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"Save my User Contests" is a project created by ctesjbuvf. He ran it with a big help from KCF0107 from March 17, 2009 to July 27, 2012. Every user in the board 8 wiki was in. First the users that starts with a number battled then the A users, B, C and it continued like that until Z was finished. After that, the winners of each letter battled it out in the great final save my game.

Winners of each[]

Numbers: 1st: 3rdtimesdecharm 2nd: 8976201 3rd: 1337 FF GoD
A: 1st: Ayvuir 2nd: Aecioo 3rd: AlecTrevelyan006
B: 1st: BrettEagles 2nd: BBallman7 3rd: BakusaiTenketsu
C: 1st: Ctesjbuvf 2nd: Charmander6000 3rd: Coffee Ninja
D: 1st: Dr Football 2nd: Do not even ask 3rd: Dowolf
E: 1st: Ed Bellis 2nd: Earth angel 3rd: Enohp
F: 1st: FFDragon 2nd: Fett0001 3rd: Fetusbucketeer
G: 1st: Gotspork 2nd: GameBopAdv 3rd: GuessMyUserName
H: 1st: HaRRicH 2nd: HeroicGammaRay 3rd: Haguile
I: 1st: I am the game 2nd: Icon 3rd: IhatethisCPU
J: 1st: Jukkie 2nd: Justin Crossing 3rd: JaKyL25
K: 1st: KCF0107 2nd: Kuge 3rd: KommunistKoala
L: 1st: Lady Ashe 2nd: LiselTestify 3rd: Lockes Ragnarok
M: 1st: MoogleKupo141 2nd: MycroProcessor 3rd: Mershiness
N: 1st: Not Dave 2nd: Ngamer64 3rd: NioraptH
O: 1st: Oxbridge 2nd: Oliphaunt 3rd: Oddity
P: 1st: PrinceKaro 2nd: Princess Anri 3rd: Psycho Kenshin
Q: 1st: QuietDude 2nd: Qwaar 3rd: Qezioz the Great
R: 1st: Rammtay 2nd: Raka Putra 3rd: Rexcowbam
S: 1st: SBell0105 2nd: Sir Chris 3rd: Silver Ermine
T: 1st: TheRock1525 2nd: Tom Bombadil 3rd: TheKnightOfNee
U: 1st: UltraAirForce 2nd: User728 3rd: Ultimaterializer
V: 1st: VincentLauw 2nd: Vcharon 3rd: Voltch
W: 1st: WiggumFan267 2nd: Warning Crazy 3rd: War13104
X: 1st: XIII Is Cool 2nd: Xuxon 3rd: X Dante X
Y: 1st: Ytterbium 70 2nd: Yoblazer33 3rd: Yazzy14
Z: 1st: ZaziGuado 2nd: Zen of Thunder 3rd: Zachnorn

Final Round Results[]

1: FFDragon
2: BrettEagles
3: SBell0105
4: XIII Is Cool
5: PrinceKaro
6: UltraAirForce
7: Ctesjbuvf
8: ZaziGuado
9: TheRock1525
10: WiggumFan267
11: Ed Bellis
12: Ayvuir
13: Rammtay
14: KCF0107
15: Not Dave
16: Oxbridge
17: VincentLauw
18: MoogleKupo141
19: Ytterbium 70
20: I am the game
21: Lady Ashe
22: HaRRicH
23: QuietDude
24: Dr Football
25: 3rdtimesdecharm
26: Jukkie
27: Gotspork