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Revolver Ocelot is considered to be the overall primary villain in the Metal Gear Solid series. He's best for being a badass with a six-shooter and has some of the most memorable quotes in the MGS series to go along with his badassedness. His hand gesture is also second to none.

In the contest field, Ocelot wouldn't be so lucky. He debuted in the Spring 2005 Contest, being able to defeat Nemesis and Dr. Wily before losing to Bowser. A few months later, in the Summer 2005 Contest, Ocelot was upset in round 1 by Pac-Man. Ocelot wouldn't appear again until 2007 when he and Cloud defeated Jill Valentine and the Midgar Zolom in the first round. He'd then go on to lose to Cloud and Marcus Fenix.

Ocelot appeared again in the Summer 2008 Contest, as he and Heavy were defeated by Jill Valentine and Kratos in the first round. This was rather odd, considering Metal Gear Solid 4 had came out and Ocelot had defeated Jill a year earlier.

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