Board 8 Wiki

A project started in Early 2007 by the ever-creative Smurf.

There were 5 classes involved where Smurf guided the attention challanged portion of board 8 through the various techniques required to be a big shot on the board.

The classes were.

(1) Aesthetics (2) Praising (3) Humour & Wit (4) Opinions (5) Creativity

It was widely considered a smash hit and had around 30 students who generally considered it both helpful and fun. It spawned a fad of using Smurf Academy teachings such as tags in topic titles (~*~) etc..Graduates include English (then) n00bs TurnTurnTurn and Eeeevil Overlord.

Was derailed due to the top student revealing sensitive information about Smurf, causing his expulsion.