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Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters is a Save My contest ran by raytan7585. It is the tenth contest in the "Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters" contest series.


- A normal Save My Character contest. You post a character and he/she is saved. Last character saved is eliminated from the contest and a new day begins.
- You can save 2 characters once per hour (may drop to 1 as less characters remain).
- A character needs x votes to be saved (x increases as less characters remain).
- You can't save the same character twice (changes as less characters remain).
- No alts please.
- The rules will change when a certain amount of characters remain.
- You may not change/delete a save unless you do it quickly after you made that vote.
- If you want to update, make sure it's accurate. Include who saved what, if they are still in play.
- Only raytan and amyvitality can start up new topics.

The Results[]

1st Place - Zell Dincht (209)
2nd Place - Yuffie Kisaragi (116)
3rd Place - Vivi Ornitier
4th Place - Cecil Harvey
5th Place - Celes Chere
6th Place - Laguna Loire
7th Place - Freya Crescent
8th Place - Rikku
9th Place - Dr. Cid
10th Place - Terra Branford
11th Place - Squall Leonhart
12th Place - Rydia of Mist
13th Place - Beatrix
14th Place - Gilgamesh
15th Place - Tifa Lockheart
16th Place - Fujin
17th Place - Locke Cole
18th Place - Kuja
19th Place - Tidus
20th Place - Edge
21st Place - Faris Scherwiz
22nd Place - Zidane Tribal
23rd Place - Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
24th Place - Wiegraf Folles
25th Place - Marche Radiuju
26th Place - Mog
27th Place - Cloud Strife
28th Place - Reno
29th Place - Balthier Bunanza
30th Place - Galuf Helm Baldersion
31st Place - Yuna
32nd Place - Sabin Figaro
33rd Place - Kefka Palazzo
34th Place - Edgar Figaro
35th Place - Black Mage
36th Place - Bartz Klauser
37th Place - Selphie Tilmitt
38th Place - Kain Highwind
39th Place - Basch von Rosenberg
40th Place - Delita Hyral
41st Place - Larsa Ferrinas Solidor
42nd Place - Rinoa Heartily
43rd Place - Eiko Carol
44th Place - Edea Kramer
45th Place - Aeris Gainsborough
46th Place - Ramza Beoulve
47th Place - Vincent Valentine
48th Place - Fran
49th Place - Reina Tycoon
50th Place - Seifer Almasy
51st Place - Relm Arrowny
52nd Place - Quina Quen
53rd Place - Cid Pollendina
54th Place - General Leo
55th Place - Ashelia "Ashe" B'nargin Dalmasca
56th Place - Yang Fang Leiden
57th Place - Sephiroth
58th Place - Red XIII
59th Place - Shadow
60th Place - Rufus Shinra
61st Place - Jecht
62nd Place - Palom
63rd Place - Auron
64th Place - Rosa Farrell
65th Place - Rubicant
66th Place - Vaan
67th Place - Cid Highwind
68th Place - Quistis Trepe
69th Place - FuSoYa
70th Place - Elena
71st Place - Tellah
72nd Place - Penelo
73rd Place - Wakka
74th Place - Seymour Guado
75th Place - Cyan Garamonde

Save My Favorite Final Fantasy Characters
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Contest V (Reno > Kuja)
Contest VI (Edgar > Tifa)
Contest VII (Kuja > Terra)

Contest VIII (Balthier > Zidane)
Contest IX (Auron > Sabin)
Contest X (Zell > Yuffie)
Contest XI (Gilgamesh > Vivi)
Contest XII (Zidane > Ashe)
Contest XIII (Marche > Lightning)

FFD era
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Contest XIX (Cloud > Laguna)

lefty era
Contest XX (Fang > Cid P)
Contest XXI (Lightning > Edward)
Contest XXII (Squall > Delita)
Contest XXIII (Kefka > Aerith)
Contest XXIV (Ramza > Aerith)
Contest XXV (Vanille > Locke)