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Someone recently told me this article is rather creepy, and I happen to agree with them. Third person talking about yourself is pretty wrong.

My name is Chris, no I didn't name myself after the Suikoden 3 character, and I enjoy reading, writing, watching all sorts of sports, and of course I play a ton of video games. My two favorite games are Dragon Quest V, which you should play, and Persona 4, which hey you should also play. 

These days on board 8 you will likely either find me in a Mafia topic or somewhere rallying support for the Hero from Dragon Quest  V, if you are reading this while nominations are still going on you should  I am a writer by trade, and I am currently working on my first book that I am hoping to get published. I also write fanfiction, which I personally think is pretty good for fanfiction and it has helped me practice a great deal on how to be a better writer, I don't regret a second of it. 

I like a lot of people on board 8, I also dislike a lot of them, if you don't know who is who you probably don't need to know.

I won  two phone awards. my reaction: What the hell is a phone award?

I also won  the User of the Decade. That one actually means something to me, pretty cool to be the most popular user of all time!

I love tinychat, in particular RPGLord who is a bro and a boss, and dare I say a scholar.

Finally I like cookies. I mean if you don't like cookies you basically are a horrible person. You aren't a horrible person, right?

Partial credit to the rewrite goes to my good friends at the NFLB, who made me realize that yes, this article was a tad much. Thanks guys.