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Round Four


Monday, October 29th, 2007

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Poll 2919
Round Quarter Final
Match # 57
Match Date Monday, October 29th, 2007
Cloud - 37.05%
Samus - 25.51%
Mega Man - 22.10%
Ryu - 15.34%
Cloud first place (16pts) - 40.16%
Cloud second place (8pts) - 33.46%
Samus second place (16pts) - 25.48%
Samus first place (8pts) - 25.33%
Cloud - 73.62% (27,036)
Samus - 50.81% (18,659)

And thus began the very very VERY long string of terrible user-made match pics. Some were okay before I showed up, most weren't. Summer 2008's set is just embarrassing to look at.

Anyway, this was a boring late-round match that all of us could read like a book before it ever started. Last round, Mega Man almost beat Samus with Yoshi in there sucking up a bunch of Nintendo votes, crapping them out as eggs and then using them as projectiles to beam Samus in the face. With Yoshi gone, Mega Man didn't have a prayer of getting into second place here. Dare I say -- this match actually came close to the LOL, X-Stats!


Even in round 4, 40/30/20/10 is just awful and there's almost never anything to talk about. I think the entire board picked Cloud > Samus here, and why wouldn't they? Mega Man jobbed so badly here that he was closer to Ryu than Samus, which is just terrible. This is the same guy that almost beat Sephiroth back in the day and rendered Mr. Driller one of our weakest entrants ever?

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this was a match of three heavyweights and a strong character (Ryu). Samus vs. Mega Man was a real treat of a matchup, but we had already seen it last round with Yoshi leeching off of Samus, and Samus still won. this match might have been in doubt if Bowser made it here as most expected, but Ryu crashed the party. the highlight of this match was Samus managing to hold onto the lead at the freeze, and Mega Man's absolutely pitiful performance. Samus vs. Mega Man was no longer debatable -- Samus erased all doubts with a very convincing performance here. not to be outdone, Cloud's peformance -- 41% on two Noble Nine guys and one very strong, independent character -- was damn impressive. Link-impressive, in fact. some serious debate raged on whether or not Cloud should be called the favourite over Link at this point. I remember getting into an absolute war defending Link in this match with at least five members of the stats topic. that was a really fun time. I really enjoyed this match, even if it was boring.

but the main thing people will remember from this match is Mega Man's bomb. the fact that Mega Man was closer to Ryu than Samus says it all.

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