutionalized education and losing your personal identity as you're battered processed like cattle in a meat processing factory.

This album is obviously incredible. Sure, I could see some people finding the short interludes pretentious and pointless, but personally I find every song on this album immersive and atmospheric, while having its moments of pure rock fun that you don't necessarily have to worry about The Wall being too dark of a listen to just pull out and play. Pink Floyd always uses their trademark sense of humor to belay getting too bogged down in self-seriousness, and I think that does wonders for the album, putting attention on the music while still getting the gravitas of the words across in a way that's not over-bearing or ironically, not hammering you over the head with obvious and repetitive theming. It's an album I think everyone should listen to at least point in their lives, and it's album you will better for for doing so.

ChainLTTP: I've heard most of the traditional "songs" before, but listening to this straight through, I noticed something interesting.

Dark Side of the Moon, to me, is the quintessential album that bridged psychedelic 60s rock with the sounds of the 70s. And now The Wall is sonically bridging what I think of as "70s rock" with the sounds of the 80s. It's hard for me to explain, but this feels like a weird transitional time capsule.

Johnbobb: I disagree with the people saying The Wall can't really be ranked individually by song. I understand the opinion, and obviously a big part of The Wall's appeal is how well it cohesively forms its story, but part of what makes The Wall a perfect album (and make no mistake, The Wall is about as perfect of an album as any band could ever hope to put out) is both how well everything works together as well as how everything stands distinct on its own. Songs differ drastically in mood, style, voice, instrumentation, etc., reflecting the story's plot-points as well as the perspective of its lead character at that moment of his life. It's the concept album to end all concept albums.

darkx: This is my second-favorite album of all time, and while some of those short little snippet songs are kinda nice I couldn't justify putting any of them above those top 9.

The Wall track ranking

26. Goodbye Cruel World (Track #13)

Score: 2

Biggest Fan(s): Evillordexdeath (#14)

Johnbobb: By all means, this should be part of Another Brick, Pt. 3, but who am I to criticize the greatest songwriters of their time?

25. Stop (Track #24)

Score: 3

Biggest Fan(s): darkx (#13)

Johnbobb: This isn't ranked so low because it's 30 seconds long, it's ranked this low because I'm upset that Waiting for the Worms ended.

24. Vera (Track #17)

Score: 5

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP (#12)

Johnbobb: I didn't know who Vera Lynn was before this song! And by the time it was done I still didn't!

23. Bring the Boys Back Home (Track #18)

Score: 6

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP, HBJDubs (#13)

Johnbobb: it's not much of a song on its own, admittedly, but it exists as the holy shit moment of Pink psychosis breaking into the dreary nothing he has left.

22. The Show Must Go On (Track #20)

Score: 9

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#13)

Johnbobb: There are quite a few songs on the album <2 minutes long, and it's easy to just dump them all at the bottom (which I'm doing, to an extent), but it's never because they're bad, and short tunes like this could easily be standouts on a weaker album.

21. Outside the Wall (Track #26)

Score: 11

Biggest Fan(s): Evillordexdeath (#6)

Johnbobb: isn't this where...

20. Don't Leave Me Now (Track #11)

Score: 12

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#11)

Johnbobb: Please don't CTRL-F the word "ominous" because I know I'm using it too much. It's just so damn sad, as you see Pink desperately pleading to not be left behind, as he knows how close he is to lose everything, including his own sense of self.

19. Empty Spaces (Track #8)

Score: 27

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#4)

Johnbobb: Are there filler songs on The Wall? No. Fuck you.

18. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3 (Track #12)

Score: 31

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#8)

Johnbobb: And there it is. He's broken. He's given up. His last plea was ignored, and he has nothing left but a killer guitar track.

17. Is There Anybody Out There? (Track #15)

Score: 32

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP (#7)

Johnbobb: it wouldn't be a proper Pink Floyd concept album without a track mostly make up of bizarre screeching and creepy noises overtop sad acoustic guitar.

16. The Thin Ice (Track #2)

Score: 36

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#9)

Johnbobb: If In the Flesh? is the intro to the album's pure power and style, The Thin Ice is the intro to the album's pure scope, opening its concept album with both a literal and metaphorical baby, a character that is both unprepared for and terrified of his future.

15. Nobody Home (Track #16)

Score: 39

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#5)

Johnbobb: The time has passed, he's trapped within the Wall, and he accepts what little, forgettable bits of his life are still remaining from everything he's locked out of reach of himself. Waters sounds legitimately broken here, and the fuzzy sounds of the TV in the background only amplify the dread as helplessly hopes for something he can't have.

14. The Happiest Days of Our Lives (Track #4)

Score: 43

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#2)

Johnbobb: It's short, and it's often combined with the following Another Brick Pt. 2, and to be honest, I'm sad that most radio versions of Another Brick 2 don't include Happiest Days, because its haunting warning of teachers who hate and abuse students, combined with sounds of helicopters and war, lays a terrible ground for the much more upbeat track to follow.

13. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1 (Track #3)

Score: 51

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, neonreaper, HBJDubs (#7)

Johnbobb: I can see the argument for combining Another Brick 1, Happiest Days, and Another Brick 2 into one track. They flow seamlessly, both in concept and sound, to make what is an incredible 9 minute song. However, Brick 1 stands on its own just fine too, ominous and solid.

12. One of My Turns (Track #10)

Score: 73

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Johnbobb: Oh look at this, a calmdown after Young Lust, something to settle you into the midpoint of th--NOPE FUCK YOU YOU THINK YOU'RE SO GREAT WITH YOUR HAPPY LIFE AND YOUR LACK OF CARES SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST STICK AROUND AND WATCH ME DESTROY MYSELF FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT. Chills everytime.

11. Goodbye Blue Sky (Track #7)

Score: 77

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Johnbobb: I'll probably mention how haunting this album is several times in its writeups, but this is something Pink Floyd's always been great at; they use soft, melodic vocals with dark lyrics and subtle, low-toned instrumentals to creating a sinking sense of dread. It's basically the entirety of Wish You Were Here.

10. In the Flesh? (Track #1)

Score: 81

Biggest Fan(s): firefdr (#2)

Johnbobb: It's often easy to tell from the first 30 seconds of an album whether it'll be bad, good, or great, and In the Flesh? doesn't hesitate to throw its listener directly into the action with its opening grungy chords, before dropping down into an almost Beatles-like soft poppy vocal, and then back into grungy chords but now with terrifying sounds, screaming vocals, and a wailing keyboard. It's fucking incredible, and in 3 minutes, without so much as a chorus, cements this as an experience not to be missed.

8 (tie). In the Flesh (Track #21)

Score: 84

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Evillordexdeath (#3)

Johnbobb: "In The Flesh/Run Like Hell/Waiting for the Worms" is one of the most thrilling, shocking, and inspired album chunks I've ever heard. Each of the three is excellent on its own, and they're that much better together. Here is where it begins, and after the cracks in Pink's psyche began to show a few songs earlier, here is where they fucking shatter into teeny bits and he goes what could borderline be considered "full on crazy," completely losing track of who he is, lost in guilt over his own actions and the brutal authoritarianism of the people in his past.

8 (tie). Waiting for the Worms (Track #23)

Score: 84

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#2)

Johnbobb: I already did a whole write-up on this song for the villain rankings (this came in 2nd or 3rd place I believe?) and I'm tired after all of this, so just know this song is creative (both conceptually and musically) and excellent.

7. Mother (Track #6)

Score: 93

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#3)

Johnbobb: Right after the cheery, upbeat horror that is Another Brick, Pt. 2, we get one of the most emotionally devastating songs Pink Floyd has ever written. I'll fully admit to having sobbed in the car while hearing this song. It juggles the overprotective strictness of the mother with the son's legitimate need for love and acceptance, and on top of that it's still a great song.

6. The Trial (Track #25)

Score: 119

Biggest Fan(s): Evillordexdeath (#1)

Johnbobb: I've always said The Wall needs to be made as a full Broadway rock opera, and maybe someday I'll end up doing it myself because goddamn if this isn't just a perfect climax, complete with constant character switching (all done in their own voices), instrumental variety, sound effects... just tell me you can't perfectly imagine this on stage with the choir in the back, the judge and his defendants surrounding the stage, each getting their moment in the spotlight while Pink mumbles the chorus, ending with the physical wall getting destroyed in the middle of the stage as the choir and audience chant. Wait, was this still an album? What kind of crazy motherfuckers think they can just throw a whole damn stageplay into their shit like that's just a normal thing to do?

5. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 (Track #5)

Score: 146

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#1)

Johnbobb: This song is almost too popular for it's own good. Taken out of the context of the album, as it far too often is, Another Brick Pt. 2 is almost cheery despite its dark undertones. It's a fun song. Chipper guitarwork and rants about pudding and singing children drowning Roger Waters' own vocals. Then that legendary guitar solo comes in, and it's sends chills down my spine. I highly recommend seeing the film's version if you can, because the darkness of the song definitely isn't overlooked.

4. Young Lust (Track #9)

Score: 151

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#1)

Johnbobb: I'm less than halfway through the album and already running out of ways to describe how fucking incredible it is from start to finish. I've sung this song in the shower maybe a dozen times, including the mumbly voice recordings at the end. It's one of the most straight rock songs on the album, which could've dragged it down from some of the more conceptual stuff if it wasn't just so fucking good.

3. Run Like Hell (Track #22)

Score: 178

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, Johnbobb, firefdr (#1)

Johnbobb: Perfect on its own, perfect in context, just altogether so so good.

2. Hey You (Track #14)

Score: 179

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, Seanchan (#1)

Johnbobb: Underrated as far as Pink Floyd singles go! I feel like the big go-tos of this album are always Comfortably Numb and Another Brick Pt. 2 (Hey You getting cut from the film version might have something to do with it), but something about Hey You's comparable softness just really hits me, but what really brings this song together is 2 minutes in. No band can make a guitar solo have the same emotional hit like Pink Floyd. This is the first track that takes place within the wall, and it jumps around from calls, to pleas, to sudden realization.

1. Comfortably Numb (Track #19)

Score: 206

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, TheArkOfTurus, neonreaper, ChainLTTP, darkx (#1)

Johnbobb: I'm really torn on this. It's not as emotionally or thematically complex as many of the songs surrounding it, but it's also an incredible song musically, with multiple excellent guitar solos and vocal changes. It's also a little difficult to view it in the context of the rest of the album given just how huge this song became on its own.

Pixies - Doolittle[]

Pixies - Doolittle results

The list of participants sorted by deviation from final results:

VeryInsane (28)

Johnbobb (30)

CasanovaZelos (32)

neonreaper (38)

TheArkOfTurus (38)

Epyo (38)

Giggsalot (40)

RyoCaliente (42)

TomNook (42)

Raetsel_Lapin (44)

SpikeSetsFire (54)

Seanchan (54)

MarkS222222222222222 (58)

HBJDubs (70)

General Album Comments:

CasanovaZelos: Doolittle is my sixth favorite album of all time. This album really exemplifies a lot of what would come during the 1990s in alternative rock, but this towers over what followed. This is one of those rare albums where every track is great while also sounding nothing alike.

VeryInsane: This one I’m gonna do a full write up for, it’s been the one constant album in my top ten since I’ve listened to it like fifteen years ago. It was my gateway album to looking at music in greater depth, back then I primarily only liked ones with catchy tunes. This one not only had that, but matched it with witty yet deep lyrics. It’s constant shifting tones show the range of the band perfectly. One song will be fast, aggressive, almost like a hardcore punk sound, and then the other will be more melodic, like a classic pop rock song. And yet it all fits perfectly.

neonreaper: Boston's Pixies were a big part of the late 80s transition to alternative music. Everyone points out Nirvana, but I'll mention Toadies. I like Toadies more than Pixies, but listen to Doolittle and it's like, "ah that's where this came from". There's plenty of 90s music that snaps into place once you listen to Pixies - I admit I didn't really listen to them until the 90s were over.

Seanchan: I didn't really care for this album at all. Just didn't feel any connection.

Jesse_Custer (responding to Seanchan): Same. I didn’t want to skip another week, but I feel like any ranking I’d do of this one would be arbitrary.

Johnbobb: Can we call this a grunge album? Like I know Pixies aren't usually considered grunge because they didn't come out of early 90s Seattle, but labelling them as just "alternative" just seems really limiting. If this came out like 4 years later it would've been considered part of the height of the grunge movement, and stylistically it draws from the same sound that inspired Nirvana and a lot of the lesser-known, garage-punk grunge bands of the era.

Regardless of what you call it, the album is fantastic. It's the kind of thing I wish I'd listened to as a teenager instead of like a year or two ago because this was exactly what angsty teenage me wanted to hear and jam the fuck out to. It's what late-20s me still wants to jam the fuck out too. Ranking is difficult because every song is so damn good.

Giggsalot: this is a weird album for me because I feel like the first half alternates between all time classics and fairly unmemorable punk blasts (the only other album I can think of that does this so consistently is relationship of command). then it kind of hits a lull around track 10 and only picks up by Hey. or so I remember; honestly I haven't listened to this in full in years. oops.

TomNook: Fun album. There are a number of songs that sound very 'samey' lesser versions of other songs here. My #1-6 are all great ones. After that, it gets a bit more mixed. "Dead" and "Tame" are probably the only ones I'd say are kinda bad.

"Hey" is about as good as it gets with the Pixies; such a fantastic song with a lot of variety to it. It feels like the full album condensed into a single song.

Doolittle track ranking

15. There Goes My Gun (Track #12)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 12/15)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, RyoCaliente, VeryInsane, Giggsalot (#15)

CasanovaZelos: This is the only song on Doolittle that doesn’t really stand on its own to me, but it’s still a fun tune. It’s a short burst of energy that does a lot to set up for the slower sound of “Hey.”

VeryInsane: This song's not bad, it just... doesn't have a whole of substance.

14. Dead (Track #6)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 11.29/15)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Epyo, Johnbobb (#15)

CasanovaZelos: Another element I love about Doolittle is how few of the tracks stretch beyond three minutes. Pixies stumble across a unique sound, do just enough to make it memorable, then move on to the next. This is aggressive, but in a way very unlike the aggression found on “Tame.”

RyoCaliente: URIAH HIT THE CRAPPER!!!! Such a fun track.

13. Crackity Jones (Track #9)

Score: 74 (Average Rank: 10.71/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan, MarkS222222222222222 (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire, Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb (#14)

CasanovaZelos: Really short songs sometimes feel designed to be overlooked, but “Crackity Jones” is a perfect example of a song that packs a whole lot into one short burst – this could easily be a standout for those looking for a harsher sound.

12. Silver (Track #14)

Score: 85 (Average Rank: 9.93/15)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper, SpikeSetsFire (#15)

CasanovaZelos: A perfect penultimate track, coming off as the backing theme of two cowboys walking through the center of town ready to duel, a standoff scene for a bizarro western.

VeryInsane: This was the tough song for me to rank, largely because it's so different and slow to rank. That said, after listening to it a few times it started to click for me. Also, I guess one of the disappointments was less Kim in this album (Listened to Surfer again and she's the highlight there)

11. I Bleed (Track #4)

Score: 86 (Average Rank: 10.14/15)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#13)

CasanovaZelos: Certainly one of the lesser tracks here, but I love Black Francis’s delivery. Part of what makes this album work as a whole is the jarring transitions, and this works as a visceral divider between the lighter “Wave of Mutilation” and “Here Comes Your Man.”

10. La La Love You (Track #10)

Score: 93 (Average Rank: 9.36/15)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Giggsalot (#14)

CasanovaZelos: Black Francis apparently referred to this song as a comedic break, but on an album so strange, it fits right in as a standard tune. An intentionally shallow love song, and I love the intro.

RyoCaliente: There was a time where I listened to this track a lot but I don't really get the hook anymore.

9. Tame (Track #2)

Score: 97 (Average Rank: 9.21/15)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, TomNook (#15)

CasanovaZelos: The most aggressive track on Doolittle, with the lyrics again emphasizing the surrealist angle. While Black Francis screams his heart out, his words reveal he is merely complaining about a boringly average woman.

RyoCaliente: says it all doesn't it

8. No. 13 Baby (Track #11)

Score: 104 (Average Rank: 8.93/15)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): RyoCaliente (#14)

CasanovaZelos: A stray observation, but the longest song on Doolittle is shorter than the shortest on Sound of Silver. This feels like one of the best pure rockers on the album, and it easily earns its length due to a strong instrumental break.

RyoCaliente: More like No 14 Baby amirite guys lolz

7. Mr. Grieves (Track #8)

Score: 108 (Average Rank: 8.36/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): MarkS222222222222222 (#15)

CasanovaZelos: This covers a lot of ground in two minutes, starting off sounding like some twisted version of a song by The Police before ramping up the pace, only to dial it down into something else entirely. A Pixies version of the “Happiness is a Warm Gun” model.

VeryInsane: secretly a big fan of this song! Love the skaish sound and it's so fast and energetic.

6. Here Comes Your Man (Track #5)

Score: 133 (Average Rank: 6.93/15)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus (#15)

CasanovaZelos: Even the most esoteric rock albums need that one song that can hook an ordinary audience. But this is not a band selling out or anything like that – Pixies do pop rock justice here. The bridge sends me to another level.

RyoCaliente: I was never too fond of this on. I just kinda feel like it's there, but it doesn't do anything special for me, even though it's a fun track.

5. Gouge Away (Track #15)

Score: 166 (Average Rank: 5/15)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#13)

CasanovaZelos: Doolittle closes out with what first sounds like a moment of cathartic release. The singer encourages the audience to gouge away, but only because his revenge is already planned. Black Francis certainly hits the right notes for emotional relief, but then the song continues, the anxiety lingering. A phenomenal closer because it refuses to let the listener off easy.

RyoCaliente: it's ya boy Samson, gouging out eyes. Great energetic closer.

VeryInsane: This is my personal favorite, I just like the delivery and the ending is karmic. I know it's the obvious Samson bible thing, but it works. Perfect Closer to go with Debaser.

4. Debaser (Track #1)

Score: 167 (Average Rank: 5.36/15)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, Epyo, Giggsalot (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#15)

CasanovaZelos: What better way to kick off one of my favorite albums than a song about one of my favorite films? The guitar suggests surf rock while Black Francis’s vocals lend a more aggressive edge. Surrealist lyrics are common in the bands that followed in their footsteps, and giving homage to Un chien andalou makes this a manifesto of sorts for this particular brand of alt rock.

RyoCaliente: This is one of the songs I absolutely adored and where the love has kinda waned over time. I still think it's a great track, but I wouldn't rush to it anymore if I wanted to hear Pixies.

VeryInsane: Great, Energetic opener to get the blood flowing. I feel like literally every 90s alt band that goes quiet verses loud chorus owes themselves to this song in particular on the album.

3. Hey (Track #13)

Score: 176 (Average Rank: 4.57/15)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, TomNook (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MarkS222222222222222 (#13)

CasanovaZelos: This has always been the standout to me, and it feels like people are slowly catching on to its immense power. This feels like the Pixies at their slowest and most introspective, with a simple yet killer chorus – “We’re chained” repeated over and over, but with a revolution of delivery styles and Kim Deal eventually joining in to echo the second word. And then there’s the second verse, which contrasts an intimate encounter with raw sexual relief and finally the pains of birth. Rarely has a song about sex sounded so desperate and isolating.

RyoCaliente: It feels very unlike Pixies, with the track being slower and overall more quiet, but everything about it works from the opening HEY to the UH to the we're chained.

VeryInsane: Been trying to reach you! The hook on this guitar is simple, and yet it works so well. Great song.

2. Monkey Gone to Heaven (Track #7)

Score: 180 (Average Rank: 4.36/15)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente, Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Epyo (#11)

CasanovaZelos: Probably the definite track off Doolittle in the grand scheme of things, and it’s hard to argue against that perception. It captures the weirdness of the Pixies while managing to be outright beautiful. Black Francis’s impassioned shouting at the end of verse three might be the best single moment on the album.

RyoCaliente: Probably a top 3 Pixies track.

VeryInsane: if this was a decade ago, I would say yeah. But I've just listened to this song too much. That being said, getting killed by ten million pounds of sludge from new york and new jersey gets me everytime.

1. Wave of Mutilation (Track #3)

Score: 183 (Average Rank: 3.86/15)

Biggest Fan(s): MarkS222222222222222 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#8)

CasanovaZelos: Forms a perfect pair with “Tame” as its inverse – this is pure surf rock bliss, as long as you ignore the lyrics about intentionally driving off a cliff for a watery grave.

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)[]

Wu-Tang Clan - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

VeryInsane (14)

Giggsalot (16)

Snake5555555555 (20)

HBJDubs (20)

Jesse_Custer (22)

CasanovaZelos (24)

ZeroSignal620 (24)

Seanchan (26)

Johnbobb (26)

RyoCaliente (32)

ChainLTTP (36)

Raetsel_Lapin (46)

General Album Comments

Jesse_Custer: It’s strange that I really like a few of these songs and even have some of them on heavy rotation in a playlist of stuff I’m listening to, but wasn’t as big on any of the songs in the context of the entire album (when I listened to it all today for the first time in awhile).

CasanovaZelos: This felt consistently strong across the board, so ranking the tracks was difficult and my current order feels kind of arbitrary. This will definitely jump up on my album ranking; I can better appreciate this as one of the all-time great hip hop albums now. The production across the board is great, and each member has such a strong personality. It's easy to see how this influenced hip hop through the rest of the 1990s.

ChainLTTP: Aw yeah, this is kind of a hard one because there is not a single subpar track

ZeroSignal620: One of the best impulse listens I've ever had. 36 Chambers may very well be my favorite rap album ever crafted.

Seanchan: First listen was It all kinda blended together a little bit. It's just lacking some of the ridiculous bombast and beats of something like Kanye's MBDTF. Gonna need some replays here.

Giggsalot: Hands down one of the best, coolest and most important albums ever. Everything about the Wu-Tang mythos is so iconic, it's kind of unbelievable that it all emerged so perfectly formed in one focused blast like this. I know every beat of this album so well that I can sometimes overlook how constantly exciting and unique it all is. Absolutely unimpeachable classic, I can scarcely believe that this exists.

VeryInsane: Honestly this was a lot more fun than I remembered, even clan in da front is pretty good IMO.

Seanchan: Wasn't too keen on this one. Not to say it's bad, because I don't think it is, just that it's not really too my taste (or at least to any taste I'm going to get over a few listens in a week). As you can already surmise from previous posts, I more enjoyed the rap style of MBDTF.

This'll be a slightly funny comparison but for myself I put this in the same bucket as I do Crack the Skye. You can tell me both are excellent examples of their specific subgenre but that doesn't mean I'm going to personally love them or truly appreciate what makes them special.

Johnbobb: how do you rank an album where every single song is at least a 9/10? fucking incredible

Enter the Wu-Tang track ranking

12. Clan in da Front (Track #3)

Score: 34 (Average Rank: 10.17/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, VeryInsane, Seanchan, Johnbobb (#12)

Giggsalot: God, I love the intro roll call here. SWAAARRRMM. Imagine hearing this for the first time in '93, that must have blown people's minds. The song itself is probably one of the weaker here, but it's still prime GZA stuff.

11. Tearz (Track #11)

Score: 52 (Average Rank: 9.08/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, ChainLTTP, ZeroSignal620, RyoCaliente, Giggsalot, Snake5555555555 (#12)

Giggsalot: I kind of forget that this song exists for some reason, it's pretty clearly the least memorable track here in my opinion. It almost feels like it belongs hidden in the depths of Wu-Tang Forever or something instead. That's not to say it's not quality or essential to the album - both verses are well constructed and the beat is excellent - but I can't in good faith put this anywhere but near the bottom.

10. Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber-Part 2 (Track #12)

Score: 61 (Average Rank: 8.08/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, ZeroSignal620 (#11)

Giggsalot: Not much to say about this one really. The beat is just as good as the original (maybe even better) and the verses are obviously still great, I'm just not quite sure why it's here. Tearz is the obvious album closer, this one is just a glorified bonus track. The conclusion is a hilarious and perfect end to the album though.

9. Shame on a ***** (Track #2)

Score: 62 (Average Rank: 8/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs (#12)

Giggsalot: Brilliant fun. I actually forgot Rae was on this one, the personalities of ODB and Meth just dominate here. The novelty of hearing them for the first time here creates a sort of magic that future group albums could never entirely recapture.

8. Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber (Track #4)

Score: 69 (Average Rank: 7.33/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Snake5555555555 (#11)

Giggsalot: God every one of these skits is so iconic, I just want to quote them all day and leave it at that. Compared to the later posse cuts on the album, this one is a tiny bit less memorable, but it's still a masterpiece of the form.

7. Can It Be All So Simple (Track #5)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 7.42/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer (#10)

Giggsalot: Exactly the injection of pathos that the album needs at this point. This will always be compared to CREAM and come off second best, but it's a wonderfully poignant beginning to the lineage of the iconic Rae/Ghost duet. Outro skit is also perfect, I could probably skip all of them verbatim never have any desire to skip any of them.

6. Method Man (Track #9)

Score: 79 (Average Rank: 6.75/12)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#11)

Giggsalot: Everyone loves this one at first, but for me this is the one track here that slightly fades on repeated listens. It's as good as solo Meth ever got, and definitely fun, but it definitely gives a hint that he fits best as an energizing guest than a main attraction.

5. Bring da Ruckus (Track #1)

Score: 90 (Average Rank: 5.75/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): RyoCaliente (#11)

Giggsalot: Unbelievable opener. This one has resisted overplay and continued to amaze me over the years. What even is that beat? It's halfway to musique concrete. Plus GZA never again sounded quite as aggressive and mean as he does here.

4. Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing ta F' Wit (Track #7)

Score: 105 (Average Rank: 4.5/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#10)

Giggsalot: The Wu got better at so many things in the years following 36 Chambers, but the funky raw aggression of this track absolutely peaks here. Just insanely fun, perfectly stupid song.

3. Protect Ya Neck (Track #10)

Score: 123 (Average Rank: 4.25/12)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Snake5555555555, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

Giggsalot: EVERYONE IS HERE! (almost, sorry Masta Killa). Imagine hearing this on the radio for the first time. I'd have lost my goddamn mind.

2. Da Mystery of Chessboxin (Track #6)

Score: 125 (Average Rank: 3.92/12)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP (#11)

Giggsalot: EVERYONE IS HERE (well, almost). They all totally kill it too, and structure of the song is perfect. The momentum builds impeccably throughout, particularly the ODB/Ghostface handoff, culminating in the verse that Masta Killa may or may not have stolen from Killah Priest but will spend the remainder of his career liberally quoting nonetheless.

1. C.R.E.A.M. (Track #8)

Score: 150 (Average Rank: 2.75/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, ChainLTTP, ZeroSignal620, Giggsalot, HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#10)

Giggsalot: The heart of the album. It's slightly bizarre that on an album full of amazingly fun songs, the breakout hit was the one about poverty-induced depression, but everything about this is perfect so I guess it's not too surprising. Two perfect verses, timeless hook, great beat, 10/10.

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city[]

Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

KommunistKoala (12)

Xeybozn (16)

Giggsalot (18)

VeryInsane (20)

Bane_Of_Despair (22)

TheArkOfTurus (24)

Blur (24)

ChainLTTP (26)

CasanovaZelos (30)

Seanchan (30)

Johnbobb (38)

Raetsel_Lapin (48)

HBJDubs (60)

General Album Comments

CasanovaZelos: My fifteenth favorite album of all-time and second favorite hip hop album - only beaten out by its follow-up, To Pimp a Butterfly. For me, Kendrick Lamar is absolutely the greatest rapper ever and also the best overall artist during the 2010s by a wide margin. He blends socially charged lyrics with forceful production, casting him as one of the great storytellers in music right alongside Bob Dylan. Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is the only hip hop album to have ever made me cry - Kendrick captures a sense of desperation like no other on some of these tracks. Just a masterpiece from beginning to end.

ChainLTTP: Ok so this is the ultimate "songs will deviate based on how they stand on their own vs how they work in the context of the album" album. Whoever nominated this is cruel.

Bane_Of_Despair: Uhhhhh yea, I love this album ha. To Pimp a Butterfly is my favorite from him and Damn honestly might still be #2 but I absolutely love all his albums and he's one of my favorites of all time. He told a fantastic story on this and filled it with top notch production and features, what more do you want?

Seanchan: I liked this one quite a bit. As I've said previously, I usually do a 3rd play where I listen in my preliminary ranking order, which helps to separate the songs from the normal album flow. On some of the albums we've done, I dread that listen because I know the back half (i.e. the bottom half - hell sometimes it a lot more than that...) is a painful slog. That's not the case here. A lot of the songs I have near the bottom aren't the "bangers" but do work better in the flow of the album. Also, Dominos.

Giggsalot: Not gonna get a proper listen in, which is a shame. Still, this is easily Kendrick's best album and a generational achievement. Not every song here is great, but the middle of the album is unbelievable and the top half here are essentially impossible to rank. Still, track ratings from memory...

Blur: This is one of my favorite albums of all time and I honestly don't think Kendrick's follow-up efforts have come close (though they're both great). But the highest points of this album hit so hard. I would like to do track by track write-ups, but I'm too exhausted for that at the moment. For now, I'll just say Real is being way underappreciated here - such an incredible payoff tying up the album (making Compton as the actual closer even more unnecessary than it already was), following the trauma of Good Kid onward.

good kid, m.A.A.d. city track ranking

12. Sherane a.k.a. Master Splinter's Daughter (Track #1)

Score: 42 (Average Rank: 9.77/12)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, KommunistKoala, Xeybozn, Seanchan (#12)

CasanovaZelos: It's weird that this album kicks off with its weakest track, but it also sets up so much for the rest of the album. This production is tense, while Kendrick kicks off with a frenetic, singular verse as densely detailed as music comes.

Bane_Of_Despair: The opening track, and obviously starts on a great note. Also just generally starts the stellar production and beat selection for the album, the background additions really add to the vibe. Kendrick just be too young and horny for his own good! The meeting of Sherane, the woman of his eye and what sets up the narrative of how hard it can be in the streets with getting jumped at the end. And then finally ending with a call from his mom and dad, asking where Kendrick is since he borrowed their car. Really a continuation of something Kendrick has been stellar at for all of his albums, setting up a continuing story that weaves its way into each forthcoming song. Honestly most of the reason this is down lower is that I just plain like the other songs more and not because this song is particularly weak, a reason that'll keep popping up.

11. Compton (Track #12)

Score: 51 (Average Rank: 9.23/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb, HBJDubs (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Bane_Of_Despair, VeryInsane, Giggsalot, Blur (#12)

CasanovaZelos: I kind of forget this track is on the album – “Real” feels like a perfect closer. But “Compton” still works as an epilogue; like “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” this is from Kendrick’s current perspective while the rest of the album reflects his past experiences. And can you blame him for wanting to work with Dr. Dre?

Bane_Of_Despair: Just because it's at the bottom for me (and funny enough coincides with it being the last track anyway) doesn't mean I dislike the song! It's cool to see such a celebration of a city and with a classic like Dr. Dre holds his own on the track, despite having done nothing but guest features here and there for Eminem and such since 1999 until he finally came back with a 2015 album, also named Compton! Most of the reason for why this ranks last for me is that I'm more a fan of the story being told throughout the album, and this is technically outside that.

10. Real (Track #11)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 8.62/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Blur (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus (#12)

CasanovaZelos: Where the previous three tracks fill me with despair, “Real” fills me with hope. Kendrick reflects on everything he has been through and starts seeing himself capable of something more. I think the production is a bit weaker here than on other tracks, but the emotions come through strong.

Bane_Of_Despair: What I most enjoy about Real is the dialogue going on towards the end of the track with Kendrick's dad and mom, sending him support and advice. It's really wholesome and gives a hopeful feeling to a narrative that had been understandably dark throughout. In general the track talks about finding what's "real" and what that means to you, and just general self love which is always nice to have. I will say the chorus is a bit one-note but it still works, there's enough background flourishes and such going on.

9. Poetic Justice (Track #6)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 8.46/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, HBJDubs (#12)

CasanovaZelos: I feel like I always forget Drake makes an appearance on this album. Great production, though the lyrics don’t do too much for me.

Bane_Of_Despair: This one sort of takes a swerve, because while it's part of the narrative of Kendrick talking about Sherane it doesn't necessarily advance it. And then Drake is off talking about his own struggles lol. Let's talk about Drake's part, because honestly that's what first comes to mind when I think of the song. I haven't really fucked with Drake since 2015, If You're Reading This... was for me his last project that I truly cared about. So this was still prime Drake, right in that sweet spot of Take Care-Nothing Was the Same, and his bars are just really infectious here. His signature flow and attitude work really well, this is Drake in his element talking about being played by a woman and I think it holds the line of not being overly woo is me and being fun and playful. Kendrick stands his own ground with some great lines like "If I told you that a flower bloomed in a dark room, would you trust it?" And the backing production with the tuned vocals add to the fun feel of the track.

8. Good Kid (Track #7)

Score: 89 (Average Rank: 6.31/12)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#11)

CasanovaZelos: An interesting bit of trivia from the Genius page, this song is the only track on the album with no profanity. This is where the desperation turns to a drive for actual, physical escape. The two title tracks make a clear message – Kendrick is one of many good kids forced into awful acts to survive in an uncaring society.

Bane_Of_Despair: Here Kendrick is coming to terms with being caught in the middle of everything. He doesn't want to be part of any gangs but outside institutions, namely the police, just see him as another gangbanger destined to fail. And if that's how you're being pigeonholed and viewed, it's incredibly hard to break out of that. Kendrick is the good kid, doing what he can to get out of that life. Pharrell taking the duties of the chorus is nice, and I like the added sinister tones that play during the chorus.

7. Backseat Freestyle (Track #3)

Score: 90 (Average Rank: 6.69/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb (#12)

CasanovaZelos: Kendrick wants hip hop with substance – but “Backseat Freestyle” shows he can pull off a vulgar banger better than anyone else as well. In the context of the album, this is a brief moment of escapism; the dream of a young man who has been given no direction in life, who can imagine nothing more meaningful than sex. Decontextualized, the phenomenal production is enough to make it a nonsensical yet unforgettable highlight. I feel like this will end up being the most love-hate track in our rankings, but I hope those who hate it at least recognize its satirical nature.

Bane_Of_Despair: Come on, how could I place this song low? It's an absolute blast of a song, and I have fond memories of it when the album came out when I was in college and my friends screaming out " I pray my dick get big as the Eiffel Tower, SO I CAN FUCK THE WORLD FOR 72 HOURS!!!!!" How can you hate a line like that?! Even the start, "Martin had a dream, Martin had a dream, KENDRICK HAVE A DREAM", it's an instant classic. Kendrick just being a young kid, reveling in life's pleasures. I will absolutely feel a type of way if this places low in other people's rankings lol

6. Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Track #2)

Score: 93 (Average Rank: 6.31/12)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane (#11)

CasanovaZelos: My favorite track on the album, capturing a chill vibe. I love the way Kendrick experiments with vocals, especially during the chorus when he layers his vocals with Anna Wise. The bridge is the peak, with Anna Wise briefly taking lead. This is where Kendrick establishes what he stands for as an artist, dissing those looking for fame while he promises to wear his heart on his sleeve. He wants hip hop with substance.

Bane_Of_Despair: Honestly this one ended up further down than I initially expected, because I do really love the song (just like with all of them but still.) Speaking of easy to sing along to, this one is insanely easy to do so as well. Also just generally relatable, who doesn't want someone to not kill their vibe? It sucks when that happens! Notably this is the really the only track you can qualify as a diss, dissing towards the rap industry and those trying to make it in ways that seem kinda fucked up to Kendrick. The placement in the track listing is interesting, as it's after Sherane which starts the story but this isn't included in it, this is more Kendrick now looking back and then the next track goes all the way back to when he was fucking around with his friends freestyling. So in some sense you can say it shows that he ultimately makes it despite what happens at the end of Sherane, but then it goes back because we need the context of what set him up for his eventual success. Or I could just be looking too far into it, who knows!

5. The Art of Peer Pressure (Track #4)

Score: 103 (Average Rank: 5.92/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Xeybozn, Johnbobb (#10)

CasanovaZelos: This is the reality “Backseat Freestyle” is set against, a poor young man being pressured into drugs and robbery. “The Art of Peer Pressure” is where the desperate narrative elements start coming together, casting the previous two tracks in a new light. One of the lesser tracks alone, but absolutely key to Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City as a narrative monolith.

Bane_Of_Despair: So now we get to one that I'm a little surprised ended up as high for me, but I REALLY dig how Kendrick plays out the story here. You can absolutely picture everything in your mind as he retells it all. As the title implies, Kendrick talks about all the things he does when he's around friends, not because he necessarily enjoys those things but because "he's with the homies right now" and he feels they'd judge him if he didn't participate. Ranging from taking shots of Hennessy and smoking weed, to confronting another gang and partaking in a robbery of a house. The last one they even almost get caught by the cops for, and the way Kendrick tells it almost makes you share in the anxiety he felt at that time. All it took was that last turn to avoid getting arrested.

4. Swimming Pools (Drank) (Track #9)

Score: 112 (Average Rank: 5.08/12)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#11)

CasanovaZelos: The lead single, and for good reason. Much like “Backseat Freestyle,” this is a banger with a darker meaning. This one is a bit more obvious on its own. After all he’s been through, of course Kendrick has an addiction problem. Structured to be a perfect hit for parties with an undeniably catchy chorus, the true meaning is intentionally obscured. Another bit of escapism, no alcoholic wants to admit they have a problem. The glorification in the chorus is only explicitly countered by the final verse.

Bane_Of_Despair: I like the peer pressure tracks! This time focusing on alcohol, and what might drive some individuals to alcoholism. Another one practically made to be sung along to, this was probably his biggest commercial hit song until his Damn era and for good reason. The production is lush, his vocals are on point and it's relatable to so many people. The interlude towards the end that cuts into his final verse is a highlight for me too, really adds to the darkness.

3. Money Trees (Track #5)

Score: 124 (Average Rank: 4.54/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP, KommunistKoala, Xeybozn (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Bane_Of_Despair, Raetsel_Lapin (#9)

CasanovaZelos: This was the slow grower of the album for me. Other tracks hit me harder as a whole, but the chorus is among the best things Kendrick has ever done. “Everybody gon’ respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun lives forever” is a perfect summary of the album’s themes.

Bane_Of_Despair: Just an all around fun song, really easy to sing along with going "ya bish" or "that's just how I feel" and groove to. The chorus is a strong one, especially "Everybody gon' respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun lives forever." The hustle to get your dreams of those money trees, it's a rough life that both Kendrick and Jay Rock share their experiences with. I really enjoy Jay Rock's general cadence for his bars, it fits nicely with the beat. There's a sort of light air-ness to them while still talking about real shit, almost like in the dream state while talking about everything he has to do to achieve it.

2. M.A.A.D. City (Track #8)

Score: 139 (Average Rank: 3.54/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Bane_Of_Despair (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#11)

CasanovaZelos: This track is the unexpected beginning of a four song stretch that can bring me to tears. Unexpected, because the production and lyrics suggest the most hardcore gangster rap. But Kendrick’s persona cuts into a deeper element – this is not a glorification of the gangster lifestyle but an absolute horror story, a situation that has stolen so many of his loved ones and Kendrick’s own innocence. The final verse with its warped vocals is dizzyingly effective.

Bane_Of_Despair: I feel like this should be a pretty obvious one to end up at top 3 at the very least. What can I say about it? When I went to see Kendrick back in 2017 on the Damn tour (which I paid an amount of money I will not specify here to get a good seat), and the opening words started I FREAKED OUT. The beat on both halves of the song just go insanely bonkers hard, and Kendrick's wordplay on it is some of my favorite. MC Eiht coming in on the second half keeps the vibe going, he kills his feature. Frankly what more can I say about this song? Pure perfection.

1. Sing About Me, I'm Dying of Thirst (Track #10)

Score: 144 (Average Rank: 3.54/12)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, Johnbobb, Giggsalot, Blur (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, HBJDubs (#9)

CasanovaZelos: The most obviously sad song on the album, a twelve minute epic where Kendrick takes the perspective of two others before reflecting on his own fear of death and being forgotten. The ending of the first two verses destroy me, the first ending with sudden gunfire showing a life cut down too fast, the second finding its narrator proudly proclaiming that she will never fade away right before the verse slowly fades into the background. Unfortunately, the second half doesn’t work as well as the first for me.

Bane_Of_Despair: Boy this song is an emotional one, and that's saying something on an album that's as dense and heavy as this one. A two-parter split into Sing About Me and I'm Dying of Thirst, the beginning takes the tone of two different individuals talking to Kendrick. One of them even gets gunned down in the middle of his sentence just like his brother at the end of the previous song, which is extremely sobering. Kendrick comes in after them saying how much all of this hurts him and that by telling these stories he's trying to help make things better in some way, that people need to know about all this shit so there's more of a chance it get recognized and dealt with. Can Kendrick make a difference with this? Will people sing about him when he's gone? Dying of Thirst has a theme that absolutely relevant; he's tired. Tired of doing all the gang shit, tired of seeing his friends get hurt and killed, tired of this life he's been having to live. Finally something breaks through the endless cycle; God. And thus ends the song with a cleansing to Jesus and the Lord, hoping to rid themselves of their sins and live better lives. The whole song is a journey, and thus deserves to be placed high.

Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell[]

Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell Results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

darkx (2)

BlueCrystalTear (2)

Xeybozn (2)

Seanchan (4)

CasanovaZelos (6)

Jesse_Custer (6)

TheArkOfTurus (6)

ZaziGuado (6)

VeryInsane (6)

HBJDubs (6)

Snake5555555555 (8)

neonreaper (8)

Arti (10)

Raetsel_Lapin (12)

TomNook (12)

Johnbobb (14)

SpikeSetsFire (20)

General Album Comments:

darkx: Despite being another all-time favorite for me and liking/loving every single track, this was surprisingly pretty cut-and-dry for me, the only close one being All Revved Up and Crying Out Loud, which could flip flop any given day.

CasanovaZelos: The first album we're covering I've never particularly liked. The exact brand of music I tend to avoid; hard rock and a rock opera?!? I'll never understand why this album specifically was such a big deal.

Snake5555555555: Love, love, love this album. A perfect rock opera front to back, gleefully and earnestly mixing hard rock, 50s rock and roll, heavy metal imagery, the corny cheese of hair metal before hair metal was a thing, and pop lyrics for songs that are given a grand, epic sense of scope as if they can fill an opera hall, but are unabashedly songs about the teenage experience both as it pertains to the 1970s and to the present day offering timeless messages that will always be relevant for any kid going through adolescent heartbreak. No else but Meat Loaf could infuse these songs with the passionate, manic energy needed to make them work, and to think he was already 30 friggin' years old when this album came out; but, there's no Dawson Casting here, you believe every word that comes out of Meat Loaf's mouth, with only added credibility from having 12 years of adult experience best shown in my favorite track from the album and its most famous, Paradise by the Dashboard Light, in which Meat Loaf, in a magical night of "getting lucky", must subsequently wrestle with the next 60 years of his life in the blink of an eye as his partner wishes for something more than a one night stand. With a 50s rock and roll feel, prog. rock excess with a baseball radio broadcast serving as a not-too-subtle innuendo for the scene, and both Meat Loaf and Ellen Foley each taking a turn at commanding the track, it feels like the perfect encapsulation of the romantic experience and an incredible anti-duet. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad is my favorite ML vocal performance on the album, with a lulling soft rock atmosphere and some of the best lyric writing on the album too. The spoken word intro of Hot Summer Night feels like it should be placed underneath a DeviantArt Sonic Unleashed werewolf fan drawing, it's the maximum Gothic edgelord piece, and yet it works because it feels so genuine when placed into the context of the album, when your a teenager and your relationship with someone else feels earth-shatteringly important. INCREDIBLE instrumentation on this track too. Bat Out of Hell is the most metal-influenced track on this album, with memorable riffs and teen tragedy storytelling updated for the 70s. Revved Up is a little forgettable but I still enjoy it, especially how it speeds up in the outro. I'm not too keen on the slow ballads, though I do enjoy Meat Loaf's vocal performances on them and Heaven Can Wait still possesses some solid songwriting, but outside of the album context I don't find myself playing them often.

I've known this album since I was little, my parents play it all the time, and so I definitely have a bias and soft spot for it. However, I genuinely think this album is an incredible piece of musical storytelling, fun rockin' riffs, songs you can belt your heart out too, and even songs that will make you tear up at life's downer moments. An essential piece of the 70s hard rock canon.

Raetsel_Lapin: This is only the fourth album I had listened to at all before this topic--and, along with Rumours, one of the only two I knew by heart. This is one of a very few albums we had when I was growing up and is likely tremendously responsible for my tastes in music.

While I tend to support albums I'm less familiar with, I backed this one because I figured it'd be nice to have a week that's basically "free" since I already like and know how I feel about everything here. Of course, I wasn't really prepared for all the memories associated with the album and now my free week is filled with flashbacks and personal reflections on how it has impacted my life. I suppose the joke's on me then, but it's still a good album.

Seanchan: So glad to see some appreciation for this album. It's probably the one I've heard the most in my life. On a certain level it's hard for me to truly know if it's good or not, because it is simply ingrained into my being. I heard this album on every road trip we took as a family, which was quite a few.

With your parents in control of the music, you listened to what they wanted to listen to. So that was a lot of classics from the 50s and 60s, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, etc. And then there was this bombastic, sprawling, soaring album. From the mind of a child, the title track was a revelation of awesomeness and it seemed to go on forever. Then that song with the weird talking at the start (yes. YES!). The slow, boring song. The song with the really cool end part. Two out of three ain't bad, which even as a kid I recognized as a nice song. The song with the baseball in it for some reason. Then the other slow, boring song that we skipped a lot of the time.

Even as an adult now, I still find myself coming back to this on long trips. And even though I ranked them at the bottom, I've gained an appreciation for the ballads. I did a listen of this tonight just sitting outside and it didn't feel right. When you're in the car, you can sing along with reckless abandon and there's no one giving you that "you crazy" side eye. Because when I hear these songs I cannot help but want to sing (which isn't good for anybody, lol).

All this to say that the album Bat Out of Hell holds a special place in my heart. I cannot hear that opening guitar lick without feeling a certain sense of nostalgia for being a kid, sitting in the backseat of the car, staring out the window as the country rolled by.

Jesse_Custer: I liked this album a lot more than I was expecting to. Good nomination, it hit the spot for whatever mood I was in tonight.

BlueCrystalTear: While none of these are "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)" this is still the most consistently great of the four Bats (yes, Braver Than We Are counts), and it's still a phenomenal listen each time. It's quite hard to rank these because they're all so good. I may have ranked them differently on a different day.

Also, how can you not understand the love for this? It's got timeless instrumentation (a fusion of 50s and 70s), beautifully angsty lyrics appealing to teens and twenty-somethings, considerable length ideal for car trips, and a cohesiveness that feels like a full listen.

RIP Jim Steinman. Rock will never be the same without you. (P.S. I last listened to this album two months ago when Steinman passed. That one hit me hard.)

ZaziGuado: This was a fun album. Paradise by the Dashboard Light is and always will be the headliner. It's truly one of the best and most timeless songs to ever be written and performed. The baseball broadcast is often the most notable part, but the song becomes legendary as soon as we exit the broadcast. It's such a wild ride. I greatly enjoyed the top four songs in my rankings. Bat Out of Hell was a very fun opener. For Crying Out Loud was a fantastic ballad to end the album with. I could see myself playing it again on a whim during a lazy weekend day or on an especially long drive.

VeryInsane: Honestly, this one just wasn’t for me. I remember quite a few of these songs as a kid, but listening to them again just didn’t really do much for me.

That said, there are plenty of elements that I appreciate, I like the generally catchy choruses, and the themes make me think of a rock opera/Broadway show. The slow songs are straight ballads, while the regular songs are arena rock anthems. Decent mix in between.

Johnbobb: Definitely not one of the stronger albums so far. It's iconic of course, and for understandable reason (the album cover alone is unforgettable) but I've just never been a fan of this type of late 70s/early 80s glam/hair metal.

Arti: First album in this topic series that I saw that I was very familiar with, as my dad and I listened to this album a lot. Still a big fan of it.

TomNook: Meat Loaf is someone I wasn't very familiar with, but always had been meaning to familiarize myself with, so this was a good time for that!

He's a great singer, and I really like the more energetic songs with his vocal style. Not to say his slower songs are bad, in fact they are good too, but they were pretty consistently my least favorite ones. My biggest complaint about the albumn are the extended talkie segments...which ironically landed in my two favorite songs, which was unfortunate, because I'd like them even more without it! You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth felt like the perfect consistency of all the tracks, by not being pure energy nor a slow song; it was just very pleasant the whole time. Paradise by the Dashboard Light meanwhile was the good 'variety' song, where the song is long and changes a lot throughout. So these two stood out the most for different reasons.

Bat Out of Hell track ranking

7. Heaven Can Wait (Track #3)

Score: 37 (Average Rank: 5.88/7)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): darkx, CasanovaZelos, Raetsel_Lapin, Jesse_Custer, BlueCrystalTear, ZaziGuado, VeryInsane, TomNook (#7)

BlueCrystalTear: "Heaven Can Wait" has nice piano and is still a good listen. It's just slower and duller than the others on this album, in part due to its repetitiveness. Competition is a good thing.

neonreaper: When I listen to the album I tend to feel almost bummed when this song comes on but a few moments in, I'm hooked. I think this should have been the second song on the album, maybe the fourth.

6. For Crying Out Loud (Track #7)

Score: 37 (Average Rank: 5.82/7)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, ZaziGuado, HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Seanchan, TheArkOfTurus, Xeybozn, Arti (#7)

BlueCrystalTear: "For Crying Out Loud" is three minutes longer than it needs to be. It's fantastic at points but gets sleepy due to its elongation. But writing operatic rock songs that are 8+ minutes long is a Steinman thing. That's what makes the legendary stuff legendary (you know the ones, but that doesn't work here.

neonreaper: I kinda love this song but I also tend to pick apart some of the arrangements - wish there was a percussion tease on the first 'chorus', and I wish they did less with the orchestra in the last 30 seconds or so. I think my problem is that I sorta skipped out on these types of songs as a kid and unfairly compare the song to stuff that came out a decade or two later.

5. All Revved Up with No Place to Go (Track #4)

Score: 55 (Average Rank: 4.94/7)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Raetsel_Lapin, TomNook (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper, HBJDubs (#7)

BlueCrystalTear: "All Revved Up with No Place to Go" is the kind of song the title implies. It gets you GOING. Great instrumentation and just good stuff in general.

neonreaper: I like the song but not as much as the other songs on the album.

4. You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night) (Track #2)

Score: 101 (Average Rank: 3.35/7)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, SpikeSetsFire, Johnbobb, TomNook (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus (#6)

BlueCrystalTear: "Hot Summer Night" has the Steinman monologue to start, wolves with red roses and whatnot. This whole song shows how good he was at innuendo.

neonreaper: A simple pop-rock love song. To me this song is probably the biggest Springsteen influenced song. And of course we have to have an odd spoken word exchange about wolves and leading guys on.

3. Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (Track #5)

Score: 104 (Average Rank: 3.18/7)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#7)

BlueCrystalTear: "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" is a fantastic ballad that is significantly better than the other two. It's got the hooks and wonderful lyrics that stand out.

neonreaper: It's almost a parody of an Elvis song but it works.

2. Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Track #6)

Score: 122 (Average Rank: 2.65/7)

Biggest Fan(s): darkx, CasanovaZelos, Snake5555555555, ZaziGuado (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#7)

BlueCrystalTear: "Paradise By the Dashboard Light" is a ROMP. Fun music, fun lyrics, and Ellen Foley. There's also the allegorical baseball bit playing on the car radio while they're boning in the backseat. Epic stuff.

neonreaper: This is one of the best titles of any song ever and the song is such a classic. The Rizzuto part building up to STOP RIGHT THERE! is perfect.

1. Bat Out of Hell (Track #1)

Score: 139 (Average Rank: 2.18/7)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan, TheArkOfTurus, BlueCrystalTear, neonreaper, HBJDubs, Xeybozn, Arti (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#6)

BlueCrystalTear: The title track's opening guitar riff is gripping and exciting, and the song just screams "EPIC" from the start. Its soaring vocals help you know you're in for a ride.

neonreaper: The title track is Steinman in a nutshell. Essentially a fantasy of this bad boy biker finding purity and happiness in the arms of a lover, only to be such a badass that he has to leave on his motorcycle... and he has to do it in such a badass way that he ends up dying. Steinman is truly the 'master of excess'. The song is never boring and the music follows the story perfectly. Love this song. Steinman captured the experience of being a teenager, where everything is so important and every feeling so intense.


The participants:













General Album Comments

neonreaper: I've listened to this album quite a lot - it was my daughter's coping mechanism during the pandemic.

I feel like I won't have time to give the write-ups I'd really like to. My top 2 are pretty clearly my top 2. The next 6 are a bit more interchangeable. I can rely on my top 14 being my top 14, after that there are another handful of songs that are about the same, including the Cabinet Battles (they are great, perhaps I've heard them too many times), Burn and Aaron Burr, Sir. In general I think the second half has weaker songs, but still good stuff to enjoy if you're listening to it over and over. I think Hurricane needed to be a banger in terms of placement on the album, even if it's supposed to be more contemplative content-wise.

jcgamer107: Somewhat easy to pick my favorite 15, but difficult to sort them. Few musicals have such ample quality and quantity of songs.

Raetsel_Lapin: Too many good songs. Listened to this five times and my list has been almost completely different each time--my number one song us constant and the bottom six songs are always the bottom six, but besides that? I think everything in the top 32 has been near the top of the list at some point, but I have to stop eventually. I need a break, so this version of the list shall have to suffice.

Johnbobb: This was difficult, goddamn. Essentially any song featuring Daveed Diggs rapping got huge bonus points (maybe I'll nominate a clipping. album for this topic sometime) because he's by far the best rapping vocalist among the cast. Meanwhile, Phillipa Soo is easily the best traditional vocalist so any song with her gets some bonus points too. Some got dropped because there's like 30 reprises (if combined with You'll Be Back, King George's songs go way up).

Seanchan: You'll be surprised to find out that, yeah, Hamilton is pretty damn good! I started watching the recording on Disney+...but I haven't finished it yet (I'm about 2/3s through) as time has been limited this week. I then listened to the album on a long drive this morning.

I think it does a great disservice to only listen to the album. This is designed as a play, and while I think the album is very good, I think it loses a lot not being experienced in its original form. There's no costumes, no body language and faces, no audience reaction.

I feel like the first half seemed better than the second.

I'm not sure if this is a hot take or not LMM possibly the weak link here, at least in terms of the singing? Not that he's bad, just that the actors playing Aaron Burr, Washington, the Schuyler sisters all are just tremendous talents.

King George might be my favorite part of the whole thing. Super, stupid catchy songs.

TomNook: Hamilton is such an amazing play for so many reasons. It's an incredible ability to take a history lesson and make it fascinating without even doing so in a purely dramatic tone, while injecting amazing music and making the characters colorful while still mostly fitting their real life, and none of it seems out of place.

It's a very hard albumn to rank, as I've gone through phases where certain songs are stuck in my head, and I just have this itch where I need to listen to that one over and over...and that applies to almost every single song at one point. And not only is it difficult to rank purely from an audio perspective, but if you factor in the story elements of each song, it's even harder, because some events feel like they should weigh more in a ranking. Some introduce or develope a particular character which makes the song feel more enjoyable, especially in the full context of the album. It's just a very hard thing to do.

Someone here already said they liked the first half better, and while I'd agree (I love the second half too though!), I think there is one obvious reason why: the female characters, while maybe not impactful much in the plot, are a super important part musically. I personally prefer their vocals, but regardless of that, they also act as a palate cleanse of sort, to keep the soundtrack mixed up. The single weakest stretch of the albumn is Room Where It Happened all the way to Hurricane. This is a 9 song stretch where you don't have a single non-ensemble female singing in any song, except for a short 15 second part of Eliza during Schuyler Defeated.

I could spend a couple hours if I wanted to write about each song extensive, but that's just a lot of work. Angelica and Eliza are typically the stars of most songs, which my Top 3 makes obvious. King George is hilarious, and while I like the 2 reprises, the first one is still by far the best. Thomas Jefferson is such a troll, and his trolling is at its best during the first Cabinet Battle, which was one of the hypest moments of the play.

MetalmindStats: Like others, I found Hamilton quite a difficult album to rank (excepting my locked-in top and bottom spots) - and while its sheer quantity and intentional repetition undoubtedly has something to do with that, so too does its sheer quality. Hamilton often shifts tones at the drop of a hat, rather necessarily for an album of its length, and I feel it tends to ace integrating the changes into the whole. That sort of harmonious syncretism suffuses the entire effort narratively and visually, too; I might even argue it's what Hamilton's artistically all about. Speaking of visuals, it's weird to listen to Hamilton without accompanying depictions of the action - usually via animatic videos (which I highly recommend) in my case, though its physicality on stage adds another dimension. It's a change that harms some songs more than others, but it doesn't really sink any, let alone the album as a whole. I could write much more about Hamilton, and in fact I have privately, but this doesn't feel like the place for a short essay's worth of thoughts.

Seanchan (responding to TomNook): That's a great point about the women! And you're absolutely right how their great (and different) voices add to the total composition. Agree with your other character points as well, though I have to say Burr is great as well, especially when he gets to sing. I'll reiterate that I think Hamilton himself is likely the weakest part; his acting, emoting, and rapping are well done but his singing voice is lesser (for me) than most of the rest of the cast.

It was only on my second watch that I realized that there were quite a few actors who doubled (or more) up on characters...

Hamilton track ranking

46 (10-way tie). Farmer Refuted, A Winter's Ball, That Would Be Enough, History Has Its Eyes On You, What Comes Next?, Schuyler Defeated, The Adams Administration, We Know, Stay Alive (Reprise), Best of Wives and Best of Women

Score: 0

Biggest Fan(s): none

36. Cabinet Battle #2 (Track #30)

Score: 1

Biggest Fan(s): expaniol (#15)

34 (tie). The Story of Tonight (Reprise) (Track #12)

Score: 2

Biggest Fan(s): Great_Paul (#14)

34 (tie). I Know Him (Track #33)

Score: 2

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#14)

33. Aaron Burr, Sir (Track #2)

Score: 3

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#13)

32. Stay Alive (Track #14)

Score: 6

Biggest Fan(s): expaniol (#11)

jcgamer107: I'm a general: WEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeee

31. Say No to This (Track #27)

Score: 8

Biggest Fan(s): Cybat (#12)

29 (tie). The Story of Tonight (Track #4)

Score: 11

Biggest Fan(s): Great_Paul (#5)

29 (tie). Blow Us All Away (Track #39)

Score: 11

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#5)

jcgamer107: Love the foreshadowing here as the song calls back frequently to 'Ten Duel Commandments', and the piano dissonance that further hints something bad's about to go down

28. One Last Time (Track #32)

Score: 15

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#4)

jcgamer107: A powerful and bittersweet sendoff

27. Meet Me Inside (Track #16)

Score: 19

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#4)

26. The Reynolds Pamphlet (Track #37)

Score: 21

Biggest Fan(s): Cybat (#7)

25. Cabinet Battle #1 (Track #25)

Score: 22

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb, TomNook (#7)

24. Take a Break (Track #26)

Score: 23

Biggest Fan(s): TomNook (#3)

23. The Election of 1800 (Track #42)

Score: 25

Biggest Fan(s): Great_Paul (#6)

jcgamer107: Essentially a reprise of "Washington On Your Side", but with more impact on the story as it brings the Burr/Hamilton rivalry to a head. The ensemble also really shines.

21 (tie). Dear Theodosia (Track #22)

Score: 28

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#2)

21 (tie). The World Was Wide Enough (Track #45)

Score: 28

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

19 (tie). Hurricane (Track #36)

Score: 30

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#2)

jcgamer107: Captures the "me vs the world" mindset of Hamilton from the opening chord

19 (tie). Your Obedient Servant (Track #43)

Score: 30

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107 (#1)

jcgamer107: This track has incredible replay value in my opinion. I love the style whiplash, between the dignified strings & harpsichord that are more of that era (to match the almost comedically formal way Burr and Hamilton signed their letters to each other in real life) and the dark hip-hop beat that plays as they really start digging into each other.

18. Washington On Your Side (Track #31)

Score: 34

Biggest Fan(s): Great_Paul (#4)

jcgamer107: Daveed again spitting mad fire, over a beat that's more in the pocket than the frantic Act 1 raps

17. It's Quiet Uptown (Track #41)

Score: 37

Biggest Fan(s): expaniol, MetalmindStats (#5)

16. What'd I Miss (Track #24)

Score: 38

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

15. Ten Duel Commandments (Track #15)

Score: 45

Biggest Fan(s): Great_Paul (#3)

neonreaper: Clever and fun, it's an essential Hamilton song.

14. Guns and Ships (Track #18)

Score: 46

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#4)

13. The Schuyler Sisters (Track #5)

Score: 53

Biggest Fan(s): TomNook (#2)

12. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story (Track #46)

Score: 57

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb, expaniol (#3)

11. Right Hand Man (Track #8)

Score: 59

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#3)

neonreaper: I found this easy to enjoy and has a lot of staying power.

jcgamer107: The first of many great war raps in Act 1

10. Burn (Track #38)

Score: 62

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, expaniol, TomNook (#6)

9. Helpless (Track #10)

Score: 65

Biggest Fan(s): expaniol (#2)

neonreaper: This song gets stuck in my head more than I care to admit haha.

8. Alexander Hamilton (Track #1)

Score: 66

Biggest Fan(s): Cybat (#4)

7. Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) (Track #20)

Score: 69

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#2)

neonreaper: This song is in credibly hype. Following Guns and Ships, and History Has Its Eyes On You, this song is a nice catharsis and so easy to enjoy.

jcgamer107: Major chills once they got to this one in the live show. An huge exclamation point to cap off the war section.

6. The Room Where It Happens (Track #28)

Score: 72

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#2)

4 (tie). My Shot (Track #3)

Score: 83

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#3)

neonreaper: I've seen LMM discuss this being the most difficult song to perform, and he did it this way so the rest of the play would feel easier.

4 (tie). You'll Be Back (Track #7)

Score: 83

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

jcgamer107: Stupidly catchy

3. Non-Stop (Track #23)

Score: 103

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, expaniol (#1)

2. Wait for It (Track #13)

Score: 133

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper, Great_Paul, MetalmindStats (#1)

neonreaper: Leslie Odom kills it, and it's impressive on stage as well. Here is Burr telling you exactly what he's all about.

jcgamer107: This here number is the one that won Leslie the Tony

1. Satisfied (Track #11)

Score: 134

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Cybat, TomNook (#1)

Janelle Monae - The ArchAndroid[]

The participants sorted by deviance from the final results:

Seanchan: 32

VeryInsane: 36

neonreaper: 38

CasanovaZelos: 44

TheArkOfTurus: 48

HBJDubs: 70

Johnbobb: 74

rwlh: 74

Raetsel_Lapin: 88

SpikeSetsFire: 90

General Album Comments

Seanchan: First listen started off really positive. Love the upbeat, dancy, funky stuff. Then the 2nd half felt like a different album.

CasanovaZelos (responding to Seanchan): It essentially is, I guess? Her previous album is Suite I, while the two halves here are Suite II and III.

However, the wide range here is what makes me love this album. It feels genuinely epic while playing with genres that rarely aim for that status.

Seanchan (responding to CasanovaZelos): Yeah, I gathered that after the fact about the suites. It was so weird though. The first half I was really digging. Was giving me some Jamiroquai vibes (might not be the best comparison but it's what I know...) Then the second half at points sounds like a movie soundtrack or something like that. Not bad per se, just, not what I was expecting/looking for.

SpikeSetsFire: This is another one of those occasions where I really appreciate this topic series.

I'd never heard of Janelle Monae before. What a terrific album!

The first 30 seconds of Oh, Maker, in particular, are just beautiful.

The bass kicking-in and her voice. Wow.

Johnbobb: This album was fucking incredible; WAY better than I expected going in. Transcends several different genres and somehow nails them all while still managing to be its own thing, and feel like one big cohesive package. Really all of my top 10 from this album were excellent, and even the worst songs on the album are still pretty solid.

VeryInsane: gonna post my ranking in a second, but I gotta say I liked it but not as much as Dirty Computer IMO

Seanchan: I'm going to echo everyone else's thoughts on how great this album is. Even though I'm much higher on Suite 2 than Suite 3 it's still an overall tremendous work. I had an inkling that I might like this based on hearing Tightrope in CasanovaZelos' Top 250 Song topic but I couldn't have imagined how much.

Kudos to whomever is responsible for this nomination!

I ended up listening to Suite 1 today (i.e. her first album, Metropolis: The Chase Suite). Didn't really do much for me, though it seems like maybe there's a certain amount of story that interweaves between the suites (heard mentions to Greendown and 57821). Going to need to listen to The Electric Lady and Dirty Computer at some point too.

The ArchAndroid track ranking

18. Suite II Overture (Track #1)

Score: 16 (Average Rank: 14.8/18)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#18)

17. Neon Gumbo (Track #8)

Score: 17 (Average Rank: 15.4/18)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, neonreaper, CasanovaZelos, Seanchan, VeryInsane (#18)

16. Sir Greendown (Track #5)

Score: 25 (Average Rank: 14.1/18)

Biggest Fan(s): rwlh (#7)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#18)

15. Suite III Overture (Track #12)

Score: 39 (Average Rank: 12.5/18)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper, Johnbobb (#17)

14. Say You'll Go (Track #17)

Score: 46 (Average Rank: 11.4/18)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, VeryInsane (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#16)

13. Mushrooms & Roses (Track #11)

Score: 51 (Average Rank: 11.1/18)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs (#7)

Biggest Detractor(s): rwlh (#18)

Johnbobb: Torn on this one, because I didn't really like the vocal distortion, but loved everything else about the song. Could've been a top 5er easy if edited differently

12. Make the Bus (Track #14)

Score: 54 (Average Rank: 11.1/18)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#18)

Johnbobb: Why is everybody ranking this so low when it's an absolute banger? I need to nominate a St. Vincent album next time around because I could absolutely hear this being on MASSEDUCTION

11. BabopbyeYa (Track #18)

Score: 62 (Average Rank: 9.9/18)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#15)

10. 57821 (Track #16)

Score: 64 (Average Rank: 9.6/18)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#15)

9. Wondaland (Track #15)

Score: 65 (Average Rank: 9.5/18)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, VeryInsane (#12)

8. Come Alive (The War of the Roses) (Track #10)

Score: 77 (Average Rank: 8.5/18)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): rwlh (#15)

7. Neon Valley Street (Track #13)

Score: 95 (Average Rank: 7.3/18)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#13)

6. Dance or Die (Track #2)

Score: 97 (Average Rank: 6.7/18)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#18)

5. Oh, Maker (Track #9)

Score: 99 (Average Rank: 7/18)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#15)

4. Locked Inside (Track #4)

Score: 103 (Average Rank: 6.3/18)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs, rwlh (#13)

3. Tightrope (Track #7)

Score: 107 (Average Rank: 6.2/18)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#16)

2. Faster (Track #3)

Score: 124 (Average Rank: 4.8/18)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#15)

1. Cold War (Track #6)

Score: 129 (Average Rank: 4.8/18)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, HBJDubs, rwlh (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#12)

The Strokes - Is This It[]

The Strokes - Is This It results

The participants sorted by deviance from final results:

VeryInsane (16)

neonreaper (22)

Raetsel_Lapin (22)

CasanovaZelos (22)

ZaziGuado (22)

Johnbobb (28)

ChainLTTP (30)

SpikeSetsFire (34)

Ryo Caliente (36)

Seanchan (36)

Snake5555555555 (40)

HBJDubs (40)

General Album Comments

Snake5555555555: This album is good but the songs kind of blend in to one another to be perfectly honest.

Seanchan: Did a "first" listen today. But kinda not really since I'd already heard like half the songs on this album before. It's a good album though I can't say I felt too strongly about it. Definitely get some of the "same-y-ness" comment but it's a short album so that helps.

RyoCaliente: I was definitely part of this scene back in the day, but I never really got into the Strokes that much. There's some songs in their discography I really like, but as a whole it never really clicked. This listen was probably the most I enjoyed my experience listening to a full Strokes album! I guess that's the difference between attentive listening and background noise.

ChainLTTP: This album was so overhyped when it came out that I actually think it's underrated now. Nonstop bangers.

CasanovaZelos: Acclaimed Music has this listed as the second most critically acclaimed album of the 2000s, beaten out only by Arcade Fire's Funeral. I've always found this kind of funny, as I was too young to experience this at the time, and I've never met anyone as wild about this as there are people who obsess over Radiohead's Kid A/In Rainbows, Sufjan Stevens' Illinois, and really so many others. Though I think it lacks a sound that evokes a strong emotional attachment, this is one of the more consistent albums I know. Even the weakest song on this album is pretty strong; there's not a weak link here. If you like plain ol' rock and roll, the only real competition that decade was The White Stripes. I put this in the same league as Ramones' debut, a band who essentially does variations of the same sound exceptionally well - the difference here being that The Strokes build each song around a distinct hook. I don't think it's 'samey' as much as it is unusually consistent. If nothing else, Is This It signaled the garage rock revival era, which just might be rock's swan song as a mainstream entity.

ZaziGuado: I listened to this album twice. The first time was in the background and the second was a more active listening. This is definitely an "in the background" album for me. Every song has a natural toe tapping beat, but the sound started to wear on me towards the end of the album during my second listen. Going it, I had heard what I assume were three singles in Someday, Last Nite, and Hard To Explain. Those three songs were easily the top ones with the addition of the opening track. Everything else kind of just jumbled together a bit. That said, I will again reiterate that this is an excellent album for putting on and going about your business because it's easy to be taken over by the rhythm.

Johnbobb: Was surprised to find I really didn't care for this album. Aside from the big singles and maybe another song or two being generous it all just sounds the same and gives me a headache, like the tone its hitting in literally every song just twings on a bad nerve or something. The Strokes are definitely a solid band as far as their singles but this kinda killed my desire to hear more by them.

Seanchan: This is such a weird album for me. It's perfectly okay as an album but I didn't have a lot of fun doing the ranking. In many ways it just reinforced my thoughts that I already had about their singles; I kinda enjoy them in the moment but I also have almost no desire to actively seek them out. There's just something about the way the lead singer sounds (or maybe it's just the mix?) that just doesn't hit the mark for me.

Is This It track ranking

12. When It Started (Track #9 (U.S.))

Score: 46 (Average Rank: 9.17/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper, Johnbobb (#12)

11. Trying Your Luck (Track #10)

Score: 51 (Average Rank: 8.83/12)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): RyoCaliente, CasanovaZelos, ZaziGuado, VeryInsane (#12)

10. Barely Legal (Track #4)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 8.33/12)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper, Seanchan, HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#12)

9. Alone, Together (Track #6)

Score: 62 (Average Rank: 7.83/12)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Seanchan (#11)

8. New York City Cops (Track #9 (Original))

Score: 71 (Average Rank: 7.42/12)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente, Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, HBJDubs (#12)

7. The Modern Age (Track #2)

Score: 71 (Average Rank: 7.08/12)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#12)

6. Take It or Leave It (Track #11)

Score: 78 (Average Rank: 6.83/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper (#10)

5. Soma (Track #3)

Score: 82 (Average Rank: 6.58/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChainLTTP, HBJDubs (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#11)

4. Is This It (Track #1)

Score: 85 (Average Rank: 6.58/12)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Seanchan (#12)

3. Hard to Explain (Track #8)

Score: 122 (Average Rank: 4.08/12)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#10)

2. Last Nite (Track #7)

Score: 145 (Average Rank: 2.75/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, Raetsel_Lapin, CasanovaZelos, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): RyoCaliente (#7)

1. Someday (Track #5)

Score: 151 (Average Rank: 2.5/12)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper, SpikeSetsFire, ZaziGuado, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#7)

Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters[]

The participants sorted by deviance from final results:

CasanovaZelos (12)

VeryInsane (24)

neonreaper (32)

Jesse_Custer (32)

Raetsel_Lapin (42)

Seanchan (42)

Snake5555555555 (42)

Johnbobb (44)

HBJDubs (64)

General Album Comments

CasanovaZelos: My favorite album of 2020 and #11 of all-time. Hit me like nothing else the first time through and has only solidified its status as an instant classic with every listen. It starts with a typical yet strong Fiona Apple song in "I Want You to Love Me," but the ending of that song descends into a chaos that rarely lets up for the rest of the album. "Shameika" hits with a force I've rarely seen before. The percussion throughout is absolutely magnificent. Who knew piano rock could be so aggressive? My only issue is that the final two tracks kind of trail off, while "For Her" feels like it could have been a perfect closer - not the best track by any means, but the declaration that kicks off the bridge there is so chilling that I can't believe she didn't end with it.

Johnbobb: gonna relisten of course but this album blew me away last year

Seanchan: Man...well...they can't all be winners...

First listen and I didn't connect to this album at all. Always a bad sign when I'm 5-6 tracks in and counting how many are left.

CasanovaZelos (responding to Seanchan): And to think, this is the highest rated album of all time on Metacritic (with a reasonable number of reviews, at least). As much as I love it, I'm surprised how universal the response was there.

Seanchan: Criminal is the only song I'd heard from Apple before this. And that's a pretty okay song; it's got a catchy chorus.

There was nothing here that really smacked me in the face and take notice in a good way. Certainly nothing that I would say could be a hit single. But I kinda knew that going in just based on what I'd heard. Also figured that this one probably wasn't going to be in my wheelhouse.

We'll see what another listen or two brings though.

neonreaper: I feel like half of the album doesn't really do much for me but the other half is pretty good. On my list, anything below Drumset I don't feel like I'd really need to listen to again. Some of the good parts remind me of a cross between Eternal Sonata and I Am Setsuna, but that could be just "PIANO" and I'm a simple person.

Raetsel_Lapin: I tend to have a low tolerance for repeated lyrics & Fiona Apple's style relies heavily on repetition, so this album is really not for me. I'm still glad I supported it though--it offers a style unlike anything else we've ranked, I value the opportunity to listen to things I have an aversion to, and I can at least acknowledge that she's talented.

Snake5555555555: A simply incredible album front to back. Fiona Apple experiments gleefully with a lush soundscape of some of the most varied instrumentation you will ever hear on a mainstream album. It rocks, it soothes the soul, it makes you laugh and cry in equal measure as Fiona weaves stories based unashamedly from her own life experiences, from the powerful and emotionally resonant piano rocker "Shameika" to more jazzy numbers like "Ladies", to even the punk-adjacent "For Her". There's a certain sense of shared vulnerability between Fiona and the listener, as she works as both entertainer and excavator, drudging up memories and past experiences you forgot you even had yourself. Much in the spirit of a song like "Hey Ya", Fiona's bouncy and upbeat tempos belay intense drama and it truly forces the listener to pay attention to every note and every lyric being sung. I'm personally a little surprised by the "off-putting" criticism. Despite its experimentation and deeper meanings, it's definitely quite the fun album to just listen to and take in the catchy instrumentation, appreciate its fun quirks (come on, dogs actually being credited on the album is CUTE), and vibe along to Apple's infectious flows.

Seanchan: So, I have to say, this album grew on me some with repeated listenings. Still not something I'm likely to come back to but I've gained a certain appreciation.

Jesse_Custer: Getting this one in at the last minute. I feel like this is one of those albums I’d probably like more if I had time to listen a few times.

Fetch the Bolt Cutters track ranking

13. On I Go (Track #13)

Score: 32 (Average Rank: 10.44/13)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, Seanchan (#7)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Raetsel_Lapin, Jesse_Custer (#13)

12. Drumset (Track #12)

Score: 38 (Average Rank: 9.78/13)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper, Seanchan (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, Johnbobb (#13)

11. Ladies (Track #8)

Score: 52 (Average Rank: 8.33/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, Snake5555555555 (#12)

10. Relay (Track #5)

Score: 54 (Average Rank: 8/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper (#13)

9. For Her (Track #11)

Score: 58 (Average Rank: 8.22/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, Jesse_Custer (#12)

8. Rack of His (Track #6)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 8.22/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#13)

7. Fetch the Bolt Cutters (Track #3)

Score: 65 (Average Rank: 7.11/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#13)

6. Newspaper (Track #7)

Score: 74 (Average Rank: 6.67/13)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper, Johnbobb (#12)

5. Under the Table (Track #4)

Score: 75 (Average Rank: 6/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs, Johnbobb (#9)

4. I Want You to Love Me (Track #1)

Score: 90 (Average Rank: 4.78/13)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#10)

3. Cosmonauts (Track #10)

Score: 93 (Average Rank: 4.56/13)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#8)

2. Heavy Balloon (Track #9)

Score: 95 (Average Rank: 4.33/13)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#13)

1. Shameika (Track #2)

Score: 97 (Average Rank: 4.56/13)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#12)

Massive Attack - Mezzanine[]

Massive Attack - Mezzanine results

The participants sorted by deviance from final results:

VeryInsane (10)

CasanovaZelos (12)

Johnbobb (16)

HBJDubs (18)

TheArkOfTurus (20)

Seanchan (20)

Raetsel_Lapin (24)

Giggsalot (30)

Snake5555555555 (34)

Jesse_Custer (36)

SpikeSetsFire (38)

General Album Comments

Snake5555555555: Trip-hop is such a fantastic genre of music. It's not something I seek out often; instead it always seems to find its way to you in your times of need or crisis. At once, it's energetic and danceable, and by the same token, dark, full of despair, scary & terrifying, and emotionally thoughtful, tailor-made for 3AM middle-of-the-night contemplation. Massive Attack's Mezzanine is the definitive album of the genre, ironically because they tried so hard to escape the very genre they were most known for. I first discovered this album after tracing back the roots of Silent Hills' OSTs and Akira Yamaoka's influences, and so it was an instant success with me. It never gets quite into the realm of pure horror as Aphex Twin, but instead builds up this atmosphere of dread with ethereal experimentation and haunting guest vocals, especially the work of Liz Fraser who helps support the album's highest and memorable moments, who almost seems to be fighting for air amidst intense and suffocating claustrophobia. Despite the album's lofty ambitions however, it stays grounded with disturbing songs about toxic relationships such as in "Inertia Creeps", or wistful contemplation turning into a desperate cry for help in "Group Four" as Fraser runs like a Victorian ghost through lines bemoaning a dead-end job and ultimately a wasted life. The album's most triumphant moment however is "Risingson", a musing on boredom and anxiety that cuts through to the soul with intense reverb and empty spaces that speak louder than words. And that's really the guiding star of the whole album; life isn't always as gloomy and depressing as the album makes it out to be, but there are points where it will be and you will appreciate those empty gaps more and more as you get older. And in Massive Attack's own disparaging of trip hop and electronica, they used this very feeling to create an album that's eternally resonant and emotionally timeless.

Seanchan: Oh man, you guys have no idea what it's like going into some of these albums completely blind. LOL...

I've not heard albums from a lot of the artists we've done but at the very least I've heard a single or two or have a general idea of what to expect. With Massive Attack though, no idea.

I think I liked this? It's certainly evocative. I felt like I should have been walking through some semi-legal warehouse club party, everything dark and sweaty, possibly under the influence of some illicit substances. It felt like something to get lost in. Don't concentrate too hard, just let the beats wash over you and take you away.

Giggsalot: honestly i don't reach for mezzanine that often anymore, but it's been a definitive album for me for more than a decade, and it's perfect for this topic series. track-for-track it's one of the greatest ever, and nearly 25 years later it's still among the coolest sounding and best produced albums of all time. there's a common perception that the first four tracks outshine the rest of the record, but i've always thought that was completely unfair; some of the most tense and cathartic moments that the album has to offer show up later in the album. honestly, just about every song here has been my favourite at some stage, but on pure instinct i'd rank things as follows:

Seanchan: This was such a weird one for me. I felt like I enjoyed it less on repeat listenings...which might just come down to have to do the rankings. Whatever magic I felt on that first listen never re-materialized.

Mezzanine track ranking

11. (Exchange) (Track #11)

Score: 39 (Average Rank: 8.45/11)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs, VeryInsane, CasanovaZelos, Seanchan (#11)

10. Exchange (Track #5)

Score: 41 (Average Rank: 8.45/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, Giggsalot, Johnbobb (#11)

9. Man Next Door (Track #7)

Score: 43 (Average Rank: 8.27/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Giggsalot (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#11)

8. Mezzanine (Track #9)

Score: 57 (Average Rank: 6.91/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Giggsalot (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#11)

7. Group Four (Track #10)

Score: 68 (Average Rank: 6.18/11)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, CasanovaZelos (#9)

6. Black Milk (Track #8)

Score: 72 (Average Rank: 5.82/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#10)

5. Inertia Creeps (Track #4)

Score: 76 (Average Rank: 5.45/11)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin (#11)

4. Dissolved Girl (Track #6)

Score: 85 (Average Rank: 5.09/11)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Giggsalot (#9)

3. Risingson (Track #2)

Score: 92 (Average Rank: 4.73/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, SpikeSetsFire (#10)

2. Angel (Track #1)

Score: 113 (Average Rank: 3.45/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, VeryInsane, Giggsalot, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#8)

1. Teardrop (Track #3)

Score: 117 (Average Rank: 3.18/11)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, CasanovaZelos, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#8)

The Killers - Hot Fuss[]

The Killers - Hot Fuss results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (16)

ZaziGuado (16)

Jesse_Custer (18)

Snake5555555555 (22)

MarkS222222222222222 (22)

VeryInsane (22)

MetalmindStats (24)

ChichiriMuyo (28)

Seanchan (28)

SpikeSetsFire (30)

HBJDubs (30)

Johnbobb (36)

Raetsel_Lapin (36)

General Album Comments

CasanovaZelos: The evolving critical reception of Hot Fuss is among the most striking I know - it went from a measly 66 average on Metacritic to the all-time top 1,000 on Acclaimed Music, meaning critics greatly reconsidered its significance. For me, I think the earlier evaluation is closer to the mark. This is the definitive front-loaded album, 5 strong songs followed by a whole bunch of okay. It's not that the back half is bad, but the energy seriously drops off and never recovers - if the singles had been mixed in throughout, maybe it could hold my attention. This is the rare album that is less than the sum of its parts - but three of those parts are at least all-time greats.

ZaziGuado: My experience with The Killers is basically the singles off their first three albums. The Killers put out a good single...And then we enter the later portion of the album and things get less interesting because The Killers frontloaded the album with all the singles that I've heard over the last 15 years and I don't feel like talking about the rest of the album with nothing to look forward to.

Seanchan: Turns out, I'd not heard Change Your Mind before! Lets be totally honest, I got a lot of music during that time early/mid 00s time from...clandestine...sources, and apparently it was labeled as Change Your Mind but was actually Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll. Never knew! Change Your Mind is a pretty forgettable track though, so seems like I got the better end.

I nominated Hot Fuss because, like Is This It, it's considered a "classic" of the era, so I thought it was the right album for this. It's not my favorite Killers album, that honor probably goes to Day & Age (which I think goes against the grain of most people's opinions). Been a while since I listened to Sam's Town so that one might be better as well. Battle Born is the last Killers album I've heard but I could never get into it; by that point my musical tastes had shifted.

If nothing else, Mr Brightside, and to a lesser extent, Somebody Told Me, will likely stand the test of time.

ChichiriMuyo: Once upon a time I felt like this was a great album. It certainly has some great singles, and at the time it felt like a breath of fresh air compared to what was getting radio play on rock stations at the time. The biggest problem I have with the album now though is that with nearly every song other than "Somebody Told Me" and Mr. Brightside" I can't help but be reminded of another song that came before them, from bands that had even better songs than the ones that The Killers are aping. The early 2000s absolutely needed The Killers and the other bands that brought a sea change to rock, but this album didn't really move the genre forward.

Snake5555555555: So... I kind of like this album I think? Don't get me wrong, the singles on here are insanely good, with some all time classics of the entire rock genre. "All These Things That I've Done" is my favorite Killers song, with the "I've Got Soul" refrain being one of the most fun things to sing along with ever. "Mr. Brightside" is instantly catchy and teeters on that right blend of emotion where the band rocks their heart out in cathartic joy but you also catch the whispers of sadness, fear, and broken-heartedness throughout Flowers' immaculate, melodramatic, almost operatic vocal performance. Where the album truly falters is in its non-single tracks; they are serviceable, and actually stand out each in their unique way, but there's nothing particularly interesting I latch on to and want to listen to again and again, and that's a huge knock against it for me. Bouncing variously between a blend of alt. rock, new wave, and post-punk, I highly respect the album's sonic cohesion but I think the lyrics and actual instrumentation on the non-singles lacks significant depth and meaning. At its worst, in songs like "Everything Will Be Alright" & "Andy, You're a Star", The Killers are downright yawn-worthy.

I like The Killers; I wouldn't consider them a fave band by any stretch, but at the same time, they've definitely released some songs I would call favorites. I think they show marked improvement after Hot Fuss, and I enjoy them most when they lean more into heartland rock which fits them like a glove. Also, their Christmas songs are the fuckin' best.

MetalmindStats: Clubby yet grandiose, with some sinister undercurrents to its soundscapes, something about Hot Fuss makes it seem like some of the most generic modern alt-rock possible (from perhaps the most generically named rock band around), not that it quite feels fair of me to say so with my lacking perspective. I found the result rather trying and tiring the first time through, while the second listen still had me convinced that albums like Hot Fuss are why I don't participate in this series nearly as often as I should. Of course, and typically for me with music, familiarity bred affection, hence why my top spot was locked before I started even as I grew ambivalent about said song's lyrics (well, that and the fact that I typically don't consume music as part of entire albums in order). Ultimately, while I won't likely return to most of these songs, I'd probably at least consider Hot Fuss better than a wash three times through without the almost painfully pretentious bonus track to cap it.

Seanchan: I like this album quite a bit. Not love, but it's very solid. At a certain point I'm not sure if that's just familiarity from having heard it so many times but I listened to this 4 more times this week and re-enjoyed it every time. There's quite a few bands from back in my high school and college days that I, for one reason or another, never want to hear again. The Killers are not one of those.

Hot Fuss track ranking

12. Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll (Track #8 (UK/Australia))

Score: 47 (Average Rank: 9.38/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, MetalmindStats (#12)

11. Everything Will Be Alright (Track #11)

Score: 48 (Average Rank: 9.46/12)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer, Snake5555555555 (#12)

10. Believe Me Natalie (Track #9)

Score: 50 (Average Rank: 9.15/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChichiriMuyo, Raetsel_Lapin (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado, MarkS222222222222222, Seanchan, VeryInsane (#12)

9. Change Your Mind (Track #8)

Score: 57 (Average Rank: 8.62/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, VeryInsane (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#12)

8. Andy, You're a Star (Track #6)

Score: 63 (Average Rank: 8.46/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChichiriMuyo, HBJDubs (#12)

7. On Top (Track #7)

Score: 89 (Average Rank: 6.31/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChichiriMuyo, SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#11)

6. Midnight Show (Track #10)

Score: 92 (Average Rank: 6.23/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#12)

5. Smile Like You Mean It (Track #3)

Score: 105 (Average Rank: 5.38/12)

Biggest Fan(s): MarkS222222222222222 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChichiriMuyo (#10)

ZaziGuado: For some reason, and I don't know why, I always get this song and Read My Mind (the superior song imo) mixed up in my mind. I also hated this song for whatever reason the first time I heard it. Something about his droning voice I think. I must not have picked up the slick synth line because that's what makes the song.

4. Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (Track #1)

Score: 120 (Average Rank: 4.46/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#10)

ZaziGuado: First songs on the first album of a band's discography hold a certain significance. The Killers did pretty good with this one. I really love the combination of the synth and funky bass pluck.

3. All These Things That I've Done (Track #5)

Score: 136 (Average Rank: 4.23/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ZaziGuado, Johnbobb, Snake5555555555, VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs (#10)

ZaziGuado: Easily my favorite song on this album. The breakdown in the middle is iconic to me. The soaring guitars are a ton of fun. I really appreciate Brandon Flowers' vocals on this one.

2. Mr. Brightside (Track #2)

Score: 148 (Average Rank: 3.23/12)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#8)

ZaziGuado: It's sort of amazing to me how this became such a defining song of singalong music. I'm not mad about it, though. That opening verse followed by the chorus will set almost any group of people of a certain generation off. Any band would be wise to have this playable in their arsenal. I don't remember Mr. Brightside being an instant classic, moreso one that just kind of simmered and won people over the longer it stayed within pop culture until it reach iconic status.

1. Somebody Told Me (Track #4)

Score: 150 (Average Rank: 3.08/12)

Biggest Fan(s): ChichiriMuyo, MetalmindStats, SpikeSetsFire, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane (#8)

ZaziGuado: First singles from a band's discography are also significant. The Killers also did pretty good with this one as well, though I think has been largely eclipsed by so many other singles over the course of their career. Still a fun song.

Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five[]

Ben Folds Five's self-titled results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

jcgamer107 (22)

MetalmindStats (22)

Seginustemple (24)

Jesse_Custer (28)

CasanovaZelos (28)

Seanchan (28)

Raetsel_Lapin (30)

Johnbobb (36)

SpikeSetsFire (38)

HBJDubs (44)

Snake5555555555 (54)

General Album Comments

Jesse_Custer: Not my favorite BFF album, but this one definitely brings back some memories...Ever since listening to this again earlier, I’ve had The Last Polka running through my head repeatedly. I had forgotten how catchy some of these songs are.

Seanchan: First listen and this one really didn't do much of anything for me. I guess I liked some of the piano bits but other than that... I didn't particularly enjoy Mr. Folds singing at all.

Snake5555555555: This album wavers for me somewhere between "this is enjoyable" to "ugh this track is way too long in the tooth". My experience with Ben Folds Five is limited to the biggest singles, or Folds' much more enjoyable solo work. Ben Folds' vocals are always sung with tongue firmly pressed in cheek, and that's both an aid and a hindrance. It makes for some fun listens, but when it comes to brass tacks, I have difficulty concerting the level of seriousness I'm supposed to take some of these. By the time the album's closer, "Boxing", comes around, I just end up feeling nothing because I'm so exhausted by the constant levels of sarcasm on the display in the album. Much like the lyrics and vocals, the instruments settle into a comfort zone of alt.-jazz arrangements with Ben Folds' signature piano-styled rock replacing parts that would typically feature guitar work. I definitely enjoyed some songs on this project, "Alice Childress" feels like the most genuine song on the album, a wistful ditty about separation in love and the cruelty of the world. "Jackson Cannery" offers an up-beat opening to the album that is a much traditional pop rock song than anything else on the album. "Underground", the album's most famous song, is a track that lampoons underground music culture just as pays loving homage to the scene, a humorous song about finding happiness in niche corners while still laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. I have nothing really remarkable to say about the rest; it's a perfectly serviceable 90s' alt rock record, which sees a new band trying to finds it footing and ultimately slipping into a pit of mediocrity, with mass potential just out of reach.

Johnbobb: Listened to the album for the first time today

There are two thoughts that came to mind while listening:

The jazzy, sometimes experimental instrumentals are fantastic

Nobody in this band can sing, especially Ben Folds

this sounded like an amateur karaoke night featuring someone that doesn't know what is and isn't in their range being done overtop of ecstatic cabaret piano and a powerful bass guitar. The backup vocals only made things worse.

Seginustemple: Ben's voice is in full amateur slacker mode here but his songwriting palette and piano skills indicate a serious academic musician, convincingly blending idioms of classical, jazz, rockabilly, soul, and musical theater into a pop record that attempts sincerity as much as sarcasm. The rhythm section is raw compared to their later releases, grounded in a lo-fi garage band zone that doesn't let you forget how 90's it is - nostalgia mileage may vary. It's a decent debut, never really dips into 'bad' territory. The better half showcases Ben's ambition and pop sensibilities, the lesser is average to forgettable pop rock.

SpikeSetsFire: The piano was beautiful.

The singing was questionable.

Jesse_Custer: I do think Ben’s vocals improved significantly with his later work. For instance, on the song Narcolepsy off the band’s third album (their best imo), Ben showed a lot of range and vocal control.

jcgamer107: According to Ben, the band had originally recorded 15 tracks for their self-titled debut album, but later trimmed it down to 12 after their management informed them that "15 songs is a big ask for a first album." Had these 3 songs (Emaline, Eddie Walker and Tom & Mary) - which later appeared on the album Naked Baby Photos - been included here, I would have considered this possibly the greatest album of all-time. As it stands it's still top 25 for me, one that really set the bar for piano rock at the time.

There is some serious musicianship on display here, with all the tracks (to my knowledge) being recorded live. Ben's unpolished singing voice is polarizing, but to me it really works, maybe in part because I feel like *I* could sing like that lol. Actually my top 3 solo artists - Ben Folds, Jack White and Elliott Smith - all have singing voices that are pretty rough around the edges, but the songwriting is so strong and unique that I think they pull it off. Something about that makes the music more appealing - knowing that the musician feels a need to sing the words they wrote, regardless of "traditional" singing talent. Gives the songs more character and honesty.

There are no bad songs here. Even my last-place track is like a 7/10. Ben Folds really got me back into playing piano as an adult, and this is by far the album I learned the most songs off of, having half of them memorized at one point.

Raetsel_Lapin: I was surprised how much I enjoyed this album. I can't really find anything I want to say, but I at least want to be on record as quite liking this.

Seanchan: Second listen...and yes, this is entirely listenable. Still blows my mind the dichotomy between the instruments and the vocals, but now knowing that I can somewhat mentally move past that.

Seanchan: This one grew one me quite a bit on re-listens. I just wish the singing didn't feel so damn amateur hour. As I said previously, you can most get past it but there's also that little voice in my head going "but imagine if the singing was better...".

Really interested in seeing the ranking for this though. There doesn't appear to be any major consensus; a lot of different songs at #1.

MetalmindStats: Relatedly, I've also found the album itself quite impressive all three times even if it never really wowed me, enough so that I'll consider checking out future BFF albums without a topic to convince me. It's sufficiently outside my musical wheelhouse that I have nothing of even potential substance to say about it, though.

Ben Folds Five track ranking

12. Julianne (Track #3)

Score: 42 (Average Rank: 9.18/12)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seginustemple, jcgamer107 (#12)

jcgamer107: not terrible but a little too lo-fi garage rock for me. Featuring Ben barely enunciating some of the lyrics, and bags of empty bottles being dropped on a hard floor.

11. Video (Track #10)

Score: 50 (Average Rank: 8.45/12)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seginustemple, Raetsel_Lapin, CasanovaZelos (#11)

jcgamer107: quite a mature and dark song, considering Ben supposedly wrote it at 16. Very epic bridge, and lyrics that are becoming even more relevant as time goes on.

10. Uncle Walter (Track #8)

Score: 53 (Average Rank: 8.55/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs, Seanchan (#12)

jcgamer107: Awesome fuzz bass and closing piano solo. More tongue-in-cheek lyrics about that rambling elderly relative everyone has.

9. Sports & Wine (Track #7)

Score: 66 (Average Rank: 7.55/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, MetalmindStats (#12)

jcgamer107: not the most memorable track, but a lot of fun and doesn't overstay its welcome. Impressively fast piano.

8. Alice Childress (Track #5)

Score: 71 (Average Rank: 7.09/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#12)

jcgamer107: an incredibly poignant track that still shows off quite a bit of musicality, with a bridge that could make you cry. Named after a mental patient who threw water at Ben's ex.

7. Boxing (Track #12)

Score: 71 (Average Rank: 6.91/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Seginustemple (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire, CasanovaZelos (#12)

jcgamer107: featuring perhaps the most powerful lyric on the album: sometimes I punch myself hard as I can, yelling 'nobody cares', hoping someone will tell me how wrong I am. a heartbreaking waltz about the inevitable deterioration of the body.

6. Jackson Cannery (Track #1)

Score: 80 (Average Rank: 5.91/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seginustemple (#10)

jcgamer107: One of the best debut tracks ever, it grabs your attention from the opening chord and sets the tone for the rest of the album with its high energy, reflective bridge and 3-part harmonies.

5. Best Imitation of Myself (Track #9)

Score: 88 (Average Rank: 5.27/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire (#8)

jcgamer107: I can't believe this isn't even in my top half, but the album's so loaded. Not the most musically complex, but features deeply relatable lyrics for anyone who's felt like they need to appear a certain way socially, sung with real conviction.

4. Where's Summer B.? (Track #4)

Score: 89 (Average Rank: 6/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, jcgamer107, Johnbobb (#11)

jcgamer107: simple, fun and catchy; more of a 'standard' pop song compared to the others. Ben's voice sounds great here I think.

3. The Last Polka (Track #11)

Score: 102 (Average Rank: 4.82/12)

Biggest Fan(s): jcgamer107, HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

jcgamer107: Somehow a polka in a minor key is one of the most intense break-up songs ever written. Ben's desperate vocals soar over the band's furiously-paced performance. A bombastic and cathartic portrayal of a doomed relationship.

Here's one of their strongest performances of it, with some extra piano flair. Ben's really putting in work here:

2. Underground (Track #6)

Score: 109 (Average Rank: 4.27/12)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#11)

jcgamer107: Ben is so great at these unlikely music & lyric combinations. Here you have a euphoric, almost honky-tonk dance tune about punk rock posers, that shifts styles multiple times and is arguably making fun of its own fanbase a little. With the falsetto back-up vocals and jazzy outro, it's just way too much fun.

Fun fact - this is the one cover off this album I've recorded: (click to expand)

1. Philosophy (Track #2)

Score: 114 (Average Rank: 4/12)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, HBJDubs (#9)

jcgamer107: Ben's piano skills and signature moves are on full display here, from the rich opening riff to the closing Rhapsody in Blue homage & fist slams. The band absolutely crushed this on Jools Holland:

Air - Moon Safari[]

Air's Moon Safari results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

ZaziGuado (14)

Giggsalot (18)

Jesse_Custer (20)

TheArkOfTurus (22)

ChainLTTP (22)

SpikeSetsFire (22)

CasanovaZelos (24)

Johnbobb (26)

HBJDubs (28)

Raetsel_Lapin (30)

Seanchan (30)

Snake5555555555 (38)

MetalmindStats (40)

General Album Comments

Snake5555555555: This album is so good holy shit. Ever since the pandemic hit last year I've loved these kind of chill, downtempo ambient albums, but I think this is also a bit more than that as well. Plus I'm currently experiencing a hurricane in my area so playing through this album only felt that much more appropriate and surreal. Much like Vaporwave, there's a prevalent sense of nostalgia that runs through every song, and unlocks feelings you had long tucked away years ago. But it's not a depressing feeling, rather I feel uplifted and quite pleasant, with ethereal soundscapes transporting me to a world of pure imagination & wistful wonder. It's albums like this that make me wish I was more skilled at describing the beautiful musicianship behind it all. Almost all songs on this album are of equal quality, and last place is merely a formality here.

ChainLTTP (responding to Snake): Yes, exactly this. Except the nostalgia is FOR the first time I heard the album. This is peak golden age electronica (if that's even a thing). I love it so much.

SpikeSetsFire: I've been really looking forward to this week's album for months!

This album is one of my favourites. It really takes me back to the early 2000's.

And it's not going to be easy to rank the songs. There's not a bad song on here.

ChainLTTP: Takes me back, man. This was one of the first albums hyped on board 8 that I listened to as a teenager.

Giggsalot: Strange album for this topic series, I don't think of this as being a particularly song-based record at all. It's all good stuff, just pure vibez

(instrumentals are the best here though)

SpikeSetsFire: Far out. This was hard to rank.

I look at the songs at the bottom of the list and think to myself... that's so unjust.

But something has to be there.

All I Need just gets the #1 spot for me. Really good memories of the days when I smoked weed with my best mate on the balcony in my Brisbane apartment on a summer afternoon, listening to Ministry of Sounds Chillout Sessions, before going to play an 'All-Cup' on Mario Kart Double Dash on GameCube.

Sexy Boy just misses out on 1st. It was the first Air song I ever heard and I just love it to bits. Kelly Watch The Stars had the same kind of vibe for me and I liked the video too. I ranked it high purely on nostalgia value.

Everything else is fantastic. I've listened to this album 6 times already this week.

At one stage, I had Remember and Talisman in my Top 5, but constant re-shuffles sent them down the list.

No disrespect to those songs at all. I just love everything on this album. It's so chill.

ZaziGuado: I love this album so very much. It's a 10/10 for me. It's one of those albums that is greater than the sum of its parts, but that in no way knocks the parts because these songs are so tight and I could listen to any of them outside the context of the album. While I consider "La femme d'argent" to be the best song, it somehow doesn't get me discouraged once its over with the rest of the album left to play like a lot of other "best song on the album" songs would. Rather, it gets me excited for what's to come because it's the perfect first course to an album full of chill electronic vibes. That french horn in "Ce matin la" gives me 70s sitcom theme song vibes and might be the most relaxing song on the album. "le voyage de Penelope" is such a fun closer and the way it springs the last bit of the melody on you excites me every time. "All I Need" has such a beautiful breakdown at the end. Sometimes I wish I would've made "You Make It Easy" the first dance at my wedding. "Kelly Watch the Stars" is super bouncy and super fun. "New Star in the Sky" is the only song that never truly gets off the ground for me, but I still respect the hell out of it. There's so much to love throughout this album and it's been exciting seeing the rankings on everybody's list (thus far) be fairly varied.

Seanchan: First listen, and you guys are right, this is pretty good! A very easy listen and I'm looking forward to doing the ranking.

I know this is an easy comparison because they're both French but there were quite a few songs here that reminded me of a more chill Daft Punk.

Johnbobb: Listened 3 times now, haven't even considered how to rank it yet, it's just instantly becoming a go-to chill album. Put it on today to take a bath after work and just kinda drifted

Seanchan: This is a really good album. Other than first and last I think there's a lot of flexibility in my ranking. And I'm going to have to buck trends and say I think the 2nd half is better than the 1st.

Johnbobb: Not a bad song on the album. Possibly my favorite album I hadn't already listened to to come out of this group

MetalmindStats: I think I've always remembered music mainly by its lyrics, and the unfortunate result of that here is that I prefer each song with them to every song without them three album listen-throughs in. Still, I enjoy even the instrumentals for what they are here - I just find and have found it difficult to evaluate and fairly compare the intermixture. Paradoxically, I think that all is part of why Moon Safari makes me think of my hopes I can live a fuller future (in apparent contrast to a few others here), alongside qualities more inherent to the music itself.

Moon Safari track ranking

10. Remember (Track #6)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 7.15/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Giggsalot, SpikeSetsFire (#10)

9. Kelly Watch the Stars (Track #4)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 6.46/10)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, CasanovaZelos, MetalmindStats (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, HBJDubs (#10)

8. New Star in the Sky (Track #9)

Score: 62 (Average Rank: 6.54/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, HBJDubs (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ZaziGuado, CasanovaZelos (#10)

7. Talisman (Track #5)

Score: 68 (Average Rank: 6.08/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Giggsalot (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, MetalmindStats (#10)

6. Sexy Boy (Track #2)

Score: 79 (Average Rank: 5.38/10)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, CasanovaZelos (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#10)

5. You Make It Easy (Track #7)

Score: 81 (Average Rank: 5.46/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP (#10)

4. Le voyage de Pénélope (Track #10)

Score: 84 (Average Rank: 5.23/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

3. All I Need (Track #3)

Score: 90 (Average Rank: 5.08/10)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire, CasanovaZelos, MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#10)

2. Ce matin là (Track #8)

Score: 100 (Average Rank: 4.31/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#9)

1. La femme d'argent (Track #1)

Score: 127 (Average Rank: 3.31/10)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, ChainLTTP, Giggsalot, ZaziGuado, HBJDubs, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, MetalmindStats (#8)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced[]

The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Are You Experienced Results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

Johnbobb (44)

CasanovaZelos (50)

Seanchan (56)

Raetsel_Lapin (72)

RyoCaliente (72)

HBJDubs (74)

NFUN (84)

General Album Comments

Seanchan: First listen and I'm a little conflicted. I've heard at least a third of these songs before but I've never had any real desire to seek them out. An hour of this and I was a little fatigued of it..

CasanovaZelos: I haven't relistened yet but historically agree with the fatigue - this would probably be a better listen at the original 11-song length, if only there weren't two versions. A few major acts had separate US and UK releases in this time period, but at least with bands like The Beatles, we tend to just go with the UK version now. Mashing them together gives us more Hendrix, which I guess is good for fans, but it doesn't really feel like a cohesive album.

ChainLTTP: Jimi Hendrix is a weird artist because he was so romanticized by the Boomers / Rolling Stone critics that he became wildly overrated. Then that feeling kind of corrected itself in the last decade or so to the point where he's kind of underrated now.

In either case, this album is pretty bloated.

VeryInsane: I know we all talk about Hendrix himself but Mitchell is an excellent drummer, just wanted to put that out there

NFUN: Purple Haze was something I loved as a kid, but now I find I like his more progressive and meandering tracks more. It (unsurprisingly) seems to play to his strengths a lot better. I haven't heard most of these songs in a decade (and this album has apparently nearly everything I know from him). I still have vivid memories of listening to the title track while exploring Blackreach in Skyrim. Solid album with no duds, though I thought Hey Joe was kind of repetitive and boring

Seanchan: Overall I didn't really enjoy this album very much. There's nothing here that's bad necessarily, it just felt overly long and a bit of a slog to listen to. Now granted part of that comes down to the circumstances under which I'm trying to listen...but if this had grabbed me I would have found the time to dedicate. That I didn't is pretty telling for my personal regard of this album.

Raetsel_Lapin: In a rare twist, I find myself agreeing with the general consensus on this album and kinda wish we'd done the shorter US version of the album than this almost arbitrarily extended version. Almost all enthusiasm I had for the album drained when I got to the title track (which was a natural stopping point) and saw just how much longer it was going to go. Like, this isn't a long album, but it definitely feels like it keeps going far longer than it had any reason to.

On the other hand, my personal favorite song from this album is one of the random extras, so I can't complain too much and I'd say I generally liked the music. It was worth the listen.

Johnbobb's Kirby Hendrix Experience edit

Johnbobb: This album fully deserves all the acclaim it gets. I'm of the not-controversial opinion that Jimi Hendrix is hands down one of the greatest musicians to ever live. Vocals, songwriting and guitar skill are all top tier and he's pretty handily the GOAT of his particular style of psychadelic blues rock. I will agree with some of the others that the ideal version of this album is the original 11-track NA release, as every song on it is at least a 9/10 and the songs added in the extended re-release don't live up to that same level, but I'm not complaining too much because any Hendrix is good Hendrix. Seriously, the top tier songs on this album are some of my all-time favorites that I could listen to on repeat forever.

also, semi-related, made this about a year ago for a Kirby shitpost group

Are You Experienced track ranking

17. Remember (Track #16)

Score: 17 (Average Rank: 13.71/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#9)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#17)

16. Can You See Me (Track #15)

Score: 19 (Average Rank: 13.43/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#8)

Biggest Detractor(s): RyoCaliente (#17)

15. 51st Anniversary (Track #13)

Score: 34 (Average Rank: 11.71/17)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, Johnbobb (#17)

14. Stone Free (Track #12)

Score: 35 (Average Rank: 11/17)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente (#8)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#14)

13. May This Be Love (Track #5)

Score: 40 (Average Rank: 10.43/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#17)

12. Red House (Track #17)

Score: 40 (Average Rank: 10.29/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#16)

11. I Don't Live Today (Track #6)

Score: 53 (Average Rank: 8.43/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): NFUN (#16)

10. Love or Confusion (Track #4)

Score: 54 (Average Rank: 9/17)

Biggest Fan(s): NFUN (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#15)

9. Are You Experienced? (Track #11)

Score: 54 (Average Rank: 8.43/17)

Biggest Fan(s): NFUN (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#14)

8. Fire (Track #8)

Score: 57 (Average Rank: 8.57/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#16)

7. Foxey Lady (Track #10)

Score: 57 (Average Rank: 8.43/17)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#13)

6. Third Stone From the Sun (Track #9)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 8.29/17)

Biggest Fan(s): NFUN (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#17)

5. The Wind Cries Mary (Track #7)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 7.86/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#16)

4. Manic Depression (Track #2)

Score: 61 (Average Rank: 7.29/17)

Biggest Fan(s): NFUN, CasanovaZelos (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#13)

3. Highway Chile (Track #14)

Score: 68 (Average Rank: 7/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#16)

Raetsel_Lapin: Not entirely sure why, but I think this might be the most fun song from any of the albums we've ranked so far and I can't help but kinda love it as a result.

2. Hey Joe (Track #3)

Score: 79 (Average Rank: 5.71/17)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs, CasanovaZelos (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): NFUN (#17)

Raetsel_Lapin: I absolutely love his vocal performance on this song and wish more of the tracks went for this sort of sound. I'd love an entire album of songs in this sort of style.

1. Purple Haze (Track #1)

Score: 103 (Average Rank: 3.43/17)

Biggest Fan(s): RyoCaliente, CasanovaZelos, Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): NFUN, HBJDubs (#8)

Raetsel_Lapin: The rare song that I've heard far too many times and still haven't gotten sick of.

Nine Inch Nails - Pretty Hate Machine[]

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

Jesse_Custer (14)

CasanovaZelos (14)

Johnbobb (14)

ChichiriMuyo (14)

VeryInsane (16)

SpikeSetsFire (16)

neonreaper (18)

HBJDubs (18)

Snake5555555555 (20)

Steiner (20)

MartinFF7 (20)

Raetsel_Lapin (28)

Seanchan (30)

MetalmindStats (30)

Seanchan: Finally did a first listen. I've heard quite a few of their songs on the radio over the years but never actually listened to an album before. (That's got to be at least the dozenth time I've said that...)

Anyway, this is a very interesting album. That industrial sound is certainly something. Definitely some electronic influences on some tracks and a lot of repeated vocals. And some very provocative lyrics at points that caught even MY attention!

I didn't realize that NiN goes all the way back to the late 80s! They've always struck me as such a quintessential 90s band, though I suppose the height of their success is from the 90s, so...

I know NiN was big back when I was in middle/high school but I wasn't really into a lot of music back then. As I was listening, I was trying to decide if I would have liked this back in those days. I think I finally came around to "probably not", if only because I had a lot of bad music takes back then.

VeryInsane: The raw synthetics on this album are so good, I kinda wish Trent made a album similar to this again

MartinFF7: Listened to PHM more in the past week than I had in history up to this point. I put most NIN albums ahead of it, but there's still lots of quality in there... even if you can feel that "80s" sound bleeding in at times.

Also very tough because there's a clear top 4 for me, and a clear 10th place, but 5 through 9 are all pretty good. And sorting the top 4 also became pretty tough.

neonreaper: I feel like all of the songs on this album were my favorite at one point or another. The album is full of so many catchy bits and pieces, as well as production effects that stuck with me. Great album. This album was totally perfect for the teenage years.

Jesse_Custer: The Fragile is the album that got me into NIN and will probably always be my favorite NIN album, but Pretty Hate Machine is also great. And an album as long as The Fragile probably wouldn’t have worked well for this topic anyway.

Snake5555555555: Fun fact: this is the only NIN album I own. And I don't even like it that much. Everything here seems pretty dated, even if I can see some seeds of NIN's vastly superior future work. It was very kind of the Jingle Cats to lend their voices to "The Only Time", one of the most grating songs of the 80s industrial dance scene by a mile. Reznor's lyrics try to be cerebral and intelligent like an LCD Soundsystem but end up coming across as corny, edgelord nonsense ("While the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car", that was a particularly hilarious highlight for me). The beats and production are repetitive, which I know is somewhat of the point, but when combined with the lyrics I was looking at the time waiting for this album to be over. It's not all bad though; Sanctified and Head Like a Hole both hit like any other hard rockers of the 80s, and the latter especially is where the repetitiveness works extremely well in the song's favor. It drives in the message and gives you something to remember it by when it's over. Something I Can Never Have is a decent enough slow-jam, that feels like a prototype for Hurt. Overall, I think NIN are a fantastic band, but this album is forgettable to me and I don't even enjoy it in short bursts to be perfectly honest.

CasanovaZelos: Nine Inch Nails' sound may have evolved from here, but there is something about the raw, dark synthesizers that really click with me, certainly more than any of NIN's albums after The Downward Spiral. Pretty Hate Machine feels like the most twisted take on synthpop and absolutely deserves to be considered a classic - perhaps not on the same level as Downward Spiral, but it stands as a distinct entity, and I would have loved to see Reznor do another album in this style.

Raetsel_Lapin: I'm having a hard time working out how I feel about this album. On the one hand, a few of the tracks--mainly Sin--go a bit too hard on the industrial sound and are rather unpleasant to listen to. The lyrics also tend to be ludicrously repetitive: Head Like A Hole manages to have a dreadful pre-chorus, chorus, and post-chorus that all repeat themselves infinitely to the point of torture and it's not even the most egregious example on the album.

On the other hand, I do find a lot of things to love here. The lyrics are exactly the type of thing I'm into these days, Trent Reznor's vocals really work for me, and I rather dig the band's sound on some of these tracks. When they dial things back a bit, it's quite fantastic and very much my type of thing.

So... it's complicated, but I think the positives outweigh the negatives enough that I'll say I liked the album. I'd be quite interested in trying more NIN music in the future; it feels like they probably have several songs I'd love, if I spent enough time going through their catalogue to find them.

Seanchan: (responding to Raetsel_Lapin) I agree with this. This seems like a band I should explore more of.

HARD disagree about Sin though, that's my #1 song with a bullet here. Love the soundscape on that song.

In terms of the vocals, usually I enjoyed them. Then there's songs like Sanctified where there's just something about how he says some words that just drove me nuts.

It continues to baffle me how much my feelings on the albums we rank changes based upon how/where I'm listening (car vs over ear cans vs bluetooth earbuds) and having to do an actual ranking. Of course it makes sense, but still...

I listened to Pretty Hate Machine in the car this afternoon and was like "yeah, this is pretty good". Then I did a relisten just now at my computer to finalize the ranking and it's like "eh, meh, whatever".

MetalmindStats: Kinda I like this album, surprisingly enough. However, while my opinions on most of the individual songs are substantially positive, the entire effort nonetheless adds up to something significantly lesser than the sum of its parts for me. I struggled to locate why exactly until I read some of the previous posts in this topic, in particular this one:

ChainLTTP posted...

"Head like a hole / black as your soul is pretty much the quintessential angsty teenage male lyric"

Extend this to the entire album and it quite largely puts my thoughts into words: this is pretty much the quintessential angsty teenage male take on synthpop. That musical tradition is one I'm quite fond of, but here it's handled in a way representative of all that I seek to distance myself from, or to put it still more dramatically, my antithesis. In sum, I suppose I enjoy Pretty Hate Machine quite a bit for what it is, just as long as I never have to listen to it again (after my third time this past week).

ChichiriMuyo: One of my all time favorite albums. There just isn't a bad track on this album at all. While some may say it's unrefined or even dated, you can hear everything that would go on the make NIN the band it became here. It's dark, moody, sometimes even filled with hollow anger, but it captures these feelings in a way that at times feels more mature than just "teen angst." I think we all grow past the sentiment expressed in "That's What I Get," but I'm not sure anyone every trully conquers that nagging feeling of "Something I Can Never Have."

Pretty Hate Machine track ranking

10. Kinda I Want To (Track #6)

Score: 37 (Average Rank: 8.36/10)

Biggest Fan(s): MartinFF7 (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane, neonreaper, Johnbobb, ChichiriMuyo (#10)

9. That's What I Get (Track #8)

Score: 44 (Average Rank: 7.86/10)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Steiner (#10)

8. The Only Time (Track #9)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 6.93/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, neonreaper (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, CasanovaZelos, MartinFF7 (#10)

7. Ringfinger (Track #10)

Score: 68 (Average Rank: 6.36/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Steiner (#9)

6. Sanctified (Track #4)

Score: 80 (Average Rank: 5.57/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs, Seanchan, MartinFF7 (#9)

5. Down In It (Track #3)

Score: 98 (Average Rank: 4.93/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Steiner (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#10)

4. Something I Can Never Have (Track #5)

Score: 105 (Average Rank: 4.71/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer, neonreaper, MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire, Seanchan (#10)

3. Sin (Track #7)

Score: 106 (Average Rank: 4.21/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, MetalmindStats (#10)

2. Terrible Lie (Track #2)

Score: 123 (Average Rank: 3.5/10)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane, MartinFF7 (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#7)

1. Head Like a Hole (Track #1)

Score: 148 (Average Rank: 2.57/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, CasanovaZelos, HBJDubs, SpikeSetsFire, Johnbobb, ChichiriMuyo (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#7)

The Knife - Silent Shout[]

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (24)

Seanchan (24)

VeryInsane (24)

HBJDubs (24)

Raetsel_Lapin (26)

SpikeSetsFire (28)

Johnbobb (32)

MetalmindStats (36)

General Album Comments

CasanovaZelos: My 19th favorite album of all time and probably the most obscure of my favorites. This is synthpop as it has rarely been seen before or since, though its influence feels obvious - CHVRCHES, Purity Ring, and even Grimes probably owe a lot to this Swedish duo. Karin Dreijer's vocals here are a journey through everything modern production will allow, while the synthlines are pure ecstasy. This is not an entirely pleasant journey, but that is by design - Silent Shout (and followup Shaking the Habitual even moreso) is something I would classify as horror in music form. Songs like "Na Na Na" and "Like a Pen" are about as abrasive as music comes, so you have to approach this album more as an insight into what music can be rather than simple entertainment. The lyrics are also disarming, a tour of various forms of oppression and inner turmoil.

Seanchan: Did a first listen to's a weird one! I was enjoying it for the most part, though there are easily some songs (like Marble House) that are more accessible than others.

CasanovaZelos: This is an odd album, but not a completely niche choice. It came out of nowhere in 2006 and ended up being listed as Pitchfork's album of the year. It's one of the prime examples of the Internet's ability to spread music that would have likely gone overlooked in an earlier era.

Seanchan: Ended up liking this quite a bit. I went back and forth on my top 3, which is a good sign.

MetalmindStats: Silent Shout was far from a lock for me to enjoy or even appreciate, and ultimately, I don't think enjoyment is a term that fits it very well anyways. That being said, for as singular as the album is, I really do appreciate it - in an unambiguously positive sense, not just because I'm glad it broadened my musical horizons.

Silent Shout track ranking

11. Na Na Na (Track #5)

Score: 23 (Average Rank: 9.38/11)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire, VeryInsane, HBJDubs (#11)

CasanovaZelos: As I said in my full album comment, "Na Na Na" and its high-pitched vocals are truly abrasive. Yet the synthesizer that pops in about 50 second in hits like a fog machine - this entire track is coated in a murky haze, an early morning jog from someone who peers over their shoulders the entire time.

10. Still Light (Track #11)

Score: 35 (Average Rank: 7.88/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#11)

CasanovaZelos: Not much out of context, but a poignant endpoint - how else to end this album than someone waking up from a suicide attempt? But, importantly, there is the smallest ray of hope as a doctor sits at the narrator's side and offers help.

9. From Off to On (Track #8)

Score: 38 (Average Rank: 7.38/11)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, MetalmindStats (#11)

CasanovaZelos: The only track here I could do without - the soundscape is too simple to be engaging, and the lyrics and vocals are rather bland.

8. Neverland (Track #2)

Score: 46 (Average Rank: 6.5/11)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, MetalmindStats (#10)

CasanovaZelos: Among the more approachable tracks on the album, which makes it comparatively dull to me but still carrying a forceful rhythm.

7. One Hit (Track #10)

Score: 47 (Average Rank: 6.25/11)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin, HBJDubs (#10)

CasanovaZelos: The odd one out on the album - after nine tracks of terror, The Knife take on the perspective of the oppressor himself. Pitchfork describes this as the only example of 'goblin-glam' in their review of the album, and it's hard to find a better term. This is the peak of the vocal experimentation on the album - how low can Dreijer go? The lyrics are phenomenal, with "spending time with my family like the Corleones" being truly killer.

6. We Share Our Mother's Health (Track #4)

Score: 52 (Average Rank: 6.25/11)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire, MetalmindStats (#9)

CasanovaZelos: I think of this as the most 'fun' track on the album. The rhythm is killer, and the dueling vocal section at the end is sonic perfection.

5. Marble House (Track #6)

Score: 61 (Average Rank: 5.13/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire, MetalmindStats (#8)

CasanovaZelos: Perhaps the only song on Silent Shout that could be called traditionally pretty, and also the only track to have vocals from someone other than Dreijer. Lyrically, the perfect centerpiece for the album, closing in on the generational cycle that passes down so many of the beliefs that cause the tension in the other tracks.

4. Like a Pen (Track #7)

Score: 64 (Average Rank: 5/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#9)

CasanovaZelos: This song is an absolute nightmare - The Knife legitimately captured the sensation of having a panic attack here. The lyrics are also the most visceral on the album, exploring dysmorphia by invoking anorexia. An unpleasant piece out of context, but vital to the Silent Shout experience. The rhythm, as on nearly all of these tracks, is mindblowing, and the cloying synthesizers have certainly grown on me over time.

3. Forest Families (Track #9)

Score: 66 (Average Rank: 4.5/11)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire, Seanchan, VeryInsane (#6)

CasanovaZelos: Continues the pulsing anxiety found in "Like a Pen," but a bit more restrained to its benefit. As we near the end of the album, we finally get a song showing the slightest shred of hope, but also trapped in a religious community where the narrator cannot express themself. But that insistent synthline is so suggestive of their escape.

2. The Captain (Track #3)

Score: 71 (Average Rank: 4.38/11)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs, MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, VeryInsane (#8)

CasanovaZelos: The colossal soundscape that makes up the intro to this song is a wonderful slice of ambience, and the transition into pop rhythms is to die for. I expect some might get bored of that slow build, but this is monolithic.

1. Silent Shout (Track #1)

Score: 81 (Average Rank: 3.38/11)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#7)

CasanovaZelos: (copying what I posted in my song project): House is a genre that I tend to associate with, if not warmth, at least relative frivolity. This is a genre made for clubs, places to escape from the stress of everyday life. “Silent Shout” feels like an intentional antithesis, featuring all the driving synthesizer you could want but cast from the darkest pits of human torment. This is not a song for raves but the horrid aftermath, like stumbling through the darkest woods from unknown assailants while coming down from a bad trip. “Silent Shout” is horror as music.

The percussion is demanding, forceful, its repetitive beat a haunting presence throughout the track. Karin Dreijer layers their voice atop itself, one a low register suggesting something demonic while the others retain a human quality. The lyrics are a trip themselves, a surrealist nightmare of finding oneself incapable of speaking. Through the dark sound, a sadder truth forms – this is a song of the oppressed and forgotten, too unsightly to garner proper attention. More than an atmospheric piece alone, this is a house track at heart, and a glorious one at that. The synthesizer soars, finding new ways to build on top of itself. Where most other tracks I would describe as ‘horror’ tend to be complex and intentionally off-putting, “Silent Shout” finds a perfect balance between outright creepiness and accessibility.

Billy Joel - The Stranger[]

Billy Joel's The Stranger results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results (there was a tie for sixth and I treated both songs as ranked 6.5 for this calculation):

ChainLTTP (7)

neonreaper (7)

Arti (9)

ZenOfThunder (9)

Johnbobb (11)

CasanovaZelos (12)

MetalmindStats (15)

Jesse_Custer (16)

Seanchan (17)

HBJDubs (18)

SpikeSetsFire (19)

Raetsel_Lapin (22)

Snake5555555555 (27)

BlueCrystalTear (27)

General Album Comments

Snake5555555555: Simply fantastic album, front to back. I've always been a huge Billy Joel fan, and to me, and I think many others, this is his masterpiece. There's not a single dud on this thing. It's a perfect portrait of romance painted with strokes of rock and roll, soft lulling jazz, and some of the best lyrical craftsmanship this side of popular music. "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" is a 70s progressive epic rivaling the likes of Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody with twice the packed storytelling, with well-paced plot beats and a poignant tragedy that I'm sure more than a few young whirlwind lovers can relate to. The storytelling continues on "Movin' Out" a cute song with a fun groove that nevertheless deals with the harsh realities of societal and family pressures, to follow your own passions despite what any other people may say or belittle you for. The rest of the tracks explore love in all its different facets, like the taboo & promiscuous Catholic girl crush in "Only the Good Die Young" which is pure rock and roll on every level, or "She's Always a Woman" in which Joel warmly sings about a woman's (it was written for his wife at the time specifically) flaws and unfeminine traits, and how, despite everything, she's still the perfect woman for him. I could play this album in full all day, it's perfect for whether you want rowdy rockers, a romantic score to set the scene, or when life gets you down and you need someone there for you who always understands.

ChainLTTP: Love me some Billy Joel even if 90% of his songs are overproduced.

Seanchan: The dirty secret is, despite this being my nomination...I've never actually heard this album before! Okay, okay, that's more like a half truth (or a 2/3rds truth to be precise).

My love of Billy Joel is almost entirely from that 2 CD Greatest Hits Volumes 1 and 2 that was put out in the mid 80s. I've heard that collection a million times (and I'm only slightly exaggerating). But we can't (or shouldn't) nominate greatest hits albums, and so I looked and quickly realized most of The Stranger (6 of the 9 songs) is on that collection. And now here we are.

I did a full listen and my brain had such a hard time processing the 3 songs I hadn't heard. The other 6 are practically ingrained in my soul at this point, and so I just wasn't sure what to think about the "other" songs. Did I think lesser of them just because they weren't on the Greatest Hits or because they are truly lesser? Going to do another listen this week to give them another chance.

MetalmindStats: The Stranger was probably the single upcoming album I was most looking forward to - I was planning to participate this week back even before I decided to try returning in full. I guess my first listen brought me face-to-face with the flipside of setting expectations rather than going in fully open-minded, though. In short, my initial impression of The Stranger was unexpectedly middling, milquetoast, and generally mediocre. Now I'm hoping familiarity will ease me into numbers 2-3 the way it usually does, rather than breeding contempt - but if not, I guess I'll always have Vienna.

Then again, I actually like We Didn't Start the Fire, so take everything I just said with a grain of salt.

BlueCrystalTear: Top to bottom, this is Billy Joel's finest work. Not a single bad song here. I can see why the rankings are all over the place.

ZenOfThunder: damn i love this album

Raetsel_Lapin: Fantastic album.

CasanovaZelos: The weird thing about this album to me is that I really do not care about any of these songs on their own, but I can enjoy them together. The Stranger is a much better album than the sum of its parts.

MetalmindStats: I kind of knew my first take was indeed wildly premature once certain songs popped into my head as I revisited this topic to compose my original thoughts. The circumstances in which I conducted my second listen leave only one explanation, which is that I, for whatever reason, decided to have a contrarian opinion and initiated this week looking to fit that narrative. Without that baggage, I found The Stranger roughly as enjoyable and to my taste as I had expected all along.

The Stranger track ranking

Note: There were three ties in this ranking; my tiebreaker is whichever song has a better average. If the score and average are the same, I leave it as a tie.

9. Get It Right the First Time (Track #8)

Score: 34 (Average Rank: 7.71/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555 (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): ChainLTTP, Jesse_Custer, Johnbobb, BlueCrystalTear, ZenOfThunder, CasanovaZelos (#9)

Seanchan: Perfectly fine but nothing special.

BlueCrystalTear: Really the only forgettable song here, simply because it pales in comparison to the rest.

8. Everybody Has a Dream (Track #9)

Score: 41 (Average Rank: 7.29/9)

Biggest Fan(s): BlueCrystalTear (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper, Arti, Seanchan, SpikeSetsFire (#9)

Seanchan: Not terrible but easily the bottom of the list for me.

BlueCrystalTear: Also a powerful song.

6 (tie). Vienna (Track #5)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 5.57/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, BlueCrystalTear, ZenOfThunder (#8)

Seanchan: Easily the best of the 3 "new to me" songs. As an aside, something about the opening piano notes and the lyric "Vienna is waiting for you" reminded me of Boxing by Ben Folds Five ("has boxing been good to you"). I did a quick listen to that again and, ye gods, it's like my brain forgot how bad Ben Folds singing is. Also, not really that similar!

BlueCrystalTear: Putting this so low feels wrong. That shows you how damn good this album is.

6 (tie). She's Always a Woman (Track #7)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 5.57/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Jesse_Custer (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs, MetalmindStats (#9)

Seanchan: Despite this being a Greatest Hit, I've just never been a big fan of this song.

BlueCrystalTear: Another great ballad that really echoes the sentiments well.

5. Just the Way You Are (Track #3)

Score: 96 (Average Rank: 4.29/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire, BlueCrystalTear (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#9)

Seanchan: Has grown on me tremendously over the years; it's just a beautiful song that's even better here because the Greatest Hits version is missing a verse or two.

BlueCrystalTear: All. The. Feels. This song gets me every time.

4. Only the Good Die Young (Track #6)

Score: 96 (Average Rank: 3.86/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Arti, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Jesse_Custer, Johnbobb (#6)

Seanchan: One of my favorite songs of all time and my go to when I think about "favorite Billy Joel song".

BlueCrystalTear: Fun, awesome, and strong lyrically. Mixes angst with maturity.

3. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant (Track #4)

Score: 101 (Average Rank: 4/9)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, ChainLTTP, ZenOfThunder (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#9)

Seanchan: Just a stone cold classic.

BlueCrystalTear: Goes on a bit long but it's thoroughly enjoyable.

2. The Stranger (Track #2)

Score: 110 (Average Rank: 3.43/9)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper, HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#7)

Seanchan: I've been known to whistle this at random just for fun.

1. Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) (Track #1)

Score: 110 (Average Rank: 3.29/9)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#6)

Seanchan: Solid song though I always get a little bored of it before the very end.

Spice Girls - Spice[]

Spice Girls' Spice results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

neonreaper (14)

CasanovaZelos (14)

hotdogturtle (14)

HBJDubs (16)

SpikeSetsFire (20)

Johnbobb (20)

Seanchan (22)

rwlh (28)

Raetsel_Lapin (28)

MetalmindStats (30)

CasanovaZelos: I've listened to this album before and the Spice Girls craze is among my earliest memories but I really cannot remember any song outside of "Wannabe."

Seanchan: So here's the story from A to Z...this album is way better than I initially expected. This isn't complicated music; it's just fun and unpretentious. I was struck by how "90s" it sounded. The hit single was Wannabe, but it's a lot of the deeper cuts that have beats and the hip hop influences that just screamed "90s" to me.

Raetsel_Lapin: A fun album. While I don't know that I'd actually call it good, it's certainly one of my favorites that we've ranked thus far. It's just so much fun that I find myself willing to completely overlook any flaws or personal grievances and just enjoy the ride.

hotdogturtle: This album didn't really show me anything too memorable outside of the one super hit song. But one thing that I did remember, from my first listen into my second, was repetitive lyrics. Several songs end with (what feels like) a straight minute of the same line over and over until they finally let you go.

MetalmindStats: Spice might not be a bottom-three album I've listened to for this topic series, which is a compliment even though it doesn't sound like one.

Spice track ranking

10. Last Time Lover (Track #5)

Score: 37 (Average Rank: 7.3/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#10)

neonreaper: I feel like some parts of this song are OK for what it is, and some are terrible, just built for 90s teen chicks. these people were geniuses

9. Naked (Track #9)

Score: 38 (Average Rank: 7.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): neonreaper (#10)

8. Something Kinda Funny (Track #8)

Score: 47 (Average Rank: 6.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#10)

7. Mama (Track #6)

Score: 48 (Average Rank: 6.7/10)

Biggest Fan(s): rwlh (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan, hotdogturtle (#10)

6. If U Can't Dance (Track #10)

Score: 51 (Average Rank: 6.4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): MetalmindStats (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): SpikeSetsFire, HBJDubs (#10)

5. 2 Become 1 (Track #3)

Score: 55 (Average Rank: 5.9/10)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#10)

neonreaper: Trash

4. Love Thing (Track #4)

Score: 70 (Average Rank: 4.6/10)

Biggest Fan(s): SpikeSetsFire (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#8)

3. Who Do You Think You Are (Track #7)

Score: 81 (Average Rank: 4/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#10)

2. Say You'll Be There (Track #2)

Score: 90 (Average Rank: 3.3/10)

Biggest Fan(s): neonreaper (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): MetalmindStats (#7)

neonreaper: My summer fling in 97 loved this song so I have odd fond memories of it

1. Wannabe (Track #1)

Score: 103 (Average Rank: 3/10)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin, Johnbobb, CasanovaZelos, HBJDubs, hotdogturtle (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): rwlh (#10)

neonreaper: We got trashed and did karaoke to this way back when, it was stupid

Iron Maiden - Powerslave[]

Iron Maiden's Powerslave results

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

Raetsel_Lapin (4)

BlueCrystalTear (8)

CasanovaZelos (8)

hotdogturtle (8)

plasmabeam (8)

Seanchan (8)

ZeroSignal620 (8)

HBJDubs (10)

Snake5555555555 (10)

Janus5k (12)

SpikeSetsFire (12)

Johnbobb (14)

lordjers (14)

TheArkOfTurus (16)

VeryInsane (16)

Snake5555555555: A juggernaut of classic heavy metal. The riffs keep coming and they keep getting faster and heavier. Iron Maiden excels at creating songs like this but that which are also catchy as hell and makes you want to replay them over and over. It proves you don't have to eschew accessible songwriting for impactful tracks. "2 Minutes to Midnight" is my favorite Maiden song, with fantastic thematic qualities and instantly infectious hook. "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" is the progressive song on the album, a heavy metal tapestry exploring the frantic feeling of death portrayed through guitar and the dark ambiance of pure despair. Songs like "Aces High" and "Back in the Village" serve as your blood-pumping songs, "Back in the Village" in particular features one of Maiden's best and fastest riffs. The rest of the album is solid with nothing specific for me to say, but I still think they're awesome songs and any are worthy of being classics. This may not be my favorite Maiden album, but I could see the case for it being the best and regardless stands as influential and iconic to this day.

CasanovaZelos: The second new album for me from this project after Ben Folds Five - and I like every track here!

plasmabeam: Choosing among the Top 4 is torture.

BlueCrystalTear: This was a pretty good album - every song is great. However, for the cohesive whole, I think it needed a ballad (y'know, the really good '80s rock kind) before Flash of the Blade for a better balance. That could've made the subsequent riffs stand out even more while grabbing attention itself. That does not change that this is a fantastic collection of songs and I'd give it another spin (after listening to it twice today).

Seanchan: I'm TRULY at a loss for how I've never listened to an Iron Maiden album before. I've heard Run for the Hills and The Number of the Beast before, but never an full album, despite the fact that I went through a major metal phase back in college. I enjoy(ed) the hell out of bands like Metallica, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica. I've listened to Blind Guardian and Dragonforce and plenty of other metal bands/songs of various sub genres. And yet I never journeyed back to the source!

All of which is to say that this was a very positive first listen. This is the type of music that I've loved in the past and it was great to get back to it again.

Seanchan: Like seriously, how the fuck did I never listen to Iron Maiden until just now!?! This album kicks ass. Iron Maiden in general kicks ass.

It's hard to have a bad ranking for this album. Losfer Words was the clear bottom rung for me but even that's still pretty good. For the rest, I could have rearranged it a lot of different ways without feeling badly.

hotdogturtle: This is one of the albums commonly cited as Iron Maiden's #1. And personally I'm there with it, it's the one that I've always called my favorite when I'm forced to choose.

Powerslave track ranking

8. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) (Track #3)

Score: 35 (Average Rank: 6.67/8)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, HBJDubs, SpikeSetsFire (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, CasanovaZelos, plasmabeam, Raetsel_Lapin, Seanchan, ZeroSignal620, hotdogturtle (#8)

BlueCrystalTear: It's a kickass instrumental, but I don't know about the title. The music certainly doesn't sound like somebody is at a loss for words.

7. Back in the Village (Track #6)

Score: 45 (Average Rank: 6.07/8)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs, VeryInsane (#8)

BlueCrystalTear: Another epic hard-rocking guitar-fest of awesome. In a vacuum, I'd probably rave about it more, but against the first two tracks? Yeah…

6. The Duellists (Track #5)

Score: 52 (Average Rank: 5.87/8)

Biggest Fan(s): lordjers (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Janus5k, BlueCrystalTear, Johnbobb, SpikeSetsFire (#8)

BlueCrystalTear: This song is when I started feeling things were getting a little repetitive. It's still good on its own but it doesn't do anything that the songs before it didn't already do better.

5. Flash of the Blade (Track #4)

Score: 54 (Average Rank: 5.73/8)

Biggest Fan(s): VeryInsane (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus, lordjers (#8)

BlueCrystalTear: Doesn't have the same hook as the three songs that came before it. Could have been something more than it was, since it started strong.

4. Powerslave (Track #7)

Score: 88 (Average Rank: 3.87/8)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, Janus5k, plasmabeam, VeryInsane (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#7)

BlueCrystalTear: One of those deep cuts that's just as good as the big stuff. One can see why it's the title track.

3. 2 Minutes to Midnight (Track #2)

Score: 101 (Average Rank: 3.33/8)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, CasanovaZelos (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): TheArkOfTurus (#6)

BlueCrystalTear: This is how you keep someone's attention after getting it. Fantastic stuff.

2. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Track #8)

Score: 130 (Average Rank: 2.47/8)

Biggest Fan(s): TheArkOfTurus, Johnbobb, Raetsel_Lapin, ZeroSignal620, SpikeSetsFire, hotdogturtle (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): VeryInsane (#6)

BlueCrystalTear: This is how you create an epic operatic closer - a song that goes on and yet remains engaging throughout.

hotdogturtle: This song is more than just a poem set to music. It has distinct different sections to match the progression of the story, but notably, each section rocks just as hard as any individual song that Iron Maiden has. It's almost like 2 or 3 songs combined, but they all fit together to complete the story. Very enjoyable experience to listen to despite its length, and it makes the time fly by like nothing.

1. Aces High (Track #1)

Score: 140 (Average Rank: 2/8)

Biggest Fan(s): Janus5k, plasmabeam, BlueCrystalTear, Seanchan, HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snak5555555555, TheArkOfTurus, Raetsel_Lapin, SpikeSetsFire, VeryInsane (#3)

BlueCrystalTear: THIS is how you get somebody's attention. What a thrilling opener!

hotdogturtle: For a long time this song was my favorite. Super high energy, intense, and catchy.

Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves[]

The participants sorted by deviation from final results:

CasanovaZelos (40)

Raetsel_Lapin (58)

Seanchan (64)

Johnbobb (74)

Snake5555555555 (74)

HBJDubs (84)

Epyo (114)

General Album Comments

Snake5555555555: This is my 9th favorite album of all time

Seanchan: Done 2 listens to this so far. I certainly like this type of punk more than The Pixies. (The Pixies are punk, right? Or at least punk-ish?). Time Bomb and Ruby Soho I had heard before, so that was a nice surprise.

With that said, I'm not looking forward to doing a ranking. 19 songs is just too many! This album is the same length as Powerslave and has 11 more songs. I know, it's the nature of metal vs punk songs, but still! It's hard for me to keep all the songs in my head once you start to get much past a dozen.

Snake5555555555: To me, this is quintessential punk rock. Rancid's Let the Dominoes Fall may have been my first true introduction to the genre, but it was ...And Out Comes the Wolves that truly made me love punk as a cohesive whole. The tracks here are nothing short of firecrackers, short bursts of anger, pure energy, awesome basslines, and the catchiest hooks this side of punk, yet with also a strange sort of lonely sadness always lurking in the background. "Maxwell Murder" keeps off the album immediately with these tenets in mind. It has an ambient opening, the calm before the storm if you will, with wind and church chimes before launching into the explosive riff and Armstrong's speedy vocals about a drug dealer hooking you in with drugs, comparing him to "Jack the Ripper", but worse: he's an ordinary crook and one that can be found on street corners all over the country. There's no need for direct murders when those addicted can do it themselves. It's these kind of topics Rancid continues to tackle throughout the record, and in even darker ways. "As Wicked" is as brutal and depressing as punk music gets, bluntly tackling homeless, hunger, and drug abuse pulling no punches, but Rancid belies its dark messages with sunny hooks and fun riffs: much like the people in the song, forgotten and ignored by society, it's easy to ignore or not even notice the meaning in the first place. Clever stuff. ...And Out Come the Wolves is punk poetry in its purest form, I can close my eyes and visualize this whole album and all the people and places it takes about with ease. It's not always an easy journey, but if you're ever feeling outcasted, depressed, or alone, this album can take just a bit of that pain away, at least for me.

CasanovaZelos: Fun album, but I agree with the people saying this was difficult to rank.

Epyo: Ooh this is the album that got me into Rancid, one of my favorite bands. These days I like most of their other albums more, because this one is so homogeneous, which as said above, makes it hard to rank the songs.

Or so I thought!! But actually I had no trouble. I'm still really hyped about the top 6 songs here, I still like songs 7 through 13, and I'm pretty sick of songs 14-17. And, 18 and 19 I never really liked.

Raetsel_Lapin: Fun album, though it's difficult to rate. It's a constant barrage of rapid-fire, high energy songs and there's never a moment to relax or properly take in everything that's happening. I don't dislike any of the songs and it's obviously a high quality album, but I eventually get exhausted and want a break. I think I'd prefer hearing these songs on a playlist with greater musical variety instead of on an album, but I did enjoy it anyway.

Seanchan: Overall, I think this is a solid album. It feels like it's 10 minutes (3-4 songs) too long though.

Ranking this too more effort than usual. Normally, I can be doing other things as I'm listening and still get that done. With this, I had to sit and focus and try to keep all the songs straight in my head. Which proved tough, as a lot of them sound a little too similar. If I listened to these songs in a different order then this would likely be a different list. But I think I got stuff generally positioned correctly between the top, middle, and bottom.

And Out Come the Wolves track ranking

19. You Don't Care Nothin' (Track #16)

Score: 12 (Average Rank: 15.71/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo (#10)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos, Johnbobb, Raetsel_Lapin (#19)

Epyo: surprisingly unformulaic. I like the "about me, about me" part

18. The Way I Feel (Track #19)

Score: 16 (Average Rank: 14.14/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Seanchan (#8)

Biggest Detractor(s): Epyo (#18)

Epyo: kinda forgettable and reminds me that the album is ending

17. She's Automatic (Track #12)

Score: 18 (Average Rank: 14.71/19)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#7)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555, Epyo (#19)

Epyo: kinda cringe, but not that bad. glad to see others also have it low

16. The Wars End (Track #15)

Score: 18 (Average Rank: 13.71/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo (#8)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#18)

Epyo: very fun to sing along, the early tempo change is rad

15. Junkie Man (Track #7)

Score: 31 (Average Rank: 12.86/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#19)

Epyo: it's all about that weird interlude with the poem around 2:00

14. Daly City Train (Track #10)

Score: 31 (Average Rank: 12/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#18)

Epyo: when the bass kicks in at 0:20, feels so good

13. Disorder and Disarray (Track #14)

Score: 31 (Average Rank: 11.71/19)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#6)

Biggest Detractor(s): Seanchan (#17)

Epyo: a little forgettable, but the bars right before each chorus are cool

12. As Wicked (Track #17)

Score: 41 (Average Rank: 10.43/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#5)

Biggest Detractor(s): CasanovaZelos (#18)

Epyo: "hey grrl I'll be your friend but who's keeping score" I like this weird line

11. Avenues & Alleyways (Track #18)

Score: 41 (Average Rank: 10.14/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo, HBJDubs (#4)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#14)

Epyo: the final chorus has an extra harmonizing backing vocal that I love

10. Journey to the End of the East Bay (Track #11)

Score: 42 (Average Rank: 10.29/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, Seanchan (#16)

Epyo: If I wanted someone to like Rancid, I'd show them this song

9. Maxwell Murder (Track #1)

Score: 46 (Average Rank: 10.14/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Johnbobb (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#19)

Epyo: I wish the chorus was better, and I kinda think this style of bass solo is a little cringe, even though I love bass in general

8. Old Friend (Track #13)

Score: 56 (Average Rank: 8.14/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb (#14)

Epyo: do I just like this because I live in Cleveland?

7. Listed M.I.A. (Track #8)

Score: 59 (Average Rank: 9/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, Raetsel_Lapin (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#18)

Epyo: it's the 3 stomps before the chorus

6. The 11th Hour (Track #2)

Score: 61 (Average Rank: 8.14/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Epyo (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Snake5555555555 (#15)

Epyo: I once told someone this was my favorite song of all time, in middle school

5. Roots Radical (Track #3)

Score: 66 (Average Rank: 6.71/19)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): Johnbobb, Raetsel_Lapin (#9)

Epyo: very fun to sing along, great bass

4. Lock, Step & Gone (Track #6)

Score: 74 (Average Rank: 6.43/19)

Biggest Fan(s): HBJDubs (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Raetsel_Lapin (#17)

Epyo: maybe a little repetitive, but the bridge in the middle is good

3. Olympia WA. (Track #5)

Score: 77 (Average Rank: 5.43/19)

Biggest Fan(s): Snake5555555555, Raetsel_Lapin, Seanchan (#3)

Biggest Detractor(s): HBJDubs (#9)

Epyo: tim introducing this song: "this is a song about new york... it's called Olympia WA!" so funny to me

2. Time Bomb (Track #4)

Score: 82 (Average Rank: 5/19)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Seanchan (#2)

Biggest Detractor(s): Epyo (#14)

Epyo: I'm sorry tim I'm pretty sick of this song, a little too repetitive, crazy catchy tho

1. Ruby Soho (Track #9)

Score: 87 (Average Rank: 5.29/19)

Biggest Fan(s): CasanovaZelos, Seanchan (#1)

Biggest Detractor(s): Epyo (#17)

Epyo: amazing chorus, but the verses are really boring for me