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SineNomine was chosen as a GameFAQs moderator in the Summer of 2005. He came to Board 8 when there was an outlash against the moderators and has since become a regular poster. He is best known for flaunting his moderator powers and instigating many fads. He is helpful when there are problems and funny when nothing is happening. Sine, while shrouded in a cloak of mystery, is also a master of well played and calculated joke topics.

Sine was promoted to Lead Moderator on August, 16th, 2007

If anyone wants to summon Sine, there is a method. It's like the Captain Planet summon, but the words are...







Damn new mods. - SineNomine

I admit, I'm a corrupt mod. When a user flames another user and it's quite funny, I tend to forget how to delete it. - SineNomine

Why do your pets die on average once a week? Your boyfriends dump you twice a month, your parents die every few weeks. You have a really terrible life, don't you? -SineNomine to ViperVixen

  • Viper_Vix3n: SOME JERK deleted my topic!
  • SineNomine: hi, I'm some jerk.