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Who is Sandal?[]

Sandal is a dwarf who is able to enchant weapons from Dragon Age: Origins. Should the player allow him and his adopted father to join the team he is able to offer his service to you, should the player find the necessary items. While he seems to have limited mental capacity he is one of the best enchanters in the entire game. Sandal is most remembered at the end of the game where he is found in a room full of darkspawn corpses. When asked about it he only replies with his usual comments.

"Enchantment?... Enchantment!" - Sandal

Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 0-1

Winter 2010 Contest - Hyrule Division - 10 Seed

  • Hyrule Round 1 --- Lost to (7) Weighted Companion Cube, 10775 [21.90%] - 38427 [78.10%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 128th Place [8.89%]

In the battle of the joke characters Sandal was totally outclassed by Weighted Companion Cube. The cube was easily the bigger joke and most people didn't know Sandal by name, they usually refer to him as the enchantment guy. The result was one of the biggest blowouts of the entire contest and Sandal finishing in a far away last place in the X-Stats.