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This is Repus' Journal for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do contest. It chronicles a week in Rep's life during March of 2008.

March 12, 2008[]

I left work at 5:40 am. I decided to go straight home instead of stopping at McDonalds to pick up a pair of Sausage Egg McMuffins like I had used to do everyday. Instead of stopping at the first stop light I came to I cut through the nearby Shell gas station. I did this because that light often times doesn't change for a very long time after someone pulls up to it for reasons I don't know. After I turned out of the gas station I drove past several more stop lights, but luckily nearly all of them were green. Later, I turned off of the main road onto a side street and from there to the alley behind my house. A short ways down the alley I pulled into my driveway. I got out and walked up to the house and entered through the back door locking it behind me.

I walked through the darkened house and headed towards my bedroom. After unlocking the door I went inside. Once inside my cat meowed at me hungerly while I took off my coat and hung it up. I took the various items out of my pockets and put them in the basket on my computer desk. After taking off and hanging up my belt I took off my shoes. From there I figured I'd better take care of my cat so I went to the kitchen and got her a plate of canned cat food. I set it down and as she ate it I took her water bowl and filled it with "fresh" (the city water here sucks) water and then filled her dry food bowl. After that I cleaned her litter box and dumped the "waste" in the trash can outside the back door. I walked back into my room and turned on my computer then went into the kitchen to fix myself something to eat.

I decided to have the blueberry Pop-Tarts I had bought the other day and had yet to eat. I opened the package and stuck two of them in the toaster and turned it on. I went to my room and sat in front of my computer. From there I launched my web browser and chat programs. I checked the front page of GameFAQs for any interesting news from GameSpot and then voted "Yes, another flash memory player" in the poll. Afte that I check the few boards that I still frequent and then bumped the Rate the Game topic. After that I went to get my Pop-Tarts and as I returned saw the moron my roommated decided to ask move in sleeping on the couch. While eating the Pop-Tarts I checked the other websites I frequent and my e-mail. The only thing new in my inbox was from Toys 'R Us saying they shipped my copy of Bralw I pre-ordered back when they had a buy two Wii games, get one free thing a while back. After that I chatted for a bit and made a few posts here and there on GameFAQs and other sites.

By about eleven-ish I got hungry again so I made myself a sandwich with chicen, turkey, swiss cheese, and mayo. After eating it I decided to try out Castlevania 64 and see what it was like so I dug out my Nintendo 64. After a brief struggle with all the cords in my cords box I procured the controller as well as the av cables and power plug. I took everything into the living room and hooked it up to my older television. I had to unplug my roommate's XBox becuase there was already too much plugged into the power strip. I put the gmae in and turned on the console and was quickly greeted by a notice saying I needed a memory card to save the game. Since I didn't have one I choose to play without saving. I ran around the first area of the game for a while then went to the bathroom and forgot to pause the game. When I got back I was dead so I decided to call it quits until I could get a memory card. In the mean time, I put Super Mario 64 in and started a new game. I Played until I got eight stars then quit. After that I got back on my computer and chatted away most of the rest of the early afternoon. When I saw what the WWYD topic was I decided to go to sleep.

I slept until 8:00 pm and got up to my alarm going off. I took a shower and got dressed for work. I made myself another sandwich, ate it and then read some more of a book I had started before grabbing heading to work. On the way to work I had to wait at two stop lights.

March 13, 2008[]

On the way home from work I decided to try the evil stop light. Unfortunately, it didn't want to cooperate so I had to back up and cut throught the gas station. As if to mock me the thing changed as I pulled into the gas station. Getting home was uneventful as was taking care of my morning "chores". After voting the never used a public Wi-Fi spot option in the poll I bumped a couple topics and decided to get started on my WWYD challenge. I went to Ed's board and posted five half-way decent ideas for future WWYD days in the ideas topic. When that was done I hit up Google to try and found a character counter so I had some idea of how much I had to write. I found one that also had the script for it so I saved the script as a .html file and the launched it in Firefox. It counted characters a bit differently than GameFAQs did, but it was good enough for me to get an approximation of how close I was. After a short while of typing I had surpassed my goal by a few characters according to GameFAQs so I rewrote some stuff so that I had exactly 4096 characters and yet no oddly worded sentences. I had originally thought about abusing the Bold and Italics tags, but I figured Ed would call that a loop hole and I'd have to write some more. When I was finished I linked to the topic in the WWYD topic.

After browsing for while I decided to do something I hadn't done in weeks, play Team Fortress 2. The last time I played it was a few hours before I went to the doctor and got a cast for my hand. Since I no longer had the cast I could now play. I started up my Playstation 3 and initially had to update the console's firmware after which I launched The Orange Box. After choosing Team Fortress 2 I did a search for a game on 2Fort, almost the only map I'll play, and joined the only game available, one on a West Coast server. After plaiyng that match and then rotating through a few more servers I found a European server that was going well and stuck around in it. I was guarding my team's Intelligence when suddenly I heard my cell phone ringing in the other room. I quick ran to answer it, but I missed the caller. As I returned I heard myself being killed and my intelligence being stolen. Because of that I was a bit annoyed especially since I didn't know the number that called me and when I checked the voice mail it left it turned out to be some automated thing that had the wrong number. Later on in the match I had jsut stopped the enemies from getting away with the intelligence when I stretchedd my legs and knocked over a can of pop I had been drinking. Of course as I cleaned up the mess someone came and took the intelligence. The rest of that match and the others I played were fairly uneventful and I played until about 12:30 pm after starting about 7:30 am.

After I finished playing I remembered that I needed to do laundry. I had to take a shower first so that the work clothes that I was wearing could get cleaned. After showering I started a load in the washing machine and got myself a bowl of ice cream. I ate the ice cream as I browsed some more on the Internet stopping to take care of my laundry as it got done. As I browsed I decided I should probably pay my cell phone bill. After I paid it I noticed that I could now get a new phone at a discounted price because my contract was about to expire and in an attempt to keep customres my carrier provided it for renewing. I already had a RAZR so I picked a MotoRAZR which basically seemed like a fancier version of the same thing, which was fine by me. After I chose what I wanted I tried to finailize the process and got an error. The site didn't say what the problem was, only that if I think I shouldn't have gotten it I should call their customer support number. Annoyed I decided to try again some other time and started to get ready to go to sleep instead wehn i remembered I wasn't finished with my laundry. I took the last load, threw it into the dryer and then went to bed. After I woke up I got my stuff out of the dryer and prepared, and then left, for work.

March 14, 2008[]

As usual I left work and started to head home. This time it was a bit later though because I stuck around after I had punched out to finish some things. Not thinking, I drove up to that damned stop light and got stuck waiting again. This time though it changed after a few minutes; I have been trying to come up with a reason as to why it used to change as I got to it and now it doesn't until long afterwards. So far I haven't come up with anything. As I drove home I was listening to Bob & Tom on the radio and something on it came up that I laughed at for almost the whole trip home although now I can't remember what it was. After getting home I walked up to the house thanking the cold weather because now the ground is frozen again so my shoes won't get all convered in mud like they had been the past few days. I got inside and took care of my usual stuff before sitting down at the computer.

After voting for "Yes, on more than one system" in the poll I browsed my favorited boards and then bumped Rate the Game and SHINE's VC game contest. After that I proceeded to write about my previous day as per the rules of Ed Bellis's topic. I got to the character count quite a bit quicker this time, although I'm not sure why. Since in the first day I talked mostly about getting home and what I do afterwards I decided to focus on something else. That something else for the most part was Team Fortress 2. After I had recounted my day I had to trim it down by about 100 characters which turned out to be harder than I thought. Once I had done that though, I posted it and then shortly after got my first other post when Dr Pizza posted ">.>". I've no idea why, and frankly I didn't care because my opinion of him isn't that high. For a while I did some more browsing and found a new topic series I will probably be following, a Save My contest with Sega Genesis games run by Zylo the Wolf. The list is missing a few games i would have put on there, but I only obthered to suggest adding The Lost Vikings becuase it's a great game.

Eventually I thought that there'd be enough people playing Team Fortress 2 so I booted up my PS3 and got started. As I played I toasted some more Pop-Tarts and ate them inbetween respawns. Eventually my roomate woke up and I asked him where the other guy was becuse he is usually the one that has to wake my roomamte up. He said he was at a friend's and that he was going out to get his paycheck and fill out some job applications. I continued to play TF2 until about 12:30 pm when I figured I should eat. I went into the kitchen and realizedthat because I hadn't done dishes for a while there wasn't much to eat with. My roomate had taken to jsut using the stuff as is, but knowing what was on some of that stuff I wouldn't think of it. Thus I started to clean the dishes. Thankfully most of the stuff wasn't too grimy so it went quickly, but there was so much silverware that the little thing to hold it in the dish drainer got way over filled. As i cleaned the other guy came in and recounted the last day to me. Most of his story was about playing golf in some indoor course. When I had finished I poure some soup into a pot and turned on the stove to heat it up. As it heated I went back into my room and sat down in front of the computer.

I browsed for a few minutes before jsut watching random videos on YouTube and palying with the HQ "hack" to see how much of a difference it makes. Surprisingly on some videos it makes quite a bit. When my soup was done I ate it while I watched part of the current record speedrun for Symphony of the Night.. After that I tried calling a freind about making plans for Saturday, but I couldn't get ahold of him after a few tries so I decided to go to bed at about 4:30 pm. I woke up around 2:00 am and turned my comptuer on and then grabbed some ice cream to eat. For most of the night I watch speedruns. during which I was of course browsing other sites. As time passed I realized that I should begin writing my post for Ed's WWYD.

March 15, 2008[]

After finishing my write up for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do? I remembered that I had yet to vote in the poll of the day. I picked " Maybe, if it would mean better quality games " as my choice. I also remembered that I had yet to take care of my cat so I did. After I was finished with those things I browsed the Internet a bit more before starting up Team Fortress 2, if you haven't noticed by now I'm a bit obsessed with the game. After playing for only a couple hours I got frustrated as things weren't going well so I stopped for a while. I went back to my computer and started to take care of some things on it.

I forgot most of the stuff I did for some reason or another, but I did keep some of them in mind. The first thing I did was pay my cable/Interent bill to Comcast. After I did that I checked to see if I recieved the payment confirmation e-mail and found the long awaited e-mail from them transfering my Insight e-mail account to Comcast. After a short process I had everything set up. After that I thought about trying to get that cell phone thing done again. This time I choose to update my plan as well which I think may have been the problem before. Before I finailized it though, I saw that the new plan will take effect immediately even though I've got about four months left on my old one. Not wanting to was any money I choose to wait until June to update.

When I was done with that I went back to plaiyng Team Fortress 2. This time things went a little better so I played until about 2:00 pm. After I stopped playing I checked a couple sites on the Internet real quick and saw that Shake had posted an image in my WWYD topic. I have a feeling I know why he choose that particular one, but I'd rather not go into it, unless my word count is short. (>_>) Finished with that I turned off my computer, set my alarm, and went to sleep. I dozed off about 2:45-ish.

My alarm went off at about 8:00 pm, I shut it off, and slowly got up. After I did I fed my cat and then got my stuff together to take a shower since I hadn't had one yet that day. Around ten to fifteen minutes later I emerged and proceeded to prepare for work. I did everything in the same order I do every every night I work. First I stick my cell phone and keys in my front left pocket, follwed by my wallet in the back left. I pocket my Zen Vision: M in the front right along with my watch, which I can't wear because I have to wear a splint on my left hand. Next I tuck my shirt in andput my belt on. As I do, I loop it through a little thing that holds my work supplies, just a box cutter, two pens, and a permanent marker, and a tally coutner which I use to count the cases I've worked.Finally I put my shoes on and then head out to the kitchen to find something to eat before I leave.

Today I choose to eat some frozen burritos that I often buy because they're cheap and plentiful. I threw two of them into the microwave for three minutes and took a can of root bear out of the fridge. As the burritos cooked I sat down and started to read some more of a book I had been slowly reading for about a month and a half now. After about five minutes I remembered the burritos and went out to the kitchen to get them. As I ate them I continued to read my book, getting very close to the end. Once I had finished the food and pop I glanced at the clock and saw that it was time to leave so I marked the page I was on in the book and put on my jacket.Once I had my jacket on I grabbed a Boost drink out of the fridge to drink at work and proceeded to head out the door. As I did, I heard my roommate come inside through the other door. I walked out to my van, got in and started it up. I started to back out of the drivewayand then drove down the alley. I turned out of the alley and then onto the main road. My way to work was completely uneventful as I only hit three stop lights. I arrived at work at about the same time as usual. Before I made it to the door though, I had to direct some potential customers away as the store was closed.

March 16, 2008[]

Coming home from work was the usual fair, except this time I skipped the accursed stop light from hell and jsut cut through the gas station. The rest of the trip home was the same uneventful process as usual. Once at my house I took care of my regular duties and then tunred on my computer and headed for the bathroom as the burritos I had eaten previously were not agreeing with my digestive system. Once I had finished defiling the toilet I made my way to the computer.

After I sat down I launched my browser as I always did. Immediately I loaded the front page of GameFAQs and voted for the P-Wing in the Poll of the Day. I was originally going to pick the Fire Flower, but realized that might have limited use in the real world whereas limitless flying could easily be abused. I also debated about choosing the Star Power, but since that wears off after a few seconds that idea went out the window.

Once i had voted I checked the few boards I still frequent. First I browsed through Tranny Town, then my own board. Next I went through a few topics on the Classic Gaming Special Interest board and then finished with one of the Shared Boards. Once that was over I went to Board 8 and checked the front page for something interesting. There wasn't a whole lot of good topics, mostly stupid stuff like crappy character/user contests and endless bumpfests by the likes of Zachnorn, Pleinair, Lasa, all complete wastes of space. I didn't need to bump Rate the Game as it was already on the front page, but I posted in it anyways stating that I hadn't played Resident Evil 4. After that I went to bump SHINE's VC game contest, irnonically partaking in one of the things I hate about the board, only to find that he was being lazy and hadn't made a new topic yet. From there I went and checked the Save My Genesis Game thing Zylo was running and found that it was also finished, but the new day was yet to be made. Finally I decided to get started on my day for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do, cursing his name as I did.

As I tried to write I couldn't come up with anything to write about. My days are quite boring and similar, but I knew if I wrote about the same thing everyday Ed would become upset and yell at me like he did when I tried to make a guestbook. =P Eventually I jsut decided to go into detail about everything I do to get ready for work each evening. With all the detail I went into, I finally made it to the four megabyte point at which point I posted it. Shortly thereafter Shaggy posted in the topic saying I should talk about him. Initially I asked myself why the hell I get a different random person every day of this thing. I told him that I may very well do that since I had such a hard time writing day four, but I really didn't mean it.

Once that was done I browsed the Internet a bit more and then headed off to play Team Fortress 2. Playign it went better than it had the previous day although i was killed by far too many Critical Hits, probably the worst thing in the game next to the Dustbowl map. When I had finished playing I cooked a frozen TV dinner and then sat down at my computer. As I browsed I got a text message from my sister telling me that I should buy some games from her friend via eBay. I told her no and when she asked why I said because I can jsut have her buy it and then get it from her and thus not have to pay for shipping. At this she got upset and the conversation ended. I wasn't planning on buying anything anyways so it worked out fine. As I talked to her I started to switch all my accounts on the Internet that were keyed to my old Insight e-mail to my new Concast one. Technically, I could have jsut let it go since the stuff got auto-routed anyways, but I thought it better to transfer it now so I wouldn't be in trouble when the auto-routing ended. Once I had completed that I went to sleep. When my alaram went off I got ready for work listening to my roommate whine to the guy he had move in about apparently getting fired. He was still going on about it when I left for work.

March 17, 2008[]

As I left work I stopped at the gas station because my van was running low on fuel. I put about twenty dollars in, which only got me six gallons, and then left, glad that I didn't have to deal with that damn stop light. The rest of the trip home went the same as usual with nothing particularly different happening. Once I got home I went inside and began my daily ritual. As I finished I turned on my computer.

Once my computer had started up I launched my web browser and did my regular thing. First I voted for Space invaders in the Poll of the Day. Next I checked the various boards I frequent, then headed over to Board 8. I looked for the new Rate the Game and found that it hadn't been made yet, and then I bumped SHINE's VC Game contest. When I finished that I saved three games in the Genesis Save My thing. After all of that was done I started to make my daily post for What Would You Do. Before I did I saw that Enohp had psted asking me what day I was writing about. I didn't see why it mattered, but I figured I'd answer once I was done with my post.

On this day what to write came to me a bit easier than the day before. As I typed I began to get quite bored of doing it every day. Despite not wanting to continue I went into detail about some more pointless things I did to hit the character limit. Eventually I reached my goal and posted the message. After that was completed I asked Enohp why it mattered as to when I was writing about. I asked him this becuase I didn't plan on giving him a real answer.

When I was done with the What Would You Do stuff I started checking the other sites I frequent as well as my e-mail. Nothing too exciting on any of them except that a video of an RCA Studio II game I had favorited had over seven thousand more views than it had the last time I checked it. I wondered why this was and whne I looked at the links I saw that had linked to it. Appatrently they posted the video as part of the RCA Studio II section of an article about the ten worst game consoles ever. Awesomely the RCA Studio II placed second. Shortly thereafter I decided to sit down and play Team Fortress 2.

It was a faily average day on Team Fortress 2, until I joined a 2Fort game jsut as it started that ended up with neither side being able to score any points. Since the time limit was turned off this game was going to go on until someone playing defense on one side or the other quit. I was using the Engineer, and had built my sentry in the place with the stairs to the second floor. Between that, myself, and two Soldiers we were able to stop our foes form advancing no matter what they treid or sent at us. Unfortunately, they also must have had a very solid defense as we were just as unable to score any captures. Suddenly, probably over half an hour in, I lost the connection to the game. I was annoyed, but I decided to call it quits for the day.

Once I was done I checked my mailbox and found that my copy of Super Smash Bros.: Brawl had finally arrived. Unlike seemingly everyone else on the Internet, I wasn't all that excited as I didn't really care. I asked online if I should play the game, but never got an actual answer. So instead of playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl I downloaded Star Control II and proceeded to play that instead. While the gmae is incredibly awesome, I'm also fairly bad at it and ended up getting my ship destroyed early on. I quit after that and ate some soup before heading to bed.

I was woken up about an hour earlier than I had set my alarm for beucase the idiot my roommate moved in decided to bring his kids over to the house. I complained about it to my roommate because it was his fault the guy was there and then went back to sleep. Before I dozed off I heard the guy complaining to my roommate that if I can't stand putting up with his kids being over maybe he should go back to sleeping in his car. I wanted to get up and tell him to get out then, but i wanted to sleep. When my alarm did go off I got ready for work and then left.

March 18, 2008[]

Like I almost always do, I headed home from work at about 5:45 am. Today though, when I got naer to the accursed stop light it turned green. Unfortunatley, I was too far away to make it through before it changed back to red. Becuase of that I had to sit there for a few minutes until it finally changed again. Luckily for me I made it through every other stop light along the way home. Once I pulled up to my house I got out of my van and went inside. Like I usually do I took care of my cat and then turned on my computer.

Once my computer had fully booted up I launched my we browser and went to GameFAQ's front page where I voted for "I haven't played SSBB yet." in the Poll of the Day which asked what controller you use to play Super Smahs Bros.: Brawl with. After voting I went to the boards and looked through the few boards that I frequent. Finally I made my way to Board 8 and did a quick scan of the topics on the front page looking for anyhting interesting. As per usual most of the topics were utter crap so I went on to my next task. I bumped the Rate the Game topic even though there was only about an hour left. When I had done then I went and voted for Gunstar Heroes in SHINE's VC Game contest follwed by saving three more games in Zylo's Save My Genesis Game contest. Once all that was finished I got started on my sixth writeup for day fifteen of Ed Bellis's What Would You Do contest.

Like the five days before it, I went into elaborate detail about pointless things I did the day before. Enohp made a post, but I basically ignored him. In a part where I talked about the RCA Studio II I erronously said the Top 10 Wrost Game Consoles was an article on when it was actually Not that I think anyone noticied or cared, but it bothered me so I told myself I'd correct it on the next day. A few grammar and spelling errors later and I was at the four thousand ninety-six character mark, at which point I posted the message.

Once my post was finished I went out to the kitchen to get something to eat. Not having a lot on hand I decided to cook the eggs I had left over from when I made the cake for the WWYD challenge. Since I didn't feel like doing a lot of work I jsut scrambled them with some jalapeno peppers. It went well and was quite good, but not very filling. Inspite of that I decided not to make anything else. When I ws finished I threw all the stuff I had dirtied into the sink to wash at some later date.

When I had finished eating I started playing Team Fortress 2. Overal the day went well and I ended up setting a personal record time for Sniper at about eleven minutes and thirty-ish seconds. As I played I heard that guy's kids down in the basement and saw their mother come up through the house to go out the door. I talked to her for a while, making sure she knew the fact that there was no way in hell those kids were living here. She left and then about an hour later took her kids. After another hour or so of Team Fortress 2 I quit and cooked some soup for lunch.

As I ate the soup I watched some videos on YouTube and then browsed the Internet some more. At about 12:30 pm I laid down to go to sleep. Some time that afternoon I was woken up by the sound of that guy's kid's mother knocking on the door, but no one was answering because apparently my roommate and that guy weren't around. She left shortly and then i fell back asleep until about 12:30 am. When I got up I checked my cell phone and saw that I had a voicemail from my mom and roommate, who left a voice mail asking if I wanted him to change my oil.

I turned my computer back on a few minutes later and once it was going checked Windows Update and updated some stuff on my computer. After I had done that I browsed the Internet a bit before deciding to play Star Control II again. After quite a while of playing that I took care of my cat and then proceeded to post in a few topics on Board 8. Then I began to write my final day for Ed Bellis's What Would You Do? challenge.