SDragonRocker5 (commonly referred to as just SDR) is a 20-year old user who enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, creating and drawing fantasy characters, and listening to music (mostly rock and country). His favorite game genres include platformer, action/adventure/fighting, and RPG. His favorite movie genres include action/adventure, fantasy, and comedy. SDragonRocker 5 is known to be very interested in girls and has many more female friends than male ones.

Guitars played include:

  • Black and white Austin strat
  • Black Ibanez Soundgear bass
  • Teal blue Gorham acoustic
  • Cherry red Epiphone Les Paul

Pedals include a Bad Horsie 2 wah and various Arion pedals. Uses Marshall amp for guitars and Behringer amp for bass.

SDragonRocker5 is a big fan of fantasy themes and is interested in most things involving dragons and magic.

SDR was long thought to be a troll, since he made topics about hugging little girls, awesome riffs, and taking girls in wheelchairs to the prom. Recently, investigations have brought up pictures of him (including pictures of him and said wheelchair girl) and when this girl was contacted, it was revealed that SDR had asbergers. Despite knowledge about his illness users such as bidoof and TheRock1525 still make fun of him and a good majority of us still laugh at his misfortunes.

In October of 2008 SDR was banned for making the topic "If obama gets elected black people are going to run over white people".

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