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Sarah Kerrigan is a Terran Ghost who becomes infested by the Zerg. She's on the box of the StarCraft expansion pack, Brood War and damn she looks pretty. In 2005 some people thought she would beat Vincent Valentine. Mr. T pitied the foo's.

While her game is an incredibly powerful force that had great success in the Spring 2004 Contest AND became the national sport of South Korea, Kerrigan is one of the biggest jobbers in Contest history, being destroyed by everyone's favorite emo, Vincent Valentine and giving up over 58% of the vote to Terra Branford, whose match pic was as bad as hers (even after a legendary change ordered by CJayC himself).

Aside from her amazing weakness, Kerrigan's greatest claim to fame was being one of the strongest proponents of The Pic Factor. Pre-2007 people often said, "With her Brood War box art, Kerrigan would have been far more recognizable and probably could have broken 25% on Vincent, or beaten Terra outright!" Unfortunately this theory was disproven in 2007, when Kerrigan DID get her BW box art and nevertheless managed to have one of the worst showings of the season, earning an X-stat value of only 14.22% in her match against Samus/Frog/Axel, a decrease from the 14.95% she earned in her pitiful loss to Vincent. Ouch!

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