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Shake is possibly the most vile, devious and entertaining person on the board. Among other things he is responsible for Shakespeares one through three, elaborately designed ruses that unfolded on Board 8 like epic works from the bard himself.

Additionally, Shake has been on the front lines of every battle between Board 8 and PotD, a war that culminated in an infamous night of invasion and banned accounts that is now called the EarthSHAKE(or the SHAKEdown as about 2 people called it.) He is particularly well known for his dogged and hilarious harrassment of PotD user Ail.

Shake's done lots of other things, like this one time he posted pictures of his wang, probably? Although he was KoSed, that didn't stop him from coming back every so often for one more round. He recently made a short lived come back using MYC alts, but was banned after a few days, despite half assed efforts to not state that he was shake :(

Shake is no longer KoSed.


He also likes talking about himself a lot. -WVI

Shake is past his prime, reminds me of a old war veteran. - Board 8 Secrets

His current account is TheCatWhoSwims.