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50. Level 16
Doom 2

Nostalgia pick, Doom has always been one of my favorite games, and whenever i think of one specific tune and level from the series, it's this one right here.

49. Surf City

Nice little tune, starts out with a nice little bit part, goes to some little crazy thing and then it's just overall a tune i enjoy listening to over and over again

48. Windy
Conker's Bad Fur Day

Just a nice calming tune, the type of music i want in a overworld in a game. Since it's the music you hear the most often and all, from now on i won't be saying great tune anymore since obviously i think it's great which could also stands as awesome in my books. Oh and i'll add that it keeps this tune keeps me interest for the whole 8 minutes which is BIG points for why it wasn't hm

47. Title Theme

Going to get this up front, this is a bit tune, but goddamn it's awesome for not that much material

46. Dialogue 1
Astro Boy Omega Factor

A good reason why this song makes my list is the mere fact that I find a lot of songs sound like this and i usually compare those songs to this one

45. Windfall Island
Wind Waker

Fun little tune, this just makes me happy, and not that many tunes do that for me!

44. Battle of Final Destiny

This song has awesome build up, and the metal riff that plays is also awesome. i'm going to say now i'm a sucker for final boss music that sounds like it should be final boss music, since there are too many games that don't have good final boss music

43. Brinstar
Super Metroid

The sense of urgency in this song overwhelms me, like sometimes i've actually been scared listening to this theme before

42. Buoy Base Galaxy
Super Mario Galaxy

For the most part, I found SMG's soundtrack very unmemorable, but this one stuck! (yes that sounds lame but whatev~)

41. Bowser’s Castle
Mario Kart Wii

The part at the beginning puts it over the top when it comes to the bowser's castle music, since the part after is still amazing and kinda like the rest

40. Wicked Child

Starting is great, goes into some little filler than the awesomeness kicks in at :23

39. Stickerbrush Symphony
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I like the original version and all, but this version just sounds so much more epic and like a journey of epicness

38. Chill
Dr. Mario

How do i follow up such an epic song? With the most chill song in the world, aww yeah

37. Electric Power Building
Breath of Fire V

This kinda falls under the same boat as Brinstar, but just flat out more tense and more awesome

36. Life In The Mines
Donkey Kong Country

Such a calm and relaxing little tune

35. Treetop Tumble
Donkey Kong Country 3


34. Battle vs. Astaroth
Shadow Hearts Covenant

African sounding is the new thing dontcha think?

33. Forest Temple
Ocarina of Time

The ominous (i think that's the weird i'm looking for) sound is just works so well, and water that is playing in that background that keeps kicking in and out is just awesome

32. Mario’s Rainbow Castle
Mario Party

I thank TUM for showing me this excellent piece

31. Clash On The Big Bridge
Final Fantasy V

Starts out amazing, then just gets better and better

30. Dr. Wily Stage 1
Mega Man 2

Hurray for amazing mega man chiptune! probably my favorite part of the whole tune is 32 seconds to 40 seconds

29. Big Blue

fcuk yeah, f-zero music

28. Bravo Company

and now for something completely different

27. Abandoned Memories

Here's another song that's good at what it's trying to do, makes you feel sorry, and that's what rusty is all about

26. Free Time

Speaking of games you should play, contact is one of them

25. Town Theme
Wild Arms

Western music is teh 67

24. Hidden Village
Twilight Princess

considering how much i bash the series, it sure does have quality music

23. Emerald Hill Zone
Sonic The Hedgehog 2

You people are probably thinking, 'what teh heck, there are so many better sonic songs' but you are wrong dammit, this is actually top tier

22. We’re The Robots
Mega Man 9

music wise mm9 > mm2, game wise mm2 > mm9

21. Streets of Desolation
Batman (NES)

Another game i recommend, since this was actually a good superhero game

20. Vampire Killer

I pick this over Wicked Child because ... i don't need a reason it's just better <_<

19. Beach

hmm, another game worth recommending, decent platformer with awesome music

18. World Map
Super Smash Bros. Brawl

once again brawl makes the origianl song so much better and epic

17. Night of the Mutants
Comix Zone

New York City, Presidents Day

Oh, here you are!

Deceased District

Well, let's see.

Man, look at this place...

Game over, man, THE END

16. Main Theme
Metal Gear Solid 2

The ending makes the song for me, if the ending wasn't so epic this would only be in 45-40 range

15. Aquatic Ambience
Donkey Kong Country


14. In Game Music
Monty on the Run

I remember my brother showing me this awesome song, then i saw it in bellis's contest and was like 'bwhahah yessss'

13. Gangplank Galleon
Donkey Kong Country

I think the part i really love about this song is the piratey buildup, and then more awesome ensues, also it sounds like final boss music which like i said early, i go 'gaga' over that

12. Space Colony Ruins
Journey to Silius

the fact they have this song in the first level is the greatest thing about the game, since it's pretty 'meh'

11. Forest Interlude
Donkey Kong Country 2

Top DKC song, such a calming song, it really becomes epic once it hits 51 seconds

10. The Synapse
Deus Ex

fcuk yeah, deus ex music

9. A Continental Gale
Soul Edge

Every part about this song is awesome, especially when 55 seconds hits which goes into a little solo thing

8. Jolly Roger Bay/Dire, Dire Docks
Super Mario 64


7. Grabbag
Duke Nukem 3D

Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but I'm all outta gum

6. Din Don Dan Dan Non Monstr
Ragnarok 2

I think i made a topic with this name a week ago, no one posted, now it's your time to shine DDDDNM

5. Rainbow Road
Mario Kart 64

When I think of rainbow road, i think of this version of it, since in the actual game it has stunning scenery, a stunning song, and it's the concluding track to a great game, i tip my hat to it

4. Rusty Ruins Act 2 Saturn Version
Sonic 3D Blast

shocking isn't it?

3. Crystal King
Paper Mario

I remember this boss battle, it was fun but definitely not the hardest in the game, no that was huff n puff, anyways top mario music aww yeah

2. Sanctuary
Kingdom Hearts 2

I've never heard what this boards opinion on this song was, time to figure this out!

1. Credits (M4 Part II)
Mass Effect

Best there is, best there ever will be, goddamn the lyrics in this song just speak to me