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Salient is a long time Board 8 poster who is best known for being one of the top Oracle and First Vote competitors in history.

Salient vs cyko - The Legendary 2006 Showdown[]

Let me set the stage. It was SC2k6 and the final was Snake vs Samus. Snake had just destroyed two noble niners while Samus was busy almost losing to Tifa. Needless to say, Snake was the obvious choice going into the match. Salient was in first place of the Oracle Challenge with a slight amount of breathing room. Cyko had a predicament... He knew Snake would win, just like everyone else did... but he had to cancel out his score deficit in the process. Hm.... Aha, of course! He would predict Samus winning in a final desperate attempt to coax Salient into lowering his Snake prediction. He would then sneak back at the last second and predict Snake just higher enough than Salient's prediction to cancel out the score gap. It was a long shot, but still definitely better than betting on Samus who didn't have a chance in hell, right, lol? Wise old Salient of course sees right through this ruse. He predicts Snake with a mid-level percentage, seemingly sealing the deal. If Cyko keeps his Samus prediction, he would almost certainly lose his spot on the final leaderboard. As the clock winds down to 11:55, he prepares his prediction change post. His mouse hovers over the "Post Message" button as he lets out one last sigh and left-clicks. There's no shame in losing to the best...... Now, maybe Cyko's clock wasn't property synced. Maybe he spent too much time congratulating Salient on his imminent victory in the post. No one knows for sure. What we do know is that his post goes through the GameFAQs system exactly 5 seconds too late to be officially counted. 11:55:05. The Samus prediction stands. The rest, as they say, is history. Samus gets the lead, shocks the world, and wins the Character Battle. As the legend goes, Salient was cursed from that day forward to never taste the Oracle lead again..... And that, my friends, is how the winner of the Oracle Championship was decided by 5 seconds.
~ Salient

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