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The "Save My Super Smash Bros. Stage!" contest is another one of the many related "Save My" contests, ran and created by of user PrestonStarry on Board 8, that ran from being worked on from the early days of November 2009 to late, December 2009. The contest involved every single main related Stage you can think of, that was in playable form in from 3 of the Super Smash Bros. games from N64 Smash Bros, Melee and Brawl.

The Finals Round in the contest came down to, Big Blue and Pokemon Stadium, both stages being from Melee, battling each other out in a 24 Hour Duel that came down to Board 8 Users, deciding away which of the two stages was worthy to win and in the end, it came down to Pokemon Stadium defeating down, Big Blue in a rather big one-sided battle with 12 Votes to 3 Votes.

The full results of the Finals in the contest and where and whom voted in of the finals, can be read below. Although not standing up as one of the best and/or most popular contests ran by of PrestonStarry on Board 8, the contest on it's own, came out being great as it ended up to be on it's own.


64th Place: Yoshi's Island (N64) and Brinstar Depths
62nd Place: Kongo Jungle and Congo Jungle
60th Place: Peach's Castle (N64) and Frigate Orpheon
58th Place: Distant Planet and Mushroom Kingdom (Melee)
56th Place: Mushroom Kingdom II (Melee) and Venom
54th Place: Skyworld and Jungle Japes
52nd Place: Battlefield and New Pork City
50th Place: Yoshi's Story and Lylat Cruise
48th Place: Yoshi's Island (Brawl) and Yoshi's Island (Melee)
46th Place: Summit and Rumble Falls
44th Place: Planet Zebes and Luigi's Mansion
42nd Place: Princess Peach's Castle (Melee) and Fourside
40th Place: Brinstar and Mushroom Kingdom (N64)
38th Place: Hanenbow and Bridge of Eldin
36th Place: Temple and Halberd
34th Place: Hyrule Castle and Icicle Mountain
32nd Place: Onett and Great Bay
30th Place: WarioWare, Inc. and Shadow Moses Island
28th Place: 75m and Spear Pillar
26th Place: Delfino Plaza and Dream Land
24th Place: Green Greens and Green Hill Zone
22nd Place: Mario Circuit and Fountain of Dreams
20th Place: Mario Bros. and Norfair
18th Place: Flat Zone and Final Destination
16th Place: Sector Z and Mushroomy Kingdom
14th Place: Castle Siege and Smashville
12th Place: Mute City and Pirate Ship
10th Place: Pokemon Stadium 2
9th Place: Flat Zone 2
8th Place: Rainbow Cruise / Rainbow Ride
7th Place: Saffron City
6th Place: Corneria
5th Place: Poke' Floats
4th Place: Port Town Aero Dive

3rd Place: PictoChat

Runner-Up: Big Blue

CHAMPION / WINNER: Pokemon Stadium