Board 8 Wiki

Came to Board 8 around 2003. Is a big movie fan.  Posts a lot in Survivor and Disney topics.

Some of his favorite movies: Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shawshank Redemption, The Prestige, The Seventh Seal, The Wages of Fear, Stalag 17, Paths of Glory, Amelie, American Psycho, Pulp Fiction, Rebecca, The General.

Some of his favorite video games: Ocarina of Time, Super Metroid, Starcraft, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, Mega Man (classic and X series), Life Force, Bionic Commando, Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime.

He is literally obsessed with Pokewars. This is SanityLapse's best feature. This line was written by SanityLapse.

He also has an awkward proclivity involving podiatric pursuits.  He likes teh foots.