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Save my Sonic Character was a "Save My" contest run by PrestonStarry. In the end, Knuckles was declared the champion, beating out Tails by a 50-48 vote margin.


50th Place: Princess Elise
49th Place: The Voxai
48th Place: Sharha The Ring Genie and Marine The Raccoon
46th Place: Heavy and Bomb and The Kron
44th Place: Vanilla The Rabbit and The Nocturne
42nd Place: Ray The Flying Squirrel and Metal Knuckles
40th Place: The N'rrgal and The Zoah
38th Place: Froggy and Big The Cat
36th Place: E-10000G and E-10000R
34th Place: Solaris and Shade The Echidna
32nd Place: Storm The Albatross and Wave The Swallow
30th Place: Maria and Iblis
28th Place: Silver The Hedgehog and Black Doom
26th Place: Metal Sonic and Tails Doll
24th Place: Bark The Polar Bear and Emerl
22nd Place: Charmy The Bee and Tikal The Echidna
20th Place: Bean The Dynamite and Mighty The Armadillo
18th Place: E-102 Gamma
17th Place: Chaos
16th Place: Chao
15th Place: Jet The Hawk
14th Place: Vector The Crocodile
13th Place: Mephiles The Dark
12th Place: Cream The Rabbit
11th Place: E-123 Omega
10th Place: Fang The Sniper
9th Place: Amy Rose
8th Place: Dr. Eggman
7th Place: Espio The Chameleon
6th Place: Rouge The Bat
5th Place: Blaze The Cat
4th Place: Sonic The Hedgehog
3rd Place: Shadow The Hedgehog
Runner Up: Miles 'Tails' Prower
Champion: Knuckles The Echidna

darkx ran this contest back in 2005, with Tails beating Fang in the final.