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Who is Sandbag?[]

Sandbag is a white bag of sand with two black eyes that first appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Melee Sandbag was used during the Home-Run Contest where the player would attack the bag and send it flying before the timer reaches zero. There are rewards for sending the bag far which include trophies and bragging rights to your friends. In addition to everything in Melee Sandbag is also an item in Brawl. When the player beats on Sandbag items fly out and it disappears when all of the items are beaten out of it.

"An item that appears in the Home- Run Contest, where the goal is to do lots of damage to Sandbag, then send it flying as far as you can. It also appears in the regular game. If you smash it, a storm of confetti and items will burst out. Sandbag doesn't feel pain, though; in fact, it's happy to be of service." - Sandbag's Trophy, SSBB

Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 1-2

Summer 2008 Contest - Division 8 - First Group

With L-Block's win and the release of Brawl Sandbag was able to reach the contest with little support from the board. At first Magus was thought to be the favourite going in, but as L-Block and WCC were able to win their opening matches people began hyping the idea that Sandbag may have a chance. Magus was able to jump on a quick lead and built it up to 2100. Despite the massive lead Sandbag was able to use the ASV and blast past Magus coming in second. Sandbag was affected by the hate that joke characters were getting in the following round and easily finished in last place.

Summer 2013 Contest - Division 7 - 27 Seed

27-seeds were reserved for literal joke characters, and whenever possible, were given 1-seeds that would SFF them (think Tingle against Link and Fawful against Mario.) Placed against Samus, Sandbag got out of the gate surprisingly quickly, reaching the freeze over 26% and remaining above 20% for the entire first hour. He finally fell below 20% for good a bit over 2 hours in, but stayed close to 20% for nearly half the poll before falling off at the end. For a character that has never been in a non-SFF match, Sandbag's performances haven't been horrible, and as long as he can avoid a 16-seed, he could probably pull an "upset" over some overseeded trash like whoever 2014's Soap MacTavish is.