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Same Fanbase Factor is the generally-accepted theory that in matches involving two characters that share the same fanbase, the results will be somewhat skewed in favor of the more popular of the choices. Most matches involving two Square, Nintendo or Sega characters are said to have some degree of SFF.

SFF is also sometimes called the Something Fishy Factor, to make light of the fact that whenever anything the least bit odd happens in a poll, the Stats Topic will attribute the oddity to some kind of SFF without hesitation (eg "this must be RPG SFF" or "clearly he's getting PSX-SFFed here").

Variant Factors based on this same idea include the highly debatable rSFF (reverse SFF, where the 'weaker' character overperforms) and the frankly unmistakable LFF (leech fanbase factor; only applicable in polls with 3 or more choices).

Character Battle Results Featuring SFF[]

Matches featuring massive SFFings have their percentages marked in bold.

In the 4-way matches of 2007 and 2008, and the 3-way matches of 2013, SFF was largely replaced by LFF as the dominant factor of those seasons. See that article for a full list of examples.







Other Contest Results Featuring SFF[]

2004 Game Contest

2006 Series Contest