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Post in his topic, and Sir Chris will rank you as he go!

3. Icehawk

Icehask has evolved a lot over the years, or at the very least what he has brought to the board and my AIM box has changed a lot over the years. I remember my earliest memories of Icehawk was the fact that I couldn’t tell the difference between Xbyte and Icehawk, which is quite funny all things considering. The all things being that Xbyte sucks. I always feel that Icehawk and I understand each other on a basic, deep level. We may not always see eye to eye on every subject, and it is startling how great of a divide there is in how we live our lives (I am an social introvert to the extreme, having no want to interact with people on a day to day basis outside of my house, content to write, go to work, and enjoy my solitude, Icehawk seems to relish in the most positive way possible his social interactions with people) yet I view Icehawk and myself as similar on some level. I don’t know exactly what level this is but I just think we “get” what the other is about, which leads to hilarious results!

We both like to push each other’s buttons, although at the same time I don’t think there is any venom at any time whenever we decide to go back and forth. I find it quite hilarious and make no motion to disguise it every time I question Icehawk’s mafia ability, he flips out on me and calls it BS. It simply never gets old and I can’t help myself, I admit. I greatly enjoy my conversations with Icehawk, they are usually intellectually dynamic and offer a wide variety of stimulus depending on the subject at hand.

OK, I have posted way too much about Icehawk, can’t make everyone jealous! Icehawk is awesome, does a whole lot for the board, is severely underrated in the grand scheme of things, and belongs up there with Ed Bellis in terms of the great board eighters in the history of the board both personality and project impact. I think my feelings about Icehawk are best summed up by Smurf, who in the past has made similar comments about Icehawk as he does Ed Bellis, basically seeing himself in them. Well, aside from that being a total joke, Icehawk is on a level of Ed Bellis to me: Nice, smart, a great asset on the board, and a very honest person who is a great joy to converse with. Icehawk kicks ass is the message I am trying to convey here.

5. Alec

Alec is the man. That is the first thing that I need to make clear to anyone writing this: Alec is the man. What Alec may not know is that I almost freaked when I heard he almost died awhile back. I was like, "what, Alec almost died? That isn't allowed, damnit." So I dialed up my homie God and- OK, that's getting off track. To the point Alec and I share a lot of things in common, starting with our love of sports. It took me a very long time to realize that the Alec over in the baseball board was the same person who was posting here. It was like, "Oh crap, I know this guy from board 8 and he is one of the nicest most respectful red sox fans I have ever met." Seriously, if you are ever going to be a sports fan it would do us all a great deal of justice if everyone had the sort of tact, class, and sportsmanship that Alec does about his Red Sox. The dude is just totally chill while still being a very big fan and being able to display his displeasure without throwing a fit. Alec plays Mafia, although not as much as he used to, and he plays it well when he isn't voting for himself. In fact, his whole 'anti himself' thing when it comes to mafia, popularity contests, etc is just weird, but at the same time unique and very awesome. Aside from our mutual interests, I just have a really deep respect for Alec and everything he does and how he handles himself, and I don't know how anyone does not like Alec, it just shouldn't be possible. Stay classy.

7. DpObliVion

Classic Board 8 awesomeness right here folks. I have so many memories with DP that it is honestly hard for me to go through them all. Obviously he has a deep connection with sports that I share, and he is very knowledgeable with the sports he chooses to talk. Man, I don't even know where to start honestly, nor where to end. I love DP, he is awesome, and even though he is seventh which is really high and stuff which says all that there needs to be said, so I guess I don't really have a lot to fill in here. DP has just been steady over the six years that I have known him. In the years where I have changed and grown up DP seems to just be there, constant. It is creepy in a good way.

9. Wigs


10. Tom Bombadil Tom is awesome and I love him so. I do not know why exactly I love Tom, on the surface I believe it is because he is just a good guy, easy going, and has a very nice demeanor. But I am not a surface person, not at all. When I think I don’t have something quite right I dig deep within myself and find the truth. The truth here is I admire Tom’s fire. It is buried deep within that frame of wholesome niceness, but it is there. Tom reminds me of the same archetype that Ike from Fire Emblem is: He fights for his friends. I could see Tom killing another person if he was pressed to do it if it meant he saved someone’s life. Maybe Ike isn’t a good example, how about Chuck from Chuck? Yeah, that’d fit Tom I think. Doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but I think if he was called to do it he’d do it, because that’s what Tombolos do.


12. Drakeryn

Drakeryn, I can say with no reservation, is one of the users I respect the most here. I don't toss around the word respect a lot, because I reserve it for very few. Drak (I have never called him drake, screw that and screw you if you did) and I share a lot in common, except he seems to do it better than me. He loves FFT and Wiegraf, but always seemed able to save him before I could. He and I both enjoy Mafia, but Drak still intimidates me on either side of the game. Drak to me is someone who I could probably gain a lot from nabbing a few pointers from. He has a razor sharp wit and can cut down a person just as well as I can, but he always seems so reserved and calm while he does it. He is one of the few people who outright intimidates me when it comes to intellectual discussions, almost on the same level that AT used to do when he still posted here. I believe knowledge can be acquired at a whim, it just depends on if you choose to study certain things. I am hopeless at higher levels of math, but it doesn't mean I am stupid in comparison to someone who knows high level math just because they know that. Drak, on the other hand, seems to think about things on a whole other level and amount of foresight than I could ever hope to dream to, and I find that pretty awesome. Drak isn't perfected, mind you, I fooled him in mafia once! It was my proudest moment in mafia for a reason: Drak is incredibly smart, awesome, calculating, logical, and to top it all off he has amazing taste and unless goaded by lesser minds will not hold any of that over you. I have been honored to share so many long term projects and board activities with Drak, he is a treat.

18. Justin Crossing

Justin is young, Justin plays mafia, and Just is all around the board. This is basically what most of the board knows about Justin, some people's mileage may vary on that. I really like Justin though. I like to think I am a good judge of character, and I really like Justin's character. He is very ballsy in Mercs, trying to master plan stuff on such a grand scale that I almost want to roll my eyes, but don't quite do it, because it is something I would do. Justin reminds me a lot of me in many ways, and I like myself, so that's only a positive. Justin just turned fifteen but I have him so ahead of where I was at that age. He is usually very mature, very heady in his thought process, and he seems to grasp stuff that some people my age (22) don't really get. Justin is probably a lot smarter than a lot of people give him credit for and he is quite good fun to hang around with.

20. DNEA

Pfft, as if. There were only two. Although of note I had to check to make sure that there weren't ten, so that's a point. Anyway DNEA seems eternal to me almost, always there, always being a funny and energetic guy. I don't think a lot of people who are new to the board would really peg DNEA for anything much, but I'll tell you what: Any guy who can repeatedly brush off my fully fledged mafia rants with the same casual attitude as he does everything else is quite impressive to me! DNEA is unique in the way that he just meanders in his own direction without any regard to what others might care to think. I have always liked that about DNEA. He is his own person, and it is usually hilarious to watch him, except when I am trying my best to be serious and I just have to try to curb my annoyance as best as I can, but that's my problem, not his. One of the best posters on the board for its duration, and I hope it continues.

20. MaxedOutRyu

Man MOR is so ****ing awesome and one of the great tragedies of my internet existence is that I do not talk to this guy enough! I always see his AIM window saying "hey man" every time I get up or come back home or something. This dude constantly IMs me and I want to be like "Hey what's up man" and have a long, awesome conversation with him about something but 9/10 times I am always gone and damn MOR you have such epic bad timing, you need to stop that. I just find MOR's sense of humor really amusing and he always offers up good times no matter the subject. IIRC he is a terrible mafia player, but you know what? I am so willing to let that slide, he has deserved it.

29. Silverliner182V

Silver is a person who I have learned to respect more with my dealings with him in mercs. I believe his presence as a mercs leader lends a certain weight to his presence. One of my favorite animes, Hajime no Ippo about boxing, states that a champion's punches have more weight to them because of the gravity of their past experience that weighs their fists down. Silver gives off this presence in mercs. He is clearly of champion caliber and not someone to be trifled with. Outside of his dominating presence (/Mercs joke) Silver is a very laid back guy who I absolutely loathe playing mafia with. The man cannot play with a straight face to save his life by my estimation. He claims in the end to be master planning, but I just think that's an excuse because it has worked out once or twice.

33. KommunistKoala

Man I love Koala so much. He reminds me a lot of me, except he is worse at mafia! A lot of the time I see Koala waltzing into a topic and doing a random burn, and I'll go, "Hey, I do that!' But beyond that I genuinely enjoy Koala's weird sense of humor and his ability to just talk about anything with a very chill manner. You don't really ever see Koala mad or upset at something, he just talks a lot around the board bluntly, and he wormed his way into my heart with his endearing AIM mafia play. Although he did overdo it at times with his whole AFKing randomly at times, but hey, not everyone is perfect at everything. Koala is just someone I can feel very comfortable talking to because of his attitude, and he seems pretty sharp.

34. red13n

Eh, I have known red since 2001 and we've been gaming together for a long time, but he isn't exactly top tier when it comes to users. We play in mafia a lot together and he goes AFK a lot and makes people believe this is actually how he plays, when that isn't true. But he is fairly good when he puts effort into it and that should be commended, I guess. He talks way too much about Pokemon in devious ways which I don't want to get into, so that's also another awkward point. But red is pretty sharp, extremely witty, and despite what people seem to believe, he is far too lazy to ever want to mod messages just because I of all people say so. Also he is a mod, so "omg mod points++ wowmg."

38. meisnewbie

Man newbie is such a jerk, but I still love him, most of the time anyway. The thing about newbie that a lot of people don't understand is that newbie is actually insane in every possibly way. He'll fool you with his ability to rattle off scientific tripe like a well trained dog, but there is simply nothing logical about his mind at all. I mean, he loves nasuverse games and yet they don't follow logic at all. He likes them because they are detailed, yet he is not a Christian, which has some of the most rich and storied collection of (based off true events of course!!) stories in the history of the world. Clearly the man is insane. Newbie is an interesting to have a conversation with because despite being legally insane and probably playing a visual novel that has the main character screwing two loli cat-girls who turn out to be his daughters which he didn't know about because he had amnesia, he has good insights usually. Also he is a Mercs admin, where he makes a random non-fighter once every 10 days and it is usually fun.

44. Icon

If my memory serves me, and I am just going to assume it does, my current name is in thanks of Icon. I was asking, after Sir Chris' terrible demise, for name ideas and Icon is like "Achromatic sounds cool" and I readily agreed. Icon and I have a somewhat weird relationship I think. I want to say that, given his personality, he views me as a bit weird and too energetic and I just marvel at how much music he manages to listen to in a month's time. We used to be "big popularity rivals" which doesn't really mean much except we cut excellent promos for stuff like User of the Year, Board 8 Present, and Sabin's huge league. It was all together fun. Back in 2004 I admit I didn't really understand Icon's overnight popularity and felt the urge to stab him repeatedly for 'stealing my spotlight.' I was also a punk back then. Icon is a very cool dude who just seems remarkably well mannered for an internet forum regular.

50. Luis_Sera89

I really like Luis. He reminds me of myself a bit, and if you have paying attention to me over the years you'll know I like several facets of my own personality. Luis can get arrogant and nasty when it comes to mafia, and in that regard he is more like me than I am like drak. He will be nice and sincere, but damn this dude can rip into people pretty hard, to be honest. I consider Luis to be a pro Mafia player, which is something of a rarity to see around here these days. I explained it pretty well in my mafia topic, so I won't bother to do so again, but Luis just can dominate a game he is in if he is given the chance. Seems like a pretty smart dude, don't talk to him enough one on one to know how much of one. In mercs he seems to have a mostly solid game plan even though I don't respect his team that much.

55. gotspork You are a girl, so that is an automatic +100 or so according to my proper girl ranking. Although I remember back in “the day” I was totally convinced you were a guy, although that wasn’t my fault because you did originally get the account from a well known guy, so I regret nothing! You are probably one of my favorite female posters here, always so quirky and quite smart all around. Also despite the fact that you’ve posted wedding photos you are really one of the less “teehee I am a girl” of the girls, aside from when you claim to be a cat-girl. I am not making a lot of sense, am I? Basically I think we have pretty compatible personalities and whenever we have chatted it has resulted in good times, which I can’t say about a lot of people.

63. th3l3fty

This was a hard one to place, because we have had a lot of great times! Many nights plotting the downfall of that wicked blue smurf, and my rise to the throne of popularity. Good memories, those are. And I ca contest that you are a likable guy all around who I enjoy talking to. I just get a sneaky feeling from you every once in awhile and you do weird stuff that I don't like. To be blunt, and I confess for once I am having trouble being so for once, I guess I feel you do what I was once accused of: talking to people for epop. I was very insulted when I was accused of this, but at the same time anyone who knows me knows I have neither the time nor the patience (especially the patience) to deal with people in prolonged conversation that I do not like. Just not programmed to do it. I suppose you are free to make your own choices and do what you wish, that is the joy of having a free will and your own mind, but it really just seems like to me that you try way too hard to be something you are not. I also think you take yourself way too seriously, which may or may not be true for myself as well.

71. HolyExcalibur

I have had a lot of fun times with this guy, but it all seems so long ago now. This is part of life that makes me sad in a way, the fact that I can hold such fondness for a person but through various reasons you just never get a chance to talk with them as much as you like and almost never see them anymore. It happens on the internet, happens all the damn time offline too, and it is one of the great shames of many of our lives. Many people will talk about his top 100 lists as the defining feature for him, but I disagree. I remember a thoughtful, open person who was always willing to listen to my crazy rants about this or that, and boy did I used to be crazy. I don't know, it is so easy to see a person as the sum of their projects, especially successful ones like the ones he runs, but I think his personality far outshines any project he has done, even though he tries his best to hide it and never post. Also I always smile when I am mentioned with the DQ5 Hero and the Dragon Quest series in his write ups, it is an honor to be remembered for all of my efforts to popularize the series before it was nearly as trendy to like it as it is now.

73. Zachnorn

I like Zach, I really do. I have never for the life of me gotten all of the negative opinions about him. He isn't like my best buddy or anything, and I don't agree with everything he says, but I don't agree with everything my actual best friend says either, that's how life works. Zach seems pretty grounded and straight forward, which bothers a lot of people for some reason that I don't understand. You ask him stuff, he responds honestly, you bash him. Zach to me has never stepped out of line but a lot of people just seem to offended with him. They suck. Zach used to host Pokemon Stadium battles on STICKAM and whenever I had the chance to log on I did and kicked everyone's collective asses at it because I am awesome, and those good moments are not something that can be replicated by simple user interaction, and those are memories I'll cherish.

80. Cokes

Randomly skipped Cokes there to make him think I had him on ignore for a split second, I amuse easily. Anyway one of my most glaring memories of Cokes is him forcing me to be replaced in Batman mafia because of his slip up on AIM. I do not like being replaced from mafia. Looking back I probably didn't need to react quite as badly, but I'll note Cokes never make that mistake again, and that's what is important. Cokes actually has done decently in mafia when he plays to my shock. Cokes is a Red Sox fan and I am listening to a song called 'Boston' a lot lately so I decided to give Cokes a slight boost for that. Although it doesn't effect my ranking, his cancer cause is A+ human being points that speaks for itself, so I won't bother.

87. Caelus

I find it weird that someone could fake being an entirely different person for so long. I mean, it totally explains why FoS had so many failed projects and stuff, given your penchant for them as well. I don't know what to think of you though, if I am going to be honest. You and I have shared a lot of great memories on the board, mostly of your contests/projects starting up, me trying to do them, you abandoning them to my great displeasure, me hopping on AIM and cursing you out for a good ten minutes until we both forgot what we were arguing about as I pitched to you another great project idea that I knew I would never want to complete. You drink a lot too, which I don't like. That is, I don't care if you d it, I just don't drink myself. You are one of the people on the board where if you mention them the first thing a lot of people are going to think is "drinking." Personally, I'd think "Damnit, Caelus, get back here."

93. RayDyn

Man, you are alright. You are correct in saying (granted this was over four months ago...!) that you are nowhere near being a top user, but I talk to a lot of users, so that isn't exactly a hard feat to miss out on! I think I recall you best as being one of the brave souls to venture into the realms of my fanfiction and come out alive, mostly anyway. You are one of many users who I recognize on the board when I see them post but don't really interact with you a lot. You come off as pretty chill though, and I would judge your posts as intelligent more often than not. You are a good user because of all of that, even though as mentioned earlier I don't have a lot to say about you.

98. Shadow Ryoko

Man, I know next to nothing about Ryoko, not really. We have been on the same forum now for six and a half years and I just never talk with her. We are our own people in that way. Yet, aside from knowing nothing about her, I have seen her post a lot and I generally like what I see. It is sad to me that one of the first things I think about when it comes to Ryoko is that her winning a user popularity contest years back was a total sham. It makes me feel like a jerk, but then I realize I am a jerk sometimes, and then I get over it. My point is Ryoko is pretty cool, and has been able to stay in the "pretty cool" zone with me for over six years, which is something of merit.

99. Anagram

Oh man, I hate you so much right about now. I have never seen such a more tedious and stubborn botch job than the MPFC was. I mean really now, could you have done a worse and more lazy job with that if you tried? Hell, some days I am not convinced you didn't try. Just all around bad, subpar, and totally don't want a second rendition. It makes me want to vomit every time I think about just how badly you ran that contest. Your contest abilities sicken me, physically. That being said beyond that you are a pretty cool dude.

102. PrinceKaro

Hey, you played mafia a few times and you actually weren’t terrible. Me calling you not terrible is basically saying you are better than most of the people who play mafia these days, so well done in that regard I suppose. You seemed to be pretty civil even when I would always rage on and on, and that’s something I can respect. I don’t think we’ve really had many chances to sit down and chit chat amongst ourselves, but you are an alright guy in my book.

111. Rad Link 5

I wasn't sure what to rank you until I saw your message, and then it became clear. I have to admit that I don't really remember much about you, which always makes me sad because obviously you are a high tier person if I made you an ace detective of my wonderful police force, so I guess I should say that you are awesome for undeclared reasons and just leave it at that.

113. ProphetProfit

I don't know anything about you really other than you play mafia at an OK level and that you seem very sound of mind. I guess that is a weird thing to randomly say in a write up but that is what I really remember best about you. Your posts seem very even and steady, like you don't shake easily. I could see you weathering a mental storm or a bad time in your life really well because you just seem to have an unspoken confidence in your posting style which I havw always enjoyed seeing. I could be completely off, I am sure I am sometimes, but that's what I remember most about you.

114. Leonhart

Well, you and I have not had a chance to talk a lot over the the years, so this makes the write up a little harder. However, I've seen you post quite a bit so I should be able to think of something. First thing that comes to mind is that we are both fans of sports, I know you are a Tennessee guy, so I get to laugh at you yearly as UF beats the crap out of your sorry football team. One of these days I am going to get a random degree from Florida, probably later in my life, just so I can call myself a gator and do the chomp while I laugh. But anyway that's some plus points, and you are also a pretty big jerk. Although given the fact that when I choose to be I am probably one of the biggest jerks on the board (fat joke or no) I can't exactly say that I care a lot if you are a jerk. Being a jerk sometimes is required, and a lot of people don't understand that. Then again you are a jerk about things I heavily disagree with you about, but one man's jerkdom is another man's heaven.

115. Princess Anri

Man, I don't get why people like you so much. That is also a great way to start a write up about someone. That is not to say I find anything about you hard to like, but you just have been getting a lot of random love lately and I don't get why. I hardly ever see you post and when you do it isn't as if you are lighting up the world. You even like sub-par RPGs and music, so that can't be why people like you! Man, that felt good to say. I am a real dick sometimes though. Anyway you are this high because you gave me Suikoden 2 and I love you forever for it.

116. Procrastinater

Man, if there was ever a guy who I've been more of a jerk to throughout the years without that person actually deserving it, it was probably you! I still hate the idea that late night should be contained into some petty topic, but I am quite over it now for whatever reason my brain decided to come up with. Sadly for my burning hatred of your original series of topics, basically every time I have come across you it turns out you are a chill guy who seems friendly. It is really hard to keep a burning rivalry going when your opposition is likable to such a degree.

133. Jukkie

Man, I sometimes forget that you are the unicorns guy. I think I now know you as the damnable fantasy sports guy, although amusingly I totally forget which sports league I came to loathe you in. I want to say baseball, because I love me some baseball fantasy and I always end up sucking **** in it, so that's possible. You've been around a very long time, yet you still lurk a lot, a phantom striking from the cold and distant reaches of the board. I've always been fairly cool with you over all I'd say, and nope unicorns was pretty epic even if you drove it into the ground eventually.

139. WalrusJump

Man Walrus you are so bad at mafia, and I remember making you like, cry one time. I am unsure if you actually cried but I remember after you were so sorry as Cop I just jumped on you on AIM with al of the vengeance of a woman scorned. I actually feel bad for doing that so much, as I mature ever so slightly and I reflect back on my actions over the years and what I can do going forward to be a better person. I think it would have been more appropriate to prepare a power point presentation on just how badly you did and calmly dissect your play from that game. So I would like to apologize to you for yelling that one time, you are an alright guy and I don't think anyone quite deserves such a caps laden assault as I provided you there. Now, do keep in mind you did royally suck ass that game still, but my overreaction was just as bad. beyond our time in mafia I don't really talk with you much, so that just about it.

150. ApplekidJosh

I am unsure what to say about you, we don't really talk much. One of my only memories is us talking on AIM and me feeling like I was making an ass out of myself in your eyes, and me just not caring. I cannot provide context for this, it is just something I remember. You have always come off as a pleasant (and fat) guy who likes anime (and is fat), as well as has a girlfriend (who is fat) that I think you broke up with or something? I really have to pay attention to the board news more, I am unsure if that was ever confirmed or you were just joshing us (... That actually wasn't a pun until after I typed it) and I've never had a problem with you outside of wishing to crush your (fat) neck in user contests because that is how i roll. Also, decided to call you fat a lot because I am fat too. Fat represent, yo.

174. GANON1025

Man, Ganon is one weird guy, but in a good way. He used to run some sort of group on the board back in the day, and I was always confused because I had no idea what it was about, although doing a quick retrospective I am willing to guess that ganon wanted to do something random and fun and so he made the group, good times for all. I like Ganon, I really do. I feel the need to say this because I don't know a whole lot about Ganon outside of our brief interactions in Mercs and on the board throughout the years. My lasting impressive of Ganon would probably be of a very cool guy who I just don't understand. But, you don't have to understand people very well to know they are good peoples. Ganon is good peoples.

198. DigitalIncision

Well I don't really love you. You are one of those users who I see around and I know you if only because of your weird name but beyond that, I just draw a giant blank when it comes to you. I do know you are one of those vile late night topic goers, who I hate with all of my being. You only damn the late nights, not save them. Seriously I'd just make those topics go boom if I could.

200. RevolverSaro

You are only this high because I know you actually do in fact love Dragon Quest and you aren’t trying to piss people off. You are, pretty much, everything I always wanted to avoid back in 2003 and beyond with my fanboyism and love of Dragon Quest. You are very hard to deal with and you prance around the board as if it is your God given right to be an idiot. Seriously, I saw you call the FF12 playable cast better than 13’s and I think I almost had a seizure right there. Some opinions are just unacceptable, and that is one of them. You also do really dumb updates about Dragon Quest games that no one could possibly care about in any shape or form, and that’s lame. Whenever I used to hype Dragon Quest V I laid down the facts, I was charismatic, and I got a lot of people to download it before it was out in America because of my charisma and persistence in insisting it was good. I also was heavily skilled at torching people who disagreed with me. You are just annoying with it. Bad Saro, very bad.

204. dinobot19 So basically the only thing I know about you is you were a kind of awkward mafia player who I pegged as serial killer one time and that’s about it. Hm, so I suppose me knowing you from mafia deserves something above slight average.

207. Lockes Ragnarok

I don't really know a lot about you, except that I sort of know you. For some reason my mind is completely stalling on your mafia play, as if there is a black void there that I dare not unlock. That generally means you did really poorly and I have chosen to forgive you for your terrible play, but I know if I ever remembered what you did I'd scream and want to shove your face into a shredder. So with that being said I have always liked your name, I think it is cool and one of the most pleasing to say out loud on the board, well done on that.

255. SonicRaptor

Hey, I think I remember you. You used to do stuff, and then you died or something. OK, so I don't really remember you that well but you have a really awesome name, so that counts for something. I also see you participated in the guru competition and have a claim that you used to post more often, which means I am obligated to have fond thoughts about you despite not remembering any of them.

260. edwardsdv

I have never seen you on this board before you posted in my topic. However given that this topic has an imaginary 'top 500' so to speak, so you basically just gained 240 spots on this list because you think DQV is the best game of all time. I have completely no idea what kind of person you are, however I am going to guess you are pretty awesome because you have similar tastes as me, it makes perfect sense to me.

277. tazzyboyishere

I know you do stuff around the board, and I want to say there is a spark of annoyance at you for something, but luckily for all involved I can't remember what that could be. This is one of those write ups that confuses me because I know you post a ton here, or at the very least enough that I should remember something unique about you, but I can't do it. I don't know if that speaks more for my poor memory or if it is just the simple fact that you are a bad person. Hm, let's go with bad person.

281. Surskit

I think I remember that. I am not particularly fond of random people posting in my topics and expecting stuff to be written abotu them when they clearly have done nothing to be remembered. Well, I now have something to attach to you so that's a little better I guess. I see you posting every once in awhile and I recognize your name much more than I did the last time we crossed paths. However, with all of that said, I don't know you at all still.

292. KingBartz

Random person who has been around forever. People like you are the reason this list stalls, because I have absolutely no caring for anything about you. I think once upon a time I liked you well enough, you were active and I didn't actively seek your death or anything, you were a part of the board, and then you disappeared and I forgot everything about you, and it makes me feel slightly bad, and thus you are bad.

355. blindhobo13

Not even the faintest clue of who you are or what you do when you post on this board

362. Bonetail

I have seen the name, and I am sure I have crossed your path once or twice, but I just can't remember anything whatsoever. So, you get a random number and are thrown into the abyss, try harder next time to be someone I care about, or at the very least someone I care to remember.

371. ZaziGuado

I know almost nothing about you but your message made me smirk, so you get a step above the true abyss of the numbering system that I spare for the people who I don't know whatsoever.

410. CommodoreTN

I am placing you very low because something about your name signals to me that I don't like you. This is one of those situations where I don't know why I don't like you and it would probably take me more time than I want to spend on a write about you to think of the reason, but a distant corner of my tired mind tells me that your name is to be denoted as 'a person I don't like', so here you are, having a very low spot. You can handle this in many ways, each giving you a boost up or a chance to continue spiraling downward on my list of users, that's up to you.

440. Silver_Ermine

You like animals, don't care. You are a nice guy that people commend, I don't care. You play crappy mafia and make the mafia scene less. I care. That is fail and I don't like it at all. For all your other nice qualities which I am sure will serve you wonderfully in your life and in any social atmosphere you find yourself involved with in the future. However, you degraded mafia. I don't like it when people degrade mafia. This is my list, and you piss me off.

449. PrestonStarry

Man, you are annoying. Now I don't want you to go into your room crying because of this, because I am going to give you some constructive criticism here, but first why I need to give you that criticism: You must have been so unloved as a child or something. You are one of the most attention starved people I have ever seen on this board and damn have I been around a long time now. You just come off as so desperate and sad and lonely, that it really makes it hard to stand you. It is almost as if every action you take is a step towards being noticed and it just makes me ever so sad. What you need to do is realize that unlike pop princesses, any attention you get is going to have to be earned through action, not sought through begging. I like attention too, I think most of the time most people like attention. We are a social species who is most often most happy when we are among other people. We all like quiet time, and we all have a lot of people in our lives that makes us question if we like people, but once we find people we can gel with we are all better for it. So I am not saying your want to be noticed is a flaw, just how you go about doing it.

480. RustyMrMokka

Man I don't like you, but that's obvious. For one, I am still on the level of "unsure" if you ruined settlers mafia for everyone. That is the only reason you are not at exactly 500 with more swear words being sent your way right now, because I am unsure. Beyond that you are just a god-awful mafia player who shows absolutely no signs of getting better. You lack the ability to persuade anyone, your thoughts are cumbersome and dumb, and finally every time you try to post something creative you appear more like a fish out of water than a human being trying to think on their own. You are annoying, and your very presence pisses me off.