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Ryu Hayabusa is the protagonist in the Ninja Gaiden series. After Ninja Gaiden was released for the Xbox in 2004, Hayabusa made his first contest appearance in the Summer 2004 Contest as a 3 seed. Hayabusa's first match wound up being the closest match in GameFAQs history at the time, as he defeated Jill Valentine by 27 votes. He would go on to lose to Sora in round 2.

Hayabusa appeared again in the Summer 2005 Contest as a 6 seed in the Mushroom Division. He was eliminated in the first round after getting 37% against Zero. In 2006, Hayabusa appeared in the Summer 2006 Contest in the Patriot Division as a 7 seed. He exited the contest after scoring only 34.8% on Dante.

When the contest switched to the 4-way format in 2007, Ryu Hayabusa was grouped with Riku, Haseo, and Roxas in the first round. Hayabusa and Riku managed to gain victory and head to the second round. Hayabusa (along with Nightmare) would lose to Solid Snake and Riku. In 2008, Hayabusa gained a bit of retribution as he took first place in a match that featured King Dedede, Pit, and Zero. In round two, Hayabusa finished last against Solid Snake, Vivi Ornitier, and Zero.

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