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Who is Sigma?[]

Sigma : Mega Man X series :: Dr. Wily : Mega Man series

Though it goes a tad deeper than Sigma simply being the final boss of the games. Sigma is a Reploid, which is a robot that has the ability to think for itself beyond the scope of human programming. Sigma desires to exterminate humans from the world and usher in a new age where Reploids rule the earth, and he has several underlings and mavericks (the MMX series' version of robot masters, though mavericks are Reploids as well) ready to do his bidding at a moment's notice so as to see his vision fulfilled.

The only real entity there is that can stand up to Sigma are the maverick hunters, a small band of Reploids that fight for the purpose of good and seek to stop Sigma's plans to end humankind. Why Mega Man X and company are able to be the only Reploids to go against Sigma's will remains to be seen, though it's a good thing that they decided to be good guys. Sigma would have easily conquered the world otherwise.

"Why, X?! Why you done this to us?!" - Sigma

Sigma's Contest History[]

Win-Loss Record: 1-1

Spring 2005 Contest - Mushroom Division - 4 Seed

  • Mushroom Round 1 --- Defeated (5) Andross, 36494 [53.49%] - 31732 [46.51%]
  • Mushroom Semifinals --- Lost to (1) Bowser, 16160 [21.93%] - 57527 [78.07%]
  • Extrapolated Strength --- 21st Place [17.74%]

Going into the Spring 2005 Contest, Sigma's past was easy to predict. Most people (on the board, anyway) knew that Sigma would defeat Andross, but fall to Bowser. After all, he's the main villain of the Mega Man X series, most popular Mega Man series on GameFAQs. What people didn't know was how unbelievably bad Sigma would turn out to be. After struggling to defeat the heavy underdog Andross, Bowser made Sigma look like an absolute rat in the second round. It was one of biggest flops of the entire contest, and Sigma was one of the biggest disappointments as a result. Those who nominate tend to have good memories, and the odds of Sigma making it back into one of these things after a choke job like that are slim to none.