Slime is a recurring enemy species from the Dragon Quest series. Due to its appearance in every game Slime has become a mascot for the series. Slime is usually one of the first enemies encountered in a game and one of the easiest to defeat in battle, giving minimal experience and gold. In later games Slime can morph into various forms with other Slimes to become a stronger enemy such as a Slime Stack and King Slime.

Not all Slimes are enemies with many living in cities and some are owned as pets. They can speak to the player often saying they are not a bad Slime. They also tend to use the words slurp and goo while they are speaking to the player. A notable Slime is Rocket who appeared as the protagonist of Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime where he must save his family who have been kidnapped by the Plobs.

"I'm not a bad slime!" - Slime

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