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On May 7th, 2006, several Board 8ers caused a Snack Attack invasion, after a user on the board used it to get Pleinair's topics marked, and closed. Many have hated Snack Attack for a while, and some people decided to invade it.

In a shocking twist of events, one invasion leader SephirothG's suspension was not only revoked, but his user level went up from Veteran to Legend, thus proving CJayC/Sailor Bacon do not like Snack Attack.


Note that their punishments could have been a lot worse.
BlackMageJawa (1 week purgatory- the WORST ****ing week possible)

MoogleKupo141- (Purgatoried and warned at the same time or purgatoried twice or something. One of these purgatories was for a days old topic, which was then brought to the attention of the mod who deleted it, and the suspension turned into... nothing, which caused some glitch that returned me to my previous normal status. In short, I got major lucky.)



Liquid Wind-