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This was a save game made by ctesjbuvf with 62 characters in.

The List[]

62nd-SHODAN It can't be fun to be the first one
61st-Evil Otto The little happy face can't be happy any more
60th-Sin Sin was doing great until day 3
59th-Nergal It's sad but true
58th-Nemesis The Resident Evil Guy got voted out fast
57th-Mithos The other Tales of Symphonia characters cry
56th-Ghaleon I'm surprised that he is out already
55th-Remirez Cry if you most
54th-Shang Tsung Mortal Kombat loses a character for the first time
53th-Ashera First lose of Nintendo.
52rd-Albedo Albedo always seemed coming up at the end
51nd-Kefka First shot on Final Fantasy
50st-Tabuu Guess Tabuu isn't as powerfull here, as in the games
49th-Kuja Second lose of Final Fantasy already
48th-Prophet Halo Dies
47th-Ganondorf Maybe he isn't that popular on board 8 alone, I don't know.
46th-Hogger Well he wasn't doing good in this contest
45th-Vergil Devil May Cry loses their only character
44th-Meta Knight Kirby loses one of thier two characters in.
43th-Giygas Earthbound/Mother is now dead
42rd-Ansem Kingdom Hearts loses a character
41nd-Shao Kahn He did manage to come 13 rounds longer than Shang Tsung
40st-Manfred Von Karma Many people seem to like him but one save was all he got
39th-Crazy Hand Smash Bros has now only one character left
38th-Sephiroth The winner of the Got Villains is now out
37th-Goro Goodbye Mortal Kombat
36th-Bowser Jr. Super Mario loses a character for the first time
35th-Black Knight Fire Emblem loses thier other character and the tournement
34th-Lavos Chrono Trigger loses Lavos
33rd-Nazis Like it or not
32nd-Diablo He came 14 rounds longer than Hogger the other blizard character
31st-Pious Augustus Enternal Poisen loses their only character in
30th-Luca Blight Too bad Suikoden
29th-Pyramid Head Wesker got three saves in a row and Pyramid Head is out
28th-Mother Brain Metriod still has Ridley'
27th-Ultros Final Fantasy once again
26th-M. Bison Street Fighter has never been one of my favorite games
25th-Officer Tenpenny He was always saved as one of the first
24th-Dracula He first save was usally when ca. five characters was saved
23rd-Wesker Wesker was the last one saved many times
22nd-GLaDOS Portal did well when only having one
21st-Kerrigan She did very well in the early rounds but thats that
20th-Sigma Sigma was good but not good enough
19th-Master Hand He was always saved as one of the last, and many times the last
18th-CATS He was always saved at different times
17th-Psycho Mantis Liquid and Ocelot is still in and is ready to pay back
16th-Revolver Ocelot That is two out of three Metal Gear characters in a row
15th-Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow and Eggman had three saves each but Eggman won the Sonic battle
14th-Dimentio Super Mario loses a character for the second time
13th-Wario Thats two Mario characters in a row
12th-Liquid Snake Liquid lasted three days longer than Ocelot and Mantis but is out as well now
11th-Andross Andross was in ca. 15 rounds saved as the first
10th-Great Mighty Poo We have now only two non-nintendos left that is the doctors Robotnik and Wily
9th-King K. Rool he always was saved in the middle of the round
8th-Ridley Ridley sure got his saves later than th orders
7th-Donkey Kong Donkey Kong wasn't very remarkable in this but always survived
6th-King Dedede King Dedede were never one of the last
5th-Dr.Wily He did very well and was always srong
4th-Dr. Eggman/Robotnik That means it's ganna be a victory for nintendo
3rd-Mewtwo In the later rounds the Pokemon showed it was incredible powerfull
2nd-Wolf Many means it is surprising that he got to the final

Bowser won 24-9 in the Final.