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This is a sneaking page.

Solid Snake is also known as "God".


In the latest twist of the Metal Gear Solid series, Snake faces a number of enemies that say "Mooooo!"

And he's in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. WTF?

Snake certainly ain't no hero, he assasinated Draven after he has won the contest and took his rightful place in the bonus place.

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I get a Solid Snake just thinking about him. - Rad Link 5

I can't get enough of this mother****ing Snake in my mother****ing contests! - Biolizard28

Never has one man's destiny been so intertwined with a cardboard box, and we are all benefited by it. - Leonhart4

I like Snake just as any other guy, I just wish he would stop winning over my favourite characters. - Zylo the wolf

I came - foolmo

Draven is super lame.. Solid Snake is not super lame.. So there's that. - Orinna

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