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"OMG WTF Sephiroth wins all the contests he should be retired" - Children of Spring Contest 2005

The main villain of Final Fantasy VII. Wields an eight-foot-long katana known as the Masamune. (see also: Aeris Gainsborough).

Sephiroth won the Spring 2005 Contest after defeating Ganondorf in the finals.

He's loved by Extha, and is a very powerful character in the Summer Contest, but many others on Board 8 think he's overrated. Indeedy. As cool as he is sometimes, he's sometimes grossly overrated as hell and many, including myself, hate him for that.

One of the greatest moments in Contest history was when Solid Snake edged out Sephiroth for 3rd place in the 2006 Character Battle at the last update.

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