Board 8 Wiki

Age: 34

Sex: Male

Ethniticity: French/Irish

Married: Yes for 12 years now

Favorite Tv Show: The Simpsons

About Me: I've been gaming since I could first hold a Colleco Vision controller. I've used Gamefaqs off and on for strategies and walkthroughs since around Megaman 4 came out and became the first game to ever present a challenge to me. I was pretty sure it was this site?? I visit the site on a daily basis now whenever I am home. My collection of games currently stands at 500 - 550 across 10 different platforms. The largest my collection has ever been was 1242 games across 14 different platforms in 2008. That year is a year I'll never forget as I had to thin out my collection as I made one of those 50/50 deals with the wife. She lost a lot of her old Barbies and collectables so it wasn't too bad. Plus we raised over $5,000 for a trip to bring our 3 Boys to Disney World. Yay!

Anyway... that's it for now.